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"Immersion into the Crusade Never Felt Soo Good"

Concept: Play as one of the best assassins working for the brotherhood charged in protecting the innocent during the Crusades. Kill the corrupt Knight Templar and Saracen leaders in the cities of Damascus, Jerusalem, and Acre.

Graphics: Outstanding. Entire large cities are brought to life to the tiniest detail. Movement and combat is natural and fluidic, just a beautiful game to watch.

Sound: Terrific. It's one of those soundtracks that engage your emotions without you realizing there is music playing. The music adjusts to the action as well. The voice acting of the crowd, our hero, his allies, and soon to be dead targets complete the feeling of complete immersion into the Holy Land in the year 1191.

Control: It takes a little getting used to the timing, but once you have it the controls are simple and intuitive. The fighting is intense, but exploring the world is relative automatic as the player only has to point Altair in a direction – the jumping and climbing are handled by the computer, letting the player enjoy watching the great animations and beautiful landscapes.

Game Time: 10 hours

Awesome. Fun. Brilliant. Immersive. I simply can not say the right words to describe Assassins Creed. At first I was surprised to see the game begin in modern times, but be patient as a little science fiction magic allows our storytellers at Ubisoft to dive into the past to live the life of a great assassin named Altair. From there you will go on a adventure to unravel the plots of corrupt Knight Templars and Saracens to try to bring an end to the wars ravaging the Holy Land. The use of the Animus, a machine to let one go into the memories of ones' ancestors lets the game elegantly explain invisible walls in the world and jumping forward in time. This lets the game take a step forward into being an interactive story without feeling like a generic video game. Most importantly the simulation of being an assassin is perfect. Altair makes friends and enemies, hides and acrobatically moves around the massive cities, and killing city guards and targets is executed so perfectly, you'll feel guilty for having a blood lust. However what I enjoyed the most was the characters Altair met along the way, and the voices of the people in the streets of each of the cities. They bring you into the world and its' politics, immersing the player into experiencing a little bit of history. Additionally there are elements of the Indiana Jones films as religious relics with untold power that drive the characters in the story. Very cool indeed, especially when Altair is trying to hide in the rafters or on the run from the guards. Only knocks I can give the game is that I am not a fan of collecting flags for achievements in a gigantic open world environment, but if one does so they will see all the beautiful and detailed work Ubisoft put into the game. Lastly the science fiction elements made the ending slightly disappointing, but seriously this game is about the journey, not the destination.

Recommendation: Play this masterpiece. It is so much fun I did not want the game to end, so you may even play through the game twice, especially if you want some of the achievements.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/09

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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