Review by jackjohn920

Reviewed: 08/17/09

Good game WIth Many Flaws!

You will really enjoy this game the first time you play it. It will be interesting, but in many ways annoying. Its quite repetitive as well. You will pretty much sneak around some city, climb large towers, find places to gain information on your assassination target. This is where the game hits a large bump, sometimes you will spend an hour trying to find the right tower to climb to find this information, then sometimes you will find it very quickly. It gets very annoying doing this sometimes, because you have to do this for every target, it has no variety. Ussually the challenges, if you want to call them that, just involve following some guy around and beating him up, or pickpoceting some note. Then sometimes it has a very hard challenge involveing killing 10 guards without alerting anybody, and if you dont do this correct the first time and retry it, the people and the guards will pretty much already know your a assassin if you bump someone you will lose.

This game lacks variety, the killing options aren't very good at all. You will start out with 2 weapoins after you get passed the first part, when your master stabs you (well appearently he didn't really stab you). The one quality thing about this game was the hidden blade, its exciting to sneak up behind some unsuspecting guard and giving him what he deserves for being the corrupt man he is. Then the other exciting weapon are the throwing knifes, but you sadly can't take out your assassination target with them, this is pretty much stricted to the hidden blade. So you only have four weapons, the sword, the short sword, the throwing knifes, and the hidden blade. You have to kill a couple targets before you get your short blade and throwing knifes. when you get into "battle mode" the best attack is always the counter, this you can get some strategy. If you use your hidden blade for this, if you do a succesful counter then it will automatically kill the guy, but if you don't counter succesfully then you will automatically be struck and hurt. If you use your short blade, you will be able to throw knifes while battleing which can be good to take out a couple extra enemys, and you have some defense, plus you can attack your enemy unlike the hidden blade. The sword isn't worth useing in this battles, it does have the best defense, and you can attack, but it only kills the guy with a counter about 50% of the time.

The chaseing in this game is a large asspect, now you can either fight it out, or run. The chaseing has some flaws, it gets annoying after a while. If your being chased by one or two guys, you should escape with in a minute. If your being chased by over like ten guys, its ussually best to fight it out until theres no guys left and just hid, and then go about your business. After you have a couple hours under your belt you will ussually be able to take out 20 regular guards in a battle. Chaseing is just overall annoying, you get held up by a lot of things, its ussually just best to fight it out. It is very annoying that you can't swim in this game as well, everyonce in a while you will jump the wrong way and fall in and drown.

The worst thing about this game is, it only takes maybe 10 hours to beat it if you try, then after you beat it you have to start all over. It doesn't have a very good free world gameplay, and doesn't have much room for improvement over your charcter. The storyline is fairly good. It just doesn't have enough content to keep your interest for more then a couple hours. It was one of the first xbox360 games that was expected to be great, but it was dissappointing only because it didn't live up to its pre-relese reputation. You will enjoy the game, but you should probably just rent it.

The good thing about this game is, the overall idea for this game is good. It just has many some simple constant problems, so after they fix this and add more content assassins creed 2 should be one of the best games of the year. It appearently will be takeing place in Venice Italy (which would really suck if you couldn't swim, but you can). It should have many more weapons options, and will have interesting new smoke bombs thing and such. Leonardo will be makeing all your weapons, and new devices. It will have a all the asspects of the time (1400's), which the first game did well with the middle east. I'm looking very much forward to it, it should be absouloutly incrediable.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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