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    PS3 Chapter Guide by ReprobateGamer

    Version: 0.13 | Updated: 02/22/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              ALONE IN THE DARK: INFERNO
    Alone in the Dark: Inferno PS3 exclusive chapter guide 
    Version 0.13 (22/02/09)
    Written by TeraHawk
    Email: terahawk@gmail.com
    Website: terahawk.blogspot.com
    1.	Introduction
    2.	PS3 Controls
    3.	Enemies
    4.	Episode 6: An Ancient Path (Sequence 2)
    5.	Episode 6: Subway Ride (Sequence 3)
    6.	Episode 6: Light From The Sky (Sequence 4)
    7.	Final word
    1. Introduction
    Greetings, fellow gamers. I've penned this guide for PS3 owners of Alone in
     the Dark: Inferno who are looking for help with Episode 6: Sequence 3  
    Talking of credit, this guide is only to be found on GameFAQS and is not to be
     uploaded to any other site without my express permission.
    2. PS3 Controls
    Left stick  - Walk, run, strafe (in first person view), move cursor (in menus 
                  or inventory), climb ropes or ledges
    Right stick - move camera, look around (in first person), handle object 
                  (with L1)
    X (cross)   - select, take item, perform action (with on screen icon), use 
                  held item
    S (square)  - jump, select item to combine (in inventory), swing (when on rope)
    C (circle)  - cancel/back (in menus or inventory), reload gun (if equipped), 
                  drop, exit/eject from car
    T (triangle)- switch view (third-person/first-person), drop item (inventory)
    R1          - shoot, throw, use gas bottle/fire extinguisher (in first person)
    R2          - Cycle through right hand items, accelerate
    R3          - Blink (hold to keep eyes closed) (in first person), centre camera
                  (in third person), rear view (driving in third person)
    L1          - Aim (while holding), slow-motion (while bottle flying), 
                  lock onto enemies, switch headlights on/off
    L2          - cycle through left hand items, brake/reverse, 
    L3          - take out/put away flash light, honk
    3. Enemies
    Humanz - come in at least three types. The first and easiest type are slightly
             looking humans with a single fissure visible. Once fire gets into the
             fissure they are toast. If knocked down, it takes a little time for 
             them to recover. The second type are the most common - they have two 
             fissures, normally running up each side from the hip past the chest 
             to the shoulder. They can jump a goodly distance and have spiked 
             tongues that can knock items out of your hands. They can run faster 
             than you can and will dodge from side to side when you aim at them. 
             The final sort are the most deadly. They'll only appear from 
             Episode 7 onwards once you start hunting for evil roots. These look 
             more fleshy than the other humanz and will begin rooted to the spot. 
             They throw LOTS of spikes very quickly when they see you. They have 
             three fissures with the third on a foot - it's best to avoid this sort
             where possible. They will even stop a speeding car dead so no running
             them over!
             Fire bullets are the safest way to deal with humanz - you should be 
             able to hit a fissure from a distance then strafe to line up your 
             target sight with the next fissure. All fissures must be glowing for 
             them to be defeated. Explosive bottles are the most effective but this
             can be a little wasteful on single humanz. If you are near a fire, use
             bullets or items to stun them then drag them to a fire or light the 
             item and hold it against them.
             Three fissure humanz should only be attacked from a distance, 
             preferably by jumping out of a car and exploding it as it hits. Or 
             just keep running.
             All humanz will run away from fire and most can pull you out from a 
             car that's not moving and hit you while in a travelling car.
    Ratz - Look more like the creepy crawlies from Cold Fear than actual rats. 
           These things tend to come in packs, normally from a nearby nest that 
           will continue to spit the little things out once every few seconds. 
           A single fire bullet is all that's needed to kill the nest and any ratz.
           You can also kick the ratz to knock them on their backs. They'll ignore 
           you if aren't close to them, often patrolling the same areas, 
           particularly on ropes. They'll either jump at you or trying spitting goo
           at you - if an attack hits then first person view will go green - 
           blink rapidly to clear your vision.
    Vampirz - Look like worms with teeth and wings. They'll either divebomb or try
              to lift you up (particularly if you are in a car). They aren't tough
              but they do move fast and are often in groups meaning it's better to
              avoid them where possible.
    Black Goo - Corrupted water. Found in a few places, this stuff run wants to 
                make friends. It retreats from any light source but like water it's
                aways waiting to slip through. Be methodical with either torch or 
                glowsticks and you should be fine.
    Fissures - These cracks only seem to attack you in non-natural areas. A quick 
               shot with a fire bullet works well - molotov's are a little too 
               slow. Be warned that, after you enter the park, if a fissure gets 
               you, you are probably dead.
    Evil roots - These red tipped waving vegetables don't damage you directly but 
                 they will mess up your vision when you get close. Most of them are
                 guarded also
    Museum Monster - This three-legged fiend will ambush you in the musuem. It has
                     three fissures to start with then needs to be introduced to 
                     the business end of explosive bottles. It will throw spikes 
                     that can damage stone, knock you flying with a Ali level punch
                     or fill the room with corruption.
    The creature - An addition for the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark, this minx
                   just wants to play with your train. Allegic to explosions ...
    4. Episode 6: An Ancient Path (Sequence 2)
    Once the door has opened, follow the corridor (there's nothing in any of the 
    alcoves) until it opens out into a cave. Across the gap, you'll see a 
    ratz nest. A fire bullet is the easiest way to deal with this. After the nest
    is destroyed, turn left and head towards the fork lift (be honest, as soon as 
    the guard mentioned a forklift, you wanted a go ...). Get in and drive it down
     into the gulley. Drive right up to the metallic onject and raise it to form a 
    bridge. Stay in the forklift and drive back up (the bridge remains in place)
    and over to the other side. Feel free to crush any ratz still alive! Drive 
    along the corridor and into the next cavern, At the far end, you'll see 
    something that could be a ramp - drive the fork lift to the side of it and 
    raise it up to the opening in the wall. Leave the forks up and get out. By the
     nearby torch is a switch. When you press it a beam comes out of the wall and 
    holds the ramp in place.
    Once the beam is out, a single humanz will appear. Apply fire in your favourite
     format. Once it's returned to hell, get back in the forklift, lower the forks 
    then drive up the ramp. Get the forks under a stack of crates and drive through
     and to the left in the next room. You'll see a raised platform to the left 
    with a broken ladder and a barrier directly in front. Place the stack under 
    the broken ladder then reverse the forklift. Get out and jump straight up by 
    the stack. Carnby will grab the top of the stack and climb up. Jump again to 
    reach the platform. Walk past the switch and rain fire down on the ratz below
     then go back and flip the switch.
    The floor will raise up behind the barrier then the barrier will descend. 
    Drop back onto the stack then to the floor and get back into the forklift 
    for the last time (awww!). Cross to the other side and line the forklift up 
    with the metal shutter. Get out and flick the switch. 
    Quelle surprise! The door only goes out a little way before jamming.
    Luckily you can use the forklift to hold the door open for you to pass. 
    Once the forks are raised, get out and say goodbye to this faithful mount. 
    Enter the corridor and follow it round. You'll come to a hole in the floor 
    and a rope hung up on the side. Shoot the catch then grab the rope and abseil 
    down into the PS3 extra sequence!
    5. Episode 6: Subway Ride (Sequence 3)
    You'll land on subway tracks. To your right is an overturned carriage blocking 
    access so head left to the train that's lit up. Jump to enter the carriage and 
    activate the panel to start the train. A quick cut scene will pan down the 
    train and show a root (not an evil root!) get trashed. But the train still 
    isn't going anywhere ...
    Head down the carriage all the way to the end. If you want more bullets, or a 
    molotov, you can get out along the length of the train and examine the bins on
     either platform. Don't get out of the last few carriages unless you want to 
    see Carnby take a header into a deep hole ...
    Just before the end you'll find a plastic bottle. Don't bother making fire 
    bullets here - you won't need them for a bit ...
    When you reach the end, you'll find the reason why the train won't move.
    Drop the explosive bottle onto the dangling carriages (it's a little safer to 
    add double sided tape first), step back then shoot it.
    The explosion frees the train, but it also waves a big flag saying "I'm here" 
    and lo and behold something big appears and gives chase.
    The creature can only be killed by explosions and an invisible timer starts 
    to count down. If you haven't knocked it back with an explosion after so long 
    (about 15 seconds) then it smashes the last carriage of the train, derailing it
     and insta-killing you if you are in it.
    Fortunately, lots of plastic bottles have miraculously appeared on the 
    previously empty train.
    There'll be four where you start the sequence. Pick them up and throw them 
    back,using slo-mo to trigger them as they pass near the head of the creature. 
    Before you throw the first one, take a couple of steps back. And make sure that
     the path of the bottle is well clear of the door frame - it's a little too 
    easy to set off the first explosion too close to the carriage, destroying all 
    bottles and blowing you right down the carriage for an easy deep wound (not 
    too bad if you need one more for the Bloody mary trophy but otherwise to be 
    Once you are down to just one bottle remaining in your inventory turn and run 
    - preferably while the creature is still recovering. The door at the end of 
    the carriage will be closed so you'll have to hit the switch to the left then 
    run through - remember that timer ...
    Keep running through until you find a body near a supply cart - there will be 
    more bottles here. Same rules apply - throw fast, throw cleanly through the 
    door, shoot the bottle when in line with the head, leave a bottle spare. 
    Once you run away this time, there'll be a single ratz over the switch. 
    Quickly shoot it and pass through. The next carriage will have a few more 
    bottles and a fire.  Be careful on this one as the creature is likely to break
     the carriage in two, right where the bottles are so you could find yourself 
    right by a trailing carraige edge, just take a couple of steps back and get a 
    bottle out there.
    Give the creature a bit of a headache then grab the handy extinguisher and 
    extinguish away.
    Don't worry about getting all the fire - just clear enough to reach the switch
     and door. And as long as you've just stunned the creature, you should have 
    time to do this. You should be aiming to have two bottles left at this point.
    The next carriage is locked! But to the left, you'll be able to climb the 
    But no time for subway surfing here!
    Keep running down along the roof of the carriage and leap onto the roof 
     of the front carriage. Don't worry if you fall between the carriages as 
    there'll be a ladder back up.
    However, you've now run out of train so turn around and finish him!
    If you throwing has been a little poor, the bottles may not kill him - run 
    to the front half of the train and turn to face the both the creature and the
    left side of the tunnel. At regular (though not too regular) intervals you'll
     see gas canisters against the tunnel wall. Shoot those for more explosions 
    though the timing has to be perfect to hit the creature. It will break this 
    carriage in half also to give you a little bit of a chance.
    Assuming that the creature doesn't sideswipe you to a quick halt, when you 
    defeat it, the magic of cutscenes will put Carnby inside the front carriage 
    just before it crashes. Carnby will, of course, survive.
    The only way to go is to jump forward through the open door. Aim for the fire.
     If you just drop out of the train, then it's black goo time ...
    If you make it then the extra sequence is finished.
    6. Episode 6: Light From The Sky (Sequence 4)
    Just as the fire goes out and things are looking black, Carnby has a most 
    unexpected saviour. Of course, nothing is that easy and you'll have to follow 
    the light around to stay safe. It goes around the enclosure twice, speeding up
     the second time. Stay in third person, be aware that the torch will be little
     help and that you won't have time to crack a glowstick. Stay slightly forward
     of the centre of the light and remember that it follows a roughly clockwise 
    Once the second pattern is complete, a rope gets lowered and it's onto the 
    next episode.
    7. Final Word
    That's it for this mini guide.
    I hope it was useful for all you PS3 Alone In The Dark: Inferno players.

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