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"Great looking game. Feels like playing a movie though."

Assassin's Creed has had so much hype that it's not even funny. Its one of the top games on the market right now. Seeing revelations come out made me want to get into the series so I decided to play the first title and see what it's all about.

The first assassin's creed is hard to describe. Upon release, there must have been mixed reviews about the game. The game seems to be really great in the beginning, but as the game goes on, its incredibly predictable and almost becomes a chore to complete. The storyline is a bit all over the place and doesn't really make much sense sometimes. The graphics are amazing, the music is ok, the gameplay itself though doesnt really shine. Let's break it all down.

Graphics 10/10

Amazing for an Xbox 360 game. It was breath taking when I first started to play it. The landscapes, the people, the weapons, it all looks really good. This is probably the best part of the game. Everything looks very realistic and theres not much of a lack in this department of the game. Very good graphics to say.

Music 8/10

Theres not too much music in this game. When your running away or fighting you will hear music, but when your walking around theres not much sound. Kind of disappointing but its not like the music is bad or anything. The game just feels very empty at times and not much imagination really.

Story 6/10

The story seems cool, but doesnt really make much sense. Your a guy whos DNA of his ancestors is being explored by this professor with this computer. You go into your past and fight a bunch of bad guys. Its a battle between the templers and the assassins and its cool to some extent. Throughout the game theirs nothing really explaining much of anything. Both sides are just constantly talking **** to each other and then theirs one final showdown. I feel like theres just too much filler in the game and the main plot is explained near the end.

Gameplay 4/10

The gameplay really leaves me speechless on this game. At first it seems awesome that your this assassin and that you have to go town to town killing bad guys with your swords, assassinating them with your daggers, beating guys up, etc etc. Except that by the 3rd section of the game, it gets incredibly repetitive. I've honestly never seen a game that makes you go back to the same exact place you been before 3 times to do almost the same exact thing.

The game follows this really weird formula. You go to a town, you find the bureau leader, you talk to him, you climb buildings to make more things appear on your map, you complete 2-3 tasks (like pickpocking someone, assassinating someone, eavesdropping on someones conversation) something that you end up doing the entire game. It just makes no sense why the game wants you to do these things so many times. It becomes a chore when your doing the same exact thing every single time just about, especially in the same environments.

Some of the aspects of the fighting system are interesting. You have infinite lives, but at times its very easy to die. Depending on where your at in the game, if you have 15 guys always chasing you wanting to brawl, sometimes you either try to flee, fight them off, or just die so you can continue playing. The guards always catch you just from walking by and weirdly, if your on a horse they chase you too. Its almost like if you pass a guard they are bound to chase you. It gets kind of annoying when some of the civilians later on in the game start to bump you and block you from moving along.

The game isn't really difficult and its really just a game where it will pass you on no matter what. Sometimes I died in fights, but it was because I didnt feel like blocking my opponents strikes or just got lazy. Theres no repercussions if you loose a fight since you respawn right into it.

The game does have a lot of random side quests which I never wanted to do most of the time. I never wanted to save the citizens or collect flags since it doesnt change anything in the game. There is no online play, multiplayer or anything special in this game.

Overall 6/10

This is a fun game if you want to waste time. It took me about 4-5 days to finish it playing it a lot. I think that Assassins Creed is an ok game for its first title, but its gameplay is really strange. The best part is being able to scale the buildings and the fights, but it gets boring really fast and the game forces you to do the same tasks just to get by. In a way the game felt like a movie because your more interested in watching the story and the cutscenes more than the actual gameplay itself.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/12/11

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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