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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarknessOfMyth

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                                         IN THE 
                                   -Complete Guide-
    Game: Alone in the Dark
    Platform: Xbox 360
    Players: 1
    Genre: Action, Horror
    Developer: Eden Games
    Publisher: Atari
    Guide By: Kranti Nebhwani, Kranti1992
    Version: 0.885 (8/18/2008)
    Email: kn_the_glove@hotmail.com
    Legal Information
    This guide should not be copied, sold, advertised, etc, as a work of your own.
    No placing this guide in a website, no using bits of the guide for your own
    project if there is no permission from the author. Performing any of the above
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    Contact Information
    If you need addition help, want to comment or correct, want to quote or use 
    something I've written, or should you want to place this guide in your site,
    please email me before doing so. I'm likely to approve, but you must email me
    first for permission. If you want help or you want to comment just send your
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    Below are all the websites that can host this guide. If anyone believes they
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    Version History
    0.1- Guide layout made.
    0.2- Finished 'getting started' chapter.
    0.5- Finished most of each chapter, waiting to update others.
    0.7- Guide 25% finished.
    0.8- Finished first Episode in walkthrough and a bit of others, corrected 
         minor errors, finished 'Characters' chapter, and entire 'game basics' 
    0.85- More minor fixes, added to the Side Activities and Extra's chapters.
    0.88- Updated enemies, walkthrough, and extra's chapters.
    0.881- Added supercheats.com as another website that'll use my guide.
    0.885- Completed enemies chapter for now and up to Episode 3 in walkthrough. 
    Direct Section Finder System
    I have a system, like many other guides, that allows you to find the section
    you want to read without the need of scrolling all the way down to find it. 
    It's a really simple system, though. All my sections have been seperated into
    chapters and segments, chapters numbered and segments lettered. You can then
    simply find any section, by pressing ctrl+f and typing in the segment or chap-
    ter title, number and/or letter. For example, if I was looking for the game
    controls for the game, I would search "2.b)" and since that is the only "2.b)"
    in the guide, it will bring you there. That simple.  
    (c)Copyright Kranti Nebhwani 2008
                                 ~Table of Contents~
    Chapter 1..... Introduction
    Chapter 2..... Getting Started
    2.a) Playing Alone in the Dark
    2.b) Game Controls
    2.c) Game Interface
    2.d) The Starting Plot
    Chapter 3..... Game Basics
    3.a) Moving Around
    3.b) The Camera
    3.c) Third Person - First Person
    3.d) Platforming
    3.e) Climbing Ropes & Cables
    3.f) PDA
    3.g) Melee Combat
    3.h) Ranged Combat
    3.i) Interacting
    3.j) Using/Driving Cars
    3.k) Combining Items
    3.l) Using Fire
    3.m) Puzzles
    3.n) The Enemies
    3.o) Useful & Key Items
    3.p) Environment
    3.q) Episodes & Sequences
    3.r) Health and Healing
    3.s) Your Inventory
    3.t) Area Lighting
    Chapter 4..... The Characters
    4.a) Tuning In
    4.b) The Entire Cast
    Chapter 5..... Enemies & Tactics
    5.a) Ah, Foes..
    5.b) General Tactics
    5.c) The Enemies
    Chapter 6..... Main Campaign
    6.a) Introduction
    6.b) Episode 1- Blackout
      --Sequence 1: Wake Up
      --Sequence 2: Vertigo
      --Sequence 3: Fire Escape
      --Sequence 4: Don't Look Down!
      --Sequence 5: 24th Floor
    6.c) Episode 2- Questions
      --Sequence 1: Unexpected Meeting
      --Sequence 2: Reception Hall
      --Sequence 3: Do I Know You?
      --Sequence 4: Parking
      --Sequence 5: 59th Street
    6.d) Episode 3- Painful Answers
      --Sequence 1: Call 911
      --Sequence 2: Down the Fissure
      --Sequence 3: Filthy Waters
      --Sequence 4: Stiches and Truth
    6.e) Episode 4- Fight Back and Loss
      --Sequence 1: Ride to the Museum
      --Sequence 2: The Nest
      --Sequence 3: The Kidnapping
      --Sequence 4: Fight the Living Scar
    6.f) Episode 5- Note Alone Anymore
      --Sequence 1: Bring Her Back 
      --Sequence 2: Museum's Visitors
      --Sequence 3: The Huge One
      --Sequence 4: One Step From the Truth
    6.g) Episode 6- Truth
      --Sequence 1: Room 943
      --Sequence 2: An Ancient Path
      --Sequence 3: Light From the Sky
    6.h) Episode 7- Path of Light
      --Sequence 1- Hang On!
      --Sequence 2: 
      --Sequence 3:
      --Sequence 4:
    6.i) Episode 8-
    6.j) Achievements (1)
    Chapter 7..... Side Activities
    7.a) The Good and the Bad
    7.b) Side Activities
      --Side Stuff
      --Side Jobs
      --Root Evils
      --Achievements (2)
    Chapter 8..... Extras
    8.a) The Review
    8.b) Frequently Asked Questions
    8.c) Cheats 'n' Codes
    8.d) Tricks and Glitches
    8.e) Achievements (3)
    Chapter 9..... Closing
    9.a) Final Words
    9.b) I'll Be Back
    Chapter 10..... Credits
    Chapter 1..... Introduction
                                                    ~"Introductions are a must"    
    After playing this game, I only have two words to say. It's good. It may not 
    be everyone's dream game, but then again, no game really is. Some games are 
    made for certain people and some have fun while others do not. Alone in the 
    Dark is a gem though, one that is so unique you owe it to yourself to give it
    a try. Yes, not every single person out there will like it- it has it's own 
    share of flaws, but it's definitely worth the attempt. Because what Alone in 
    the Dark is is more than words can explain. It must be experienced first hand.
    I personally do not see much flaws in this game. The flaws are minor, and can
    be easily ignored as if it was designed that way for a purpose. The occasional
    weapons partially going through doors might be designed that way because they
    didn't want the character to be pushed off walls just because they're holding
    a weapon. Again, this depends on if the game interests you or not. I have 
    never played this type of game before, meaning a game with a horror, puzzle 
    genre. But this still completely grasped me tight, and I suggest you look into
    it yourself. Flaws aside, let's talk about some of the good stuff.
    Before anything else, before reading the guide or starting the game, know that
    this is a survival action game, basically. This is good stuff. You have many
    chances to interact with a wide variety of objects, pick them up for later 
    use. They will not only be used for puzzles, they can be used against enemies,
    to refill flashlight batteries, and so on. What's more, you can combine items
    for different situations. The game includes many nice camera angles, game 
    moments, a good story, good graphics, nice themes and sound effects, varied 
    game play (platforming, puzzling, combat, driving, exploring, scavenging, and
    so on), and presentation. You will not have played a game like this before.
    The story is simply about you uncovering secrets of evil in Central Park, but
    it gets deep and intriguing as the story moves on. 
    Anyways, the game is one of my favourites now on any console, so I've decided
    to make a guide for it. This guide will be the ultimate for Alone in the Dark,
    more than enough for you to beat it and become an expert. This guide will also
    allow you to get as much out of the game as possible, seeing the game's length
    is only average, you should appreciate this. I've included all the extra stuff
    to do, all the ways of acquiring achievements, some neat tricks and codes to
    use, and some nice ways of playing the game differently. The layout of the 
    guide is simple, there's all the legal & guide information above the table of
    contents and below it are all the guide features.
    The table of contents shows you where every bit of information is. I've inclu-
    ded not only the main walkthrough, but side chapters such as the enemies 
    chapter, characters chapter, and a full, detailed basics section. Note that 
    the basics section is not only for beginners, but also for experts who want 
    some hints. Then there are the side activites chapter naming all the side 
    stuff you could do, which is followed by the extras chapter which is a list of
    all the cool extra stuff to check out. It's a game that allows you to dig for
    more stuff, and right here I've done it for you. Also take note that with each
    chapter title there's a quote that goes with it. Just thought it would add to
    the atmosphere of the guide. Now then, enjoy the game, have fun. And read my
    Before we actually start though, I would like you to know a bit about myself.
    I have been a hard core gamer for around 10 years, and will be until I'm old.
    Well there is a lot to say about myself in the gaming world actually but I'll
    break it into a easy section for you to know me just a little bit better.. 
    Note that this section is only for people who are interested in learning about
    the author, and has nothing really to do with the game. Just so you know. This
    is my story, about how I got into gaming right to where I got this game:
    My whole gaming experience started way back when I was a kid of age 7, when I
    got my first gaming console- the NES. It was a great experience, and it still 
    reminds me of the great super mario bros and other cool games. But obviously
    the NES didn't start making me game regularly since I was small. A year after
    my beloved aunt gave me a SNES and it was even better, soccer games, mario
    kart and the like was all a great experience. But then again they were treated
    more like toys than real consoles, so my real gaming experience didn't quite 
    start there. Not until 1 and a half years later when my aunt (aw she's great)
    gave me my first console which I did love and pick games for- the sony's 
    playstation. I had over 50 games on the PS, and I tryed to get through most of 
    them instead of playing each a bit everytime just for fun. I had It for one &
    half more years before my dad finaly let me buy the Xbox, which was actually 
    the real start of my gaming experience. I chose games more carefully, read 
    reviews and news about games, tryed to complete every game to 100 %, started
    to listen to the games story, and also started to make my own reviews and 
    guides. I've had it for more than 4 years, and I have over 50 games on it. 
    Finaly I recieved my PSP sometime last year, which I give the same respect to.
    So y'see, I have a pretty straight forward gaming life, but the places I cant
    forget is the times I played games like Final Fantasty on PS, Halo 1 & 2, 
    Conker: Live & Reloaded, and Star Wars: KOTOR on the Xbox. 
    The best part is after 4 years, I recieved the XBOX 360!! Now I only own 15
    games because I've only got it for half a year, but games like Gears of War, 
    Kameo, and Bioshock are awesome and showed me how amazing games can be. But a 
    couple of months ago I recieved Mass Effect, which became one of my favourite 
    games, and it's one of he best RPGs IMO along with Fable: TLC. Mass Effect got
    me right back into the Role-Playing genre, and I decided to buy Oblivion. I 
    knew people said it was the best, and I've wanted it but I never got round to 
    getting it. I did and I was so, very amazed. It's the best game I know, let 
    alone the best RPG game I own. I knew nothing would make me stop playing, and
    I played around 100 hours with it. One game pulled me out of Oblivion's hold
    though. And it was this game, Alone in the Dark. Believe it or not, give this
    anticipated game a try and you'll find hiding underneath the varied reviews is
    a true gem. I found it's highlights, and now it's one of my best titles. I 
    think I'm never going to find another game like this anymore. Maybe this will
    apply to you as well, so just go and buy it, if you haven't yet.
    Ok enough chit-chat. Now, onwards.  
                                                         your pal, Kranti
    Chapter 2..... Getting Started
                                          ~"Baby steps- crawl before you walk."    
    This section is the basics of the basics. It's the baby steps. I know people
    out there have a manual for the game, but heck, people still include stuff 
    like the controls in their guides. This is because some people don't have the 
    manual, and some people don't bother looking. There's more influence here 
    though, and my suggestion is everyone learn the stuff here before you play. 
    You'll have a better experience right off the bat, being prepared for the game
    2.a) Playing Alone in the Dark
    There is actually two meanings to this title. One is how you are going to play
    this game, "Alone in the Dark", and the other is that you are going to play it
    alone in the dark. The latter creates an even creepier and cooler atmosphere. 
    However, the former is the topic we are going to talk about- actually playing
    this game. 
    Why is this in the getting started section? Well because this game plays very
    different than others. Few play alike, and a many do not even come close. How
    you play this game is for half of the time depended on you, and the other half
    depended on which section of the game you got up to. This is because you have
    some freedom in the game, more in some areas than others though. You can make
    your own cool tools and weapons by combining items, you can find different 
    things than other people and use different methods to take out enemies. There
    is no limit to the things you can do- if you have the items and situations to
    try it out, you can do it. If there is fire for example, and a chair nearby,
    you can grab it and set it on fire. This can light areas up (if they're dark)
    and this also makes the chair an awesome weapon. 
    The thing is, Alone in the Dark is a puzzle game, platform game and action 
    game all combined. This means you'll have to prepare to jump across certain 
    areas, climb various things, solve problems and puzzles, as well as take on a
    variety of foes in ways you see fit. The game's objectives are not always very
    linear, so sometimes you've got to go searching for them as well. When playing
    always keep in mind that the next segment might have a twist or surprise. This
    does not say the game is scary enough to surprise you so much you stop playing
    or need to take breaks, but it's good thrills and plot twists. There are also
    many game play moments, like things suddenly start falling apart and a monster
    dropping down dead from a hole above. 
    Now the final suggestions I can give you when you play this game is to keep an
    open mind, and have fun. It's that simple, believe it or not. Use your tools
    at your disposal, create nifety weapons and map them as your "favourites". If
    you find that there's no light, turn on your flashlight or find sources of 
    light. Fire's not the only way here, you may be able to find a switch or some
    thing to turn on some lights. The other big section, driving, is pretty linear
    and easy. Just treat it as GTA. The controls are worse than GTA, yes, but the
    premise is the same. Drive to the location you want, avoid any thugs you don't
    want to deal with. Read the "Game Basics" chapter for more information on the
    game play of Alone in the Dark. 
    2.b) Game Controls
    Every game has it's own set of controls, and so does Alone in the Dark. The
    controls in this game are pretty complicated as well, so I would recommend 
    reading this section before playing the game. You can get use to the controls
    in around 30 minutes though, as they're layed out comfortable and suitably.
    Third Person Controls
    Left Thumbstick- Move Edward Carnby. 
                     (Click) Quick 180 degrees turn.
    Right Thumbstick- Small camera adjustments (when available).
                      (With melee weapon in hand) Strike with weapon.
                      (Click) Look back. (Hold) Keep looking back. 
    A Button- Interact, pick up weapon/items.
              (Hold while moving) Run. 
    X Button- Jump. 
    B Button- Drop weapon in hand, drop off ledge/cable (if hanging off one).
    Y Button- Switch from this view to first person view.
    Left Trigger- Lock-on to enemy (with weapon in hand).
    Right Trigger- Toss throwable object/item. 
    Left Bumper- Cycle through left hand items. 
                 (Hold) Put back left hand item.
    Right Bumper- Cycle through right hand items/weapons.
                  (Hold) Put back right hand item/weapon.
    Direction Pad..
    Up- (Hold) Show favourites.
    Left or Right- Enter Healing Mode.
    Down- Open your inventory.
    Start Button- Pause game, access pause menu and Episode Information screen.
    Back Button- Open your PDA.
    First Person Controls
    Left Thumbstick- Strafe left/right, move forwards/backwards. 
    Right Thumbstick- Look/turn.
                      (Click) Blink.
                      (Hold) Close eyes. 
    A Button- Interact, pick up items.
              (Hold while moving) Run. 
    X Button- Jump. 
    B Button- Reload (with gun in hand).
              Drop off ledge/cable (if hanging off one).
    Y Button- Switch from this view to third person view.
    Right Trigger- Fire in-hand weapon. 
    Left Bumper- Cycle through left hand items.
    Right Bumper- Cycle through right hand items.
    Direction Pad\\\
    Up- (Hold) Show favourites.
    Left or Right- Enter Healing Mode.
    Down- Open your inventory.
    Start Button- Pause game, access pause menu and Episode Information screen.
    Back Button- Open your PDA.
    Driving Controls
    Left Thumbstick- Steer Car.
    Right Thumbstick- Rotate camera.
                      (Click) Look back (only in third person view).
    A Button- Hand Brake. Interact (when car not started and in first person mode.
    X Button- (Together with pressing left with your left thumbstick) 
              Eject from car.
    B Button- (Together with pressing left with your left thumbstick) 
              Eject from car.
    Y Button- Change Camera.
    Left Trigger- Brake, Reverse.
    Right Trigger- Accelerate.
    Left Bumper- Turn on/off headlights.
    Start Button- Pause game, access pause menu and Episode Information screen.
    Back Button- Open your PDA.
    Mischallaneous Controls
    -- On a cable or rope
    Left Thumbstick- Left or Right: Wall run left or right.
                     Up or Down: Climb up or down rope/cable.
    X Button- Jump off wall (to jump over and avoid certain obstacles).
    B Button- Jump off rope (direction determined by left thumbstick direction).
    Y Button- Change camera (third person or first person).
    Right Bumper- Pull out/put back gun. 
    Start Button- Pause game, access pause menu and Episode Information screen.
    Back Button- Open your PDA.
    -- Hanging on a ledge
    Left Thumbstick- Left or Right: Shimmy along ledge left or right.
                     Up or Down: Pull yourself up or drop down.
    X Button- Pull yourself up (if there is enough space).
    B Button- Drop down from ledge.
    Y Button- Change camera (first person or third person).
    Start Button- Pause game, access pause menu and Episode Information screen.
    Back Button- Open your PDA.
    2.c) Game Interface
    Thanks to Eden Game's marvellous screen design, you've got a game with some 
    reallly nice screen information. Normally in games like this there is some 
    sort of health bar, health blocks or the like, but there isn't. Something else
    represents your health. There is no other icons on screen normally as well, 
    but there are ways to check your current items and statuses. It's all done 
    expertly- you're surely going to enjoy the creative interface Alone in the 
    Dark offers. But first of all, you have to learn it.
    Your health cannot be seen by you directly, there's no health bar or the like
    to be found anywhere. When you recieve damage though, your screen flashes red
    and sometimes white to indicate that you have been hit in some way. This might
    be an enemy's attack or by environmental damage. Also, as you take more and 
    more damage your character will start to have more and more scars and cuts.
    When your character reaches it's limit and starts to lose too much blood, a 
    timer with your heart pulse on the bottom left appears. This is the count down
    till you die, until you can find a way to heal yourself (read next section).
    If you have healing sprays or bandages you can heal your wounds. Check the 
    basics section for more information. 
    Countdown Pulse
    Your pulse will start to slow after you get hit a little too many times by 
    enemies. A timer along with your heart's pulse will appear as a red icon at
    the bottom left of your screen when you are in this critical condition. The 
    timer will usually be running down at a reasonable speed, giving you a lot of
    chance to heal yourself and stop the timer. If the timer runs out, you simply
    die and restart from a checkpoint. A nice touch to the game, really. 
    Interacting Icons
    These are context sensitive icons you'll find as you get close to an interact-
    able object. An example is when you're near a door, you'll see an icon pop up
    on the lower right of the screen with the button A beside it. This simply 
    means you need to press A to interact with the object, and in this case it's
    interacting with the door. How you interact with the environment when you 
    press A is depended on the icon. There are a variety of different icons with
    a meaning behind each. Here are all the icons you'll see and what they mean:
    Operate Icon: This icon appears as two cogs next to each other. When this icon 
    is on your screen, it means that the object you are facing in your view can be
    operated. This icon applies to many different environmental objects, with the
    most common being doors. Press A to open the door, operate the switch, etc.
    Rappel Icon: There are certain ropes and cables that allow you to rappel on.
    If you get near one this icon appears- an icon of a hands grabbing a rope. You
    can normally just jump on any rope or cable, but if you're close this icon
    still appears and you can use the A button to slowly climb onto it. 
    Maneuverable Object Icon: Some objects cannot be picked up and used as a 
    weapon, but however can be pulled or pushed on the ground to where you desire.
    When near one of these objects, an icon with a figure pushing a table appears.
    Press A to place your hands onto the object and then with the left thumbstick
    you can maneuver the object.
    Melee Weapon Icon: Certain household items, general tools, and weapons can be
    picked up and used against the foes in Alone in the Dark. When in close proxi-
    mity with these objects, you will find an icon with a figure holding a weapon
    appear. An asterix to the top left of the icon also indicates that it is a 
    weapon. You can then press A to pick the object up, which can then be used. If
    there is a flame sign to the upper right of the icon it means that this weapon
    or object is flammable. Stick it into fire to ignite it.
    Item Icon: Some items can be stored into your inventory and used in various 
    ways later on. When near these items an icon will appear indicating you can 
    pick them up. Press A to do so, and those items will be added to your invento-
    ry providing you still have space for it. Different items have different icon
    pictures of course, so these item icons sum all the different storable item 
    icons up. Things like this include batteries, sticky tape, and a lighter.
    Fire Extinguisher Icon: This means you are in near a fire extinguisher that
    can be picked up and used. Press A to pick the extinguisher up. Note that it
    can be used to put out flames in first person, and used as a weapon in third
    Pull Bodies Icon: A picture of a figure pulling another figure's leg is this 
    icon. When this icon appears on your screen, the dead person or body in front
    of you can be pulled around and repositioned. Press A when this icon is prese-
    nt to grab it's legs, and you can then drag the body around.  
    Targeting Laser
    There are shooting sections in the game, though you only have one gun since 
    this isn't a shooter. However, your pistol is all you need. When using your 
    pistol you actually have to shoot in first person mode, making this game more
    unique than other action games with this mix. The targeting reticle is not a
    lame icon though, it's a decent targeting laser. The red spot will shimmer and
    gleam around objects, but still provide good aiming before you pull the 
    trigger. It appears at the center of your screen as a laser red spot. 
    Area Map
    The nice area map is actually one of the only things that are on your HUD 
    (Heads Up Display) when you travel around Central Park. The Area Map allows 
    you to learn your way around the varied and nice areas, as well as reach 
    objectives or certain places you want to go. There's a bigger version of the
    map in your PDA though. The arrow indicated your position and which way you
    are facing, while the blue car-like icons indicate vehicle locations. The 
    lines drawn on the map are the available paths/roads. 
    2.d) The Starting Plot
    Before you really start going into the game and all that, you will probably be
    better off if you read this short section. This section very briefly describes
    the story that the game starts with, so you know what you're actually playing
    Edward Carnby, for some strange and unexplanable reason is almost unconcious.
    He's almost fainting when he notices two strange people talking about him. An
    old guy calls out his name- Edward, though he does not remember his own name. 
    Then the boss of the two comes in and ends their fighting. Another dude comes
    up to Edward and watches over him. The boss says he wants Edward dead. The
    thing is he doesn't even know what he has done. 
    The dude watching over him takes him up some stairs and through a door or two.
    Suddenly, a fissure running through the floor and wall appears. The dude thin-
    ks that this is Edward's work, and yells at him. He doesn't get to do anything
    to Edward though, as soon the fissure runs below him and something sucks him
    down. He dies and everything in Edward's mind is a mess. Walking through a 
    door, he finds a mirror, sees himself and cannot recall what he used to look
    Then it's up to him to search for his past, what the hell is happening in this
    world now, and escape all this mess. Bit by bit he'll find out about the 
    special stone, what the enemies are, who he was and how to end all of this.
    And it's up to YOU, will help him do that.
    Chapter 3..... Game Basics
                                                           ~"Ways of Mastering"    
    This chapter covers the entire game's gameplay features. You'll learn about
    almost everything, if not all, to do with playing Alone in the Dark. It's 
    quite a deep game with a lot of interacting and ways of playing, so there's a
    lot to learn. On the plus side, if you learn all of this you will be able to
    master the game quicker than anyone else. Although this section is recommended
    for beginners, average and even expert gamers could improve by reading this 
    section. You never know- there might be one or two things you failed to reali-
    se when you played through the game. You don't have to read all of this part 
    at once as well- take your time, read certain parts and read other parts later
    when you return. 
    3.a) Moving Around
    It's pretty hard to maneuver properly in Alone in the Dark at first, but after
    around 20-30 minutes of gameplay you'll be fine. However hard people complain
    about the pretty steep learning curve it's not actually as bad as it sounds.
    Most of the time it's because they haven't read the manual or actually looked
    at the controls and how to move around. So in this small section, that's what
    I'm going to teach you. You'll find the game much easier to control right off
    the bat.
    Understand that Alone in the Dark has it's great moments- awesome scripted 
    scenes, sections where you walk through great environments or brave through
    scary places, and also witness many ways of playing the game. Because of such 
    a wide variety of game play moments the game is often slow in pace. Accept 
    that, and you'll have a much better time. A lot of times you'll have to move 
    around looking for ways to progress, often running into puzzles, platforming
    sections or just a hard-to-find exit. Don't worry, it can be interesting this
    way. Take your time exploring the area, searching for clues and ways of going
    on. If you are really stuck for good- know that this game is at least good 
    enough to make you stuck. Games are not so fun being easy you know. 
    But how actually do you make your character move around, and how do you make
    them effectively do so? First off you need to learn when to use the third
    person mode and when to use the first person mode. The third person mode makes
    viewing the area around you much faster and makes you able to know if there is
    a wall behind you, to the far left and so on. With first person, you can cont-
    rol where you look, but your view is much more focused. This means it's harder
    to watch your back for obstacles and enemies, but on the plus side you can 
    focus on certain targets more and look where you want. Learn to change the 
    view to suit your needs- down a long gloomy corridor? Flip to third person so
    you can hold the right thumbstick to view what's behind. Is the camera getting
    in the way with the third person down the now too-narrow corridors? Flip to
    first person for the straight forward view. 
    Moving Edward Carnby himself is quite an easy task though. Simply use the left
    thumbstick to make him walk around. In third person this allows you to turn or
    walk anywhere. When in first person mode, use the right thumbstick to turn. 
    If you need to run, press and hold the A button then move to sprint. Avoid the
    tiny areas that looks like you'll get stuck in, and you won't ever find it 
    hard to maneuver. To latch onto a higher ledge, press X to jump up and catch
    the ledge. Same goes with ropes and cables. If you have to walk over narrow
    precipieces, take your time and walk slowly. This is all common sense really,
    just think about things before you act to avoid having a hard time moving. 
    The environments are for most of the time large and varied, so you shouldn't
    have problems anyhow, assuming you listen to my suggestions.    
    3.b) The Camera
    There are actually three types of cameras in this game- third person locked,
    third person action, and first person. With third person action, you have the
    normal Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill cameras. You move around with a 
    behind the shoulder view, and occasionally the camera flips to different 
    angles to make the game more cinematic and cool. This might get confusing a 
    little bit sometimes, but in general this camera is good and offers some very
    nice angles when playing through. Third person locked is the camera mode that 
    takes effect when you are holding a melee weapon or you've locked onto an 
    enemy. Your character from here never turns and faces the screen, your camera
    is stuck to viewing Edward's back. This makes the combat much more focused and
    easy to aim. When you lock on, your sights never leave the enemy. For first
    person cameras I think it's straightforward. With this camera mode you look
    around yourself with the right thumbstick and walk/strafe with the left. This
    camera is the best for examining items and areas. 
    3.c) Third Person - First Person
    One of the excellent things Alone in the Dark accomplishes is a fluent transi-
    tion between first and third person views. In games that uses Alone in the 
    Dark's camera such as the silent hill games, suffer the problem of not being 
    able to focus on certain areas of the environment. This is because there is
    no option to rotate the camera around your character, with camera angles 
    altering as you move through the environment. However with Alone in the Dark
    you can enjoy the cool camera angles while flipping to first person mode when
    you need to look at things up close and personal. This way no one can really
    complain about camera- there's both types for people to choose.
    The third person view is actually the classic and main camera used for this
    game. This game makes the camera seem like it's from a movie rather than a 
    game. The angle of the camera changes as you enter different rooms or search
    in different areas. Sometimes the camera doesn't change much but it often 
    does. When it doesn't, it's the normal behind-the-shoulder view. Your game 
    should be viewed in third person for 75% of the time, since platforming, 
    fighting, and solving puzzles are easier this way. You also get to see more
    of the awesome environment. If you're in first person mode, press the Y button
    to switch back to the third person view. Note on how the camera will switch to
    third person whenever you pick up a melee weapon.
    The first person mode is a very welcomed camera view. You can finally accurat-
    ely look at items of interest and examine certain environments you otherwise
    cannot have done as well with the third person view. If you happen to like 
    first person games or shooters, you'll love the view here. You'll be able to
    see the various items and tools Edward holds up with his hands, including 
    flashlights, explosive bottles and even fire extinguishers (which can be used
    in first person mode). The camera also changes to first person automatically
    whenever you open containers such as cabinets, so you can look around for 
    items to pick up. You should return to third person when you finish looking
    through though. To switch to first person view, press the Y button while in
    third person mode.  
    3.d) Platforming
    Believe it or not, Alone in the Dark includes more elements to it's game play
    than combat, exploring and puzzles. It's also a survival game, where you try
    combine things up and search for goodies to keep you alive, but on top of that
    it also has quite a few platforming areas. These areas are fun, natural, and 
    fits extremely well with the other parts of the game. If you gave someone this
    game and only let them play a certain platforming area, they will think this
    is that type of adventure game. The platforming done in Alone in the Dark does
    need some practice to get use to though, so read this section to learn all 
    about it. 
    There are many ways to allow you to platform and reach certain areas of any 
    room or location. First off, you can simply jump across/over or onto some
    thing. When jumping up so that your arms can reach a ledge above, you will 
    automatically grab onto the ledge. You can then press X to pull yourself up to
    reach that area. If you press B, you will drop down instead. Also know that 
    jumping is easier in either camera views depending on the situation. Sometimes
    it's easier with the third person view, others with the first person view. If
    you want to aim the jump better you should use the first person view, but if
    you want to get off a better jump right off the ledge you should use the third
    person view. Heavy tables and objects can sometimes be pulled next to a higher
    ledge so that you can climb onto it then jump up to grab the ledge. You can 
    also use ropes and cables to help you platform. If you see a cable jump or 
    press A near it to grab onto it. Then you can climb to or near to where you 
    want and swing and press B to jump off to another area. So platforming is 
    simple, but still watch out with your aim when jumping and dropping off ledges
    as it will often result in accidental deaths. Use the two different camera 
    views to make sure you are aiming right for maximum accuracy before attempting
    a jump.    
    3.e) Climbing Ropes & Cables
    Climbing ropes and cables can actually be fun in Alone in the Dark. Most of
    the times you can pull of cull maneuvers like jump off the wall to avoid obje-
    cts or pull out your gun to take out some enemies will hanging off a cable up
    a cliff. It's actually easy to pull of these moves though, as you're about to
    As you can see from the 'game controls' section of the 'getting started' 
    chapter, grabbing onto a cable and performing moves on it is simple and easy
    to get use to. When you find a rope or cable, you can just walk up to it and 
    when the icon appears, press A to latch onto it. Cables at a distance can also
    be used by jumping onto them with the X button. To climb up or down a cable 
    just press up or down on the left thumbstick.
    You can also turn around to face different directions if you're hanging with 
    nothing beside you. To do this, press left or right on the left thumbstick. If
    there'a a wall or big enough structure beside you though, you can walk run 
    across the structure/wall to the left or right by using the left thumbstick. 
    To jump off the rope or just let go, press the B button. When you have a 
    structure or wall you can put your feet on, you can also press the X button to
    jump off the wall while holding the cable/rope to avoid certain obstacles. 
    Note: You can view climbing, jumping onto and jumping off cables/ropes in 
    first person as well. However the camera often changes back into third person
    when you jump off or on, so you have to change it yourself with the Y button.   
    3.f) PDA
    The PDA is a phone and a handy machine that shows you the area map, messages,
    your contacts or the settings for your PDA. You don't get it until around 2-3 
    hours into the game, but you'll have it for the remainder of the game (around
    6-10 hours, depending on how you play) and it will help dearly. Not only does
    it show you the entire map of Central Park, it also provides invaluable messa-
    ges sent by various people which fills in a lot of the back story and gives
    hints and tips. 
    There are five main sections to your PDA phone, they are explained below. 
    Map: This shows the entire Central Park map which you can interact with by
         zooming in or out. You can also pan the map to view other areas of 
         Central Park closer, as you won't be able to see the whole map if you
         zoom in close. This is a valuable tool that allows you to pla your route
         to certain areas and it also allows you to decide where you want to go
    Messages: Sometimes when people don't call you they will message you instead.
              The story is already great with all the cutscenes and conversations
              happening here and there, but the messages allow you a chance to 
              dwelve even deeper into the story and learn more about it. Many text
              messages are also hints and helpers with different parts of game 
              play mechanics. Be sure to read them. 
    Phone: Your phone not only allows you to dial to anyone out there which you 
           need to get to (although many random numbers lead to "the line is busy"
           you can still reach some people). There are certain sections of the 
           game where you need to call someone, and you can do so by entering the
           numbers on the number circle then selecting the phone icon, or just 
           press Y to go see your contacts and call them from there directly. I
           really thinks this adds to the depth of the game, and really makes 
           Alone in the Dark even more unique. 
    Parameters: These are your PDA settings which you can adjust to your liking. 
                There is four options in total- To change your ringing sound, your
                received message alert, if you can see your mini-map or not, and
                if the map rotates or not. With these options you can make your 
                experience suit you a little better. Make sure you check the 
                options out and see which options fit to your own personal liking.
    Contacts: Anyone that calls you (anyone new) will be saved as your personal 
              contacts found on this page. You can then select any one of your 
              contacts to call them directly without the need of dialing their 
              phone numbers. Yet another nice touch by Eden Games.     
    Objectives: Not a part of your PDA that you can select, it can be seen as soon
                as you look at the phone. It's to the left side of the screen 
                where there's a clear title reading "Objectives". Below this title
                you'll receive all your current goals and things to do. Remember
                that although you don't get freedom all the time, you'll get some
                now and then so go off exploring- don't always follow your current
                objective. And when there is an objective you can do it your way.
    Root Evil Destroyed: To the left hand side of your PDA screen, will be a 
                         number over 100. Once you've burned the first root evil,
                         this will start appearing becuase it's keeping track of 
                         how many root evil you have destroyed. 
    Overall this piece of equipment is very valuable, and should not be forgotten
    about. Read the messages for the tips, hints, and to fill in the back story.
    The objectives help you know what you have to actually DO to progress. The map
    gives you a beautiful and accurate map to find best routes in. Use these tools
    3.g) Melee Combat
    The melee combat needs some getting use to, but once you do it's a great side
    of the already awesome game. Alone in the Dark offers a wide range of melee 
    weapons, as just about any chunck and stick-like thing you can see can be 
    picked up. And believe it or not, they all have different damage value. For 
    most of the time the Katana will deal the most damage, while things like a 
    small wooden stick wouldn't. But there's the other side to consider- if the 
    weapon can catch fire. If it can, you can light it on fire and normally that
    will kill enemies for good and much faster. 
    To pick up a weapon, walk near one and the melee weapons icon will appear. 
    Then press A and you will pick the weapon up, dropping any other weapon you
    had in hand before (not storable items, temporary items). To use the weapon, 
    you need to pull and then push the right thumbstick. This is actually a nice
    feature, since it really feels like you're using the weapon when doing this.
    So pulling the right thumbstick left, and then pushing it right allows you to
    strike from left to right, which works vice versa. If you do it from up to 
    down, you'll strike from above to the ground. It needs some getting use to, 
    since you'll be forgeting to pull the thumbstick before you push it. But after
    you get past that the combat is solid and you'll have fun hacking and bashing
    the enemies around. 
    3.h) Ranged Combat
    Although you may think there's only the 9mm Pistol, the truth is there's more.
    There's the different items you can combine to make flamethrowers, molotov 
    cocktails, and normal wine, fuel or gas canisters that can be thrown and shot
    to explode into flames. These are all ranged weapons. To use flamethrowers,
    simply press the left or right triggers (if you make one in the first place).
    To toss a bottle, use the left thumbstick to aim at where you want to throw it
    and pull R. If you continue to hold L you will make it flow in slow motion,
    allowing you to shoot it in mid-air. Also there's another pistol you get later
    on- the .44 Magnum that holds more bullets and deals slightly more damage. 
    With pistols and fire extinguishers, simply use the left thumbstick to move 
    around, right thumbstick to turn and aim, and pull the right trigger to fire 
    at enemies, items, locks, or fire (for extinguishers). 
    3.i) Interacting
    There are many ways to interact with the environment in Alone in the Dark, you
    can set things on fire, pick up many different items, pull and drag bodies 
    around, try reconnecting switches, entering pass codes, and so on. Interacting
    is usually all done with the handy A button. 
    Containers can be found everywhere- in sewers, hotels, bathrooms, and more. 
    To open a container approach one (they are usually cabinets, drawers, or lock-
    ers), and when the icon appears press A. You'll open the container and in a 
    cool camera switch you'll look into the container with the first person view.
    You can then examine and pick up any items within these containers, assuming
    you still have space in your inventory. 
    Switches for lights, electricity, or gas. Those are just some of the switches
    you can find. Normally switches will glow red or green depending on their 
    status- red for offline, green for online. If it's off, you can turn it on by
    trying to connect the electricity. If you let the wires touch though, you will
    get a nasty damaging shock. So the objective here is to head up to the switch,
    press A to open it up and grab both ends of the wires, and try moving it close
    to each other but not touching. When you get close enough, an electricity 
    charge will appear between the wires and wait there for a few sections. This
    isn't that easy as the wires respond too quick to your movements. Hold it t
    there and you can turn on whatever switch you were working with.
    Icon Interacting
    There are a vast variety of icons in the game that suggest something is
    interactable, all of which are explained in detail below. (Note that this is 
    another copy of the one in 'getting started').
    Operate Icon: This icon appears as two cogs next to each other. When this icon 
    is on your screen, it means that the object you are facing in your view can be
    operated. This icon applies to many different environmental objects, with the
    most common being doors. Press A to open the door, operate the switch, etc.
    Rappel Icon: There are certain ropes and cables that allow you to rappel on.
    If you get near one this icon appears- an icon of a hands grabbing a rope. You
    can normally just jump on any rope or cable, but if you're close this icon
    still appears and you can use the A button to slowly climb onto it. 
    Maneuverable Object Icon: Some objects cannot be picked up and used as a 
    weapon, but however can be pulled or pushed on the ground to where you desire.
    When near one of these objects, an icon with a figure pushing a table appears.
    Press A to place your hands onto the object and then with the left thumbstick
    you can maneuver the object.
    Melee Weapon Icon: Certain household items, general tools, and weapons can be
    picked up and used against the foes in Alone in the Dark. When in close proxi-
    mity with these objects, you will find an icon with a figure holding a weapon
    appear. An asterix to the top left of the icon also indicates that it is a 
    weapon. You can then press A to pick the object up, which can then be used. If
    there is a flame sign to the upper right of the icon it means that this weapon
    or object is flammable. Stick it into fire to ignite it.
    Item Icon: Some items can be stored into your inventory and used in various 
    ways later on. When near these items an icon will appear indicating you can 
    pick them up. Press A to do so, and those items will be added to your invento-
    ry providing you still have space for it. Different items have different icon
    pictures of course, so these item icons sum all the different storable item 
    icons up. Things like this include batteries, sticky tape, and a lighter.
    Fire Extinguisher Icon: This means you are in near a fire extinguisher that
    can be picked up and used. Press A to pick the extinguisher up. Note that it
    can be used to put out flames in first person, and used as a weapon in third
    Pull Bodies Icon: A picture of a figure pulling another figure's leg is this 
    icon. When this icon appears on your screen, the dead person or body in front
    of you can be pulled around and repositioned. Press A when this icon is prese-
    nt to grab it's legs, and you can then drag the body around.  
    3.j) Using/Driving Cars
    Cars and driving are great features of Alone in the Dark, even when you run 
    across some minor glitches now and then. The clear up the flaws now, the only
    problem you'll have is the over reacting physics that happen when you bump 
    into curbs. Other than that, the entire experience of driving is fine and 
    actually better than many games that allows you to drive a bit. 
    There are two types of situations where you'll drive- one is when you're in a
    sequence that has you in a car where you're required to drive to some place or
    accomplish some objective while in the car. Other times you'll drive when you
    have time to roam around, find a car, and get in. You'll have plenty of 
    opportunity in the game to do so, and you'll start having this freedom around
    3-5 hours into the game depending on your speed. The first time you get to 
    floor it though, is much earlier so don't worry.
    When you find a car, you'll usually have to unlock it if it's locked. This can
    be done by breaking the glass open and then fliping the lock inside before 
    getting in. If the car doesn't have keys, you'll need to hotwire the car as 
    well. To do this, simply turn the wires around on both hands until they touch
    when you can put them together with the left and right thumbsticks. Note that
    they have to be the same colours when touching. Before driving off though, you
    have quite a few things you can do. You can change seats (though only drive in
    one of the seats, of course), turn on the headlights, honk the horn, flip down
    the sun screen, check the glove box for items, check areas for the car keys,
    turn on the radio, and switch on the lights above you. Pretty cool, eh?
    Finally, what about driving itself? Actually starting to drive is sometimes a
    mixed bag though. If the area is very, very narrow you'll have a hard time 
    navigating around the place and getting out of stuck positions. For most of 
    the time though cars drive really well, you hardly need to brake but there are
    times where more realistic driving comes into play. These times are when you 
    drive too quick you'll still need to step off the gas to cut some speed follo-
    wing a corner, or brake even. The cars are all reasonably speedy, and even 
    take damage at every part of it's model. You can completely break down a 
    normal compact car down to just the seats and the wheels with no roof or doors
    (amazing I know). 
    It's also worth mentioning that the game has quite a few different cars, which
    is impressive. They are all good for getting you around faster, but still 
    choose the right car for the right situation, as some are faster than others 
    but some tougher. Enemies will drag you out of cars if they get the chance, 
    and even hop right on it to try take you down. Make sudden speed changes or 
    make sharp turns to shake them off. 
    3.k) Combining Items
    One of the many aspects that make Alone in the Dark one of a kind is the 
    combining items system. Whenever you find items that can be combined, you can
    press X to select them in your inventory and then press X with another item to
    confirm the combination. Theere are many purposes for this, but in general it
    is to make items work different, perform better, or just simply become a new
    tool in your arsenal. 
    Follow these very easy steps to combine items:
    1. Open up your inventory with the down button on the direction pad. 
    2. Select the first item you want to combine with.
    3. Scroll to the second item for your combination, the one which you want to
       have combined with the first item you've selected. 
    4. Viola! Your combination will be made. Note how this not only makes a new 
       item, sometimes it saves space if you only had one of either items you used
       in the combination.
    Combining items can be very useful in all sorts of situations, including 
    dealing with enemies, getting across obstacles and puzzles, as well as making
    the game easier for you. An easy combination would be to put some sticky tape
    with the glow stick, then throw it onto the ceiling. This way the glow stick 
    would light up the area for you. Experiment yourself, and soon you'll find 
    your own favourite combinations. And with these, notice how every fight and 
    obstacle can be taken on in various ways, so think ahead on how you could make
    your life easier in Central Park by combining items.
    3.l) Using Fire
    All fire effects are gorgeous in Alone in the Dark. Each and everytime you see
    fire it'll create shadows of any objects appropriately, it'll look amazingly
    realistic, and also spread around as if it was real fire. If you left a bit of
    fire going on a big table- just a tiny little flame- it'll still soon spread 
    out to all over the table, other objects, or even the floor (if they are 
    To over come fire, you would have to look for a fire estinguisher. Then in 
    first person mode, you can pull the right trigger to shoot CO2 foam at the 
    flames. This will slowly but surely make the fire go out, though you should be
    careful and make sure you clear corners before clearing other flames becuase
    the fire would start spreading again. Although they may seem like very well 
    made "enemies" or obstacles in the game, they can also be your best ally.
    Although some enemies can be killed with gun shots or melee weapons, a lot of
    enemy types can only be taken out permantely by fire. This is their general 
    weakness, so not only does fire make them die permantely, they also die five 
    times quicker than if you used a normal weapon of any sort. Except for the 
    Elite Humanz, and some other rare tougher enemies, each enemy can be taken out
    by a single liquor bottle or plastic fuel bottle. How? Well as you probably 
    know, toss it at them and then shoot it mid-air so it explodes into a bunch of
    Other ways that would help you save these bottles up is to light melee weapons
    on fire before using them on the enemies. Note that these weapons need to be
    flammable, indicated by a fire sign located at the top left corner of their 
    weapon icons before you pick them up. When you get hold of one of these tools,
    simply hold the right thumbstick forwards to reach out to any flames, and it
    will be set on fire. If you can't manage, simply shake the weapon around in 
    the flames and it'll soon light up.
    Even when you use fire as your best allies, they'll still appear as your most
    deadly foes. This is due to the fact that when you try lighting weapons on 
    fire, you can touch the fire and burn yourself rather quickly. But once you 
    light the weapon you'll be fine since Edward just drops it when the time is
    right. Also when making bottles explode can easily hurt you as well, even when
    you threw the bottle at a fair distance. If you threw it too close, you'll 
    immediately realise because you'll fall to your feet, and your heart rate will
    appear and the timer to your death. 
    Just like in real life be careful when you play with fire, but when used in 
    the right way, they can be rather useful.   
    3.m) Puzzles
    Many interesting action games, platformers, survival games and even shooters
    have decent puzzles. Puzzles are very welcomed into gaming, since they make
    your mind boggle and work while keeping it entertaining for us. It's also 
    worth mentioning that you get a great feeling when you solve general puzzles,
    and even more when you solve bigger ones. Alone in the Dark has a good number
    of puzzles spread across it's game play, with just the right amount with the
    right intervals between them. These puzzles are all made with care, since they
    blend in seamlessly with the rest of the game. You'll find yourself running
    around killing enemies, hopping into a car, driving to this area, getting out
    and trying to get over this obstacle and finaly being safe. But did you really
    take notice they the obstacle that you overcome just now was a puzzle? No you
    didn't. This is becuase the puzzles are made so that they seem like they are 
    situations in real life, where you need to use your brain to perform cooler 
    moves and to get over certain problems. 
    Puzzles can be handled easily if you read my walkthrough, but why not have 
    some fun yourself trying to figure it out first? For most puzzles there won't
    be enemies chasing you or banging your back, so you can just sit down and 
    think. If your brain really starts to hurt and you've tried too many times, 
    then maybe come read my walkthrough. Otherwise don't spoil the game and it's
    nice set of puzzles. To improve your puzzle solving skills, think with an open
    mind. Imagine if you were there, with exactly those items and that location
    around you. What would you do? What could you do? And what could Edward do? 
    Think about these questions, and more importantly, try things out. Try lifting
    that, shooting that, or head for alternate routes. It all depends on how much
    time you spend on trying to solve the puzzle. When you do solve it though, for
    most of the time you'll smile because you've just done something cool.  
    3.n) The Enemies
    The enemies are varied and interesting in this game, and although there is 
    actually not more than 10 types of enemies, there are variations with each 
    type and each encounter can be quite different. When taking on enemies, be 
    sure to remember you have all your tools at your disposal. Whether it's when
    you face off a bunch of enemies at the same time, or when you try fighting a 
    small Ratz, you can use all your items and weapons. So combine items in 
    interesting ways, pick up the melee 'weapons' found in the environment, try 
    using your pistol to shoot them unconcious, and so on. You can also totally 
    use the environment to your advantage. Look for a car, and cut it's fuel 
    supply to let the oil leak out. Extend the trail by dropping more flammable 
    liquid to a safer place, and light the trail with you lighter. This will lead
    to a huge explosion which when done right, will defeat tons of enemies.
    Enemies you find most of the time are the ones that look human, but are actua-
    lly possessed by evil spirits. These enemies are Humanz, and they come in 
    several variations. To make this more straight forward since I made the 
    enemies chapter for you already, the Humanz are smart and aggressive enemies.
    They'll track you down once you've caught their attention, and they'll do 
    everything to take you out. They'll try slashing away at you and pushing you
    to the ground. They can also jump a huge distance, and run at average speed.
    They'll rip away car doors to get to you, and even wait patiently outside of
    areas they can't reach you or keep banging against your protection. The only
    time they give up is when flames are nearby. They will not only be killed by
    flames easily, they'll also jerk at the sight and burn of the fire. So you can
    light a chair or some other flammable object to make them stay away. Use your
    own tactics- you've got more than enough weapons at your disposal in Alone in
    the Dark.
    3.o) Useful & Key Items
    I wanted to make this section full of items and tools, but I've decided to 
    make the list only contain the main, key items. This is because I've got an
    idea for a future update which will be to add another chapter on weapons and 
    tools. So rather than making this section seem like an in-depth guide for 
    tools, I've decided to describe some of the main items you'll need to learn 
    The Fire Estinguisher- Yes, our favourite "fire-killer". Fire estinguishers
                           allow us to wipe out fires and even become used as a 
                           nice melee weapon. Many locations will have fire around
                           which makes the fire estinguishers very valuable. 
    Lighter- Not to light a cigarette, but to light some fuel and make some flame
             spitting weapons. This item can only illuminate the dark ever so 
             slightly, but the lighter is useful for setting fuels on fire so that
             to defeat enemies, or combine it with different flammable sprays to
             make a flamethrower. 
    Pistol- There are only a couple of different pistols in the game, with the 
            difference only being the ammo capacity per clip. Pistols are one of 
            your most valuable allies, so make sure you don't forget about it. 
            They can shoot enemies dead (some types) and knock others unconcious.
            If you manage to make fire bullets by shooting at enemies' fissures 
            you can defeat them permantly.
    Medical Spray- The very magical spray that heals and conceals wounds by simply
                   spraying it on our cuts and damaged areas. Each of them have 
                   limited spray liquid though, and can only be used until they're
                   emptied. Keep one on you at all costs to heal your wounds in 
                   tight situations.
    Flashlight- A very handy piece of equipment, the flashlight serves as your 
                trusty source of light when there isn't other options available. 
                Alone in the Dark is pretty.. er.. dark at times. In a lot of 
                areas there's lighting, but in certain areas it gets really dark
                which is where the flashlight comes in use. It needs batteries, so
                remember to bring some.   
    3.p) Environment
    The environment can be manipulated and played around in different ways with 
    this game. You can easily place a pile of wooden & flammable equipment 
    together such as chairs, lamps, table legs, tables, by grabbing them and then
    dropping them onto a spot. Then you can equip a glass bottle filled with fuel
    and open the cap, allowing the fuel to spill on the flammable equipment you've
    pilled up. Then leave a trail of fuel some where safer, and then light it with
    your lighter. BOOM. They all go on fire, and you'll be amazed at the sight. So
    as you can see, it's easy to play around with the environment, and there are
    many ways you can do so to improve your chances of surviving in Central Park.
    When using the environment to your advantage, look at what's available. If an
    electrical cable is nearby, and you're able to push it into the pool of water
    beside you, then do so. Then simply lead enemies into it to see them fry. If 
    there's fire, use methods of making enemies jump into it. Plan ahead, and 
    think ahead, where ever you are. If you know you can shoot that car's fuel 
    tank to make it explode, taking the nearby enemies with it, do so. You'll need
    to save every bit of equipment to survive, even though you'll find plenty 
    through your play through. The final thing is be careful of the environment 
    yourself, as rewarding as it can be to play with it you might hurt yourself 
    when doing so. This causes nasty problems if you happen to be in short of 
    medical supplies.
    3.q) Episodes & Sequences
    The game was made to appear as a series of DVDs or TV shows. The developers 
    said this could grasp people's attention more, and it sure does. It's not just
    the levels are named and separated as sequences and chapters by episodes, 
    there's also a menu screen to choose any sequence you want to play and jump 
    in- just like you can do with a DVD. This will spoil the game however, though
    you can do so if you're really stuck or don't mind. The good thing about this
    though is you can replay every bit of your favourite levels again. That's not
    all they do to capture this Episode and Sequence feel though, there's more. 
    Whenever you skip a scene or replay one (or even continue your game, in fact),
    the game shows a "Previously on Alone in the Dark" short video to sum up the 
    moments of the past episodes and sequences so you get an idea of what's going
    on. And if that's not enough, there's a synopsis for each sequence and even 
    full credits whenever an episode ends. This is just a very nice touch that's
    worth explaining.  
    3.r) Health and Healing
    Your health is not shown with any icons or health bars, but is actually shown
    on Edward himself. As you receive more damage, Edward will appear to have more
    wounds and cuts. When he reaches his final stages, a count-down timer of seven
    minutes will appear to the bottom left of the screen with your heart rate. 
    You can take damage from enemies, falling, fire, or the environment.
    To heal yourself you have to enter the healing mode which can be accessed by
    pressing the left or right button on the direction pad. It won't work by 
    selecting the healing spray or bandage from your inventory (jacket), since 
    they'll be used for different purposes there. In the healing mode, you'll view
    each of Edward Carnby's wounds and cuts. Use the left thumbstick to switch
    between different wounds, and pull the right trigger to bandage or spray over
    your wound/cut. Your bandages can be used until the entire box is used up, and
    your spray until the spray percentage reaches zero. 
    3.s) Your Inventory
    Looking into your inventory is a very, very cool and unique action. Not only
    can you only carry a realistic amount of items, you actually look down into
    your jacket by opening it and selecting items from your pouches, pockets, 
    holders and the like. Do access your inventory, press the down button on your
    direction pad. 
    You can then use the direction pad to slowly cycle through your available 
    equipment, while pressing A will allow you to select an item. There will be a
    picture of two hands above your inventory as well, which indicates which items
    you've got in which hand. Pressing Y will allow you to drop the item (but you
    will still be prompted once more before confirming the drop). Press X for 
    weapons that can be combined to start combining, then select another item to
    combine it with. 
    Quick scrolls can be done by directly swinging your left thumbstick in semi-
    circular motions left or right. You can also give direct orders of selecting
    something by directly pointing the thumbstick at the item, though this is a 
    bit harder to hand when there are too many items in your jacket. Your jacket
    only gets full when it's literall full, but note how each side of your jacket
    is used for different purposes, so plan ahead before you store stuff.
    Finally, holding the up button while in your inventory will bring up the 
    favourites mapper. You can then press A, B, X, or Y to map what you've select-
    ed as your favourite item/combination. So you can then hold up on the d-pad
    and select the item whenever in the future.  
    3.t) Area Lighting
    The nicely designed environments of Alone in the Dark is not only crisp for 
    most of the times, it's also shone upon with dynamic lighting. This means all
    the light is realistic, reacts right, and moves as you move it around. Meaning
    if you take a lighted glow stick around, it will illuminate different areas so
    the "light" isn't scripted in one place. Because of this you can easily toss
    glow sticks and the like to corners in order to light things up a bit. When 
    areas get dark and more gloomy, you can also always use your flashlight 
    (provided that it has got batteries left) to light your way. The light emitted
    from the flashlight is very decent and realistic, which in my opinion is some
    of the best lighting effects I've seen in a game. 
    Chapter 4..... The Characters
                        ~"'Sorry for not laughing, my dentures would fall out'"    
    4.a) Tuning In
    Like you can see from the quote below the chapter title, the characters deliv-
    er some spectacular lines and performance here and there. They aren't the best
    characters ever, but many of them are strong and help the story build in an 
    interesting way. They really allow you to 'tune in' to the game. These more 
    interesting characters are included in this section.. read to learn more about
    them. Watch out for spoilers though.
    4.b) The Entire Cast
    Gruff, wimpy, old, wicked, funny and spooky. These are just some personalities
    of the characters from Alone in the Dark. There's truly a wide range, and each
    person has a unique voice actor which makes the game great to listen to. It 
    should also be noted that all characters look unique and interesting in there
    own regards. They are listed below with their personal information.
    Edward Carnby
    The main character in the game, Edward is a tough and gruff type of fellow. At
    the start he completely forgets about what had happened to him and who he is-
    heck, he didn't even remember his own name. But things started to make sense
    as he made his brave escape to the city streets and uncover the mysteries of 
    Central Park. He an amazing character, both cool and humourus at times. He has
    that sense of presense and is often calm, making you feel good playing as some
    kind of great dude instead of a no-name stranger that's weak. He's apparantly
    not afraid of anything, as he spoke the quote under the title of this chapter
    to one of the 'evils'. 
    One of the two thugs that worked for Crowley. He was the one waking you up and
    trying to shine a torch in your eyes at the start of the game. His boss, 
    Crowely, orders him to bring you to the roof and kill you. It's only a matter 
    of time before the deadly fissures get to him though.. and later on he become-
    s possessed and you get to kill him. 
    Sarah Floras
    The pain-in-the-ass type of girl that sticks around Edward after they meet in
    an elevator, both trying to escape the hotel at the start of the game. She's
    smart and all, but she isn't that helpful and likes to complain about every
    thing. However she's a good companion when you have her around, and whoever 
    voiced her did a good job of capturing her character. She's a paint dealer,
    though obviously she's more intelligent than average paint dealers, due to
    the tactics she suggests at times. She gets more important as the story moves 
    Theophile Paddington
    He seems to have known Edward and the protagonist Crowley well. He appears to
    have the sacred stone that has caused all this mess, but it also appears that
    you had it in the first place and Theo came to save you and the stone. What's
    behind this stone though, and what's your relation between Theo other than you
    use to be friends? The story will unfold as you play. Other than this, Theo is
    an old guy that is intelligent but also mysterious on the outside and inside. 
    The ultimate bad guy that wants the 'stone'. Aside from trying to get it from
    Edward once, almost killing him, he's trying to rule the city. How though, you
    will discover as you play. He even offers Edward deal so that he can acquire
    this stone. This dude is kind of old, and very creepy. He's also got all the
    thugs and henchmen you can imagine, but that's not his only strength. You'll
    discover what he's capable of later on in the story.  
    The security and doctor guy that works in Central Park. He's the one that 
    picks up the first time you dial 911. Doesn't offer much help, but still told
    you where first aid kits could be found or you would have been a goner. Later
    on he helps a bit more, but the results you can see for yourself.
    *More coming soon as I record more information on different characters.*
    Chapter 5..... Enemies
                                                ~"Hostiles located, South East"    
    5.a) Ah, Foes..
    Nearly all games have enemies of some sort, even strategy games where you just
    build stuff or simulation racing games. The "enemies" are your opponents in
    this case. Anyways, in Alone in the Dark there's no short of enemies, there's
    actually quite a few different types. Among the types are a few very interest-
    ing ones that made me shout "oh snap!" They are generally smart and fit the 
    atmoshphere for the game perfectly. The ragdoll physics are also perfect, 
    especially when you bash them around or send them flying by hitting them with
    a car. This section will basically talk about the general tactics for killing
    the different foes in the game, and also list all of them with descriptions 
    for each. Now, enjoy.
    5.b) General Tactics
    This section provides a simple list of tactics that can be used against all
    enemies and in general.
    (1) Use Your Pistol- Your pistol will come in handy for pretty much every type
    of situation. Learn to use it, but also save some ammunition by pairing it up
    with fuel-filled stuff to defeat enemies rather than shoot them unconcious.
    (2) Fire, fire, fire!- Get it into your head right away that fire is one of 
    your strongest weapons. Light fuels on fire to burn areas or make explosions,
    light flammable melee weapons to finish off enemies quickly, and lead enemies
    into fire to say your goodbye's with them.
    (3) Flashlight for dark areas- A no brainer, but still remember to use this 
    thing. In the certain areas which you have very little or no light, use this 
    flashlight to light your way, in order to actually SEE the enemies.
    (4) Melee weapons to finish off- Believe it or not, using melee weapons is a 
    good way of dealing with things. They are fun to hack and bash enemies, but 
    you might start using fire stuff right away to deal with enemies quicker but
    that's not always the best way. If you knock an enemy unconcious with a melee
    weapon they don't get up for quite a while. It's around 4-8 minutes I think,
    and in that time if you're insecure then get some fire and burn at your own
    leisure. Sure beats doing it when they're moving around.
    (5) Toss, Slow-Mo, Shoot!- Toss a fuel bottle of any kind or even spray cans 
    (though they are weaker and can be used for different things, so plan accordi-
    ngly), hold the left trigger for slow-motion and then shoot the bottle/can for
    it to explode. Deals tremendous damage, and for most of the time it's a 
    (6) Flamethrower- Use your sprays and lighter to make flamethrowers. These are
    much more effective to defeat enemies than pistols. However spray cans only 
    last for a limited amount of time, and avoid using medical sprays except in 
    emergencies since it runs out quick and in return you can't heal yourself with
    it if you use it up. 
    (7) Run- Yes, in quite a few situations but only when you're free roaming, it
    is sometimes better to run off than stand to fight. This saves your ammo, 
    health sprays, and items. And once you run out of a enemy's personal area, 
    they'll stop chasing you. 
    *More will be added as I think of extra helpers.* 
    5.c) The Enemies
    In this section each of the enemy groups and variations will be explained in
    detail for you. Not only that, they'll have some statistics you can think 
    about when you play the game. These are: health, attack, fire-kill, and 
    difficulty. Health is the rating given to the enemy's health level out of 10.
    Attack is the rating given to the attacks and damages the enemy dishes out,
    also rated out of 10. Fire-kill is a yes or no, if yes it means the enemy 
    needs to be defeated with fire. Finally, difficulty is a total mark out of 10
    which is general sum-up of the enemy's stats. Also there will be a description
    with each enemy, for obvious purposes. 
     Health: 2
     Attack: 1
     Fire Kill: No
     Difficulty: 1
     The Ratz are a easy but numerous group of enemies. Individually they're dead
    simple to kill- one or two shots of the 9mm Pistol should do it. They often
    appear in swarms though, and later on they appear from their nests forever 
    until you destroy their nests. While small groups can cause problems, for most
    of the time it's easy to pick them all off. Their attack method is to leap 
    onto you or bite you from close range, which only deals minimal damage. One 
    advantage for them is their quick speed an agile jumps. They look like mutated
    big black spiders that have slimy layers over them.
     Toxic Ratz
     Health: 3
     Attacks: 2
     Fire Kill: No
     Difficulty: 3
     These variant of Ratz are tougher, with a little more health and with better 
    moves. They look the same except they have green layers of slime over them, 
    and have dark green skin. They take a one or a couple more shots than usual to
    take down, but with the .44 Magnum they should be taken out just as fast as 
    the Ratz. They can use their toxic spit attack to hurt and blind you temporar-
    ily, where you have to blink to clear your vision.
     Ratz Nest
     Health: 1
     Attacks: 4
     Fire Kill: Yes
     Difficulty: 3
     Although there are general Ratz wondering around everywhere, you can and 
    quite often will find their nests. These Ratz Nests produce a few Ratz after
    every couple of seconds, making it hard to concentrate on solving puzzles or
    staying completely healed. They produce those low-damaging critters, but in 
    swarms they cause slight problems. That's why it's got an attack of 4- because
    it can produce unlimited amounts of Ratz. They look like blobs of black plant
    and slimy material, shooting out Ratz from the top of it's hole. Be wary about
    certain Ratz Nests, as they may produce Toxic Ratz as well. 
     Health: 6
     Attacks: 3
     Fire Kill: Yes
     Difficulty: 5
     The main enemies in the game, the normal Humanz are the regular zombie-like
    foes you find around. They look like humans except for their eyes and fissure
    markings. They can jump quite high and whack you pretty hard. They've got 
    quite a bit of health as well, making it hard to knock them unconcious. Use 
    fire to defeat them for good, and use good combinations for faster results. 
    The spray and lighter combo is great for taking these guys out, so bring a 
    spray around if you would like to deal with any Humanz. It should also be said
    that they know a blinding attack which is to shoot blood from their mouths to
    you, blinding you. Blink to blink off the blood, but if you're in first person
    it'll be no problem.
     Elite Humanz  
     Health: 7
     Attacks: 4
     Fire Kill: Yes
     Difficulty: 6.5
     The stronger elite versions of the Humanz, these dudes pack a hell of a punch
    as well as take a lot of beating before going down. They appear bigger and 
    even more ability to jump high up, and can sometimes just two storeys high 
    just to get on your car. Their long range attack doesn't blind you now, but 
    actually damage you. They'll stick out a long tongue-like thing to hit you 
    from afar so beware. Usually found pushing stuff around and messing about with
    the environment. Some of these Elite Humanz are patrolling certain locations,
    for some reason. They prove as one of the more interesting enemies in the 
    game- not even a thrown fuel bottle that's then shot at his face enough to 
    take one out. There's usually two bottles/glasses required to defeat them, or
    just a hell load of spray. And on a side note, when they hit you afar with 
    their tongue attack it'll knock out any melee weapon you have in hand.
     Black Liquid
     Health: Infinite
     Attacks: one-hit-ko
     Fire-Kill: No
     Difficulty: 4.5
     Black Liquid is an enemy of unexplainable form- it's a pile of dark, bubbly
    liquid that spreads wherever there's no lighting. If you touch it, just merely
    even, you'll get caught and it will consume you. God knows what it is, but it
    is still a pretty interesting foe. All you have to do is shine a flashlight at
    it to make it evaporate and squeeze away from the light, while you work your 
    way around to where there isn't any Black Liquid. In certain areas there is a
    lot of this in a single wide-spread area, forcing you to either use different
    forms of light to get past as well. You can't kill any of it.
     Health: 2
     Attacks: 7
     Fire-Kill: Yes
     Difficulty: 6
     The fissures you've seen many times near the start of the game are regular
    (though kind of rare) enemies later on. They move incredibley fast and suck 
    you into the ground. After that they roam around damaging you considerably, 
    and you can only keep tapping A or some other thumbstick combinations to get
    out of their grasp. That's how they got the "7" for attacks. Otherwise, a few
    seconds of lighter + spray can make them disappear. They're actually sent out
    by the Evil Roots.
     Spiker Humanz
     Health: 7.5
     Attacks: 5
     Fire-Kill: Yes
     Difficulty: 8
     This is one of the toughest opponents in the game- thank god you only encoun-
    ter it a few and far between. When they do appear however, be prepared for a 
    tough fight or a item-wasting one. You can try defeating one immediately by
    throwing two to three explosive bottles and shooting it, or spray a whole 
    bunch of fire. If you choose the latter, it's not going to be easy. The spiker
    humanz not only have strong melee attacks (hard strikes that knockdown a lot),
    they also have a ranged attack which allows them to toss spikes. And no, it's
    not like the normal Humanz or Elite Humanz with a limited range attack, the 
    spikes travel until they hit something, and they can throw loads of spikes 
    continuously. They deal less damage, but they can disrupt your attacks and the
    damage soon builds up anyways. This makes it not only difficult to approach
    them, you'll have to be careful when tossing a bottle as well.
     Health: 1
     Attacks: 1.5
     Fire-Kill: No
     Difficulty: 2
     The Vampirz are flying Ratz coloured in red, basically. They dish out more
    damage though (only slightly) and attack much faster. They are harder to hit
    as well, but when you do they only take one pistol shot to take down. Many
    swarms of these critters is the most annoying, since they can even pick up
    your car and make you crash to your death by working together. When you're on
    a vehicle and they're around, move fast and avoid slowing down. Make slight
    crashes to get them off you if there's too many, otherwise just keep speeding
    away. Always take Vampirz out first before continuing your business because
    they tend to get in the way a little too much.
     Vampirz Nest
     Health: 8
     Attacks: 5
     Fire-Kil: Yes
     Difficulty: 8
     The first boss in the game is actually not that difficult, but since bosses
    in this chapter are compared to other enemies it gets a difficulty of 8/10. 
    The vampirz nest, and the only one in the game, is much tougher than a Ratz
    nest. They have loads of vampirz in them, creates a hand with a bunch of 
    vampirz (by making a shape of a hand), and then either toss things at you or 
    send out loasd of vampirz. They deal moderate damage, but you'll need at least
    three fuel bottles of some sort, and they have to explode dead-on to defeat 
    it. Don't worry about this boss though, as it's the game's easiest and you 
    have plenty of items that can be found around you. 
    *Finished for now, more coming soon!*   
    Chapter 6..... Main Campaign
                                                            ~"Bread and Butter"   
    6.a) Introduction
    Welcome to the bread and butter of this guide, and your game. The single 
    player is the only mode available to play in Alone in the Dark unfortunately,
    but many great single player games are like this. Don't worry though as it's 
    deep and intriguing, contained with many moments and entertainment for a fair
    amount of hours. You can also go back and play through again to make things 
    clearer, and maybe see the other ending (there are two endings). There's also
    the achievements to unlock, though they can be 75% unlocked after your first
    play through. There are a few optional 'side goals' shall we call them, and
    those can lengthen your travels if you wish to take them on. Most importantly
    take your time and enjoy the game, that way you will get the most out of it. 
    If you're fast at games and rush this, you'll probably be done in around 8 
    hours. If however you play this game normally without rushing, a solid ten 
    hours of quality game play awaits you. Actually the number of hours will vary
    from 10-15, depending on how much time you spend collecting items, exploring,
    and such.
    This chapter sums up how to get through all of the Episodes in the game and
    all of the Sequences. There are a huge amount of Sequences (basically they are
    'levels') spread across 8 Episodes and largely varied objectives, puzzles and
    areas to go through. Many of the sections excellently allow you to choose how
    you'd like to progress or take on enemies, so I suggest you only follow half 
    my guide. If you see a chance to explore, go for it. If you need more light
    than fire power, go search for light resources other than weapons I might tell
    you to look for. My walkthrough is straighforward, but some areas I've tried 
    to list the different possibilities as well as I can. I'll also be including 
    the paragraph of Edward's notes (beside each sequence in the sequence select
    screen) with each sequence so you can catch up with the story. As with the in
    game cut scenes, I will try to desribe and explain each of them for you. If
    you are still having troubles will any area specifically, or need more info on
    the story, you can email me at: kn_the_glove@hotmail.com. 
    Now go enjoy the game, and master it with my walkthough!   
    6.b) Episode 1- Blackout
                                -Sequence 1: Wake Up-
         "I wake up in a storage room, dizzy. I'm not alone. Two mean soundi-
          ng guys are talking about something wierd that came out of me. The-
          re's an old man that calls me "Edward". The boss comes in, wants me      
          dead- I don't even know why..."
    You'll wake up in this small room, where two guys are fighting over something.
    They'll talk about how a strange thing came out of you, and if whether you're
    still concious or not. An old man gets up from a bed and calls your name-
    "Edward" but he gets smacked down by one of the guys. You'll be lying to your 
    side, until the guy comes over to check your conciousness. He makes you sit 
    properly, but you'll be looking down to your chair. Note that from the start
    of the scene you could move your head and look where ever you want with the
    right thumbstick. Now the guy will tell you to look at him. Simply use the 
    right thumbstick to do so. He'll shine a flashlight in your eyes, and the game
    will teach you how to blink to clear your vision. This is an awesome touch to
    the game, just press the right thumbstick button to blink and your vision will
    become cleared. 
    After that the boss of the two guys will enter the room, warning them not to
    kill the old man since he will be the only one that knows anything about the
    stone once we're dead. He then orders Mr.Scoff to take you to the roof and 
    kill you. Darn bald guy. You'll be pulled up to your feet, and gain control of
    walking and looking around. You'll feel very weak though, and your vision will
    become blurry after every few seconds. Just blink to clear your vision again.
    Eden Games did a great job at making you feel powerless and hopeless during 
    this part. Just follow the thug Mr.Scoff's instructions to exit the room, turn
    left into the corridors, then right through the door and up the stairs. When
    ever he says "wait" or to let him do something, listen to him. If you don't,
    he'll soon kill you. If you go the wrong way, he'll punch and kick you. 
    When you reach the top of the stairs, fissure marks start appearing along the
    walls as if it was ready to hunt someone down. Mr.Scoff will piss off and ask
    if it's 'your work', but before he can do anything the fissures wind down 
    below him and sucks him in. Hmph, serves him right for treating us like that.
    Head through the door that he was standing in front of, and you'll find a 
    corridor. Head to the end of this corridor where the mirror is and a cutscene
    will ensue, bringing you to the next sequence.
                                -Sequence 2: Vertigo-
         "I end up in an elevator. Inside, the boss threatens the old man he      
          calls "Paddington". The old man's stone starts gleaming and then..
          total panic. I feel like I'm standing on a bird cage hung by a ha-
          ir over a 22 storey drop. Then the cage starts shaking..."
    The cutscene shows Edward looking at himself, thinking "Oh my god.. Who the 
    hell am I..?" It's clear he doesn't remember anything- where he is, who he is,
    and what the heck is happening with this place. After the brief cutscene you
    will regain control with the third person camera, which is actually the main
    camera for this game. You can switch back to first person with the Y button if
    you want to, though. Make a turn around the bend and get on top of an elevator
    to activate another cutscene. 
    In the cutscene you'll find the bad guy boss, his remaining thug, and the old
    man. The boss calls the old man 'Paddington' and demands for his 'stone'- the
    one that's on his necklace. The stone will then suddenly shine and a fissure 
    will appear as they panic. They'll run off as you regain control. Follow the 
    walkway to the ladder, and press A to get onto it. The game should be providi-
    ng enough helpers here, so no worries. Climb the ladder to the top and then 
    get off. Here you'll find a rope which you'll have to send down. Send it down
    and then rappel down. Try getting use to the rappeling controls, as you get 
    quite many chances to rappel down structures and cliffs. Press the X button to
    jump over any obstacles, which are basically the strong fans here. 
    Near the bottom you'll find a large electrical box that's conducting electric-
    ity to the metal grating below. If you continue you will get shocked to death,
    so like the in-game tip suggests you have to sometimes move things with your 
    body. In this case, wall run left and right to get some speed, then speed to
    the left and push the electrical box to the protrusion so it gets caught there
    and stays there for good. Then continue rappeling down, soon a door will burst
    open from an explosion giving you access to the area behind it. Jump off the 
    rope with the B button and enter the hallway, then through the door since the
    other ways are all blocked by the amazingly realistic fire. 
                              -Sequence 3: Fire Escape-
         "25th floor. Fire is spreading everywhere. I meet Anna. She's panic-
          ing; a man is trapped in his office. Trying not to think about the 
          black screen of my mind, I'm figthing the flames that dance crazily
          around us..."   
    Through the door you'll find a lady talking about how it's dangerous and that
    all hope is lost, among other annoying stuff like a man is trapped inside the 
    room she has been banging on. Wait- trapped?! Ok, maybe that's important. Note
    the clear and nice voice acting, the developers really went and found some 
    nice voice actors. Also remember that you can swap to first person for a 
    better perspective for examining things, should you want to do that. You'll 
    hear a guy yelling inside a door next to the lady, who's called Anna (the 
    nervous and annoying one). You'll have to help the man now, as he's trapped. 
    Head through the doorway beside Anna, and you'll find a sizable room with 
    broken fragments and things on the floor everywhere. You can pick up things 
    around here as melee weapons, just press A when the melee weapon icon appears.
    However you don't need them yet, so procceed with saving the man first. Push
    or pull the table aside by pressing A when the prompt appears and using the 
    left thumbstick to push/pull. Enter the dark area behind the table and you'll
    find a door that's on flames. There will be a fire extinguisher nearby, so 
    grab it and switch to first person view. In this view you can actually use the
    estinguisher! Pull the right trigger to fire CO2 foam to clear the door. Make
    sure you get every last flame or the fire will spread again and eventually 
    start burning the entire door again. Head through the door to find the man 
    after you're done. 
    The door behind you will get sealed after, so you need to save the man another
    way. The door beside him is stuck, but you can break it open with a little 
    help from a fire estinguisher. And no, you don't shoot foam at it. Switch to
    your third person view where you can then use the estinguisher as a melee
    weapon. Should you have left the previous estinguisher behind, there's one 
    near the door in this room. Smash the door by using your right thumbstick, 
    pull in one direction, then push to the other to smash the door. Smash it 
    enough times and then push your way through. Hold on to the estinguisher still
    The two people (Anna and the man) will talk about some stuff and then argue. 
    The man also mentions how we need the corridors cleared or we can't get out. 
    The halls will be flaming with fire, so use your estinguisher to take care of
    it. Slowly work your way to the end of the corridor, turn right after going
    through the doorway, clearing the fire as you go. Anna and the man will be 
    following close behind you. You'll then find a hole on the floor, with ground
    on the other side. The game teaches you how to jump, so it's rather obvious 
    what you have to do here. Run forwards by holding A then press X to jump over.
    You can clear the hole completely like this, but if you don't run I guess you
    will make it but have to pull yourself up (you'll catch the ledge). Your two
    'friends' will be left behind for now.. so sad. And if you turn around, you'll
    see the man you just saved from being trapped will get pulled up by the 
    fissures appearing from the walls, which is even more sad. Anna will run away
    A very short cinematic will view a pistol lying beside a dead cop, near you. 
    Head over and grab it. To equip it, either cycle through your right hand 
    weapons with the right bumper until you reach it or open your jacket/inventory
    to equip it. Since this is your only right hand weapon for now, and since in
    the game you won't get a lot of right hand weapons until later, you can simply
    use the right bumper to get to it real fast. To put it back hold the right 
    thumbstick or unequip it in your jacket. Use the gun to shoot the door nob off
    which allows you to then head through the door. The fissures will rush in and
    get you suddenly, but luckily Edward is strong enough to break free of it's
    This room contains various containers, like the drawer. Search all the 
    containers and grab all the stuff. You'll find a medical spray among the stuff
    so press left or right on your direction pad to bring up the healing mode. In
    this mode just use the left thumbstick to swap between your wounds and use the
    right trigger to spray the medical spray gas to conceal your wounds. The room
    will start to break apart from explosions and fissures soon, quickly head to
    the left side of the room (not the side you entered from). A guy will open a
    door and a cutscene will ensue, where Edward will drop out into the facade of
    the building, everything falling apart and the guy that called for Edward will
    fall straightdown. Whoah, that is pretty high. Edward will hang onto the 
    gargoyle, while the camera spins out to Central Park and the Alone in the Dark
    title appears on screen.  
                           -Sequence 4: Don't Look Down!-
         "I've fallen onto a balcony. What better place to think than a bui-      
          lding's facade? As I climb in the fading light of the sunset, I c-
          an't ignore the roar of panic coming from the street. Death holdi-
          ng my hand, I start walking on a collapsing razor's edge..."
    Another guy calls to you, and he's up a higher ledge to your left. The game
    will then tell you how to grab a cable and use it, while the man will call out
    for you to grab the cable. Grab it with A when you're near it and the icon 
    appears or just press X to jump onto it. Climb up to where the man is, then 
    wall run towards him and press B to jump off onto the ledge. He'll hug the 
    wall as he moves along, asking if you're ok. Just follow him, becareful not to
    fall or you'll die, of course. When he reaches the end where he stops, he'll
    drop because of the loose ledge and you'll loose your footing but manage to
    grab the ledge to prevent your fall. Your friend however plummets way down to 
    the city roads below, poor guy. Notice how debris and people are falling and  
    how the entire roads below are in chaos. 
    Shimmy your way to the right, and when an explosion occurs a car will fly 
    right up to where you are, and knock some of a ledge off. If you get hit, even
    by a bit, you'll drop so avoid that. Continue shimmying to the right after 
    that and you'll get to the broken ledge where you can press X (or push up on
    the left thumbstick) to climb onto the precipiece. Above you is another ledge,
    just jump straight up to grab it. You can't pull yourself up here, so just 
    shimmy to the left. Note how the family of rats run across the narrow ledge
    you're holding onto. Good thing Edward isn't a pussy. Or else god knows what 
    would have happened *chuckle*. Anyways, continue to shimmy left avoding all 
    the falling debris. The ledge will start to fall along with the wall but don't
    panic, and still don't panic even when the electrified cable drops down. Just
    shimmy to the end and drop down whenh the balcony is below you.
    A cinematic zooms around the room below and then to the room above, so you'll
    need to find a way to get to the area above you. There's a ledge that can be 
    grabbed beside you once you enter the room, but it's blocked but the fire. To
    the left where there's a small drop to another area below you are two cables
    and a fire extinguisher. The game will tell you to jump onto the cable, so do
    as told. Edward will jump and grab the cable, pull it down while the other 
    cable will be pulled up bringing the platform it's connected to up with it. 
    Then the platform will drop down again along with the cables returning to 
    their usual positions. This is your first true puzzle it seems. The fire 
    estinguisher is here, and the fire above this level. Look around and you'll 
    find ledges you can jump and climb onto back up to the upper level. However,
    you can't do this when you're carrying a fire estinguisher so you've got to 
    think of another way to do so. 
    If you want to think yourself, go ahead and solve it, then read the next 
    paragraph. If you want the solution, which is rather simple anyway, continue
    reading this paragraph. Remember the cable we jumped on before reaching this 
    small area? It brought the other cable and it's platform up to the top, where
    it was tilted to the ledge beside it. Brings up any ideas? Simply grab the 
    estinguisher and place it onto the platform/lift with the cable connected to 
    it (the one right beside where the estinguisher originally is). Now use the
    ledges behind to climb back up, then jump to the cable to pull the platform
    and the estinguisher up. This will allow the estinguisher to be dropped to the
    small walkway beside. If it drops back down, unlucky, just do it again. Try to
    place the estinguisher near the middle of the platform where the cable is 
    connected for better results. Then go grab the estinguisher. 
    Bring it back, watching your step as not to fall all you'll have to repeat the
    process. Use it to clear the fire quickly, and when you're sure the fire is 
    all gone toss the estinguisher away and jump up, grabbing the ledge. Pull 
    yourself up through the hole and go out to the balcony. You'll find the cable
    which dropped down when you were shimmying towards here. Grab it and start 
    climbing up it. You'll soon see Anna which calls out for you, and then wall 
    hugs out of her place. Soon after, 'her room' blows up. Phew, close one. The
    cable will suddenly break as you reach half way, but just keep climbing it. 
    It will continue to break and even almost make Edward drop, but he'll catch 
    the cable mid-air with style so no worries. When the cable is one straight 
    line you can climb straight to the top. Alone in the Dark is full of exciting 
    momemnts eh, you thought you were almost going to drop. Jump onto the balcony
    where Anna is and enter the room.     
                              -Sequence 5: 24th Floor-
         "Anna joins me inside. We try find a way through dark ruined rooms.       
          Suddenly Anna disappears. Tonight all the troubles in the world is
          coming my way."
    The room is rather comfy compared to what's happening right? Well no time for
    this, we've still got to escape! The door that is in sight cannot be opened,
    so we need to use an alternate method. Go grab any of the melee weapons that
    can be found in this room, and come bash the door open. Once you do that, Anna
    will warn you about the walls being really dangerous. Take her advice and stay
    away from the walls (this doesn't effect game play, but if it makes you feel
    safer then go ahead). Drop down onto the lower section below, and suddenly a
    cutscene will start. The fissures start appearing again, running around the 
    room and making Anna yell that she doesn't want it to get her. After a couple
    of seconds she gets caught though, and trys to break free but fails. She gets
    sucked down into the fissure, and disappears. How ironic.
    You'll find yourself unable to reach any higher grounds, stuck in this lower
    portion of the place. However there's a ledge that can be reached, providing
    you have a boost. Find a table nearby and pull it next to the ledge. Climb 
    onto it (with the X button) and then jump up to grab the ledge. Shimmy to the
    left until you reach somewhere with enough ground to pull yourself up on. Do
    so, and you'll find yourself close to a lot of fire and electricity, making it
    impossible to move on. If you look around you'll see clearly a switch around a
    bend though, head to it. Pull it and then the electricity will stop generating
    and you're free to past that area. The fire is still there however, so watch
    your step and don't get burned. 
    Past the fire you'll find an old guy named jack to the far end of the room 
    calling for you. He looks like a security guard or something. Since you turned
    off the electricity, the room is dark, which makes it dangerous to walk over 
    to him (since the place is breaking down, there are holes and bumps here and
    there). To light your way, head straight to the chairs to the bottom left of
    the room where there's a bit of sun light, and Jack the security guard will 
    suggest you grab something to bright to guide you over here. If you don't make
    a move in a minute or two, he'll suggest using the chairs and lighting them on
    fire with the small flames close by. That's exacly what you're going to do. 
    Head off to grab a chair, light it by holding it into the fire (hold forwards
    with the right thumbstick), and make your way around the place to Jack. Watch
    out as the path bends quite a lot, but if you fall you won't die as you can 
    find a nearby cable and climb back up to try again. Slowly light your way over
    to Jack and jump across the gap to where he is.
    Upon jumping over successfully, a cutscene will start. Jack will ask if you're
    okay and suddenly find Anna behind him. Anna!? She has her back turned and 
    Jack gently places a hand on her shoulders, but she turns around sharp with 
    fissure marks all over her face. Her eyes are bloody red and it's apparent 
    that she's not the same anymore. She strangles jack and then approaches you. 
    The scequence and episode then ends in this climax, where the credits follow.
    Congrats for beating your first episode, there's seven longer ones to deal 
    with! But don't worry as they'll grant you access to some very cool places to
    explore, drive around, and new items and weapons as well as more depth. Watch
    the credits roll by your just select "continue" to move on. 
    6.c) Episode 2- Questions
                          --Sequence 1: Unexpected Meeting--
         "Anna is back with a jigsaw of flesh into place of her face. The t-
          hing that possesses her asks me for "her stone". I don't have it so
          I gently tell her to **** off. That's when she stops being nice.."
    Straight after the second episode starts it continues right where we left off.
    She or "it" asks for the "stone", and Edward replies with an excellent line- 
    one of my favourites of all time in video gaming history. He gets pushed down
    to a lower section, and "ex-Anna" jumps down next to him after. Now since 
    Edward really pissed it off, it's time for your first fight against some real 
    enemy in Alone in the Dark. It was amazing how I think about the excellent
    moments in the first episode even though we never got to fight a single foe.   
    To understand the fights against foes like this read the "enemies" chapter for
    the deepest information. The basic thing is to know you can knock the enemies
    out, and once you do that they won't be getting up for a while. A long while,
    actually. But it starts to get annoying when there's a lot of enemies, and one
    or the other starts to crawl back up. To finish these Humanz enemies (that's
    what they're called) you need to use fire. We don't have fire of any sort now,
    so grab a nearby melee weapon and fight this monster. You can also use your 
    pistol but I suggest saving bullets for now, as you'll be needing it later. 
    Use the various melee weapons to bash the damn demon around, and make sure you
    hold the left trigger to "lock-on" to it.
    After it finally falls down as if it's dead, a brief explosion will occur 
    making some of the place set on fire. The game will then explain how using 
    fire you can finish off enemies permantly. Go and take a flammable melee 
    weapon, light it on fire like you did with the chair a while back, and smack
    the damn thing once to finish it. It'll burn and then melt into nothing. 
    Once she's dead look around for a cable and jump onto it. Climb all the way up
    it and steady yourself on the platform as a swinging object on fire will 
    explode into view. It'll be swinging between two platforms in a place with a
    drop- you'll have to justmp across the drop to the other side. Time your jump
    and then soar across. Be careful as to use the right speed to jump, as you 
    might be concentrated on timing and miss the jump itself. But if you happen to
    miss you'll only need to try it again since climbing up here you hit a check-
    Run down the hallway and drop down the visible hole when you reach it. Look 
    for a fire extinguisher nearby and grab it. You'll now need to clear the fire
    to your right enough so that you won't get killed by it. You'll hear someone
    calling out for help somewhere, and you'll notice some elevator doors. She's
    inside, so you can now use your estinguisher in third person to bash a hole to
    get through. If the fire gets too close, diminish some by spraying foam with
    the estinguisher, naturally. After you get in, a cutscene will ensue.
    You'll meet Sarah, a paint dealer. She'll lose her hopes as she realises you
    ain't a cop, and panic when nearby sounds occur. However like the synopsis 
    that Edward wrote for the sequence, company is better than no company, and at
    least she's still human. I like the way she's designed though, looks pretty
    neat. Anyways after the cutscene, you'll hit the next sequence. 
                            --Sequence 2: Reception Hall--
         "I've just met Sarah. She's a cute pain in the ass, but at least s-
          he's still human. Our elevator has crashed 22 floors. A real slau-
          ghter fest is going on in the reception hall- exactly where we're
          headed to.."
    When you regain control, listen to Sarah panic for a while then try opening 
    the doors. Before you can open them a mindless cop yelling bursts right in 
    front of you, and makes Edward and Sarah jerk back. It's best to find another
    way around now, and soon Sarah finds this hole on the ceiling. She tells you 
    to boost her up, and not to take advantage, haha. After that jump up and grab
    the ledge yourself, and pull yourself up. Make your way to the end of the area
    and you'll find another elevator with another hole on top. Drop down, and 
    Sarah will follow suit. 
    The scary cop will suddenly fall dead outside of this elevator as you entered
    it. What's interesting though, is he dropped a the flashlight he's holding. Go
    grab the flashlight on the double, as well as a few ammo boxes. To the right
    hand side of the area will be a doorway that leads to some stair cases. Beside
    those stair cases will be some bug spray, and lightsticks. On top of the stair
    cases will be a mass of fire, so you can't go that way- yet. Collect the items
    there if you want, then head back to the center where the cop died. Very soon
    Ratz enemies will start appearing. These are the normal ones, not the Toxic 
    Ratz so that are almost no threat. They do jump really fast though, so shoot
    them once or twice to take them out. 
    After they're all dead, move up slowly down the reception hallway. To the left
    is a door that Sarah will run to. This is the most promising location to go,
    since it leads to the car park. However if you try opening the door it won't
    bolt. To the right though, will be another door which leads to a room with yet
    another dead cop, a melee weapon, a metal locker, and a switch. Check the 
    metal locker for stuff, then focus on the switch. Press A to grab the wires,
    where the game will explain another nice 'mini-game' which you need to do to
    generate electricity. Basically use the left and right thumbsticks to move the
    wires closer together, but just slightly without making them touch or you'll 
    get shocked. When you see electricity generating hold it there for two or 
    three seconds and the lights will come up. Now turn off your flashlight with
    the A button or put it away, when suddenly a cutscene will show a Humanz break
    out from one of the fissures above and drop down to the floor below. 
    If you've look closely, it's Mr.Scoff, Crowley's henchmen that brought you to
    the roof but failed because of the fissures. Well it's pay back time, even 
    though I think he's deep in hell by now. React fast because the Humanz will 
    charge straight at you, and you have barely any space in this room to fight
    properly. I suggest jumpng through the window ledge, running to Sarah but turn
    right to where there's a lot of fire spreading everywhere. Here you'll find 
    quite a lot of melee weapons you can use, as well as flammable ones. Knock the
    Humanz out and then burn him, or just toss a fuel bottle and shoot it in his 
    face to watch the fireworks. Either way, grab the extinguisher in the hall 
    filled with fire and run back to Sarah now waiting outside the door to the car
    park again. 
    You can knock the door down, actually, but what's cooler you can enter the 
    code to the door at the keypad to the right. I know, how the hell would we 
    know the code? But the thing is there are three numbers stained with blood,
    and only three numbers can be entered for the code. So try it! If you type 
    them from top to bottom in sequence you'll find it doesn't work. However I 
    didn't give up like that, and did it from bottom to top, and it worked. So 
    enter the code or bash the door open. Sarah will volunteer to wait outside 
    while you check what's down there. Once you head down some steps, a cutscene
    will show the other henchmenof Crowley has been turned into a Humanz as well.
    He'll jump out and hit you back to the wall. Let's sned him to hell too.
    Run away and either turn around and toss a fuel bottle and shoot it, or simply
    use the axe found in the fire area and ignite it, then slash the Humanz. After
    that head back to the car park door and head through it then down the steps.
    At the very bottom you'll find a bunch of flames, so take the estinguisher 
    nearby and clear the fire. You'll find a door behind the flames, so head over 
    to it. Before heading through though, heal your wounds and cuts with Medical
    Sprays. If you don't have them, head back and try find one in the reception 
    hall. You can also bring the fire estinguisher back to the top of the first 
    set of stair ways we found here- the one with the flames blocking your way. 
    Clear the flames and on the other side you'll find some items. Once you're 
    done, head through the door at the bottom of the steps to enter the car park
    and start the next sequence.     
                            --Sequence 3: Do I Know You?--
         "We find the old man, Paddington, in bad shape hiding inside the p-
          arking lot. He knows me, but I can't remember anything about him."
    This part is actually pretty dead easy- if you work fast. Upon entering, you
    will find Paddington on the floor hurt and all. Run over to him to start a 
    cutscene that starts pushing the story line deeper. Theophile is his name, and
    the stone is what Crowley is after. He also performed some sort of ritual 
    which is why some of our memory has been lost. What ritual? Why us? What does
    the stone do? I know questions are running across your brain, but be patient,
    and we'll soon know. Well is a few hours time. Edward wants to know who the 
    hell is he, but there's no time for chit-chat as they need to leave this place
    as soon as possible.* 
    *By the way, Theo managed to run away from Crowley when he was escaping, that
    is why he's here- escaped and hiding*.
    Go get some supplies if you want, some can be found lying around the parking 
    lot. You'll see the front door that leads to the rest of the parking lot is 
    closed to protect these cars, but soem Humanz (three) are bashing it, deperat-
    ely trying to get in. You'll need to act quick to find a safe way out, but 
    since you're using my guide you'll have more than enough time. You'll find a 
    car lying directly opposite of the shut doors, but it's locked. Smash the 
    glass or shoot it open, then try opening it again. Edward will open the lock
    from the inside then climb in as Sarah and Theo follows. At this moment, the
    Humanz will brust the door open. Quickly you'll find out the car has it's keys
    missing, so hot wire it. Just find the right wire that still got electricity,
    then connect them to make the engine start. Time to get out of this place, and
    time to try the nice driving in this game! Pull and hold the right trigger to
    accelerate, and bump past the Humanz and through the metal door in front. If
    you take too long the Humanz will pull you out of the car, where you then have
    to try escaping with the car again (very hard, since the door is pulled off)
    or kill them first, then escape. There are a number of good melee weapons as 
    well as flammable ones, so it won't be hard. When you exit this small parking 
    lot and reach the rest, the sequence ends. 
                               --Sequence 4: Parking--
         "I don't remember taking any driving lessons but I've got some ref-
          lexes left which is useful as I try get Sarah and Theo out of the 
          parking lot."
    You'll see a destroyed parking lot in your sights, one that's hardly got any
    space to drive in. But you're going to have to do it, so just floor it. Drive
    around the bend, and laugh at the funny convo between Edward and Sarah. Look
    for the small ramp and jump across in slow-mo. That was awesome. For the rest
    of this level, just follow the only path out of this parking lot. Bump into 
    any foe you see and don't wait for it to die. Just blow past everything. Once
    you reach the city outside, feel relieved as this is the first time in a 
    pretty long while. This brings us to the next Episode, which is pretty darn 
    hard. No worries, you got me.
                             --Sequence 5: 59th Street--
         "The steet is a huge mess of abandoned cars and colored blinking l-
          ights. Fissures appear on the hotel's facade. They start rushing 
          down towards us. Theo says "To the park!", so I just floor it and 
          try not to look back."
    This level is a bit too difficult to beat without learning the turns, jumps,
    barriers, and points of change. Your basic objective is to, of course, drive
    away from the giant fissures and reach the park. The sequence is a driving 
    one though, meaning you cannot get out of your car and many scripted events 
    and nice special effects happen in this level. There are certain areas where 
    you'll very likely die the first time through, the second time through, and
    even a third. Depending on your driving skills and your basic skill of learni-
    ng where things happen, the difficulty of this sequence differs. What I can
    help you with is note out most of the things that happen, and give you hints.
    Anyways, on with the walkthrough.
    *HOLD ON THERE. Aside from me admitting that this section is a little hard,
    what's actually wrong with that? Nothing. And to be frank, this sequence is 
    one of the best levels I've ever played- great moments, solid music and sound
    effects, great graphics and special effects, plus it's an absolute blast to 
    play through while being challenging at the same time.*
    Theo talks about how what's happening is because he released this from Edward.
    Now it wants it's stone back, so we need to get to the park where it's safe. 
    What's with that stone, seriously. Fissures will start breaking through the 
    hotel's surface and then reach the roads below. A big wave of road (which is 
    guided by the fissure) is shook towards us, and we regain control. Now you'll
    need to drive really fast and immediately from the start. Turn left, and then
    turn right at the next corner where another road wave is coming. Along this 
    road you'll find that it cracks, so keep steady and then jump off to the next
    road, which leads left. 
    Make the turn, then speed past the multiple cars. The physics are really good
    actually, since driving at these speeds and trying to drive through a city 
    breaking apart will lead to many accidents. However still try to avoid collis-
    on since it might ruin your progress and die. Speed past the fallen rubble and
    building then jump off the most spectacular jump, and another building will 
    fall some where in front leaving a path you can take to head up, and a path 
    that leads straight. Choose one of them and speed through the structure. Take
    the left path after this since immediately after that there's a cliff and only
    the left bit of the road is open. 
    Now barrage through the city streets, turning right slowly to clear the slight
    but long curve. Drive the straight bit after that and turn left when you see
    fissures fencing a road. Take that path down really quick, as a new set of 
    fissurs will chase you immediately. Turn right at the end of this area when 
    you find there's no where to go. Drive over the play ground facilites and make
    a right turn. Along this road accelerate as fast as you can, through the metal
    poles, and then turn right when you see a mall on your right hand-side (where
    the taxi turns in as well). Board the stars and jump through the window! 
    Great stuff. 
    Now for the final part, you might be afraid you're going to die and have to 
    start over again. Well you're not, because you have me and the other fans of
    Alone in the Dark. Simply drive to the west where the big pipes are, and then
    continue down the linear path and a cutscene will hit. They crash, but every-
    one manages to crawl out before the Episode ends. It just keeps getting better
    6.d) Episode 3- Painful Answers
                               --Sequence 1: Call 911--
         "The car is wrecked, and so are we, but at least we made it through
          alive. Theo gave me the stone. He told me to follow the "Path of 
          Light" and to meet him at the museum, room 943. I'm wounded and l-
          oosing rivers of blood, but it's too soon to die.."
    You'll witness a cutscene straight after you crash with the car. All three of
    you will crawl out, and Sarah will be annoyed about how "it's not alright". 
    Paddington then starts off on how important the situation is, when Edward and
    Sarah begin to argue over pointless things. Paddington reaches for his pistol
    and aims it at Edward to finally get his attention, and Edward calms the man
    down. Paddington then explains how Edward is the only one that can get us out
    of this mess, the one and true "light bearer" that has to embark on the 'path 
    of light'. Edward doesn't get this, but Theo just hands over the stone to 
    Edward referring it as the "stone he's carried for so long", and then as soon
    as he does that he hells into space around him about how he's not going to be
    taken and controlled. As soon as that's done he follows with the words- "at 
    the museum, meet me at room 943" and shoots himself as Edward cries "no..". As
    you can see, the story is getting pretty deep here. The mystery is getting 
    thicker, and almost no questions are answered. Some mysteries will soon be 
    unraveled though during this sequence.
    Sarah will panic and Edward will curse at what's happening, and it's clear how
    he's unsure about the stone. Sarah notices the deep cut on Edward's arms 
    though, and insists that he finds help soon or he will be in great danger due
    to the loss of blood. This can be a problem, since the museum is 30 blocks 
    away. When the cutscene ends, you'll find that you have first witnessed the
    critical health condition the first time. Whenever you're nearly dead, a timer
    of seven minutes will appear on the bottom left of your screen with your heart
    rate shown constantly. You'll not be able to run as fast in this state, and 
    occasionally jolt back to a walk. Now you've got to find a way of healing 
    yourself and quick- or you'll be a goner. Walk around and to try find a way to
    heal yourself, but soon you'll realise there's no way. That's when an ambulan-
    ce will appear (it's timed), and Sarah will tell you to boost her up again. 
    However the ledge is too high up for you to climb up after her, so she'll run
    off trying to get help first. Before she does so though Theo's phone rings and
    she suggests you pick it up and call the police. 
    Head over to the Theo's body to get the phone or PDA, where a cutscene takes
    over. It;s Crowley that's calling, the evil guy that wants the stone for some
    reason. However all he says is it's bad to keep holding onto the stone, and 
    that he'll find us. After the cutscene you can access your PDA for the first
    time, and also note your mini-map on the top right corner of your display. Use
    this to locate cars, objectives, and routes around places. Open up your PDA
    with the back button, and here you can look up the messages for instant back
    story to answer some of your burning questions. On the front page, you'll see
    the objective title and your objectives below it. It is now currently "dial
    911". So select the phone option in the PDA, dial in the numbers, then press 
    the phone icon to call. A cutscene shows Edward reaching Dr.Hartford through
    the phone, and asking for help. Hartford is not that helpful though, as he 
    just tells us to find a restroom- they should have first aid centers in them.
    After the cutscene you'll find your objective is "find a bathroom". Well, it's
    actually more serious than it sounds. Collect any items you want around here 
    then move on.
    Follow your objective icon and a couple of cars originally on fire will blow
    up, making space for you to press on. A group of new enemies called the 
    Vampirz will be feeding on some of the dead residents and will attack you if
    you go wandering off. Head straight to the bathroom- it's really close by. 
    Once you're in, the sequence ends with a bunch of Vampirz banging against the
    bathroom door, desperately trying to get to Edward for their "supper".  
                           --Sequence 2: Down the Fissure--
         "I abseil down the fissure. Nice view over the remains of the town
          once called New York. Handing on the best I can, I make it over t-
          he void, an alien landscape waits before me..."
    In the bathroom now, your objective is pretty apparent. Notice how their are
    some gruesome bodies lying on the floor, and curse at those Humanz & Vampirz
    that may have done this. At the end of the bathroom there's a door way that
    leads to a small room. In there you'll find the health station, so open the 
    cupboard up and take the bandage as well as the health spray. Bandage your 
    deep cut to stop the timer and then use the spray to heal any remaining cuts.
    You should also have recieved a message from Dr.Hartford explaining how to 
    heal yourself. You should know how to do that by now, but read it anyways. A
    short cinematic will show a cable blowing apart and hang in front of the door.
    It's sizzling with electricity, so you can't get past. Listen to the game's 
    tips and shoot the metal bit that holds the cables, and it will drop to the 
    ground. Exit the bathroom and the game will show you the cracked and nearly 
    broken wall to the left. 
    As the game hints, you can break apart (blast apart, rather) weak walls and 
    doors with explosives of any sort. There's a locker in the health room with a 
    plastic fuel bottle, some ammo, and a piece of cloth if you need those items.
    If you don't a have a fuel bottle of some sort, or a spray (don't use your 
    health spray), go get the one from the locker. Now stand back from the cracked
    wall to a safe distance and toss the bottle in slow motion, then shoot it when
    it reaches the wall. The wall will explode into bits and chunks, leaving a 
    hole big enough for even a car to get through. Take any supplies you need from
    the locker in the health room, and also swap your partially used health spray
    for a new one. Also take enough bandages- the things here respawn after you 
    take them. After you're ready, step out of the hole and you'll see that you're
    over looking a deep cliff where the demons have cut off New York City to 
    Central Park. Your objective now is to get back to the park, since the way 
    from the bathroom is blocked by loads of those deadly Vampirz.  
    There's a cable beside you, so jump off to the right and cling onto it. Try 
    making your way down and the game will tell you about drawing your gun while
    you're rappeling. Press the right bumper to draw it out, and shoot dead all of
    the Vampirz that try hurting you from your position. If you don't they'll 
    cause quite some damage, as there's around three of them. Once they're taken
    care of, shoot at the metal bolt that holds the cable directly above you to 
    allow the cable to extend to the bottom. Then jump off onto the solid ground.
    Phew, except there are more Vampirz feeding here. Shoot them all or use a 
    spray and lighter combo to quickly fry them (this also macks you an achieveme-
    nt). I was stuck here for a while the first time through because I wasn't 
    looking properly, so make sure you look everywhere for clues to proceed if you
    choose to stop reading this walkthrough now. If you want to keep reading, then
    no worries as I'll tell you how. Below one of the bodies is a plane of glass,
    and because of the gritty mud, rocks, and the body you won't really notice the
    glass. Anyways just shoot it twice for it to break apart, then jump through to
    the lower section. I feel like we're getting further away from the park now, 
    but we don't have much choice.
                            --Sequence 3: Filthy Waters--
         "I'm stuck inside the sewers where I get another call from Crowley.
          He gives me my last name: Carnby. This bastard is playing poker w-
          ith my brain. He knows a lot more than me abnout what's happening."
                          --Sequence 4: Stiches and Truth--
         "I need to find the ambulance. The park is huge and must have been
          a nice place before all of this happened. Unfortunately, I'm not 
          alone. I'll have to use every trick i know to make it to the rend-
          ezvous in one piece..."
    6.e) Episode 4- Fight Back and Loss		
    --Sequence 1: Ride to the Museum--
    --Sequence 2: The Nest--
    6.f) Episode 5-
    6.g) Episode 6-
    6.h) Episode 7-
    6.i) Episode 8-
    6.j) Achievements(1)
    After you're done with the game, you'll still have to destroy all the root 
    evils and.. of course, get all the achievements. This is going to be quite 
    easy, as you most definitely have got more than 70% of the achievements 
    So here are the achievements in the game, with the requirements to the right 
    and the achievement name to the left. The number in the brackets is the gamer 
    points you get upon acquiring that achievement.
    A Day in Central Park (150)	        Complete the game.
    Basic Combination (5)	                Tape up a bottle.
    BLACKOUT (30)	                        Finish the episode without skipping 
                                            any sequence.
    Blazing Roots (50)	Burn all roots of evil.
    Bloody Mary (10)	Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.
    Burning Root (10)	Burn a root of evil
    Car Thievery (10)	Unlock a car door after breaking the window.
    Cockpit Addict (20)	Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.
    Cocoon (20)	        Burn a cocoon.
    Countdown to Death (10)	Stop your wound from bleeding
    Demolition Expert (20)	Build the most destructive weapon.
    Eradication (50)	Kill 100 Humanz.
    FIGHT BACK AND LOSS (30) Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Fire Bullets (5)	Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
    Fisherman's Foe (10)	Shoot a goldfish.
    Fissure (20)	        Burn a fissure.
    Flaming Roots (25)	Burn half the roots of evil
    Free Gasoline (10)	Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.
    Goal! (20)	        Kick 10 Ratz.
    Handyman Carnby (30)	Make all possible combinations in the inventory.
    Hidden Cave (10)	Discover the secret of Central Park
    Meet Again (10)	        Meet Theophile in room 943
    Never Leave a Key Here (10) Find a car key in the sun visor.
    NOT ALONE ANYMORE (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Nuke (25)	        Kill 3 Humanz at once.
    PAINFUL ANSWERS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Purification by Fire (10)	Destroy the Vampiz' nest
    QUESTIONS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Revive (10)	Revive Sarah
    Stuntman (10)	Jump across the gap using the tow truck
    The 10 Mile Race (20)	Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.
    The Air Bomb (5)	Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot 
                            it mid-air.
    The Biggest of All (25)	Beat the Museum Monster.
    The Blind Man (10)	Complete the opening sequence '' wake up '' without 
                            blinking your characters eyes
    The Glowstick Bomb (5)	Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content 
                            or a spray with a glowstick.
    THE LIGHT BRINGER (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence
    The Molotov Cocktail (5)	Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable 
    The Path of Darkness (15)  Kill Sarah
    The Path of Light (15)	Don't Kill Sarah
    THE PATH OF LIGHT (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    The Sharpshooter (20)	Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's 
    The Smart Fighter (5)	Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination
    The Sticky Bomb (5)	Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray
                            and combine it with an adhesive.
    THE TRUTH (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Toasted Eggs (20)	Burn a Ratz nest.
    Unlimited Offer (10)	Call all contacts in your address book.
    Useless! (10)	Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency 
    Vampirz (20)	Burn one of the Vampirz.
    Wired (10)	Hotwire a car.
    The rest coming soon! 
    Chapter 7..... Side Activites
                                                     ~"More to do! More to do!"    
    7.a) The Good and the Bad
    Ok so there's the good news, and the bad news. The bad news is Alone in the
    Dark is a game that's pretty much got as much as you see it has. Meaning you
    will probably see 80% of it the first time through. This also means you won't
    have much achievements left to accomplish, not much to go back to check out 
    with, and little replay purpose. The good news is if you liked the game, it 
    does in fact have replay value. First off, you can always select any sequence
    you liked and play that again. The real 'side activites' in Alone in the Dark
    though is actually plenty, and if you finished this game by rushing a bit and
    fully focused on your objectives, you'll still find things to see. Plus there
    are two different endings to witness.
    In the section following below will be all the extra stuff you can have fun 
    with in Alone in the Dark, making sure you've done all of them will get the 
    most out of your game. Completing the achievements and detroying all the root
    evils is a quite obvious extra past time, though I've still included informat-
    ion on both those sections. The other parts are less linear though. The 'side
    stuff' section includes many things you can mess around and have fun with 
    during your stay in Central Park. The 'side jobs' section however includes all
    the serious SIDE JOBS you can do. Yes, there are a few in Alone in the Dark. 
    These will bring you to different locales for some small but worthy visits to
    places where there will be items to reap, root evils to kill, moments to beho-
    ld and more puzzles to solve. These things are completely optional though, so
    you can do them any time you feel like it.  
    7.b) Side Activities
    So this section covers all the possible extra stuff you could do in Alone in
    the Dark, which is welcomed if you liked the game to any degree. The main 
    story is enough since it's filled with quality and variety, but still you 
    really can't refuse if there's more of the good stuff. The sections below are
    separated into sections and explained as an individual topic, since they are a
    bit different (though all side activites all the same). 
      --Side Stuff
    Coming Soon.
      --Side Jobs
    Coming Soon.
      --Root Evils
    Coming Soon.
      --Achievements (2)
    In this section you'll find the achievements, each with a description on how 
    to complete the requirments. It's the second achievements section (the first
    is in the main walkthrough), but it's a little different. Since this section
    is talking about side activities I'll soon add a helper to each achievement.
    A Day in Central Park (150)	        Complete the game.
    Basic Combination (5)	                Tape up a bottle.
    BLACKOUT (30)	                        Finish the episode without skipping 
                                            any sequence.
    Blazing Roots (50)	Burn all roots of evil.
    Bloody Mary (10)	Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.
    Burning Root (10)	Burn a root of evil
    Car Thievery (10)	Unlock a car door after breaking the window.
    Cockpit Addict (20)	Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.
    Cocoon (20)	        Burn a cocoon.
    Countdown to Death (10)	Stop your wound from bleeding
    Demolition Expert (20)	Build the most destructive weapon.
    Eradication (50)	Kill 100 Humanz.
    FIGHT BACK AND LOSS (30) Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Fire Bullets (5)	Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
    Fisherman's Foe (10)	Shoot a goldfish.
    Fissure (20)	        Burn a fissure.
    Flaming Roots (25)	Burn half the roots of evil
    Free Gasoline (10)	Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.
    Goal! (20)	        Kick 10 Ratz.
    Handyman Carnby (30)	Make all possible combinations in the inventory.
    Hidden Cave (10)	Discover the secret of Central Park
    Meet Again (10)	        Meet Theophile in room 943
    Never Leave a Key Here (10) Find a car key in the sun visor.
    NOT ALONE ANYMORE (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Nuke (25)	        Kill 3 Humanz at once.
    PAINFUL ANSWERS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Purification by Fire (10)	Destroy the Vampiz' nest
    QUESTIONS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Revive (10)	Revive Sarah
    Stuntman (10)	Jump across the gap using the tow truck
    The 10 Mile Race (20)	Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.
    The Air Bomb (5)	Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot 
                            it mid-air.
    The Biggest of All (25)	Beat the Museum Monster.
    The Blind Man (10)	Complete the opening sequence '' wake up '' without 
                            blinking your characters eyes
    The Glowstick Bomb (5)	Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content 
                            or a spray with a glowstick.
    THE LIGHT BRINGER (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence
    The Molotov Cocktail (5)	Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable 
    The Path of Darkness (15)  Kill Sarah
    The Path of Light (15)	Don't Kill Sarah
    THE PATH OF LIGHT (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    The Sharpshooter (20)	Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's 
    The Smart Fighter (5)	Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination
    The Sticky Bomb (5)	Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray
                            and combine it with an adhesive.
    THE TRUTH (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Toasted Eggs (20)	Burn a Ratz nest.
    Unlimited Offer (10)	Call all contacts in your address book.
    Useless! (10)	Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency 
    Vampirz (20)	Burn one of the Vampirz.
    Wired (10)	Hotwire a car.
    Chapter 8..... Extras
                                       ~"Extra content makes stuff worth while"    
    Every guide needs some extra to, well, include some 'bonus' information on the
    game. In this section you'll find the review I gave for the game, some cheats
    and codes, certain tricks, and the complete list of achievements. The most 
    important section here is the frequently asked questions section though, as 
    you'll find a list of commonly asked questions there being answered. If you 
    have more glitches, cheats, tricks, or even want me to put your review in my
    guide, that'll be great, just email me your name, your review (or tell me 
    where I can get it) and I'll give you full credit for your work. 
    6.a) Review
    This is the review I posted onto gamefaqs. 
    RATING: 9.6/10
    "Alone in the Dark is a unique gem that delivers what other games don't"
    It's no mistake that this game is only rated average by many players, sites 
    and game critics. However the game is terribly under rated, as it's often 
    much, much better than people say it is. This is not to say the game doesn't 
    have it's faults- it does and there are a small handful of them actually. The 
    thing is Alone in the Dark does things that other games don't. It's a 
    thrilling action adventure from start to end, incorporating decent themes, 
    nice graphics, unique game play, awesome variety and unbelievable moments. 
    It's one of those games that you won't find another one of. It's basically The
    Darkness mixed with the best of Silent Hill. How does this game excel though,
    and more importantly how does the good stuff bring us over the problems with 
    the game? Read on to find out. 
    Set in New York city, Alone in the Dark is about how these deadly "ghouls" 
    that possess people start appearing. In the 1800s, people said a cartel of 
    men built the vast sprawling park called Central Park for people's safe haven.
     However, after two hundred years, this doesn't seem like the case anymore.
    Central Park is obviously built for someone else.. or some THING else. This 
    becomes apparent when the antagonist of the story, Edward Carnby, wakes up in 
    this storage room just about to get killed. He doesn't remember who he is, 
    what he looks like and why the hell he's going to get killed. He's this gruff 
    and tough sort of guy, and delivers some excellent lines throughout the story.
    Soon the thug that was going to kill him gets swallowed down by this fissure- 
    a fissure that runs along walls and the ground to swallow up anyone it 
    reaches. It's all a mystery until you find out what's underneath those walls..
    Edward Carnby then tries to escape the building he's in, clashes into some 
    nice characters and a guy named "Theophile Paddington." He explains how Edward
    had the "stone" before, and how it's the key to all this chaos. The boss of 
    the thug that tried to kill you on the other hand, wants it. It's a deep tale
    that gets more involved as you progress, and it's a story worth mentioning 
    about to your family or friends. There's also a DVD style chapter select menu 
    that has the overview written for each sequence, and this really adds to the
    depth of the movie-like story.
    Playing the game itself is just like the intriguing story though. There seems 
    to be a vast variety of things you can see and do throughout the game, and 
    each and everyone of them are made of quality. You start with only very few 
    controls for the game, slowly learn new moves such as using certain items to 
    heal yourself, to the later parts where you can combine tools and items, drive
    any car you see, access a cool PDA phone and even explore certain areas at 
    your will. This build up is great, since the game provides very helpful 
    information until you're 3-4 hours into the game, and once it stops, you will 
    have learned everything perfectly. Even after that, once you get your PDA you 
    can check any messages you've got in it. A lot of the messages are hints and 
    helpers, on various aspects of the game play, which you can refer back to in 
    case you forget. The PDA also shows your objectives, allows you to call 
    anyone, access a huge area map and also tweak the phone's settings. It's a 
    nice touch by the developers, adding a phone like that. 
    The game is basically an action game where you go from one area to the other, 
    solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles or enemies along the way. Each area 
    is designed well so that you'll want to explore the place, though the camera 
    often serves as a slight problem. The normal third-person camera is a 
    cinematic camera, meaning it changes viewing angles as you move to different 
    parts of the room. This means you can't really focus your viewings at a 
    certain area- just like you can't in games like Silent Hill. However, the 
    developers were genius to implement a first person view into the game. Not a 
    first person view to look around with, but one you can move in, use items in, 
    as if it was a first person game in the first place. So you can flip to first 
    person any time to examine items and objects, and also at any time you need a 
    different view to move around in. There are loads of puzzles in the game that 
    blend very well with rest of the levels, most of these mind-bending and very 
    interesting. You don't exactly need to be smart for all this (though it 
    helps), but it's challenging every now and then to figure out what you're 
    supposed to be doing. To change the pace at other times of the game, you 
    explore around detailed environments with great use of fire. Speaking of fire,
    the fire in the game is absolutely amazing. You can make many items catch on 
    fire, and it will spread realistically to other items or even the rest of the 
    Fire also come into the combat side of the game, which is for the most part, 
    excellent. You will battle a small but interesting variety of foes throughout 
    the game, and like in Bioshock, each of the foes are dressed different and 
    look different. This is mostly because they are humans or bats, rats or the 
    like possessed by this evil spirit that I can't tell you about or it will 
    spoil the storyline. They are usually smart and act like how a devilish race 
    of monsters should act. They are afraid of fire, especially, so how you take 
    them out is with fire. This doesn't mean you cannot fight them with other 
    weapons, you can. There are a huge bunch of melee weapons that you can use 
    to hack, slash, bash, and crush your enemies with. It's just some of the 
    enemies will only get knocked out with these, and get back up later on. If you
    want them dead for good, you've got to use fire. This is very interesting as 
    you will be scratching your head at the different ways you can use fire to 
    kill them. You've got a couple of guns in the game as well, which is useful 
    to shoot certain enemies and take out door locks and such. You shoot in first 
    person, so this shouldn't be a problem to any shooter game fan. Normally 
    taking out enemies will lead to the cool throw-a-bottle-and-shoot-it method. 
    This is where you equip a flammable bottle of some sort, watch it in slow 
    motion as it reaches your target, and shoot the bottle to make it explode 
    into flames, taking the enemy out. When this happens you'll find it very 
    satisfying, but that's only one of the ways to take them out- there's way 
    more if you combine items.
    Combing items is another aspect of the game play in Alone in the Dark, and 
    it's where you use the items you've got to create something different by 
    combining them. An example would be to put some double-sided tape on a glow 
    stick, then tossing it at the ceiling so it lights the area better (and stays 
    on the ceiling). You can go all out crazy on combing and do all sorts of 
    things, there are loads of items to play around with. When you go in and check
    your inventory for items though, it's also worth mentioning you LITERALLY look
    in your jacket at your items. There is limited space, and it's all realistic.
    You've got many holders and pouches in your jacket, and they can all hold 
    items until it's full. This forces you to think ahead on what to bring, and 
    since stuff like medical spray take up a big space it requires tactics to 
    bring the right stuff. And speaking of medical spray, you literally look at 
    your wounds and spray at them to heal them. There are also bandages that do 
    the same trick. 
    The last part of the game play worth mentioning is it's platforming and 
    driving sections. These together makes the game more than a pure horror game. 
    Yes, there are thrills and stuff, but it's a nice touch rather than thrills 
    that will make you want to stop playing. The platforming sections are great, 
    as you will be able to climb on ledges, shimmy across them, swing on cables, 
    jump from and are to another and more. You'll have loads of fun trying to 
    navigate your way around complex areas. Then the driving comes in 2 hours 
    into the game, which you are able to hot wire the car in case you don't find 
    the keys. The cars are very deep aspects to the game, since you can not only 
    hot wire it but also switch on the ceiling lights and headlight, honk the 
    horn, turn on the radio, check the glove box for items, drive in first person,
    and more. You can even switch positions within the car, which is also a nice 
    touch. The driving itself is a great change of pace as well, and there aren't 
    only driving sections- there are places where you can get cars and drive them 
    at your leisure. The driving is a bit unstable, but the controls fare well 
    after a while and you don't ever need to brake that much to get around a 
    corner. There are some minor glitches with the car, as when you bump into some
    curbs the physics are a little exaggerating. But like the rest of the game,   
    it's nothing to worry about as the glitches are minimal and don't effect the 
    game much. 
    There are many different things to look at in Alone in the Dark. Sparkling 
    cables hanging down, dirty guttered areas, entire buildings falling apart, 
    nicely designed cars, detailed character faces and the best fire effects in 
    any game, ever. The graphics are solid in the game, brimmed with nice dynamic 
    lighting, shadows, and detail. Your jacket gleams at night, reflecting any 
    light there is, and you and other characters always cast the right shadows. 
    Character models animate appropriately, and their emotions are carried over 
    superbly where their awesome gestures. The environments are filled with 
    quality, water would be dripping from the ceiling while an enemies run full 
    speed at you and explosions going on nearby. The frame rate never drops from 
    all this, and only very few glitches are worth mentioning like the fact that 
    some weapons partially go through walls. This is not a big deal, as you won't 
    be forcing weapons into walls all the time. I only personally saw this once, 
    and it's fine with me. Everything else is excellent, so the minor glitches 
    can be easily forgotten. 
    The sound effects and themes in Alone in the Dark are really impressive. The 
    chanting theme is creepy and sets exactly the right atmosphere in the game, 
    and also the sound effects are dead on. Each bullet shot, each spread of fire 
    seen, and all the various explosions and screams are done perfectly. The 
    voices of the actors are some of the best I've heard, especially the main 
    character Edward, who has a low and gruff voice. Aside from the main chanting 
    theme, the various beats and atmospheric themes that play throughout the game 
    are superb. Everything pulls together wonderfully, making the sound of Alone 
    in the Dark easily one of it's highlights. Although the voice acting is great,
    sometimes the lips don't sync exactly in place which is the only flaw worth 
    talking about. Since this is actually a graphical problem this won't effect 
    the sound rating for this game though.
    How long this all this last though? I know you've heard that it's kind of 
    short. Well this depends, really. 6 hours? 8 hours? Or even over 10 hours? It
    all depends on how much you take your time in the game. If you get use to the 
    deep controls right off the bat, and then rush through the game as if you knew
    all the solutions to every bit of the game, you'll finish in 6 hours. But 
    normally this game will be slower paces, making you look for clues on solving 
    puzzles, find different ways to defeat enemies and so on. The normal play 
    length would then be around 8-10 hours. This is an average length for an 
    action game, so along with it's great quality throughout it should be enough 
    for anyone. People who like this game especially much or is a 'completist', 
    you can go off exploring certain areas, root out all the evil roots there are,
    find all the items and all the combinations, earn all the achievements and so 
    on. This will lengthen your game some. However it's still quality over 
    quantity, and no matter if it's 8 or 12 hours you would do well with this 
    game for it's playability. As for replaying, there are two endings and a deep 
    storyline with different ways to take on things so it's worth at least one 
    more replay. The game also implements a great DVD style chapter selection 
    screen, making it possible for you to skip to any sequence of the game. The 
    game has 8 episodes spread across over 30 sequences. You can head to any one 
    of these and play if your stuck. However that's for people who don't mind 
    ruining the storyline, though when you do this there will be a "Previously On 
    Alone in the Dark" video clip showing the overview of sections you've missed.
    All of this is brought together nicely so you'll have a lot to do, and of 
    course there are the achievements to acquire as well, though it's easy to get 
    all of the achievements with Alone in the Dark.
    No matter how many good aspects I've mentioned about in this review, the game 
    will only inspire certain people out there. This game is actually a mixed bag,
    since for some reason it will make a lot of people think it's Game of the Year
    material, while with others it would turn them off. But don't get me wrong- 
    I've played games for so long, and I've never liked Silent Hill much or any 
    games alike. But this game is different.. it's the only one that implements 
    all these special aspects into one game alone. It all works, and with the nice
    combat, great characters, solid story line, superb soundtrack, and great 
    touches and moments, this game won't disappoint anyone that gives it a try. 
    All in all, Alone in the Dark is a unique gem that delivers what other games 
    don't, and probably never will for years to come. Trust me. You can't miss a 
    game that allows you to flame enemies, steal cars, and make items in your own 
    ways right?
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Value: 8/10
    Story: 9/10
    Freshness: 10/10
    Overall: 9.6/10
    8.b) Frequently Asked Questions
    This section includes first the more common questions I've seen being asked on
    the boards of Alone in the Dark, and those that trouble people the most. Seco-
    ndly this section includes questions that people have asked me through email.
    If you happen to want me to keep your email a secret and/or your name, please
    say so in your email.
    (Q) When will I start driving?
    (A) Be patient man! But you'll start driving soon enough, but after the first
    (Q) How do I combine items?
    (A) Simple. Press X with one item and X with the other item you want to have
    (Q) Is the game long?
    (A) It really depends. While I could say yes, it's a decent length (normally
        around 10-15 hours) but it varies with people. What's important is that 
        you don't rush, take your time and have fun. Also use my guide's various
        extra sections to get the most out of the game. The game is full of 
        quality, so often the length won't matter.
    (Q) OK, but I want to know how long, exactly.
    (A) Fair enough. If you rush your way through, you can get it done in 8 hours.
        Normally it will be around 10 or so hours though, nearing 15 if you find
        all the evil roots and explore a bit. You can continue to play however, as
        different things can be done in different situations.
    (Q) Is the game a bit glitchy?
    (A) In certain minor areas it is, but it's nothing much. Don't listen to any
        one blabber about glitches everywhere. I'm a ten year gamer, I only like
        quality games like Oblivion and Bioshock. Yet this satisfies me- it must
        be doing something right.
    (Q) I can't beat the 59th street level!
    (A) Yeah, that one is pretty tough. Read my walkthrough, or simply practice 
        your driving. Soon you'll learn all the turns, explosions, and moments so
        it'll be easy if you keep doing it.
    (Q) Where are the root evils?
    (A) Ah, something I failed to mention in my large basics section. I'll make an
        update for that soon. Root evils can be found where there's corrupted GPS
        signals, found on your map as a circular sign with fizzing grey and white
        'stuff'. Head there and there will always be one or two root evils.
    (Q) Is the game worth buying?
    (A) Honestly, I'll say yes. If you give it a chance, it's superb, and you can
        show off to anyone any sequence or tiny segment you've played with the DVD
        chapter select menu. It's a game filled with quality, but if this is not
        your thing, rent it. It's definitely worth at least a rent. 
    8.c) Cheats 'n' Codes
    Coming Soon.
    8.d) Tricks and Glitches
    Coming Soon.
    8.e) Achievements (3)
    These are the achievements in the game, and how to get them. 
    A Day in Central Park (150)	        Complete the game.
    Basic Combination (5)	                Tape up a bottle.
    BLACKOUT (30)	                        Finish the episode without skipping 
                                            any sequence.
    Blazing Roots (50)	Burn all roots of evil.
    Bloody Mary (10)	Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.
    Burning Root (10)	Burn a root of evil
    Car Thievery (10)	Unlock a car door after breaking the window.
    Cockpit Addict (20)	Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.
    Cocoon (20)	        Burn a cocoon.
    Countdown to Death (10)	Stop your wound from bleeding
    Demolition Expert (20)	Build the most destructive weapon.
    Eradication (50)	Kill 100 Humanz.
    FIGHT BACK AND LOSS (30) Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Fire Bullets (5)	Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
    Fisherman's Foe (10)	Shoot a goldfish.
    Fissure (20)	        Burn a fissure.
    Flaming Roots (25)	Burn half the roots of evil
    Free Gasoline (10)	Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.
    Goal! (20)	        Kick 10 Ratz.
    Handyman Carnby (30)	Make all possible combinations in the inventory.
    Hidden Cave (10)	Discover the secret of Central Park
    Meet Again (10)	        Meet Theophile in room 943
    Never Leave a Key Here (10) Find a car key in the sun visor.
    NOT ALONE ANYMORE (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Nuke (25)	        Kill 3 Humanz at once.
    PAINFUL ANSWERS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Purification by Fire (10)	Destroy the Vampiz' nest
    QUESTIONS (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Revive (10)	Revive Sarah
    Stuntman (10)	Jump across the gap using the tow truck
    The 10 Mile Race (20)	Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.
    The Air Bomb (5)	Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot 
                            it mid-air.
    The Biggest of All (25)	Beat the Museum Monster.
    The Blind Man (10)	Complete the opening sequence '' wake up '' without 
                            blinking your characters eyes
    The Glowstick Bomb (5)	Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content 
                            or a spray with a glowstick.
    THE LIGHT BRINGER (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence
    The Molotov Cocktail (5)	Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable 
    The Path of Darkness (15)  Kill Sarah
    The Path of Light (15)	Don't Kill Sarah
    THE PATH OF LIGHT (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    The Sharpshooter (20)	Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's 
    The Smart Fighter (5)	Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination
    The Sticky Bomb (5)	Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray
                            and combine it with an adhesive.
    THE TRUTH (30)	Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    Toasted Eggs (20)	Burn a Ratz nest.
    Unlimited Offer (10)	Call all contacts in your address book.
    Useless! (10)	Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency 
    Vampirz (20)	Burn one of the Vampirz.
    Wired (10)	Hotwire a car.
    Chapter 9..... Closing
                                                    ~"As this comes to a close"
    9.a) Final Words
    - The guide isn't finished yet, but it's going to be finished soon. I did all
    of what's done now in two days! So yeah, be excited. The next update will be 
    big, hopefully. With what's available now, you can pretty much learn enough to
    start the game for the first few episodes. Come back for more later on. 
    - Some good updates as I finished a couple of extra sections in the extras
      chapter, side activities chapter, walkthrough, and fixed various things.
      The guide is on a roll, now.  
    9.b) I'll Be Back
    Next planned update (start- 8/13/2008):
    -Basics completely done
    -Characters done
    -Enemies done
    -Walkthrough done up to episode 4 
    Next planned update (start- 8/14/2008)
    I wanted to update quicker, so I released the update in a day without 
    accomplishing two of the previous goals. So the goals now are:
    -Finish enemies section.
    -Walkthrough done up to episode 4.
    -Extras done as much as possible. 
    Chapter 1..... Credits
                                                      ~"Thanks, I owe you once"    
    Thanks to these people, this guide would never have happened without your 
    support and care:
    Thanks for giving me a chance to post a guide for my favourite game, and also 
    providing us with a game site I go on every day for hours.
    My Friends
    For the support and playing the game with me. 
    The Rule Manual
    For providing some basic information for me to put on here.
    The Gum
    For allowing me to be reminded of certain moments in the game which I've 
    forgotten and can't go back to check on. 
    You Guys
    For reading this guide.
    And last but not least..
    Eden Games
    For creating such an amazing game that creates new possibilites in gaming.
    Thank you, and until next time, 
     your pal, Kranti

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