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"First Round Knock-Out"

This game has made a great transition from Play Station 2 to X Box 360. It's hard to tell any differences, if any.

Play this game from being a novice, to being an expert. I started with no skills, and became awesome. You can train your character the way you want your boxer brought up. Be powerful. Be fast. Have heart, and a lot of it! Take your pick - or try and get 'em all up there. Playing at REAL venue's was amazing - Like I was there myself. This game was addicting since I first picked it up.

You can play through career and become the World Heavy Weight! Or play Hard Hits, which is an Iron-man fight. No Time limit, the round ends when someone is knocked down, and the match only ends if a fighter can not get back to his feet.

In Career mode, you get a rival - which is spectacular. Each and every commentary has something witty and great to say about the match ups between the characters. Great up to date voicing allows me to believe, I'm actually there, fighting.

Moving around in the ring is quite simple, which makes it that much better to play. I had no problem adjusting to this boxing game - and then Knocking Out Ali! Each and every Legendary fighter has his signature punch from real life, as well as his real boxing attire. Relive a historical boxing match, or play one of your own. Finish the game out, and you'll be one yourself!

Once you hit someone into a possible knock out, the screen goes blurry, and slows down...You can hear the heart beats...The anticipation just grows.. You can't help but try your hardest to go for the sweetest knockout possible. An upper-cut? A quick Jab? What about a Hay Maker? Make your pick - and deliver it.

The details of the replay are un-canning. Being able to hear the bones crunching, gory, yet completely needed. This little addition makes each knock out, seem THAT much better. This game does provide blood - but not to much. It's great watching your opponent start bleeding DURING the fight, instead of other games where you don't see them bleed until the new scene's reload.

Replay value of this game has the potential to be extremely high, depending on your passion for boxing games. I myself, am a Rocky fan, and this game hits the spot. The ability to re-create Rocky, and play as him is unbelievable. A dream come true, if you will.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/09

Game Release: Fight Night Round 3 (US, 02/20/06)

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