Loosing rank gold in wolfenstein multi player xbox360?

  1. The answer provided by activision is a white wash, I myself have had this happen 3 times now.
    Fst time i had my online rank up to level 18 it took me down to level 12!
    second time i built it back up to level 24 it took me down to rank 15
    this 3rd time i built it back up yet again and reached level 22 now it took me all the way down to 2 ....
    the excuse used as a reply says its prolonged gameplay that causes this ...
    .. if i didn't have to keep playing to build up my rank again i wouldnt have to play as often .....
    this is now becoming soul destroying and frustrating beyond belief ...
    by my reconning i should have been atleast rank 41 or 42 !!!! Not to mention loosing over 200,000 gold!
    whats the point of playing this game?? it calls into question all other activision games ..
    .it must be bad if the support page has its
    own dedicated threads to this!

    User Info: bigg_yinn1

    bigg_yinn1 - 7 years ago

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