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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Byrdpire

    Version: 0.961 | Updated: 02/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved FAQ
    XBox 360 Live Arcade Game
    Version 0.961
    Score at time of upload: 2,985,345
    This FAQ is an original work.
    Copyright 2005-2006 Jeffrey Bergman.
    Email: jeff AT bergmanusa DOT com
    XBox Live Gamertag:  Byrdpire
     Table of Contents
     Chapter 0:  Version History
     Chapter 1:  The Basics
      1.1 - Premise
      1.2 - Controls
      1.3 - Score Rewards
          1.3a - Gun Upgrades
          1.3b - Extra Lives
          1.3c - Extra Bombs
          1.3d - Multipliers
     Chapter 2:  Enemies and Black Holes
      2.1 - Enemies
          2.1a - Windmills
          2.1b - Blue Seekers
          2.1c - Green Scares
          2.1d - Purple Spawners and Spawns
          2.1e - Sidewinders
          2.1f - Clone Ships
          2.1g - Blue Jacks
      2.2 - Black Holes
     Chapter 3:  Training
      3.1 - The First Minute
      3.2 - The No-Bombs Method
      3.3 - The No-Lives Method
     Chapter 4:  Achievements
      4.1 - Score Achievements
      4.2 - Survival Achievements
      4.3 - Quartermaster and Mad Cat Skillz
      4.4 - Pacifism
     Chapter 5:  Advanced Techniques
      5.1 - Blink Breaks
      5.2 - Common Warp Patterns
          5.2a - Random Warps 
          5.2b - Four Corners Warp
          5.2c - Ambush Warp
      5.3 - Black Hole Techniques
      5.4 - Shot Techniques
          5.4a - Heavy Shot Techniques
          5.4b - Spray Shot Techniques
     Chapter 6:  Final Thoughts
     Last But Not Least:  Legal Info
     Chapter 0:  Version History
    =Version 0.961  2/1/2006
       -Updated a few sections
       -Added sections to Chapter 5
       -The Multipliers section is getting overhauled every version
        now with new data
       -Clone Ships got a rewrite
       -Added a note about high scores and XBox Live
    =Version 0.96   1/29/2006
       -Updated info on how clueless I am on multipliers
    =Version 0.95   1/15/2006
       -Updated a few enemy areas
       -Expanded advanced techniques (Chapter 5)
    =Version 0.91   11/30/2005
       -Made Enemies its own Chapter, changed chapter numbers accordingly
       -Added Black Hole Info
    =Version 0.90   11/29/2005
       -Finished Chapter 5 (lies)
       -Worked a bit on Chapter 4
       -Enemy Info and more work on Chapter 4 will continue as I find time.
    =Version 0.70   11/29/2005
       -Finished Chapter 3
       -Edited text throughout involving 'killing enemies' changed to
        'destroying ships'
    =Version 0.60   11/29/2005
       -Added Chapter 2
       -Started work on Chapter 3
    =Version 0.51   11/29/2005
       -Updated a few spelling errors
       -Corrected multiplier section
       -Added Info section to enemies
    =Version 0.50   11/28/2005
       -First version, made while I was 3rd in the world in score
        {hoping it holds for awhile ;) }
       -Includes Chapter 1 with more details to be added later
     Chapter 1:  The Basics
    1.1 - Premise
    Wow... ummm pretty simple, I guess. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is a pretty
    straight-forward shooter. You're a... ship? And you shoot down... other ships
    that warp in and try to collide with you to destroy you? Yeah that sounds good.
    Honestly if you're playing this game for the plot or anything... I don't know.
    Rest assured theres an incredibly good reason that you're slaughtering the
    enemy by the hundreds. If you really can't sleep at night because you dream of
    the dying ships screams, then pretend they're Nazis. See? All guilt goes away.
    Now that my attempt at humor is over, lets move on.
    1.2 - Controls
    These are also pretty simple.  The default controls are:
    Left Thumbstick controls your ship. 
    Right Thumbstick controls the direction of your shots.  Either Trigger can be
    used for a bomb that will clear the screen of enemies.  I will stress that (as
    far as I can tell, at least) it only clears "the screen" of enemies.  So
    enemies that are just outside your view are still going to be there and rushing
    you as fast as they can.
    1.3 - Score Rewards
    A couple notes about high scores:
       1) Your high score is always 10,000 after turning off the 360.
       2) You must be logged onto XBox Live THE ENTIRE GAME to upload your score
          to the leaderboards. If you get disconnected, you can't upload the score.
       3) Only your highest score will ever be posted on the leaderboards.
    The first three Score Rewards I have here are listed in the help menu in game,
    but I'll put them here as well.
    1.3a - Gun Upgrades
    - - - - - - - - - -
              Every 10,000 points
    There are three types of guns in the game.  
    The first gun is the original you start with, two shots fired simultaneously at
    a slow rate of fire.  To get the other two you need to pass 10,000 points.
    Depending on the types of ships you destroy during that 10,000 points you get
    either of the other two and continues on like that all game. I don't know what
    you need to destroy and how much to get either gun and it might just be
    entirely random.  
    The second type of gun is the same rate of fire as the first but the shots are
    much heavier (as evidenced by their passing through the grid) and it spreads
    into five shots. This gun is good for clearing out a crowd of enemies in one
    direction and taking down Black Holes from a bit of a distance.
    The third type of gun has a much faster rate of fire, and although it doesn't
    spread out as much as the second type and it isn't as heavy, it is my preferred
    type of gun.  It shoots three shots in an even spread incredibly fast. The
    speed at which this gun fires allows for some very easy cleanups.
    1.3b - Extra Lives
    - - - - - - - - -
              Every 75,000 points
    Incredibly straight-forward. Every 75,000 points you get another life. Thats
    all there is to this one.
    The max amount of lives is 9. No more then that.
    1.3c - Extra Bombs
    - - - - - - - - -
              Every 100,000 points
    Also a huge reading on the 'duhhh-meter', every 100,000 points you get another
    bomb. Once again, that is all.
    The max amount of bombs is also 9. Don't save them if you have max, use them!
    1.3d - Multipliers
    - - - - - - - - -
              2X at 25 ships destroyed
              3X at 50 ships destroyed
              4X at 100 ships destroyed
              10X at 2000 ships destroyed
    It took me a good half hour of playing the beginning section and counting the
    ships I destroyed to figure out that it is definately 25 ships for 2X. I first
    guessed that it would double the amount of ships you needed to destroy for 3X
    through 10X, but that is definately not true. I've read on Bizarre's website
    and forums it is only 2000 ships for 10X multiplier. 2X-4X are now checked and
    rechecked to the best of my ability. Most people won't count the ships, but
    it should give you a better idea of how far you need to go in the game to
    recieve the 10X multiplier achievement.
     Chapter 2 - Enemies and Black Holes
    2.1 - Enemies
    Oh the dreaded enemies...  you may hate them, but once you figure them out they
    get easier.  The names I give them are names I'm inventing as I go along.  I
    don't call them anything when I'm playing, not enough time to think about much
    else during the game, now is there?
    A few simple notes on all enemies.  Each enemy makes a particular noise when it
    warps in.  The Purple Spawns and the Sidewinders seem to be the most memorable
    sounds to me.  Any part of any enemy can blow you up when it touches you.  Only
    two enemies can block shots (Sidewinders and Clone Ships) and only one enemy
    doesn't actively seek you out (Windmills).
    One other note, the point values are all with a 1X multiplier.
    2.1a - Windmills
    - - - - - - - - 
    Windmills are... well mostly a joke. They are the first enemy to appear and
    they're the only enemy that doesn't seem to care where you are or what you're
    doing.  They spawn in and move in a revolving pattern that takes them around
    the playing field.  They don't try to seek you and if you can't dodge these...
    well skip straight to chapter 3... because you need some help.
      Windmill Info-
      Speed:        2
      Point Value:  25
    2.1b - Blue Seekers
    - - - - - - - - - -
    These are the second enemy you'll encounter.  They are light blue diamonds that
    seek you out.  However you can outrun them since they're so slow.  They will
    always be moving towards you wherever you go in the playing field.  Pretty easy
    to take out, the patterns they spawn in get more and more intricate as you get
    further up the score ladder.
      Blue Seeker Info-
      Speed:        3
      Turning:      3
      Point Value:  50
    2.1c - Green Scares
    - - - - - - - - - -
    My my my, such inventive names I have. So, Green Scares; I named them as such
    because they're green and they run from your bullets.  They're scared of them,
    you see.  The Green Scares are fairly annoying at first, especially until you
    get your first gun upgrade.  They will also seek you out and they have a very
    fast turn of speed, especially when dodging your bullets.  These guys will tend
    to dodge towards you at all costs.  There are various ways to dispose of them
    but aiming straight at them is the best way, at least near the beginning.  They
    don't dodge when the bullet is fired straight at them, but a quick shower of
    shots in their general direction works just as well when there are more of
      Green Scare Info-
      Point Value:  100
    2.1d - Purple Spawners and Spawns
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    They're purple, obviously.  But they also seek you out.  Now the spawn part
    simply means that when you shoot the Spawner, three Spawns fly out.  The
    Spawner that warps in is pretty simple.  It seeks you out and they are fairly
    fast at it as well.  They can move in a straight line faster then you can, so
    you're going to have to dodge.  Once the Spawner is taken out the three
    remaining Spawns are much easier to destroy and dodge.  They move in circular
    patterns slowly rotating towards you.  They're much slower then the original
    Purple Spawn and are only problematic in large numbers.
      Purple Spawner Info-
      Speed:        6
      Turning:      5
      Point Value:  100
      Spawn Info-
      Speed:        4
      Turning:      10
      Point Value:  50
    2.1e - Sidewinders
    - - - - - - - - - 
    These are the ships that spawn in threes and look like snakes.  They have long
    tails and move just like a sidewinder snake.  The heads are the only part you
    can shoot to destroy them.  Oh doesn't sound hard?  Their tails stop your
    shots.  Not hard enough yet?  When you get pretty far along, they spawn in all
    four corners, more then 20 per corner.  Sound good?  Awesome.  When you are
    circling them they turn fairly slow and their tails tend to block your shots.
    Keep up the fire while keeping your distance. You need to focus on a path out
    when these guys spawn in with an ambush warp. These guys might be the second
    best reason to work on your piloting skills so you can escape between them
    when they are surrounding you.
      Sidewinder Info-
      Speed:        5
      Turning:      7
      Point Value:  150
    2.1f - Clone Ships
    - - - - - - - - - 
    Pretty nasty little buggers here.  Blink and you might miss them.  These guys
    spawn in corners exclusively (as far as I can tell), they're red and they're
    incredibly fast in straight lines.  When they spawn they sit for about a second
    and get their bearings.  After they lock on to you they accelerate fairly
    quickly, you will know when they start up by the noise they make. They're
    incredibly quick, there is no way you can outrun them, so dodge to the side of
    them.  Thats not all there is to them though. When you shoot in their direction
    they put up a force field. It looks like quarter circles rippling out from the
    front of the ship. The field pushes your shots away much like the Black Holes 
    do. You can sometimes squeeze a shot in between the force lines, but its not a
    recommended way of dealing with them. Simply turn about 90 degrees in either
    direction (keep moving though) and blow them away from the side.
      Clone Ship Info-
      Speed:        7
      Turning:      1
      Point Value:  150
    2.1g - Blue Jacks
    - - - - - - - - -
    After playing the game for a month or two now, these guys are my favorite.
    They're tiny, theres hundreds of them, and they move fairly quick.  They spawn
    in all four corners, about 50 per corner (at least when they first appear).
    The bad part is theres just so damn many of them that they clog up your firing
    lines. The best beginners method to get rid of them is to simply sit in a
    corner when they start to spawn and pepper it until they stop.  That way
    you'll have about a third of the playing field open to clear the rest of them
    away with.  When you're working on just getting better you might just want to
    bomb these guys when you first meet them. Later when theres more of them you
    can't do the first strategy anymore so you may have to hold your ship as you
    cut a swath to the next quadrant of the playing field only to rush through
    before it closes up. You will have to learn later on that you cannot stop
    every time for these guys. For instance, when Seekers, Greens and Purples all
    warp in with a Random Warp while these guys are spawning in the hundreds in
    each corner.  Theres not much time for sitting around and you will have to
    wade through them or bomb them to survive. Oh yes, and the reason they're my
    favorite enemy? Your multiplier can skyrocket with them. I recieved my 10X
    multiplier around 550,000 when these guys started early one game. Normally
    takes to 700,000 or so.  Thats a huge score boost, in case you're wondering.
      Blue Jacks Info-
      Speed:        3
      Point Value:  10
    2.2  Black Holes
    Black Holes start as orange circles on the playing field and if you don't do
    anything to them, they will just sit there forever.  Once you shoot them
    though, they activate.  A Black Hole that is activated will pull all ships
    into it (including your ship) and push all shots away from it.  You must get
    rather close to a Black Hole to destory it.
    You might think this belongs in enemies.  But I would disagree.  If you learn
    how to use black holes you will have a much easier time reaching higher scores.
    If you blow up a Black Hole you get some points.  Theres more to it then that
    though. If you let the Black Hole absorb enemies until it blows up then it will
    unleash 15 projectiles. The projectiles are always worth the same amount of
    points. However there is a middle ground in there. If you wait until the Black
    Hole is almost ready to explode and then blast it back to its original level
    with a few well timed shots, it will be able to absorb even more enemies. Do
    that twice or more and it will net you the max amount of points when you
    destroy it.
    Keep your distance when you're trying to destroy a Black Hole. The heavier
    shots are better for taking it out, but whichever gun you have is what you have
    to use. Another nice part of Black Holes is their ability to take the heat off
    of you. When you are circling the playing field looking for a way out of the
    massive amounts of enemies the game is throwing at you, sometimes it is in your
    interests to activate a Black Hole that you have just passed. All your enemies
    get sucked in, and you get a little breathing room. After it absorbs the ships
    chasing you, rush in and blow it up.  
    One of the main dangers of Black Holes is the speed advantage it gives enemies.
    Seekers have the ability to just barely miss the activated Black Hole and
    instead pick up insane amounts of speed from being slingshot around it.
    Its always a good idea to stay far away from Black Holes, activated or
      Black Hole Info-
      Speed:            N/A
      Turning:          N/A
      Point Value:      Starts at 150, rises after absorbing enemies
      Max Point Value:  1500
      Black Hole Projectile Info
      Speed:            7
      Turning:          7
      Point Value:      50
     Chapter 3:  Training
    3.1 - The First Minute
    If you've looked at the achievements for the game then you know that Pacifism
    is one of them. No shooting for 60 seconds. Doesn't sound that hard, but its
    more difficult then you might think. However its also an amazing way to train.
    When you get up towards 1,000,000 points you'll be dodging in between gaps
    smaller then you think are possible. Dodging for the first 60 seconds is pretty
    easy at first but then the gaps get smaller and smaller and making split second
    decisions is the par for the course. After getting the pacifism achievement a
    couple times you're ready for the crazy later parts of the game.
    Another way to improve your skills in the first minute is improving your aim.
    Don't move for that first 60 seconds. Or around 3000 points if you're not
    counting. Just aim and destroy. You're going to need the aiming ability later.
    You might not think its that important.  Maybe you're right, but if you miss a
    shot later in the game, you're going to die. It helps quite a bit to know
    exactly where you're shooting.
    3.2 - The No-Bombs Method
    Its pretty simple. Don't use bombs. I have yet to get into a situation where I
    feel a bomb is the only way out. I will use them of course, but I always feel
    that I shouldn't have gotten myself in that situation. Not using bombs doesn't
    mean never use them. Whenever I do this method, I just wait until my last life
    to use them all. Obviously if you screw up you're dead, but it teaches you that
    you can always escape, no matter how crazy the scene on the screen is.
    3.3 - The No-Lives Method
    This method is a good trainer, but it also is the best way to get a high score.
    Obviously the longer you stay alive the bigger your multiplier gets. Obviously
    you can play this as loose or as tight as you want. Use your bombs sparingly
    but a little bit more frequently then you normally would. It'll keep you alive
    longer and the score will go up and your multiplier will go up which will give
    you bombs faster which will allow you to live longer and... it just goes on and
     Chapter 4:  Achievements
    A quick note about achievements in this game, you must die completely after 
    recieving these achievements!  You cannot simply exit out of the game, it will
    not record your newly won achievements.
    4.1 - Score Achievements
    What the Achievement says is what you need to do.  Achieve scores of 100,000
    250,000 500,000 and 1,000,000 points.  The better you get the better you'll do.
    Not too hard to manage at least the first three.
    4.2 - Survival Achievements
    These Achievements are similar to the Score Achievements but you cannot die on
    your way up to those point totals.  You should be able to reach 100,000 after
    some practice without using any bombs at all.  Reaching the 1,000,000 point
    survival range may seem impossible.  All it takes is one amazing game though.
    4.3 - Quartermaster and Mad Cat Skillz
    Quatermaster and Mad Cat Skillz require you have 9 bombs (Quartermaster) and
    9 lives (Mad Cat Skillz) in RESERVE. You cannot just earn 9 bombs or lives,
    you must have 9 in reserve. Getting both in one game is rough (but definately
    not necessary).  Doing the No-Bomb and No-Lives training methods above almost
    guarantee them if you're good enough.
    The icons for these achievements show up incorrectly when you earn them.  They
    are correct in your achievements list however, so it works out.
    4.4 - Multitastic
    Multitastic is getting a 10X multiplier.  As I mentioned above, in section
    1.3d, getting a 10X multiplier would requiring destroying 2000 ships.  Once
    you reach this level of multiplier your points should be skyrocketing.  You
    just need to stay alive to get the full use out of it.
    4.5 - Pacifism
    A simple achievement to unlock. Just don't shoot or use bombs for 60 seconds.
    Thats all. Having a friend time you is nice, but it also dings when you gain
    an achievement in the game, so wait until the ding and then go for broke. You
    must finish the game by dying, you cannot just exit out after getting this.
     Chapter 5:  Advanced Techniques and Helpful Hints
    These are only techniques that I have found useful. They are just my opinions,
    they have not been tested for millions of hours and they won't guarantee that
    you get one million points or any at all. That disclaimer being said, if they
    are not working, its probably just you. Sorry. Go practice so you can feel
    better about yourself.
    Don't have a section for this yet, but I will put it right here at the
    beginning. When moving try NOT to move in a straight line. The main reason for
    doing this is to dodge the Purple Spawns (NOT the Spawners). Since they move in
    circular patterns if you weave back and forth (think Drunken Ship Flying 101)
    while still flying in the same general direction more often then not the ships
    will be trying to hit where you would've ended up a quarter second ago and miss
    you within a very uncomfortable distance. It will seem hard, but the games
    where I remember to keep moving in a weave make I get much further. This
    movement pattern is most useful after 1,000,000; before that its just a little
    easier to get by.
    5.1 - Blink Breaks
    This is an absorbing, addicting game. Some people might have a problem holding
    focus for the long periods of time that it takes to get to 1,000,000 points (or
    12.4 million... man) Well good news! There are various parts in the game, and
    you'll know them when you see them, that I call Blink Breaks. Sounds stupid I
    know, but there will be parts of the game where there is one enemy left on the
    screen, if you leave him for a second or two, no more enemies will warp in. If
    you need to pause or even blink (if you play without blinking like I do
    {Clarification: I blink one eye at a time. Its useful.}) at this point its the
    best time. This doesn't mean that the single ship will prevent enemies from
    coming in, but if you destroy this last ship (or Black Hole) then the ships
    will warp in instantly, whereas if you waited, they will just eventually warp
    in. This is only true under 1,000,000 points. After that the warp patterns 
    really don't give you much of a break.
    5.2 - Common Warp Patterns
    5.2a - Random Warps
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Simple really, the regular warping that occurs throughout the game. Enemies
    warp in where they please and in whatever order they want. Kill 'em all!
    5.2b - Four Corners Warp
    - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Simple to begin with but incredibly complicated later on, this warp consists of
    two different types of spawns. The first type is all of one enemy. This is the
    first major warp you will encounter. A low amount of enemies (all of one type)
    will warp in at all four corners. The same amount of enemies will spawn in
    every corner.  Most enemies will fit in this type of spawn. The only ones that
    do not participate in this warp pattern are Windmills and Clone Ships. As your
    score goes up the amount of enemies that spawn increases dramatically. Another
    thing to worry about is the crazy spawn patterns that emerge from this one.
    Further in (above 1,000,000 or so) the enemies will not only be coming from the
    corners in massive numbers, but they will also be spawning in random places by
    themselves all over the field.
    The second type of this warp is the multi warp. This involves a preset pattern
    of a Purple Spawner, a Green Scare, a Blue Seeker and a Black Hole. This
    pattern also can be scaled up indefinately until you are facing the pattern
    times 10 (and it may get higher as well). No matter how many enemies spawn
    however, you will only get one Black Hole per corner.
    There are two ways to deal with the Four Corners Warp. The first is most
    useful whenever no Purple Spawners warp in. The best way to handle the pattern
    is to remove a corner completely. Open fire while staying very close to that
    corner until enemies stop spawning. Then take the remainder of the enemies out
    with the room you freed up.  The second way of clearing this is a bit more
    complicated.  When the enemies spawn you should be near the center of the
    screen.  Moving either up or down (wherever you have more room) shoot to your
    left or right (choose one) and once that corner is freed of Purple Spawners
    begin circling the field and shooting, behind you mostly, to destroy the rest.
    Now these stragedies are mostly for the first 1,000,000 points, because after
    that point the spawns grow crazy and you will have to make your own way out of
    the spawns by yourself.
    5.2c - Ambush Warp
    - - - - - - - - - 
    This warp is also easy to begin with, but it quickly gets complicated. Its an
    ambush!  There are two different types of this warp too. However the second
    type is Purple Spawners only. This warp simply includes a single type of enemy
    (at first at least) spawning in a circle around you. Everything except Black
    Holes, Clone Ships and Windmills follow this pattern (and Purple Spawners, but
    I'll get to them!). The easiest way out of this pattern is blowing a hole out
    to freedom. Choose a direction and clear a path.  Choose quickly and make sure
    it's towards the center. Simply circle back around and obliterate the
    remaining enemies from the outside of their failed ambush.
    The second type of this warp is not really a different type, just a bit off.
    Only Purple Spawners will warp in, and only from 8 points around you.  Like
    a stop sign outline more or less. Except purple... yeah. Anyway, the four
    cardinal directions (N,S,E,W or up, down, left and right) spawn two a piece,
    while the other 4 directions (the diagonals) spawn only a single Purple
    Spawner. In the beginning aim for one of the diagonals and you should be
    fine getting out. Now this warp can eventually grow to include more points
    around you until you are completely surrounded.  Blast a way out and blow 
    'em all away.
    A final note on this warp is the danger it puts you in when you're on the wall.
    It normally isn't a problem because the easier enemies give you warning when
    they are warping in. They will flash for a half-second then warp in. BUT! The
    Sidewinders do not give you this advantage! They appear instantly. Since they
    normally spawn directly above and next to you, if you are against a wall they
    will spawn on top of you without warning! I've lost many lives when I
    simply stopped paying attention to how close to the wall I was. Give yourself
    a little room at all times and you should be fine.
    5.3 - Black Hole Techniques
    There are a few good tactics for dealing with Black Holes. The most suicidal
    I will save for further along. The easy ones go first.
    First up is multiple Black Holes. With just one activated Black Hole the
    field around it is the weakest. It doesn't pull in enemies that strongly and
    repels your shots pretty effectively. So let it suck another activated one
    towards it. Once they start spiraling around one another, the absorbtion rate
    is much greater. Another added benefit of that is that if you shoot at them,
    your shots are guaranteed to hit one of the two. Try it out, you will
    definately hit one of them. Now if you add a third one it gets even better.
    When the third one is added you will start to definately feel the pull, it will
    be much more difficult to escape it easily and enemies will fly directly into
    the Black Holes. It gets stronger and stronger the more Black Holes you get 
    involved until you will NOT be able to escape them.
    The most Black Holes I've had is five circling and it gets rather difficult to
    handle. The good part is they are fairly easy to destroy because the Black Hole
    you are shooting at will repel your shots directly into another one. Getting
    multiple Black Holes setup is a good tactic to use and, although it doesn't net
    you that many points, it helps keep the screen a little bit cleaner.
    One of the strange little quirks/advantages of Black Holes is the patterns they
    force enemies into. For instance, if you have a small activated Black Hole
    (hasn't sucked anything up yet but has been shot) it will pull most enemies
    into it, but instead of getting sucked in and destroyed, they will circle it
    indefinately, still vainly trying to reach you. This can include upwards of
    50 enemies if you let it go long enough. The advantage this provides you is
    it makes a very easy target. Simply aim in the direction of the Black Hole and
    your shots will slide around the Black Hole and destroy all of the ships in a
    few quick seconds. Just another one of the reasons I enjoy keeping Black Holes
    Another very useful (and mildly suicidal) tactic to use against Black Holes is
    charging them. This tactic is more useful the further you get in points.
    While passing near a Black Hole (activated or not) and surrounded by enemies
    aim directly at it with both your shots and your ship. The explosions from the
    shots colliding with the Black Hole will push back the enemies surrounding it
    and you will have a bit more space to maneuver. Its a difficult tactic to pull
    off easily and theres always the possiblity that you'll collide with the Black
    Hole instead of destroying it and die in a technicolor explosion. But thats
    always a possibility, so no problems there. Just make sure you aim directly at
    the center of the Black Hole with your shots and fly at least in the general
    direction of it so your shots have enough speed to penetrate its repusler
    5.4 - Shot Techniques
    Each of the two main guns you recieve have different ways of using them. You
    can't just keep using them the same and expect to make it very far.
    5.4a - Heavy Shot Techniques
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This is a heavy gun, it distorts the grid with its passing and makes life
    rough for Black Holes and crowds of enemies. The best way to use this gun is a
    tiny variation of fire as you fly. Just rotate the stick a few degrees in
    either direction continuously and your shots will be able to destroy quite a
    bit more then before.
    This gun is less affected by the Black Hole repulsor field (and the Clone
    Ship one as well {Not tested, otherwise a good idea charging them with this
    gun}). The gun just gives a bit more distance when destroying a Black Hole.
    Not that useful the higher you get in score, but for the first million or so,
    its not a bad thing.
    Another good thing about this gun that is useful much higher in the game is
    its ability to tear through a crowd. Its regular spread combined with its
    weight make crowd control an exercise in simplicity. Try getting a group of
    Seekers behind you and turning around and opening fire with this gun, don't
    even move, just turn and fire. It should rip straight through them and its
    wide enough to catch probably the whole group.
    5.4b - Spray Shot Techniques
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This gun is my preferred and rather useful overall. The best way to use this
    gun is a shower of shots in a direction, rather then a focused spray. Now
    if you are clearing a corner or cutting through a line of enemies, don't bother
    showering shots, just keep up the slaughter and get to freedom. When I say
    shower of shots, I mean move the control stick in a much wider arc then with
    the heavy shots, maybe as much as 30 degrees each direction. It will tear
    through the enemies pretty easily and give you a lot of room to work with.
    Having this gun makes charging Black Holes a lot easier. The speed of the shots
    combined with how close you are to the Black Hole while charging properly make
    it rather easy to survive the charge.
    This gun can be useful for crowds, but mostly crowds of small or slow enemies,
    such as Blue Seekers and Blue Jacks. This gun is actually great for dealing
    with the Blue Seekers because they're too big to be missed.  While taking on
    or slicing through a group of Blue Jacks this gun can sometimes miss a tiny
    Jack in the middle of it all and that'll be the end of your ship. Just make
    sure you are focused while charging through enemy lines with this gun and you
    should survive.
     Chapter 6:  Final Thoughts
    This game is fun, addicting and overall, crazy. I wished it had been included
    for free with PGR 3 like it was supposed to. A lot of people point out to me
    that "the game is in PGR 3 though, its right in your garage!" Thats true, but
    until you purchase the real version, the Evolved Version is simply a 4 minute
    demo. I heard before the 360 was released that the game was to be included in
    PGR 3 for free. But that was probably just bad rumors I heard. I would have
    gladly paid upwards of 30 dollars for this game. I love XBox Live Arcade.
    I love to play this game with a custom punk/fast rock soundtrack. It helps keep
    me from losing focus and pumps the adrenaline up the entire game. Maybe you'd
    prefer slow jazz or trance music to offset the craziness on the screen. Thank
    you Microsoft for custom soundtracks!
    You won't be amazing at this game overnight, and you might just suck at it
    forever. Sorry, it's true. Keep practicing and you should get better as time
    goes on. I used to play the original Geometry Wars on PGR 2 and I got up to
    1,000,000 points on that one too. So it takes a lot of practice to be great at
    it. They are great games and I recommend playing the old one a bit when you're
    Have fun and I hope this guide was helpful to you.
    Email: jeff AT bergmanusa DOT com
    XBox Live Gamertag: Byrdpire
    Please don't email just to ask for helpful hints, read the guide. If you need
    clarification, then thats an okay reason to email me, but everything I know is,
    or will be, written here.
     Last But Not Least:  Legal Notes
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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