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"One of the Best Games You'll Ever Play."

Mass Effect really is one of the best games ever made, and here's why:

Strory 9/10:

While on a mission you, Commander Shepard, discover that an elite and high ranking associate of the body that governs the galaxy has gone rouge and is now working with the entire galaxy's enemy #1. The game is played as Shepard and his crew hunting down this baddie and in the process eliminating many other threats the safety of the galaxy. The story is told really well thanks to the fantastic voice acting, it is a really exciting story that is incredibly enjoyable to play through.

Gameplay 9.5/10:

Combat is fast-paced and exciting, you can customise your weapons/armour too with lots of handy things like a shield boost for your armour or bullets for your guns that will increase their damage, poison enemies, etc. You also have grenades that are very powerful, they can also be customised. You can order your two teamates to take cover, attack your target or hold. Using the wheel interface to equip weapons/use biotics is easy to use. Driving the Mako is fun, there is vehicle combat as well using the Mako which is like tank/moon rover thing. Early on in the game you will gain control of the Normandy and you can travel to many planets completing side-quests. However, all of the planets you visit begin to seem slightly familiar as they are mostly just mountains and some flat areas but different colours and textures.

During cutscenes you can decide on what response you would like Shepard to use. You start of with three different responses but on additional playthroughs it is possible to access another two. Responses will have consequences in the game.

You can customise your Shepard to look how you want. You can be a male or female too. You can also choose your characters back story. This changes certain aspects of the game.

Overall gameplay is exceptional.

Graphics 9/10:

Mass Effect has some of the best-looking graphics I have seen so far on the 360. People and aliens alike look real. The environments look really good too. Although, there are many times when it will take a few seconds to fully load the graphics in some situations.

Sound 9.5/10:

Absolutely everything in Mass Effect sounds great. Voice acting is excellent, sound effects are superb and the soundtrack is awesome, one of the best things about the game is the music in the action scenes I think.

Replay Value 9/10:

I think BioWare developed this game with additional playthroughs in mind. The story alone won't take that long to do. On my first playthrough I finished at 23 hours, that was with a fair amount of side quests done. Maybe its just me but the game just felt really short at the end.
Anyway, the game offers great replay value as there are multiple classes to choose, different paths to take (like responses it cutscenes and choice of which missions to do first), customisation of the character adds some replayability and there are loads of achievements that require multiple playthroughs to obtain.


This game would have been perfect with a longer story and more planet exploration. The minor flaws of Mass Effect can easily be overlooked because it's just generally a great game.

I would recommend Mass Effect to any Xbox 360 owner.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Mass Effect (EU, 11/23/07)

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