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"This lighthearted tycoon game is definitely surprising."

Outpost Kaloki X is one of the better Xbox Live arcade games. If you have a spare 900 points lying around, or are in the market for a new arcade game, get this one if you love tycoon or strategy games.

The story is always changing with only one string of continuity, with multiple stories for the multiple modes. The only constant is that it revolves directly around the gameplay. In the adventure mode you start off as a new station manager, which makes the first few levels serve as a tutorial. As you learn the ropes you meet the bosses daughter, who quickly falls for you. During your station managing, she gets herself kidnapped and its up to you to save her. Of course, you're still new to the job, so you manage to screw up along the way, forcing you to work even harder in pursuit of her.

The gameplay is like that of most tycoon or simulation games, but less in-depth which can be expected for how much you purchased it for. You are the station manager for different docking planets, and its up to you to use those docks to build shops, research facilities, nature habitats, social parlors and other structures and of course the power facilities to power it all. Of course all simulation games have the technological trees that you have to follow if you want the more expensive, more profitable goodies. As with most tycoon games its up to you to manage your buildings along with your resources to get as rich as you can. Its not just about money however, you'll have set goals and more importantly, a set time limit. It's the clock you'll have to worry about if you want to finish on top. The game play was meant to be a wacky little tycoon game with limited depth and with that in mind, it is one of the most engrossing. The mechanics are easy enough to grasp for even the most inexperienced tycoon gamers. One of the drawbacks about the game is that about halfway through the game, the building can get repetitive. Its not enough to keep you from playing further but enough that you start to speed through the levels just to finish.

The graphics are meant to be cartoony and fun, and they fill that purpose exceptionally well. The aliens are amusing in their appearance and the environment is vivid and seem as if they were pulled from a childrens storybook. They are still arcade style graphics so they are not perfect by any means. From an overhead view the planet looks rather good, detailed and colorful, but when you go in closer the ships edges are jagged and their movements jerky. The sound suits the environment perfectly, lighthearted and upbeat. The ka-ching of your registers as you rake in the money does overshadow the music, but it just serves to further immerse the player.

The replay ability of the game is limited, as I said the rebuilding as you start a new level does get to be a bit repetitive, but it also increases your skill, making you faster and more efficient. Combined with the fact that you're racing against the clock to be the fastest player on the Xbox Live leader boards, it leaves itself open to endless amounts of replays. Right now though, the timing is broken for the later levels, but hopefully Ninjabee will be able to patch the bug up for those wishing to go head to head with other players. There are also expansions you can purchase from the market place to add more levels and scenarios for your game, however these do cost 100 points a piece.

I'd say that if you're a fan of tycoon games that you have to give the game a try. Due to the fact its depth is too shallow compared to real tycoon games, I wouldn't recommend a blind buy, download the demo first and then decide if its for you or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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