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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Created 8-25-2007
                                     Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction.........................................[INDN]
    2. Version History......................................[VSHY]
    3. Arsenal..............................................[ASNL]
          A. Weapons........................................[WPNS]
          B. Plasmids.......................................[PSMD]
    4. Tonics...............................................[TNCS]
          A. Combat.........................................[CBTN]
          B. Engineering....................................[EGTN]
          C. Physical.......................................[PSTN]
    5. Machines.............................................[MCHS]
          A. Hacking........................................[HCKG]
          B. Health Station.................................[HSTN]
          C. Vending Machines...............................[VDMC]
          D. Ammo Banditos..................................[AMBD]
          E. Gatherer Gardens...............................[GTGD]
          F. Gene Banks.....................................[GNBK]
          G. Power to the People............................[PTPP]
          H. U-Invent.......................................[UINV]
          I. Vita-chamber...................................[VTCB]
    6. Walkthrough..........................................[WLKT]
          A. Welcome to Rapture.............................[WLRP]
          B. Medical Pavillion..............................[MDPV]
          C. Neptune's Bounty...............................[NPBY]
          D. Smuggler's Hideout.............................[SMHD]
          E. Arcadia........................................[ARDA]
          F. Farmer's Market................................[FRMM]
          G. Fort Frolic....................................[FTFC]
          H. Hephaestus.....................................[HPST]
          I. Rapture Central Control........................[RCCL]
          J. Olympus Heights................................[OLHT]
          K. Apollo's Square................................[APSQ]
          L. Point Prometheus...............................[PTPM]
          M. Proving Grounds................................[PRGR]
          N. The Final Battle...............................[FNBT]
    7. Audio Diaries........................................[ADDR]
          A. Welcome to Rapture.............................[ADWR]
          B. Medical Pavillion..............................[ADPV]
          C. Neptune's Bounty...............................[ADNB]
          D. Smuggler's Hideout.............................[ADSH]
          E. Arcadia........................................[ADAC]
          F. Farmer's Market................................[ADFM]
          G. Fort Frolic....................................[ADFF]
          H. Hephaestus.....................................[ADHP]
          I. Rapture Central Control........................[ADRC]
          J. Olympus Heights................................[ADOH]
          K. Apollo's Square................................[ADAQ]
          L. Point Promethus................................[ADPP]
    8. Snacks and Medicinals................................[SNMD]
    9. Research.............................................[RSRH]
    10. General/Misc Tips...................................[GMCT]
    11. Achievements........................................[ACVS]
    12. Legalities..........................................[LGLS]
    1. Introduction                                                        [INDN]
    This guide is NOT SPOILER FREE. As with all my guides though, the spoilers do
    not appear in the walkthrough until the spoilable material appears in the 
    game. I assume that since you are referencing a guide you have reached a 
    certain point in the game and thus are ready to have the information discussed.
    Also my goal in writing a guide is to present a method of achieving the 
    primary goal, beating the game. Are there better methods? Possibly, but be sure
    that the methods below work and they work rather well. This guide is also based
    on the medium difficulty. 
    In order to prevent too much repetition each individual enemy's defeat will not
    be discussed in detail. If you encounter a Splicer be sure to try and kill it.
    What I've found from playing the game is that the enemies are generally in the
    same places but sometimes a new one will spawn where there wasn't one 
    previously. Also, an attempt is being made to provide a description of the 
    location of some of the hidden items in the game (tonics, audio diaries). 
    Hopefully, they will all be found and the corresponding achievements obtain but
    as the guide proceeds its difficult to know for sure if everything that could 
    be found has been found. Any item known to be missing will be searched for and 
    added at some point.
    Bioshock is a wonderful experience. ENJOY!
    2. Version History                                                     [VSHY]
    Version 0.1 (Submitted 8-26-2007)
    -Walk-through to Smuggler's Hideout
    -Sections for Tonics, Machines, Weapons, Plasmisds, Achievements began
    Version 0.75 (Submitted 8-30-2007)
    -Walkthrough complete up to Olympus Heights
    -Other sections refined but still need work
    Version 0.95 (Submitted 9-4-2007)
    -Walkthrough complete
    -Audio Diary locations complete
    Version 0.98 (Submitted 9-4-2007)
    -Arsenal section reformatted
    -Tonics section reformated
    -Achievement list completed
    -Some General/Misc Tips added
    -Machines section completed
    Version 0.99 (Submitted 9-6-2007)
    -Weapons section completed
    -Plasmids and Tonics Alphabetized
    -Pasmids and tonics almost finished
    Version 1.0 (Submitted 9-8-2007)
    -Guide complete
    -Spelling errors corrected (probably not 100%)
    -More tips and additions possible in the future
    3. Arsenal                                                             [ASNL]
    The weapons in the game are, of course, a primary way to defeat the enemies. 
    They include the traditional arms of most shooters. They are obtained in
    several ways, just find them, defeat enemies carrying the weapon, provided by
    performing a particular portion of the game etc. RT is used to utilize the
    weapon and RB cycles through the different ones you have, therefore all your 
    weapons are available at any time. Each weapon (except the wrench) can be 
    upgraded twice at Power to the People Machines. Additionally, all the weapons
    that require ammo have 3 types of ammo (a standard and 2 special). Though you
    only start with a wrench, the other weapons are easily found by playing through
    the game. No real extensive exploration of Rapture is required.
    Plasmids change your DNA and provide specific powers. The use of these powers
    requires EVE. If no EVE is available the plasmid is useless. Fortunately, EVE
    is availble in a hypodermic syringe that can be carried by the main character.
    The first few plasmids are free. They are found during gameplay. The others are
    obtained via purchase using ADAM at a Gatherer's Garden or through a gift from
    Tenebaum for rescuing Little Sisters. They are very helpful and add a unique 
    gameplay mechanic to this first person shooter.
    A. Weapons                                                             [WPNS]
    W: Weapon
    U: Upgrades
    BA: Base Ammo
    AA: Advanced Ammo
    IA: Inventable Ammo
    A: Analysis
    W: Wrench
    U: There are combat and physical tonics that increases its effectiveness
    BA: Not applicable
    AA: Not applicable
    IA: Not applicable
    A: The wrench is a good melee weapon. For the majority of the game it was my
       weapon of choice against most splicers. Numerous enemies can be instantly
       killed by first stunning them with Electric Bolt and then knocking them in
       the head with the wrench.
    W:  Pistol
    U:  Pistol Clip Size quadruples the clip size
        Pistol Damage increase
    BA: .38 Caliber rounds
    AA: .38 Caliber armor piercing rounds
    IA: .38 Caliber antipersonnel rounds
    A:  It is the first fire arm received. The upgrades make it considerably more
        useful. The problem though is the Pistol is probably one of the last 
        weapons you will want to upgrade. Its utility is minimal when all the 
        weapons are found and you have plenty of ammo. The armor piercing rounds
        will help against cameras that are too high to reach, but for the most
        part the cameras will be hacked instead of destroyed. The antipersonnel 
        rounds also provide additional fire power against splicers but other
        means of attack will take precedence over the Pistol.
    W:  Machine Gun
    U:  Machine Gun Damage increase
        Machine Gun Kickback Reduction
    BA: Machine Gun Rounds 
    AA: Anti Personnel Auto Rounds
    IA: Armor Piercing Auto Rounds
    A:  The clips are fairly large so you can unload a large number of bullets on
        your enemy. The difficult part is hitting the target with the majority of
        the rounds. it is probably the most difficult of BioShock's weapons to aim.
        Its most useful purpose is early in the game to take out a Big Daddy with
        anti-personnel rounds. Even using those though you will have to manuever
        well and use several first aid kits. It is a good weapon in instances where
        there is a group of Splicers in the distance. 
    W:  Shotgun
    U:  Shotgun Rate of Fire
        Shotgun Damage increase
    BA: 00 Buck
    AA: Electric Buck
    IA: Exploding Buck
    A:  This was the weapon I used most frequently. The shotgun packs a good punch
        that will one shot kill many Splicers in close range. Electric Buck is one
        of the better alternate ammos in the game. It performs very well against 
        a Big Daddy. Not only will the Electric Buck damage the Little Sister 
        protector but it stuns them as well. This stun action prevents the Big
        Daddy from attacking. The first two opportunities to use Power to the 
        People machines were used on the shotgun. Try to keep several rounds 
        available for the shotgun at all times.
    W:  Grenade Launcher
    U:  Grenade Launcher Damage increase
        Grenade Launcher Damage Immunity (your grenades will not harm you)
    BA: Frag Grenade
    AA: Proximity Mines
    IA: Heat Seeking Rocket Propelled Grenades
    A:  The Damage Immunity upgrade greatly increases the usefulness of the grenade
        launcher. Too many times before the upgrade you will fire a frag grenade
        and receive collateral damage. Proximity mines are a wonderful way to 
        protect your back when exploring areas. They also come in very handy during
        the only escort mission late in the game.
    W:  Chemical Thrower
    U:  Chemical Thrower Consumption Rate (decreases consumption rate)
        Chemical Thrower Range (increases range)
    BA: Napalm
    AA: Liquid Nitrogen
    IA: Electric Gel
    A:  The chemical thrower suffers from having its ammo types all available as
        plasmids. A fire, cold, and electric plasmid already exits. The plasmid
        counterparts for each ammo type is more likely to be used than loading 
        the chemical thrower. The one thing that saves this weapon is the use of 
        the electric gel against a Big Daddy. Unloading one cannister of electric
        gel on a Rosie or Bouncer has to be the easiest way to kill these giants.
        For this purpose the consumption rate upgrade is more important than the
        increased range. The Big Daddy won't attack until he is provoked, so you 
        can get close. Additionally, it will not be able to move due to the 
        stunning effect of the electric current.
    W:  Crossbow
    U:  Crossbow Breakage Chance (reduced chance of bolts breaking on impact)
        Crossbow Damage increase
    BA: Standard Bolt
    AA: Incendiary Bolt
    IA: Trap Bolt
    A:  The ammo for the crossbow is similar to the shotgun in that each one is 
        very useful. There is a little more of a delay with firing the crossbow
        at several enemies so it is best used at a distance or against single 
        opponents. The trap bolt ammo, similar to the proximity mine, is a good 
        way to protect your back while exploring. It is unlikely to kill an enemy
        sneaking up on you but will alert you to the Splicer's presence and stun
        them long enough for you to wage your own attack. 
    W:  Research Camera
    U:  Increased research damage and score Tonics
    BA: Film
    AA: Not Applicable
    IA: Not Applicable
    A:  Though it really is not a weapon it is very useful for damage purposes.  
        Taking lots of pictures of every enemy type will make the game even easier.
        Increasing the research perfromed will add bonuses to damage and provide 
        you with tonics that would otherwise not be acquired. The drawback is that
        you will likely take a small amount of damage from the enemy whose photo
        is being taken. This can be avoided by taking pictures of dead enemies but
        the process takes much longer than photographing live enemies.
    B. Plasmids                                                             [PSMD]
    P: Plasmid name
    D: Description
    U: Upgrades
    O: Obtained
    A: Analysis
    P: Cyclone
    D: Launches Splicers into the air and hurls them badly on the way down
    U: Cyclone 2
    O: Cyclone Purchase at Gatherer's Garden  
       Cyclone 2 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden 
    A: A nice protective plasmid. Placing a cyclone is just like rigging up a trap
       in the floor. The trap can be set then you can have some Splicers chase you
       to set it or just set the trap in the general area they are patrolling.
    P: Electro Bolt
    D: An electrical attack that stuns
    U: Electro Bolt 2, Electro Bolt 3, the damage and stun effect is greater
    O: Electro Bolt first Gatherer's garden at no charge
       Electro Bolt 2 Purchase at Gatherer's garden
       Electro Bolt 3 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden   
    A: It is the first plasmid obtained and may be the most useful one. It should 
       be among the plasmids you carry. Eectro Bolt can disable security cameras,
       turrets, and security bots so they can be more easily hacked. A few doors
       in the game can only be opened by supplying a jolt of electricity to the 
       control console that operates the door. Finally, its use in combat is very 
       effective as well. Any Splicer standing in water puts its life on the line 
       when you come strolling by with Electro Bolt equipped. Additionally, the 
       one-two combo Atlas mentions early in the game works well. Shock an enemy and
       whack it with the wrench while its stunned for extra damage. The biggest 
       drawback of Electo Bolt is that it drains a lot of EVE for each use.
    P: Enrage
    D: Enrages target causing it to attack someone other than you
    U: None
    O: Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: Works pretty well when confronted with a group of Splicers. The temporary
       ally doesn't do a terribly successful job at getting kills but it keeps 
       the numbers against you down and conserves some of your fire power. Make sure
       there is an enemy nearby though. Otherwise the Splicer will just continue 
       its attack on you. 
    P: Hypnotize Big Daddy 
    D: Causes a Big Daddy to protect you 
    U: Hypnotize Big Daddy 2
    O: Hypnotize Big Daddy Tenenbaum's First gift after rescuing 3 Little Sisters
       Hypontize Big Daddy 2 Rescue all the Little Sister up to and including 1 in
                             Fort Frolic and it will be in Tenenbaum's gift
    A: There is nothing better than entering a room of Splicers with a Big Daddy
       on your side. Hitting one of them with this plasmid makes them follow you
       and fight anyone that fights you. This plasmid uses a great deal of EVE but
       is worth using in areas with lots of Splicers, especially if you are a 
       little low on ammo.
    P: Incinerate
    D: A fire attack
    U: Incinerate 2, Incinerate 3
    O: Incinerate Up the stairs in the Eternal Flame of Medical Pavilion
       Incinerate 2 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden 
       Incinerate 3 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: Incinerate is a must have. In fact you can't progress in the game until you
       find it in the Medical Pavilion. It provides good damage upon impact and 
       continues to do damage while the Splicer is on fire. Additionally, there
       are numerous areas where there is flammable liquid on the floor that can 
       be ignited to provide a barrier that will set enemies on fire if they pass
       through. This plasmid also works pretty well on a Big Daddy.
    P: Insect Swarm
    D: Inflict damage by throwing a swarm of bees at your enemy
    U: Insect Swarm 2, Insect Swarm 3
    O: Insect Swarm Purchase at Gatherer's Garden 
       Insect Swarm 2 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden 
       Insect Swarm 3 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden 
    A: The best part of using Insect Swarm is the stopping effect it has on the
       Splicers. They stop in their tracks and attempt to swat away the bees
       allowing you to unleash all the fury of your favorite weapon on them.
    P: Security Bullseye
    D: Marks enemies for attacks by cameras and turrets
    U: None
    O: Falls out of a broken Gatherer's Garden after obtaining the Research Camera
    A: After picking up this plasmid and placing it in a slot to try it out, I 
       didn't use it the rest of the game. It works well as long as security is
       near but the same effect can be obtained from hacking the devices. The only
       difference is the camera will will send security bots on sight as opposed to
       after a few seconds.
    P: Targeting Dummy
    D: Creates a decoy that draws attacks away from you
    U: None
    O: Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: The decoy works really well. The enemies will continue to attack until you
       make yourself known. It can draw attention away from you while you are low
       on health and allow you to implement some more sneak attacks.
    P: Telekinesis
    D: Pulls objects to you then hurls it . Also useful for holding objects as a
       shield or grabbing objects out of reach
    U: None
    O: Dandy Dental in the Medical Pavilion
    A: A really good plasmid that should be equipped. Any object (even Big Daddy
       corpses) in Rapture that is moveable can be used as a weapon. The tanks and
       barrels do lots of damage when thrown. Additionally, it can draw object that
       otherwise would be inaccessible to you.
    P: Winter Blast
    D: A freezing ice attack
    U: Winter Blast 2, Winter Blast 3
    O: Winter Blast Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
       Winter Blast 2 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
       Winter Blast 3 Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: This cold attack does exactly what you would expect. It freezes enemies in
       their tracks. This can be used just to buy some time against multiple 
       enemies or to shatter the frozen Splicer. The drawback from shattering the
       Splicer is there will be no corpse to search for loot.
    Oldschool's Ranking of Plasmids
    1. Electro Bolt
    2. Telekinesis
    3. Incinerate
    4. Hypnotize Big Daddy
    5. Insect Swarm
    6. Winter Blast
    7. Cyclone
    8. Targeting Dummy
    9. Enrage
    10. Security Bullseye
    4. Tonics                                                              [TNCS]
    Tonics upgrade your characters abilities. These upgrades are not active in the
    sense that the only thing required to use them is place the upgrade in a Gene
    Tonic Slot. There are three main types of Tonics: Combat, Engineering, and
    In the Tonic section the following abbreviations will be used 
    T= Tonic (the name of the tonic)
    D= Description (what the tonic does)
    L= Location (how you get the tonic)
    A= Analysis (brief analysis of the tonic)
    A. Combat                                                              [CBTN]
    T: Armored Shell
    D: Reduces all physical damage
    L: 20 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden
    A: One of the first tonics that can be purchased, Armored Shell helps reduce 
       the damage inflicted by your enemies. It is a good early purchase if you 
       have the ADAM and are willing to spend it on a useful tonic. By no means 
       is it crucial to survival but can be of assistance.
    T: Armored Shell 2 
    D: Greatly reduces all physical damage
    L: A gift from Tenebaum for saving Little Sisters
    A: A protective tonic that reduces damage. Not only will this help keep you 
       alive but will reduce the number of times first aid kits and health stations
       are used by reducing damage taken. It is a tonic that should be considered.
    T: Damage Research
    D: Increase damage bonuses gained from research
    L: Its in the small room with the EMP Bomb near Kyburz office in the Hephaestus
    A: I took lots of pictures in the game to max out the research levels. This 
       tonic helps to increase the damage bonuses acquired from the photos. If 
       using the camera is an integral part of BioShock for you then this tonic is
       a must equip.
    T: Damage Research 2
    D: Greatly increases damage bonuses gained from research
    L: In Point Prometheus its inside The Mendel Memorial Research Library 
    A: A good tonic but at this point in the game its not a priority tonic. Taking 
       pictures throughout has probably lead to maxing out the research for many
       of the enemies so you already have good bonuses for anyone you face.
    T: Electric Flesh
    D: You take less damage from electricity and deal more with it
    L: In the film room of Fort Frolic, its the room Cohen wants you to meet him in
       then refuses. You can enter the room at the end of the level.
    A: Similar to the Frozen Field tonics its not overly useful. There are other
       tonics to equip ahead of this one. At the time its obtained there are not
       many enemies that use electricity in their attacks. The real reason to 
       equip the tonic would be to increase the damage inflicted by the Static 
       Discharge tonic. If you have space and Static Discharge in a slot then 
       Electric Flesh becomes more valuable.
    T: Electric Flesh 2
    D: You take much less damage from electricity. You deal much more damage when
       you use electrical attacks
    L: Frank Fontaine's Apartment next to the 192 antidote
    A: The farther you advance in BioShock the slightly more important this tonic
       becomes. Similar to Frozen Field it should be equipped during the final 
       boss fight. In contrast though there will be more Splicers late in the game
       that use electricity with their attacks than use cold. Many of the Thuggish
       Splicers will use electric charged melee attacks. 
    T: Frozen Field
    D: You take less damage from cold and can freeze enemies when you hit them with
       the wrench
    L: Search Martin Finnegan's corpse after defeating him in Fort Frolic
    A: There are few enemies that actually use cold as an attack. Additionally, the
       freezing of enemies renders there corpses non existant after destruction. 
       The drestroyed frozen corpses are therefore unsearchable, so you will miss 
       out on many items and cash. Overall this plasmid is not very useful and 
       should not be a priority.
    T: Frozen Field 2
    D: You take much less damage from cold and can freeze enemies when you hit them
       with the wrench
    L: Hephaestus in the small room to the right of the hall with the hanging 
    A: Just like Frozen Field this is not a highly useful tonic. The only time 
       which you want to use this is during the final boss battle to protect 
       against his cold attacks.
    T: Human Inferno
    D: You take less damage from fire and inflict more damage when you use fire
    L: 20 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden
    A: Of the tonics that improve defense against elements, Human Inferno is the
       most useful. Fire damage is more prevelant than cold or electricity. That 
       said its worth a purchase but debatable if a tonic slot should be used with
       inferno at all times.
    T: Human Inferno 2
    D: You take much less damage from fire and inflict a lot more damage when you
       use fire
    L: Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: This upgrade becomes avaiable for purchase very late in the game. If you have
       extra ADAM you can consider purchasing it for the final boss battle. The 
       protection is good but the value of the tonic relies more on the frequency
       in which the Incinerate plasmid is used. If Ininerate is a primary attack
       plasmid then Human Inferno 2 is a good buy.
    T: Photographer's Eye
    D: Increases research from taking pictures
    L: Bottom floor of the winery in the Farmer's Market
    A: It is helpful for the period of time you are taking pictures. This plasmid
       allows you to obtain the bonuses from finishing the research levels quicker.
       Many of the bonuses are very good. If a focus is going to be applied to 
       performing lots of research Photographer's Eye should be an equipped tonic.
       The only problem is that its possible to obtain the upgraded version before
       this initial version.
    T: Photographer's Eye 2
    D: Greatly increases research scores from taking pictures
    L: Complete the second level of research for Rosie
    A: Photographer's Eye 2 can be and likely will be obtained before 
       Photographer's Eye, especially if you regularly take pictures. There will be
       enough Rosies to photograph before reaching the initial plasmid. If you are
       going to be taking pictures to get the research bonuses then definitely 
       equip this tonic.
    T: Static Discharge
    D: You emit a burst of electricity when struck damaging all around you
    L: The floor of the Surgical wing of the Medical Pavilion in the hall where
       Dr. Steinman is first seen
    A: Static Discharge is a very protective tonic. Numerous times in BioShock you
       will be surprised by a Splicer not seen. When they hit you with a melee 
       attack they will be shocked and stunned as if you used Electro Bolt on them.
    T: Static Discharge 2
    D: You emit a huge burst of electricity when struck
    L: Complete the fourth level of research for Leadhead Splicers
    A: The upgrade is easy enough to obtain. There are lots of Leadhead Splicers
       to photograph so it can be used for a large portion of the game.
    T: Wrench Jockey
    D: Increases Wrench Damage
    L: Move through a vent in the Kure-All section of Medical Pavilion
    A: For my play style I found this tonic helpful. If you use the wrench alot
       it adds a good bit of extra damage.
    T: Wrench Jockey 2
    D: Greatly increase Wrench damage
    L: Complete the second level of research for Bouncer
    A: Even more damage than the original Wrench Jockey and can come early enough 
       to be an important upgrade.
    T: Wrench Lurker
    D: Quiets your footsteps and increases melee damage on unaware opponents
    L: 20 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden
    A: For those melee/wrench lovers out there its a must equip. 
    T: Wrench Lurker 2
    D: Quiets your footsteps and greatly increases melee damage on unaware opponents
    L: Purchase at Gatherers Garden for 50 ADAM
    A: Again if the wrench is an important component of your offensive arsenal,
       Wrench Lurker will make it stronger. 
    Oldschool's Ranking of Combat Tonics (Once you have completed all the research
                                          Photographer's Eye and Damage Research 
                                          move down and everything else moves up)
    1. Photographer's Eye 
    2. Static Discharge
    3. Damage Research
    4. Armored Shell
    5. wrench Jockey
    6. Human Inferno
    7. Electric Flesh
    8. Wrech Lurker
    9. Frozen Field
    B. Engineering                                                          [EGTN]
    T: Alarm Expert
    D: 2 fewer alarms while hacking
    L: Balcony of Fleet Hall Theater in Fort Frolic
    A: A helpful tonic that makes hacking easier and less dangerous. Hitting an 
       alarm tile during a hack ends it and calls in security bots for a period of
    T: Alarm Expert 2
    D: 4 fewer alarm tiles when hacking
    L: Live Subject Testing Room of Optimized Eugenics near Voice Box
    A: A considerable improvement over Alarm Expert but from this point on the
       hacking that needs done is minimal. By this time you should be able to 
       get an auto hack tool any time you like from a U Invent machine and some
       of the research makes hacks instantaneous (no mini game necessary). 
    T: Clever Inventor
    D: Inventing items requires 1 fewer of each component (minimum 1)
    L: Suchong's Apartment in Mecucry Suites near an important audio diary
    A: Clever Inventor helps you gain the Avid Inventor achievement by lowering the
       item requirement. Its a decent tonic to have
    T: Focused Hacker
    D: 2 fewer overload tiles when hacking
    L: At the entrance to Fontaine's Fisheries after Peach lets you in
    A: While hacking may be easy at the time this tonic is acquired, it gets more
       difficult. As the game proceeds there will be more overload and alarm tiles
       to deal with. Having fewer tiles that stop a hack is of benefit.
    T: Focused Hacker 2
    D: 4 fewer overload tiles when hacking
    L: Inside Fontaine's Center for the Poor in Hestia Chambers during the Apollo's
       Square level 
    A: Not too impressive but still a good help for hacking if trouble exists.
    T: Hacking Expert
    D: 1 fewer alarm tile and 1 fewer overload tile while hacking
    L: On the desk just inside Langford's Lab after giving her the rose
    A: Any tonic that makes hacking easier is a decent tonic. The importance of the
       tonic relies on your ability to perform successful hacks. If hacking is 
       second nature Hacking Expert loses its usefulness.
    T: Hacking Expert 2
    D: 2 fewer alarm tiles and 2 fewer overload tiles when hacking
    L: Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: Same as the initial tonic but the upgrade takes a way 2 more tiles.
    T: Prolific Inventor
    D: Whenever you invent an item you get twice as many as normal
    L: A gift from Tenebaum for saving Little Sisters
    A: Prolific Inventor is a good tonic. With all the useless materials collected
       throughout the game its time to turn them into important ammo and autohack
    T: Safecracker
    D: Reduces difficulty when hacking safes and combo locks
    L: A gift from Tenenbaum for rescuing Little Sisters
    A: Safes and combo locks are not a prominent portion of BioShock. The safes do
       have some good items and can at times be more difficult to hack than other
       hackable items. The problem is that there are better Engineering tonics
       to equip and the bonuses from easier to hack safes does not out weigh the 
       other possible tonics. OVerall this is not a priority tonic.
    T: Safecracker 2
    D: Greatly reduces difficulty when hacking safes and combo locks
    L: In the Autopsy Room of the Little Wonders Educational Facility 
    A: Just as with Safecracker this tonic is not worth using for an engineering
       slot. It is even more true since this upgrade comes so late in the game.
    T: Security Expert
    D: Reduces the difficulty when hacking turrets, bots, and cameras
    L: Twilight Fields of Medical Pavilion level
    A: While hacking is not impossibly difficult any little bit that increases the
       likelihood of success is helpful. Its one of the first Engineering Tonics
       acquired and should take up an available slot for most of the time explored 
       in Rapture.
    T: Security Expert 2
    D: Greatly reduces difficult when hacking turrets, bots, and cameras
    L: Complete the second level of research for security bots
    A: Depending on how many alarms are triggered this tonic can be obtained very
       early in the game. Its a good upgrade since hacking is a fundamental 
       component of BioShock. 
    T: Shorten Alarms
    D: Reduces duration of camera alarms
    L: 20 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden
    A: I rarely triggered an alarm from a security camera, therefore this tonic had
       little use for me. It can be beneficial for the reduction of the alarm and
       could be equipped if there is an extra open slot. For the most part though
       this is a passable tonic.
    T: Shorten Alarms 2
    D: Greatly reduces duration of camera alarms
    L: Purchase at Gatherer's Garden
    A: If you don't trigger many alarms, this tonic is not worth taking a spot of 
       more useful choices.
    T: Speedy Hacker
    D: Reduces Flow Speed when hacking
    L: Painless Dental in the Medical Pavilion
    A: There is no reason not to have this tonic slotted in one of the engineering
       spaces. Hacking becomes common in Rapture and the reduction in flow speed
       helps to keep hacking a successful enterprise.
    T: Speedy Hacker 2
    D: Greatly reduces flow speed when hacking
    L: Purchase at a Gatherer's Garden
    A: Though there are less opportunities to hack from the point its obtainable,
       it is definitely worth exchanging with Speedy Hacker. It will make hacking
       easier and in case you haven't figured it out by now hacking is important in
    Oldschool's Ranking of Engineering Tonics
    1. Speedy Hacker
    2. Security Expert
    3. Prolific Inventor
    4. Clever Inventor
    5. Hacking Expert
    6. Focused Hacker
    7. Alarm Expert
    8. Safecracker
    9. Shorten Alarms
    C. Physical                                                             [PSTN]
    T: Bloodlust
    D: Gain Small amounts of Health and Eve when inflicting damage with the wrench 
    L: Invent 
    A: Blood Lust is not a bad tonic. The Wrench can be an important component of
       your offense. It also can decrease the need for first aid kits and EVE 
    T: Booze Hound
    D: Drinking alcohol restores a small amount of EVE rather than draining it
    L: Invent
    A: There is alchohol everywhere in the game but the EVE restoration is not
       enough to promote this tonic to a top tier. 
    T: EVE Link 
    D: First Aid Kits give you EVE
    L: 20 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden
    A: Its unlikely you will have EVE problems throughout the game. There are plenty
       of hypos to find and plenty of money to buy what you need. That said its a
       good bonus to be able to use a first aid kit to replenish health and have
       some EVE restored as well. Its not expensive and worth a purchase but if you
       can wait a little EVE Link 2 will be available soon.
    T: EVE Link 2
    D: First Aid kits give you a large amount of EVE
    L: Early in the Farmer's Market level
    A: This tonic has a good design. The importance of EVE rivals the importance of
       health. The game is much simpler if you have ample EVE. First Aid Kits will
       be used regularly anyway so you might as well supplement EVE as well.
    T: Extra Nutrition 
    D: You gain a little extra health from snacks and bandages
    L: 20 ADAM at a Gatherer's Garden
    A: If you are not going for the Tonic Collector achievement, this one is a pass.
       Snacks and bandages help with health but the amount supplied is minimal and
       not greatly increased with this tonic. The only reason to use ADAM on this
       tonic is to get the achievement points.
    T: Extra Nutrition 2
    D: Gain extra health from snacks and bandages
    L: Move down the stairs next to the neon More Items! Downstairs sign in Fort 
    A: Its a free tonic and is needed for the achievement but it should not even 
       be considered for insertion in a physical tonic slot.
    T: Extra Nutrition 3
    D: Gain a great deal of health from snacks and bandages
    L: Reach the fourth level of research on Spider Splicers
    A: Again, this is an easy tonic to acquire if you take pictures. Its usefulness
       is minimal and is not worth going out of your way to obtain. If you play like
       I did, you are taking pictures anyway so you will get this tonic regardless
       of its utility.
    T: Hacker's Delight
    D: Every time you hack something you gain a little health and EVE
    L: Use the furnace control to burn the corpse in Eternal Flame Crematorium 
       during the Medical Pavilion level
    A: One of the first tonics you find, it works very well. You will hack numerous
       times in the game and since hacking will be performed any way you might as
       well gain some health for your troubles.
    T: Hacker's Delight 2
    D: Every time you hack something you gain health and EVE
    L: Invent
    A: As the adventure in Rapture proceeds hacking becomes a little less crucial do
       to auto hack tools and instantaneous hacking obtained through research.
    T: Hacker's Delight 3
    D: Every time you hack something you gain a large amount of health and EVE
    L: Candidate Induction in Failsafe Armored Escorts area of Point Prometheus as
       you acquire the helmet
    A: A nice added bonus for hacking.
    T: Medical Expert
    D: First Aid kits give you slightly more health
    L: At the beginning of Neptune's Bounty in between the two docks 
    A: First Aid Kits are prominent, so its important to get as much value from 
       them as possible. The more health you can obtain from each kit the less 
       money spent on health and the more money available for ammo.
    T: Medical Expert 2
    D: First Aid kits give you more health
    L: Fort Frolic inside the glass case, Cohen opens the case at the end of the 
    A: Important upgrade.
    T: Medical Expert 3
    D: First Aid Kits give you much more health
    L: Suchong's Lab in Apollo Square
    A: Important upgrade.
    T: Natural Camouflage
    D: When standing still you become invisible
    L: Complete the second level of research for the Houdini Splicer
    A: Any tonic that makes you invisible to enemies has to be good.
    T: Scrounger
    D: When searching containers or corpses you can search again to get different
    L: Completing the second level of research on the Leadhead Slicer
    A: This tonic is easy to obtain and can provide lots of loot. While not crucial 
       to use can be a quality tonic to put in an "extra" slot.
    T: Security Evasion
    D: Security cameras and turrets take longer to see you
    L: Waterfall Grotto in Arcadia while in search for the Rose
    A: A very good tonic. A lot of cameras and turrets can be seen from a distance.
       Ocassionally, there will be one that surprises you. This tonic gives you a
       little more time to find the surprises.  
    T: Security Evasion 2
    D: Security cameras and turrets take much longer to see you
    L: Heat Loss Monitoring near a audio diary on the side opposite the vision
    A: Just as its predecessor, this tonic is good. It provides a little more time
       to notice cameras and turrets. With it equipped you will often be able to 
       walk right up to a camera and hack it before it even senses your presence.
    T: SportBoost
    D: Move and swing the wrench faster
    L: Complete the second level of research for Thuggish Splicer
    A: An easy to obtain tonic that helps make the wrench a more viable weapon 
       than without the tonic.
    T: SportBoost 2
    D: You move and swing the wrench much faster
    L: Complete the fourth level of research for Thuggish Splicer
    A: Keep taking snap shots and you can improve your wrench skills even more.
    Oldschool's Ranking of Physical Tonics
    1. Medical Expert
    2. Natural Cammo 
    3. EVE Link
    4. Security Evasion
    5. Hacker's Delight 
    6. Sports Boost
    7. Blood Lust 
    8. Scrounger
    9. Extra Nutrition
    10. Booze Hound
    5. Machines                                                            [MCHS]
    A. Hacking                                                             [HCKG]
    Hacking is a crucial component of the time spent in Rapture. Performing hacks
    will make the experience much simpler. Lots of devices can be hacked and 
    include: security bots, security cameras, turrets, vending machines, Health
    Stations, safes, key pads, and U Invent machines. Upon hacking the machines
    you wil have to pay less to get the same item you would get without the hack.
    Additionally, some items are only availabe at a particular machine after 
    hacking. Hacking a health station lowers the cost of using the device but also
    will inflict damage on any enemy attempting to use it. Finally hacking the
    security system (cameras, bots, turrets) will turn the system against your 
    The process of hacking invovles creating a continuous tube of pipe from a 
    starting point to an endpoint. If successful a flow of fluid will move through
    the tube resulting in a successful hack. To make things a little more difficult
    there are overload tiles and alarm tiles that will stop the hack. The if the 
    fluid hits the alarm tile security bots will be alerted. Proceeding through the
    game will provide several Engineering Tonics that will make hacking easier. 
    There is also an auto hack tool that will peform a successful hack without 
    attempting the puzzle mini-game.
    B. Health Station                                                      [HSTN]
    Health Stations replenish your health fully at a monetary cost. An unhacked
    station charges 16 dollars while one that has been hacked only requires 10
    dollars. Considering a first aid kit costs more and provides less HP 
    replinishment, these machines should be hacked and used as often as needed.
    Additionally, if the health station has been hacked any enemy that attempts to
    use the machine will have their health diminished.
    C. Vending Machines                                                    [VDMC]
    These are the one stop shops of Rapture. Purchasable items include ammo, auto
    hack tools, first aid kits, and EVE Hypos. For the most part you will probably
    be purchasing the occassional first aid kit and EVE hypo for must have moments.
    Its always a good idea to have a few on hand (you can only carry 9) just in 
    case. Hacking the machine will reduce the cost of most items by approximately
    half. Vending machines are probably (I didn't do an actual count) the most 
    common machine in the underwater city.
    D. Ammo Banditos                                                       [AMBD]
    Nothing too complicated here. The Ammo Bandito is just a vending machine that
    only has ammo for the various weapons you carry. It is a hackable machine and
    they exit in smaller numbers that the regular vending machine. For the most 
    part this machine will likely not be used much. Most of the time plenty of 
    ammo can be found in the environment and from dead Splicers.
    E. Gatherer's Garden                                                   [GTGD]
    The ADAM collected from the Little Sisters is used at the Gatherer's Garden 
    machine. ADAM can be spent on health upgrades, EVE upgrades, new plasmids, new
    tonics, or extra slots for plasmids and tonics. The extra slots are important
    for achievement purposes and to allow you character to realize his full 
    potential. It is not a bad idea to use a little ADAM on an occasional 
    health/EVE upgrade as well.
    F. Gene Banks                                                          [GNBK]
    You know all those plasmids and tonics you are searching for and purchasing,
    well this is the machine to find to put those to use. All the tonics and 
    plasmids are stored in the Gene Bank. Using this machine allows you to replace
    the old outdated tonic/plasmid with a newer improved version. You can review 
    and change any tonic/plasmid acquired at this machine.
    G. Power to the People                                                 [PTPP]
    Power to the People Machines are rare. There are a total of 12 machines in the
    game. That equals one for each of the upgrades mention below. Once the machine
    is used it can not be used a gain to upgrade another weapon. If you find all
    twelve you can fully upgrade each weapon in your arsenal and acquire some
    points to increase your gamerscore.
    Pistol Clip Size- An auto loading clip effectively quadruples the clip size
    Pistol Damage increase- An ammunition accelerator increases the damage done
    Machine Gun Damge increase- An acceleration framework increases the damage
    Machine Gun Kickback Reduction- A stabilization cylinder reduces kickback
    Shotgun Rate of Fire- A steel gear accelerator increases rate of fire
    Shotgun Damage increase- A gas assisted firing mechanism increases damage
    Grenade Launcher Damage increase- Incendiary injectors increase the damage
    Grenade Launcher Damage Immunity- Autogenerated shaped charges make you immune
                                      to the damage from your own grenades
    Chemical Thrower Consumption Rate- A tapered nozzle reduces the ammunition 
                                       consumption rate 
    Chemical Thrower Range- A pressure calibration hose increases the range
    Crossbow Breakage Chance- An automatic tension adjuster greatly reduces the 
                              chance of bolts breaking on impact
    Crossbow Damage increase- A high tensile bow increases the damage
    -On the wall in the next room after defeating Peach Wilkins
    -Arcadia just before entering the Farmer's Market near a vending machine
    -Bottom floor of Winery Cellar in Farmer's Market
    -Bottom floor of Le Marquis D'Epoque in Fort Frolic
    -Sinclair Spirits in Fort Frolic, hit the button behind the bar to open a 
     secret door
    -Hephaestus core near the entrance to the Heat Loss Department across from the 
     Gatherer's Garden
    -Kyburz's office in the Hephaestus level
    -Mercury Suites in Olympus Heights on the center column that has the entrance
     to Fontaine's apartment
    -Sander Cohen's personal room inside his apartment
    -Top floor of Fontaine's Center for the Poor in Apollos's Square
    -Once Fontaine escapes in the Point of Prometheus its behind the Big Daddy
     corpse where the the Suit Control System is found
    -Eugenic Analysis room of Optimized Eugenics in the Point of Prometheus level 
    H. U-Invent                                                            [UINV] 
    This is a curious machine. At one point in the game you will begin to find some
    odd items that initially appear to have no use. These include but are not 
    limited to empty hypo, shell casing, rubber tubing, and screws/bolts. The items
    are not useless at all. They can be combined to form very helpful items.
    I. Vita-chamber                                                         [VTCB]
    The Vita-chamber is a new approach to checkpoints. This machine prevents you 
    from ever really dieing in Rapture. Once all your health is depleted, you will
    respawn at the last Vita-chamber passed with approximately one-half your total
    health. The interesting part is that the enemies you were fighting will still 
    have the same amount of health they had when your HP vanished. An example would
    be that you could fight a Big Daddy with a wrench and eventually kill it while 
    never using a first aid kit or a health station. This part of the game is one 
    of the more controversial. Some hate the "dumbing down" of the game making the 
    point that the Vita-chamber makes BioShock too easy. Others enjoy the fact that
    they can comfortably defeat a game without having to reload saves from the same
    checkpoint over and over until a particularly difficult part is mastered. 
    6. Walkthrough                                                         [WLKT]
    The game begins with your character flying above the ocean in a small airplane.
    Quickly, the plane takes a dive and crashes into the water. Fortunately, (for
    us gamers) there is a survivor. Swim forward and move through the ring of fire
    toward the plane's tail. To the right you should notice a very large building.
    Swim toward the building and enter the door. It closes behind you. Moving 
    forward triggers more lights to come on. Go down the stairs until you reach the
    bottom level. Enter the door and pull the Bathysphere Lever. The decent to 
    Rapture begins.
    A. Welcome to Rapture                                                   [WLRP]
    When your transport stops, the scene outside should make you glad you are 
    safely encased. After the creature leaves, a voice asks you to pick up the 
    short wave radio. Its a guy named Atlas and he's here to help. Thats good 
    because we still don't know what the @*%#! is going on in this underwater city.
    We will let him be our guide for now at least. 
    When you step out of the transport to Rapture, look to the right. This device
    is a Vita-Chamber. The Vita-Chamber is somewhat like a checkpoint. If you die
    after passing one you are transported back to the chamber with less than full
    health. Now move up the stairs. As you proceed Atlas will shine some light 
    ahead scaring away the creature that is stalking you. Jump the debris and move 
    into the light. Next to the tool box is your first weapon, the wrench. Pick it
    up and swing it with RT. Destroy the debris that is blocking the door way and
    crouch to move through the opening. At the other side is a staircase. Upon 
    starting to move up the stairs, a flaming piece of couch comes your direction.
    Let it fall and continue up to face the first enemy inhabitant of Rapture a
    Thuggish Splicer. All that can be done at this point is bashing his skull with 
    your wrench. If you took some damage there are pep bars, potato chips, and a 
    cake nearby that will restore some health and Eve.
    Move up the stairs and into the next hall to find a unique vending machine. In
    this machine is the first plasmid. Pick it up to gain the Electro Bolt 
    ability. After the cut scene, use your new ablility on the sparking box next
    to the door. Enter the hall and the walls will begin to bust. Water will flood
    in but your not in danger. Move through the debris to the other side.
    The next area has a Vita-Chamber to the left along with a couple of Eve-Hypos.
    While on the right is a corpse and a Thuggish Splicer. Atlas recommends the 
    1-2 punch. Hit him with an Electro Bolt then whack him with the wrench. Notice
    how this plasmid stuns the splicer. Another Splicer is waiting behind the 
    next door. Deal with him and move up the stairs. There is some chatter that can
    be heard ahead. A burning Splicer will charge, hit him with an Electro Bolt. 
    The next room has an elevator that will take you to a higher floor. On the way
    up Atlas provides some background info and requests you venture to Neptune's 
    To the right there is a shadow on the wall of a mother standing over a baby
    carriage comforting her child. As you approch its just a splicer comforting a
    pistol. Bash her head in and take her precious gun. Continue forward and at the
    Dancers neon sign look below to see a Splicer banging on the door. Take him out
    and then his lady friend that is on the other side of the door. Enter the
    kitchen area to find some cash and leave. There are two Splicers in the water
    a little Electric Plasmid will take them both out. There is an audio diary on
    the table located in the right side of the watery area. Move back up stairs and
    enter the bathrooms. The Dame's room has an audio diary while the Gent's room
    leads to further progress. As you leave the Dame's room a splicer will exit one
    of the stalls and attack.
    Leave Kashmir Restaurant through the Gent's room and enter Footlight Theater.
    Below you will notice a little girl stabbing a corpse with a syringe. Use 
    the scaffolding to move to the other side of the room. Move down the stairs for
    a closer look and carnage ensues. Search the corpse in the window then bash
    the gold chain and lock with the wrench to open the gate.
    Pass the Vita-Chamber to encounter a gun wielding Splicer and then a Thuggish
    Splicer. At the bottom of the stairs are a couple of Splicers standing in some
    water searching for something, zap them and investigate. Its a Big Daddy corpse
    that has a considerable amount of cash. Below is a Vita-chamber. The Gent's 
    room has a first aid kit and some bandages but nothing else. Approaching 
    Neptune's Bounty triggers an alarm that recruits a few Splicers to attack. They 
    come from above and land in the water so they can be taken out easily. There
    was another that does not traverse the water but is not a problem for our 
    handy dandy wrench. Follow Atlas' advice and detour through the Medical 
    Pavilion. You become trapped and Ryan has a message for you. Once the message
    is over several Splicers are on their way to attack. Fortunately, Atlas is 
    able to override the locks and get you out.
    B. Medical Pavilion                                                     [MDPV]
    The new goal is to find the emergency access to arrive at the original 
    destination of Neptune's Bounty. Next to the Vending Machine is a Security Bot
    that can be hacked for your benefit. First it will follow you and attack your
    enemies and second it opens the door to Emergency Access allowing progress 
    toward the goal. Upon turning the corner there are a couple of Splicers 
    fighting each other. Allow the one with the gun to kill the other Splicer then
    kill him. On the desk to the left is an Audio Diary. Move up the stairs and use
    the Emergency Access Control. Access is DENIED. Move through the door behind 
    the control panel and take out the Splicer. On the other side of the door at 
    the end of the hall is a machine gun and the Electrical Override Switch that
    you need to activate. 
    Upon activating the override switch, you release a fair number of Splicers.
    Just stand in the hall and pick them off as they rush you. When they cease
    their onslaught its off to find Steinman and obtain his key. I'm sure he will
    be more than happy to allow it to be borrowed. On the way back to the Pavilion
    Foyer you will encounter two Splicers. Between the stairs in the foyer sits a 
    desk and on that desk is an Audio Diary. Move up the stairs and into the 
    Pavilion. Use the door control to head toward the surgery department. Pick up 
    the Audio Diary on the wall behind the bloody gurney. On the other side of the
    wall is a security turret that will attack unmercifully. Shock it then hack it
    so it will attack your enemies instead. There is an Audio Diary on the table in
    front of the turret. Another turret is located to right of the room behind a 
    large hole in the wall, hack it too if you like. Upon exiting the supply room 
    move down the first hall to the right to find a vending machine, an ammo 
    vending machine and an audio diary. There are also two more audio diaries in 
    the area around the turret. When the exploring is complete move to the back of
    the room and enter the door under Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideal.
    The hall leads to the Surgical Foyer. As you move forward you can see a Big 
    Daddy and Little Sister to the left. On the left side of the Surgical Foyer 
    sits a Vita-Chamber. As you approach the chamber an enemy will throw an 
    explosive and run away. The explosive blocks the entrance to the surgical 
    department. The new goals are to move the debris and find the Telekinesis 
    plasmid. Turn around and head back out. When you near the entrance to 
    Steinman's Aesthetic Ideal be prepared for some Splicers. Take them out and 
    move to the right. You should see a large sign for the area call Eternal Flame.
    There is a lady pounding on the door that will be taken out without any action
    from you, just watch. The guy taking care of business is a Nitro Splicer he 
    is a little stronger than the enemies thus far but still not match for our
    collection of fire arms. Enter through the door that was removed by the Nitro
    Splicer and pick up the audio diary to the left. When you enter the next area
    Atlas will mention he hears security cameras. As soon as he begins to talk 
    about the camera look up and to the left. You should see a series of red lights
    in a circular pattern on the far wall. That is the security camera. I'd 
    recommend shocking it and hacking. Use the furnace control next to the security
    camera to obtain Hacker's Delight (a physical tonic). Continue up the stairs.
    At the top and to the left is a Splicer, take it out. Now move to their 
    position and crouch to access the room. Here we find a new plasmid, Incinerate.
    After picking up the plasmid, at least three Splicers appear. To fight them off
    simply use the new plasmid on the liquid on the floor and watch what happens.
    Exit the Eternal Flame.
    Use the newly acquired plasmid on the ice in front of the door next to the 
    Twilight Fields Funeral Homes sign. Enter and move to the left. A Splicer will
    knock over a coffin. Destroy her then turn your attention to the turret behind
    you. Now move to the other side of the room and kill the Splicer crying over
    the coffin. Get the items you want and move to the door with the green light
    next to it. Use the key pad and enter 0451 (its the number next to the coffin 
    the splicer was crying over). Inside is an Automatic Hack Tool and some other
    goodies. Enter the last room in Twilight Fields that you have not investigated.
    Move to the left into the water. On the far wall you should notice a shadow of
    a Splicer cutting up something. As you move to that area the lights go out then
    back on and no one is there. Continue forward to find a Security Expert
    Engineering Tonic. Exit the funeral home and head down the stairs toward dental
    Use the Incinerate ability to remove the ice from the entrance and pick up the
    audio diary. Move by the Kure-All door for now and go toward the broken clock.
    When you pick up the shotgun the lights go out and several Splicers will 
    attack. Fend them off with the shotgun and use medical kits as needed. To the 
    right is a Vita-chamber and to the left is Dandy Dental. Hack the Health 
    Station and pick up the audio diary. Enter Dandy Dental and move into the 
    water. There is a safe that can be hacked for some cash, EVE, and a first aid
    kit. Now go through the glass door in the area to obtain the Telekinesis 
    Plasmid. I'd recommend exchanging it for the Incinerate Plasmid. Telekinesis is
    required for the mission and Electro Bolt is very helpful. You can practice 
    using it with the ball launcher. When ready leave Dandy Dental after picking up
    the audio diary near the controls for the ball launcher. 
    Head over to the Kure-All area we initially skipped. As soon as you enter fire
    the Electro plasmid to the right to deactivate the turret and hack it. Enter
    the first door on the right after exiting the room with the turret. Move to 
    the right toward the water. In the corner near the ceiling is a security 
    camera. Disable it then hack the camera. Hack the safe if you like then move
    back up the small set of stairs and to the right to find an audio diary. To 
    the left of the audio diary is a small vent cover. Use the wrench to knock it
    loose, crouch, and enter. In the next room you will find a Combat Tonic. Exit
    the Kure-All area.
    Proceed toward Painless Dental. The door below the sign will not open so turn
    the corner but be aware of the turret to your left. Move to the wall next to
    the crates. Jump onto the crates and crouch to enter the room with the turret.
    Hack it and move forward. There is a tonic and a audio diary in the next room.
    Use the wrench to break a vent near the floor again. This time the next room
    has a Splicer but its nothing that can't be handled. When ready exit through
    the door.
    Head back toward the Painless Dental sign but do not reenter the area. Instead
    move to the corpse hanging from the window and look inside. Use Telekinesis to
    grab the key on the wall. Use the key in the Door Control to enter the last
    area of Dental Services, Chompers Dental. To the immediate left is a security
    camera that should be dealt with quickly. Next enter the room behind the 
    counter. There is another security camera on the wall straight ahead. Hack it
    and the safe below it if you like. Head out through the door you haven't used
    to pick up some extra ammo and leave the Dental Services area completely.
    Climb the stairs and reenter Steinman's Aesthetic Ideal. Use Telekinesis to
    catch one of the Nitro Splicers bombs and destroy the debris blocking your 
    path. Pick up the audio diary behind the corpse in the wheel chair then move
    left. Around the corner will be a Security Bot, a Turret, and a Security 
    camera in the room on the right side of the hall. Peak around the corner and
    Steinman will run, hopefully the Security Bot will come to you. Zap it and 
    hack it. Then do the same to the turret. Enter the room on the right side of 
    the hall. Disable and hack the security camera, then pick up anything you
    need including an audio diary on the next to the gurney. After leaving look
    at the ground to find a Static Discharge Combat Tonic. Enter the viewing room.
    Dr. Steinman is ranting about his creations, that is until he sees you watching
    him. Once he goes on his rampage enter the room through the door on the right.
    Move to your immediate right and enter the water. Hack the Health Station in
    the back. There is a safe with some items as well but thats not really 
    important now. Steinam basically runs around the room and fires his weapon at 
    you. Using Electro Bolt (it freezes him just like everyone else but for a 
    shorter period of time) and a Shotgun his health decreased rapidly. Using 
    Telekinesis to hurl the oxygen tanks does some nice damage as well. It doesn't
    hurt to have some medical kits handy just in case you can't make it to the 
    health station in the back. When he dies search him and get his key. 
    Head back the way you came. When you reach the hall with the turret several
    Splicers head your way. A quick zap and the water will do the rest. Atlas will
    mention a tunnel collapse and a door will open to the left. You witness a 
    Big Daddy being knocked through a window. Enter the room with the Little Sister
    and a cut scene begins. ADAM is an important currency and is obtainted from
    the Little Sisters. You will receive more ADAM by harvesting as opposed to 
    rescuing the girls. The good doctor promises we will be highly rewarded by 
    rescuing the young lasses. The rescue option nets you 80 ADAM and the harvest 
    option provides 160. So approach the Little Sister and make your choice. If 
    interested I'm planning on the rescue method for all the little sisters.
    Once the ADAM is obtained it can be used at the newly appearing Gathering
    Garden. Next to the Garden is an audio diary. Use the machine to purchase 
    either a health upgrade or the Enrage plasmid or both depending on you choice
    with the Little Sister. Proceed through the door on the left and take out 
    the Nitro Splicer ahead. Atlas mentions that the first Big Daddy battle is just
    ahead. Don't be surprised if you have to use the Vita-chamber. The Big Daddy's
    are quick and unmerciful. Armor piercing bullets seem to help and any electric
    plasmid/weapon does stun the Little Sister Protectors. I'd recommend saving 
    before fighting one for the first time so you can see exactly what you are up
    against. Use armor piercing rounds and the shotgun if your quick enough. If all
    else fails just keep respawning at the Vita-chamber. Be prepared to use the 
    first aid kits as well. After 2 or 3 hits from a Big Daddy you will wish you 
    could carry more kits. Once the Big Daddy is out of the picture retrieve the 
    ADAM however you like. You can return to the Gathering Garden and buy more 
    if you like or just continue to Emergency Access. Once at Emergency Access
    activate the console again then use the Bathysphere Lever.
    C. Neptune's Bounty                                                     [NPBY]
    The first goal is to meet up with Atlas at Fontaine Fisheries, first though 
    hack the vending machine and purchase any items you need. Next use the Gene
    Bank to switch out plasmids and tonics. Jump onto the bench and move to the 
    door. Notice the creatures's shadow in the distance. As you approach it is
    scared away, probabaly waiting to attack later. Hack the Health Station in the
    hall and exit to the next room to find a Big Daddy. 
    Let the Big Daddy walk down the ramp and into the open area below. He should be
    engaged by some Splicers and will attack them. Move down the ramp and look to
    the right under the dock. There is a turret that will come in very handy. Hack
    the turret then return to the top of the dock. For safety purposes you should 
    also know there is a second turret on the other side of the open area under a 
    the dock. For now though ignore it. If all went well you should have been 
    able to hack the turret and return with little damage. Now, using the Electric 
    Buck Shot of the shotgun is very helpful. It damages the Big Daddy (Rosie) and 
    freezes it. Continue using this ammo until out then just wail away at it with
    some armor piercing rounds. The normal machine gun rounds are also useful while
    firing away at the Little Sister's protector if you are on the dock while he is
    at ground level. Remember to use first aid kits regularly and that there is a 
    hacked Health Station in the previous hall. Once the Big Daddy is dead there 
    may be some Splicers on there way that is if they weren't destroyed in the 
    battle with the Big Daddy. If you've been rescuing the Little Sisters this is 
    the third one and Dr. Tennenbaum has a reward for you inside a Teddy Bear at 
    a Gatherer's Garden. Before you move to the downed Big Daddy shock the turret
    in the distance and move to it for a hack (crouching is necessary to move 
    under the dock). There is also an audio diary behind the turret. Now that its
    safe search the Big Daddy, rescue the girl, and pick up a tonic. If you stay 
    in the Lower Wharf area long enough you can kill three Big Daddies and rescue
    three little sisters. The Big Daddy keeps spawning from the door below the 
    Fontaine Fisheries sign and will knock on the wall and Little Sisters will
    be extracted from the holes. The rest of the level is described with the idea
    that all three Little Sisters in the area have been harvested/rescued.
    When ready enter Fontaine Fisheries. Ahead and to the right is a turret that
    launches cannon balls as well as two splicer on the deck below. Use telekinesis
    to catch the cannon balls and attack the splicers. Now hack the turret. Return
    up the ramps to find your gift (200 Adam, Hypnotize Big Daddy, and 12 Armor
    piercing pistol rounds) next to the Gatherer's Garden. Purchase any upgrades
    you want then continue. I would recommend at the very least a Plasmid Slot.
    Move all the way down to the water level and continue until you reach a locked
    door with a keypad. Hack the keypad (I didn't see the code anywhere) and enter
    the room to acquire an audio diary. Move back to the top and jump over the 
    boxes where the turret sits. Enter the door and pick up any ammo and health 
    kits in the room. Move to the golden door and knock. A guy name Peach Wilkins
    answers and says he won't let you in without finding him a research camera. As
    you go to leave one of the Splicers seen at the very beginning of the game 
    comes down from the ceiling. Its quick and has melee and ranged attacks. Its
    hard to do much against it but fortunately it doesn't seem as though you have
    to. After short time a security bot appears and chases it away. Peach leaves
    you a grenade launcher as well. The camera is in the Wharf Master's office in
    the Upper Wharf. Move back to the previous area and toward the Gatherer's 
    Garden. The previously closed off area is now open for exploration.
    There will be three or four Splicers at the beginning of the newly opened area.
    Let them notice you then reatreat back so they will follow. Let your hacked 
    turret do most of the work while you pick them off with the weapon of your 
    choice. Move up the stairs and enter the Upper Wharf. A Big Daddy is battling
    some Splicers and there is an audio diary on the table across from the door.
    Fight the Big Daddy if you like. If you leave him alone he should leave you 
    alone. On the other side of the Pier 4 sign is a turret that should be hacked.
    Before continuing pick up a second audio diary on the floor along the wall 
    opposite the Pier 4 sign.
    Continue into the Wharf Master's office by breaking the lock with the wrench. 
    Note that there is a Bot Shutdown Panel staight ahead. Pick up the audio diary
    and go up the stairs. There is a security camera at the top of the stairs
    that should be disabled before proceeding. Alternatively, watch the light it
    shines as it moves and move as it is looking away. Just by the first camera and
    to the left is a second camera that can be hacked. Notice the Bot Shutdown 
    panel next to the chained Wharf Master's Office entrance. Break the lock with 
    the wrench. Shock the turret inside and hack it. To the right is another turret
    and a security camera. Shock the turret then hack the camera. Once the camera
    is hacked hack the turret. Continue down the hall and find a turret to the 
    immediate left and one in the distance to the right. I think we know what to 
    do now. with all the turrets and cameras working for you, the area can be 
    explored safely. There is a vent to the left of the first turret that can
    be busted off and entered. On the other side is a security camera. Exit the
    crawl space to the right when the light is looking away. Under the camera you
    will not be detected. Zap it then move toward the desk and hide to the left.
    Acquire the audio diary and anything else you like (there is a safe), rezap the
    camera and leave.
    Now move through the gate with the chain and crouch to move through the hole
    in the wall. In the Interrogation Room sits the Research Camera. Take a
    picture of the Splicer in the next room. Now only 2 more Splicer photos are
    required. There is another Splicer to the left of the Vita-Chamber. Some sort
    of explosion blocks the way you came in. Instead leave through the window to
    the right and pick up the Security Bullseye Plasmid. If you have space try it
    out on the Splicer below. Fall below and find a audio diary in a crate to the
    right. Exit to the Fighting McDonagh's/Jet Postal and pick up an audio diary.
    Continue forward and hack the camera to the right just past the Bot Shutdown
    Panel. There is a audio diary under the camera. We will enter Jet Postal first.
    Upon entry fight of the Splicers or retreat to the security camera. Pick up 
    the audio diary on the left. Enter the next room photograph then destroy the
    Spider Splicer. Destroy the camera around the corner and loot everything you 
    can find. Make sure to load up on some film for your camera at the vending
    machine. Now over to McDonagh's to get the last snapshot. As soon as the door
    opens to McDonagh's be prepared to take the photo. There is a audio diary
    in the crawl space next to the Vita Chamber and five in the tavern itself. 
    When you've explored the tavern sufficiently exit and head back to Fontaine
    Fisheries. On the way back you will encounter a couple of splicers and a turret
    in the area outside the tavern. Then there will be an enemy just outside the
    Fontaine Fisheries entrance. 
    Upon arrival inside the Fishery, melt the ice to pick up a engineering tonic.
    Peach requires that all weapons be relinquished before entering. Use the 
    Pneumatic Tube to get rid of all weapons. You get to keep your wrench and 
    plasmids of course. When entering the next room it gets very foggy before the
    attack begins. Before entering the room note that there is a vending machine
    straight ahead and a Bot Shutdown Panel. Since there is a Shutdown Panel there
    must be a camera nearby. Again before entering look to the right, the camera is
    positioned in an indentation on the wall. Upon entering immediately move to the 
    camera and hack it. Once its hacked return to the Vending Machine area. When the
    fog clears Peach will attack. It can get kind of hectic but try to focus on 
    getting rid of Peach first. Using Telekinesis works wonders against Peach 
    because he throws bombs just like the Nitro Splicers. (On a side note: in the
    process of attempting to throw his bombs back at him, I used the Telekinesis 
    plasmid a little early, took his mask, and threw it at him). Stay on the side
    near the Vending machines to fight this battle. On the other side of the wall
    is a turret that can be hacked but is not necessary until Peach is gone. If
    things get too hectic duck into the near cooler on the left hand side and let 
    the enemies come to you. The combination of the hacked security camera and 
    Telekinesis should end Peach's existance. Explore the remainder of the Freezer
    in peace and when ready find the Pneumatic Tube to the right of the turret to
    retrieve your weapons minus a lot of ammo. Continue down the hall to find a 
    Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station. This machine will upgrade one of 
    your weapons but can only be used one time, choose wisely. The cooler on the 
    left has a couple splicers, a safe, and and audio diary, while the one on the
    left has the way out.
    D. Smuggler's Hideout                                                   [SMHD]
    Move further into the hideout and some grainy photos will flash on screen. Atlas
    will come over the radio and talk about his family being close. Pass the Vita-
    chamber and use the Gene Bank if necessary. There is a turret just ahead that 
    will likely get in a couple shots before you can disarm and hack it. Pick up
    the nearby ammo, EVE hypo, and audio diary. Continue forward, as you reach the 
    Submarine Bay, Atlas asks you to flip a switch and let him. Ryan warns though
    that you will know the true meaning of being his enemy if you proceed with 
    Atlas' request. Jump over the rubble and break the lock on the gate. The bright
    gold Control Panel is the switch Atlas wants activated. From this point you
    can proceed one of two ways: Search the rest of the small area then flip the
    switch or just flip the switch now. If you search first you can look around 
    without any enemies impeeding your progress. There is a audio diary and some
    ammo just down the hall in a fenced area to the right. You can still search 
    all you want if you hit the switch now but there will be numerous Splicers to
    deal with as you explore.
    When ready flip the switch and watch what happens below. After the scene is 
    done move through the area fighting or avoiding as many Splicers as you wish.
    The goal is the door to Arcadia next to the sub that Atlas believed his family
    was in. After entering the door look to the left to get an audio diary.
    E. Arcadia                                                             [ARDA]
    Atlas, needless to say, is not too happy about what just occured. He wants 
    revenge on Ryan at all costs. Jump over the crates, move pass the Vita-chamber
    to discover the Tea Garden.  Take the path to the left (there is a audio diary
    to left of the foot bridge). As you cross the bridge you should see another 
    "ghostly" vision and then hear someone in the distance begging for help. Enter
    the Arcadia Glens to pick up a couple of diaries. Then to the Rapture Metro
    door to investigate the guy who keeps screaming for help. When you open the
    door you will see what appears to be a splicer in the distance. It is a Houdini
    Splicer. Investigate the lower area to find some ammo and maybe some materials
    for inventing. Then move up the stairs. Be prepared at the top because this 
    new Splicer will attack. They disappear and reapper quickly. Using Winter Blast
    to Freeze them seems to work well. There is a crawlspace that can be utilized
    just before the exit to the room (there really is not anything of note to be
    found there). When ready, move through the door heading to Rapture Metro.
    There will be a Splicer on the upper balcony to the right and one straight 
    ahead down the hall. The next room is occuppied by at least three splicers and
    a turret in the distance to the right. It would be best to back away to fight.
    Maybe even lure the splicers to the oil slick located on the bridge. Enter the
    room and safely hack the turret. To the right behind the ferns is a crawl space
    with a safe, only enter the inital crawl space not the one in the room with 
    the safe. Exit and use Electro Bolt on the sparking door control to get some
    ammo. Continue forward and enter the door at the end of the hall. The room
    is not Splicer free. Electric wiring protects the goodies in this room. If you
    hit one of the wires you loose a substantial amount of health. Jump on the 
    table to avoid the wires and still get the loot or use telekinesis to remove the
    bolt from the wall to disable it. Continue down the ramp and a Splicer will 
    attack at your level as well as from above. Take out the one you see and let the
    turret you hacked take out the ones above. Enter the Arcadia Glens.
    On the right side of the area is a U Invent machine. If you like use some of 
    the items you have accumulated to invent some stuff. Just after passing the 
    Farmer's Market a Big Daddy is fighting off a Splicer. Let him take some damage
    then take it out if you like. Its a Rosie so its more of a ranged attacker than
    the Bouncer. By rescuing this Little Sister Tenebaum gives you 200 ADAM, 
    Safecracker, and 12 Electric Buck. 
    Next we will explore the Waterfall Grotto. In the left hand corner is a U 
    Invent Machine as well as some heat seeking RPG rounds. The lower level of the 
    area is full of electric wires, a security camera, a couple of turrets, and of 
    course some Splicers. Its better to explore the area now, trust me. Move down
    the stairs and use Electro Bolt on the Splicer below. Now look to the right 
    on the ground in the corner is a turret, destroy it with the weapon of your 
    choice. Use Telekinesis on the box and throw it at the electric wires to 
    disable them (alternatively you can crouch under them or shoot them down by 
    firing at the attachment point). Next move further down the stairs locate and
    zap the camera in the far corner. There is an opening between two walls that 
    can be used for using Electro Bolt on the camera. Quickly step around the 
    corner, zap the turret, and hack it. Zap the camera one more time and hack it 
    now. There are two diaries at the bottom in the water and one in the room that
    needs an Electric Bolt to the door to open.
    Now move toward the Farmer's Market sign. Be careful though there is a 
    security camera to the left just before the Rolling Hills door. Take a left 
    before entering Rolling Hills and enter Arcadia Glens. The room in this area
    has a splicer and some ammo. Get what you want and exit to find a Big Daddy
    roaming. Now backtrack to the Rolling Hills door and enter. At the bottom of the
    small hill there is a turret to the left and some Splicers ahead. Hack the 
    turret and let it do the work. There is a diary nearby under the Rolling Hills 
    sign. Enter Professor Langford's Research Laboratories. Immediately to the right
    is a security camera that is easy to hack without worrying about Electro Bolt. 
    Once inside the next room Langford comes on the TV and asks for a Rose sample. 
    Exit the TV room to be encountered by some Splicers. Let them approach so the 
    security camera can help. Moving with the arrow at the top of the screen runs 
    you into a Houdini Splicer and an opening in the wall. Explore the area inside 
    and pick up the diary. Continue to backtrack, following the arrow. Another 
    Houdini appears opening a new cave. Once he's taken out its time to continue 
    the hunt for the rose. The arrow leads to the Waterfall Grotto. Pick one of 
    the rose's next to the large rotating wheel. Return to the the room where 
    Langford appeared on the tv. Place the rose in the Pneumatic tube. She is very
    pleased and offers you an invitation for a meeting.
    Enter the lab and pick up the tonic on the desk. As you proceed she states she
    has the turrets hacked so they won't attack. She wants to see you in her 
    office. Explore each area as you move forward. When you reach her office Ryan
    comes over the intercom and poisons her. With her last living effort she writes
    9457 on the window. Pick up the Chemical Thrower on the desk and some liquid
    Nitrogen. Before leaving search Lanford's corpse and use the Botanical
    Illustration. The picture moves to reveal a safe with a key pad lock. Hmmm? 
    What could the code be? Anyway if you figure it out there is sure to be 
    something good inside (diary, market key). The goal now is to make the Lazarus
    Vector. The ingredients required include 7 units of distilled water, 
    Chlorophyll solution, and enzyme samples. You should have found some 
    chlorophyll by now, so the other two items need to be found. Now those turrets
    and cameras that were friend are no longer. You definitely want to hack instead
    of destroy them. Trust me it will help in just a bit. Exit the lab and Atlas 
    will mention that the Farmer's Market may just have what we need. 
    Once you reach the Tree Farm there will likely be a Splicer protected by a
    security bot. Take out the Splicer and the bot is yours. The Farmer's Market
    is the next door on the left. Upon on passing the sign above there will be 
    a Power to the People Machine to the left, upgrade your choice of weapon. Move
    into the pre-Market area after acquiring the items in the safe to the left. Use
    the Bulkhead to enter the Market.
    F. Farmer's Market                                                      [FRMM]
    Search the body next to the Pneumatic Tube to acquire the first enzyme sample.
    On the right side of the next area is a turret that needs to be dealt with
    before continuing. There is a second turret in the left hand corner of this 
    room as well as a camera to the right of the second giant block of cheese. With
    the room safe move to the Vending Machine you saw while handling the first
    turret. Pick up the EVE Link 2 tonic. Watch for the Splicer on the walkway above
    then pass under the same walkway. Several Splicers will exit the door to the
    left. Once they are gone enter and pick up a couple diaries. The next room over
    houses a bottle of distilled water. Move up the stairs and enter the wooden
    door. Beware of the camera in the far left corner. Use the crawl space on the
    far wall to get a diary. Exit the room and turn right. Enter the door. You are
    now in the same room but with access to the camera, hack it. The Big Daddy of 
    this level is lurking nearby. It is another Rosie. With the camera hacked this
    would be a good time to take him out. Especially with the crawl space under 
    the camera as well. 
    With the Big Daddy out of the way head to the Worley Winery sign and move up
    the stairs. Here is the second bottle of Distilled water and an audio diary.
    Move into the Silverwing Apiary. Upon opening the door you will see a Splicer
    being attacked by bees. The bees will then turn to you. They take a bit of 
    health away but nothing major. The next room is where all the rest of the 
    enzyme samples are. There are six more required. You have to use the smoke 
    control to force the bees inside their hives. Doing so allows you to enter
    the hive area for searching, unfortunately each time you do so Splicers spawn
    nearby. The process of using the smoke, searching, and avoiding/killing 
    Splicers will have to continue until 6 samples are found. There is a safe along
    the left wall in the corner that will have 3 samples. Once enough samples are
    obtained exit and move to the winery.
    On the other side of the wall is a turret and security camera. Hack or destroy
    them then open the safe to find 3 distilled waters. A fifth bottle of water
    is on the floor in this room as well. Move down the stairs in the back of the
    winery and use Telekinesis to get the bottle on the rafters above the 
    electrified wire. Use a barrel to telekinetically disable the wire and continue
    forward. The last bottle required is near the U Invent Station on the Winery
    Cellar Top Floor. You don't have to continue down the stairs but if you do
    there is lots of stuff to find (Photographer's eye tonic, lots more distilled
    water, ammo, Power to the People Machine). When ready begin the journey back to
    Langdon's lab. 
    As soon as you reenter Arcadia through the bulkhead, Ryan sets off an alarm
    greeting you with some security bots. Use the camera to get some quick photos
    of the bots if you want, otherwise you have two options: stay and fight off
    the bots or run and find a Bot Shutdown Panel. Use the U Invent Machine in 
    Langdon's office to create the Lazarus Vector. Then insert the Vector into 
    the misting machine. Ryan does not like your meddling so he is sending some
    Splicers to take you out. Run to the entrance to the lab. There is a Lab
    Access Seal console that you need to activate to seal the doors. Also if 
    you search the pneumatic tube you should find some items. Additionally a Big
    Daddy should be roaming the halls. Use him to help fight by activating your
    Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid. Hopefully you have plenty of anti-personnel ammo
    to unleash on the charging Splicers. Just retreat until you can't go back any
    more and pick of the Splicers as they race to you. Fortunately, you have 
    hacked turrets and security cameras helping out as well. When the mist is 
    ready or deployment Atlas will tell you to flip the switch. Go back to 
    Langdon's office and activate the console. Now exit Arcadia through the Metro
    door just outside the lab. 
    G. Fort Frolic                                                        [FTFC]
    As you enter look to the left. The Slot Machine is where you can get the 
    Jackpot achievment without being in danger. Just keep playing until it hits.
    Breaking the glass in the Apothecary windows to obtain the First Aid kits and
    EVE will result in a security bot appearing. Use the Bot Shutdown panel to
    stop the attack and you have an ally after a hack. Enter the Rapture Metro
    Hephaestus. The Blathysphere is submerged by Sander Cohen. Exit to the previous
    room you were in. It is now full of those electrical wires and Spider Splicers.
    Since the Spider Splicers have been somewhat scarce you may not have had
    opportunity to fully research them yet, now would be a good time if you like.
    There will be at least 6 (I may have lost count) Spider Splicers that will come
    mostly in pairs. If you have the Static Discharge 2 Tonic equipped it can help
    a lot. It will stun the Splicers when they perform their melee attacks allowing
    you to kill them in any way you see fit. Once they are gone Sander opens the
    door and would like to meet you at the Fleet Hall Theater.
    Enter the door Sander opened and you have arrived at the Atrium. Before 
    continuing with the main part of the story we will do a little exploring. Move
    to the left and through the door way next to the stage. Unfortunately, the 
    Seahorse is closed, so continue by the stairs and note the moving light ahead.
    Its a security camera around the corner. From the camera move straight ahead
    and get the diary. The restroooms don't really have anything in them so move
    around the corner and enter Sophia Salon. There is a diary in the small back 
    room. Exit and move by the Gene Bank. Note the red light on the floor. A 
    security camera is in the left corner of the room. Hack the camera and pick
    up the diary on the bar. Enter Le marquis D'Epoque and be ready to face a 
    turret. Move down stairs and find a Power to the People Machine, a diary, and
    a note on the floor reading 7774.
    Return to the Atrium and climb the stairs. There is a diary on the ground
    in front of the Fleet Hall Theater Sign. There is a camera inside the theater
    behind the wall that the ticket booths are on. Walk up the staircase on the 
    right side of the room and collect a diary. As you move around the corner
    Sander says he is not going to meet with you just yet. Move back toward the 
    security camera and walk straight across the room. The far wall has an elevator
    with a call button next to it. Call the elevator and take out the Splicers that
    come down the stairs. Enter the elevator. Now you are inside the theater, a 
    Splicer is playing the piano on stage. Cohen seems to be forcing him to do so
    and when the Splicer gets sick of it BOOM!. Sander now wants a photo of the 
    charred body. Explore the area the biggest find is a Alarm Expert tonic on one
    of the balconies. The door won't open so you have to jump from the next balcony
    (Telekinesis wouldn't work for me?). When ready move back to the Atrium and use
    Cohen's Masterpiece. Your reward from Cohen is a Crossbow. Now Cohen is turning
    you into an assassin. He has three others that he wants dead.
    The first on the hit list is Martin Finnegan located somewhere in Poseidon
    Plaza. Get the diary frozen to the wall. Enter the next room and look to the
    left. That is Finnegan who just teleported away. The frozen bodies in the 
    room are not dead. If you thaw them they will attack, smashing them with the 
    wrench or shooting them will vaporize them. Incinerate the large block of ice 
    to the left and reveal a crossbow and a Health Station. When you move by the 
    Health Station you are frozen in a block of ice but will be released when 
    Finnegan is done talking. When you are free again the battle will be much 
    easier if you just shatter all the frozen bodies. At the very end of the hall
    Finnegan will unfreeze and begin his attack. You can take a lot of his health
    away and practically kill him in one shot if he can be lured to the area to the
    right of the Health Station. Shooting the pipes there will create a large 
    explosion. Otherwise use the Health Station as necessary because his attacks
    deal a good bit of damage and go on the warpath with your favorite combination
    of Plasmid and Weapon. Search his body and receive a Tonic, then take his 
    picture for Cohen's masterpiece. Clear off the ice to the left of the exit and
    leave through this new path. At the other end several Spider Splicers will 
    attack. Stand in the hall and pick them off one by one. If you wait in the 
    area long enough a Big Daddy appears (Bouncer). Take him on three times if you
    like. If you have only rescued thus far Tenenbaum has another gift (200 Adam,
    Hypnotize Big Daddy 2, and 4 First Aid Kits). When you are done with the 
    Big Daddy's return to the Atrium through the frozen hall and place the picture.
    While I was placing the picture a Big Daddy and Little Sister appeared and
    I took him out for a fourth rescue this level. Now return to Poseidon Plaza.
    Explore Sinclair Spirits to find a Power to the People Station by hitting the
    button behind the bar and going through the newly opened door. Find the Extra
    Nutrition 2 tonic by following the neon More Items! Downstairs sign. Inside 
    the Robertson's Tobaccoria find an audio diary and a door to use the previously
    found code (7774) on. Now move up the stairs near the entrance to the frozen
    hall. Pharoah's Fortune and Sir Prize have a diary. Now to Rapture Records and
    the next assassination. There is a diary behind the counter to the left. Drop
    below but watch for the corpse to explode. There will be a quick series of 
    beeps then boom. Turn around and Cobb will be upstairs. Stand behind where the
    explosion took place and wait for some Spider Splicers to fall from the 
    ceiling. Take them out then move to the wall on the right while facing the 
    balcony and enter the crawl space. You exit back up top and Cobb is waiting 
    outside. He will run some but mostly all you have to do is return the bombs
    to their sender using Telekinesis.
    Hector Rodriguez is nearby in Eve's Garden. Upon entry a "vision" occurs. Jump
    on the stage and take the secret passage to room in the back (audio diary). 
    Exit the room and Rodriquez will be at the bar. when he spots you he will run.
    Chase him and fire your best weapon the hole time. Alternatively, you can try
    to throw his bombs back at him but I found a good shotgun to the back works 
    pretty well. Take his photo and return to Cohen's masterpiece. When you place
    the next picture in the work of art. Cohen becomes angry and sends a lot of
    Splicers your way. Defeat them all and Cohen presents you with a gift of ammo.
    A helpful tip is to move to the security camera you hacked previously near
    the Southern Mall. Place the final picture. Cohen will walk down the stairs and
    admire his wonderful piece of art. Once Cohen is done talking Atlas comes 
    across the radio and wonders whats wrong. You can climb the stairs and reenter
    the theater and acquire a diary, Electric Flesh tonic and some film. They are
    in the room Cohen was initially in when he refused to meet you the first time.
    Move to the Bathysphere you initially tried to enter to go to the next area.
    H. Hephaestus                                                          [HPST]
    Atlas makes a very simple request from the start. Go to Ryan's office and kill
    him. Enter Hephaestus and take the first left. Take out the couple of Splicers
    and move into Ryan Industries. After entering immediately pick up a barrel with
    Telekinesis and heave it at the Splicer moving down the stairs. There is a 
    turret in the back so be fore warned. Next move into Ryan's Office. Continue
    around the corner and destroy the camera above the next door. The next room has
    some corpses hanging on the wall. The first and last one on the right have 
    diaries. There is also a diary and tonic in the room to the right. Head into
    Hephaestus Core. 
    You will find a few Splicers in room with a downed Big Daddy. Through the next
    hall and into the next room you intrude on a battle between a Splicer and a
    Big Daddy. Just stand back and let what happens happen. Once you have dealt
    with the Big Daddy (your choice) move down the ramp. At the bottom of the 
    ramp move to the left and go down another level. You should see the Heat Loss
    Monitoring sign just ahead. That is the primary goal, but first lets turn
    around and move behind the stairs. At the bottom level is a Splicer and a 
    diary. Move back up the stairs and toward the Monitoring wing. To the right is
    a Splicer getting something out of a vending machine. Don't use that machine
    because it spits out explosives. Go by the Heat Loss Department acquire a diary
    find a Power to the People station, and a Gatherer's Garden. Enter Heat Loss
    Monitoring. As you proceed down the hall the lights will shut off a couple 
    times. Be prepared because at the end of the hall those corpses are actually 
    opossum playing Splicers. At the bottom of the area is a patrolling Bouncer.
    If you haven't already rescued all the Little Sisters take him out and 
    Tenenbaum will have another gift prepared for you (200 ADAM, Armored Shell 2,
    12 Incendiary Bolt). Continue to the bottom. Take out the Splicers and move
    to the left. Hack the Diable Electric Current console. Enter the water and get
    the diary. Now move over to the other side and get the diary in gold and a 
    Return to the core area and enter the Workshop just up the stairs outside the 
    Heat Loss entrance. There is a Big Daddy patrolling the workshop. Hypnotize him
    to clear the area. There isn't much on the main level so go down to the office
    of the supervisor. If you still have the Big Daddy Hypnotized he will take care
    of the two turrets that are blocking your path. Move to the right of the
    turrets and pick up the diary in the corpse next to the Health Station. Go up 
    the short set of stairs and enter the crawl space in the corner. It leads to 
    a Damage Research tonic, a diary, and an EMP Bomb Casing to examine. Now you 
    need to construct the device mentioned in the diary. The requirements are 2
    quarter cans of ionic gel, 1 nitroglycerin charge, and four R-34 wire clusters.
    Exit the room. The Splicers have respawned but who cares they are not that tough
    anyway. The Big Daddy corpse is glowing yellow, search it to find a wire
    cluster. Now enter the Kyburz's office by either entering the code or hacking
    the key pad. The code (as mentioned from a previous diary) is Australia Day or
    01-26. The room is full of the electric wires. Use the destroyed turret to 
    shield yourself from damage and disable the wires. There is a Power to the 
    People Machine in the office as well as the Nitroglycerin we need. On the side
    of the desk in the back of the office is an "Intriguing Switch". Activate it 
    to obtain the nitroglycerin. When you hit the switch a turret appears at the 
    entrance. There is a can of Ionic Gel in the other wing (where the Big Daddy
    took out the turrets) of the workshop. Exit the workshop and move to the right
    at the bottom the ensuing ramp is a second can of Ionic Gel. The remaining 
    wire clusters must be gotten from Big Daddies. There is another corpse near the
    beginning of the level and you may have already rescued three Little Sisters
    so there you go. Just return to the site of you Big Daddy fights to retrieve
    the last wires. Alternatively you can just kill some more (its not as tough as
    it was at first). When they are obtained go back to create the device. 
    Now simply pick up the bomb and take it to the only unexplored area, Geothermic
    Control. Have a Big Daddy accompany you to the new area. Once you enter be 
    prepared for some turrets through the second set of doors. Set some proximity
    mines on either side of the large wheel you have to turn. Between the turrets,
    the proximity mines, and the Big Daddy you should be able to turn the wheel 
    relatively smoothly. Use the elevator to lower to the bottom floor. Continue
    foward and pick up the Shorten Alarm 2 tonic. Flip the switch next to the core
    then attach the EMP Bomb. Now follow the arrow out to Ryan's office. There
    will be plenty of enemies along the way and a alarm was activated. Just run
    to the office killing anything in the way. Flip the switch and a door will open
    behind it. Enter Rapture Central Control and meet Andrew Ryan face to face.
    I. Rapture Central Contol                                              [RCCL]
    The only goal now is to kill Andrew Ryan. He is upset and is going to destroy
    the entire city before admitting defeat. Go by the vending machine toward 
    Ryan's office the door is jammed and will not open. Climb the stairs to the
    left and enter the crawl space. Continue ahead and you finally see Andrew Ryan.
    Watch and listen. When he finishes talking move toward him then watch some
    more. When the cutscene is over take the override key into the office and to
    the right. We finally learn a lot more about the story. Follow the Little 
    Sister to the vent and arrive at...
    J. Olympus Heights                                                     [OLHT]
    The level starts with more story. One of the Little Sisters asks you to follow
    her. Move up the stairs and she leads you out of the area so you can continue
    your quest. Move to the far end of the tunnel to find a golden wheel. Use that
    wheel to open the gate where the water veers away from its straight path.
    Move through the newly opened gate and to the surface. Fontaine has programmed
    you to periodically lose some of your health bar. In order to reverse this 
    an antidote must be found. At the end of the tracks sits an overturned train
    car with a safe, guarded by two Splicers. Get it if you like then head down 
    the tracks in the opposite direction. On  the other side of the wall is a 
    Big Daddy and a turret. To the left of this turret (on the side with the small
    area of water) near the Gatherer's Garden is another turret. On the opposite
    side of the area is a security camera guarding the Apollo Square entrance. Pick
    up the diary on the bar in the center and move forward entering Mercury Suites.
    There will be a few Splicers down the track as well as some train cars with
    safes. Investigate all you like but your target is to reach Mercury Suites.
    As you approach the large sign indicating arrival at the goal, be aware that 
    there will be a couple of Splicers and a security camera immedately inside. On 
    the other side of the wall is the apartment complex we are looking for.
    Suchong's apartment is the first one on the left. At the end of the hall on the
    left is a diary. There is nothing of importance on the right side so head to 
    the water straight across from the entrance. Behind the book cases is a table
    with a Clever Inventor Tonic and a gold audio diary. The diary reveals the 
    fact that there is an antidote to Fontaine's mind control. Tenenbaum reveals 
    she had a dose of lot 192 in her apartment on the second floor. As you exit 
    look to the right and take note of the turret. To the left behind the center 
    column is a security camera and a Power to the People machine.
    Move up the ramp next to Fontaine's apartment. When you reach the second floor
    Tenebaum's home is the first door you see. Unfortunately it is locked. Move
    to the third floor instead. As you arrive at the third floor a security camera
    will be recording any trespassers. Continue to the right and pick up the 
    diary next to the camera. When you come to a deadend there will be a hole in
    the wall of the building. Enter here into a bathroom. This is Tenenbaum's 
    apartment. Search the top floor only to find out that Fontaine searched it and
    took 192 to his own home. The good thing is we have the code to enter his 
    dwelling and get the antidote. Move down stairs and destroy the lock on the 
    door. Move around to Fontaine's door and enter 5744 on the keypad. 
    Use the elevator to enter the home of Frank Fontaine. There are a few Splicers
    in the initial area as well as a turret behind one of the rocks ahead. Also
    do not forget to take out the camera above the door. Continue up the steps and
    go right to pick up a diary. Return to the stairs in front of the bear and go
    to the right. There is a turret to the immediate right behind the bar. There 
    is an exit just before the bar. Move across the balcony and enter the next 
    room. Electric Flesh 2 tonic is on a desk as well as the antidote. The antidote
    fixes your health but makes you unable to choose which plasmid is equipped. 
    Boy, the side effect is almost worse than the problem. In order to correct this
    you will need another dose of 192. Tenebaum feels that there will be more in
    Suchong's lab located through Apollo Square. 
    Before heading to the lab you may want to explore the rest of the apartment 
    complex. There is an audio diary inside Dr. Culpepper's place on the first 
    floor (its the door across from the Power to the People machine). Also of 
    note is Sander Cohen's apartment on the first floor. If you attempt this before
    you have control of your plasmids just wait for a Big Daddy to come along and
    follow it until Hypnotize Big Daddy is the active plasmid. Take control of the
    Big Daddy then move into Cohen's apartment. Using one of your weapons disrupt
    the dancers in front of the piano. This action infuriates Cohen. He will exit
    his room and come down the stairs to fight. Unfortunately for him you enlisted
    some "Big" help. Cohen is a powered up Houdini Splicer. Upon his demise, search
    Sander's corpse to find his Muse Key. There is also a Power to the People 
    Station in the room. There really isn't a lot more to Mercury Suites. The only
    thing left is to rescue two Little Sisters and head back to the Apollo 
    K. Apollo's Square                                                      [APSQ]
    Move past the Vita-chamber and pick up the diary next to the turned over 
    vending machine. Move through the open gate. On the other side of the broken
    train car should be a Big Daddy hopefully fighting some Splicers. Take 
    advantage of the situation to gain even more ADAM. Arrival at the Square
    provides a morbid site. There are people/Splicers hanging above with a Gene
    Traitor sign nearby. To the right is a diary next to the Gatherer's Garden.
    Continue to the right and encounter a turret you may not be ready for. Head to
    Artemis Suites for the second antidote. Peak around the corner to see a Splicer
    and a turret. Take out the Splicer as it charges and use some Armor Piercing 
    ammo to take out the turret. Stay on the platform where the turret was located
    and move forward. At the end there will be a security camera to the left.
    Hack it and it will take out some of the enemies below. Just ahead past the 
    flaming train car is a Vita-chamber. A security camera is watching every move
    on the far wall after passing the Vita-chamber. I'd recommend racing toward it
    and hacking it if possible. It will provide a great advantage against the 
    enemies. The only room accessible at the ground level only houses ammo. Move up
    the stairs to the second floor.
    Enter the free clinic and race to the left to hack the security camera. Don't 
    rest though because there is a turret to destroy directly behind you. The next
    room after the turret is Suchong's office where you will find a diary and the 
    192 antidote. The other room has a Medical Expert 3 tonic. Exit the clinic to
    find some Spicers and a newly placed turret. Before leaving Artemis Suites you
    can explore the top floor of the area, though the only thing up there is a 
    safe and lots of film. Exit Artemis Suites and head back to the area with the
    hanging Splicers. Use the Gatherer's Garden if you like then explore the rest
    of the area behind the turret briefly mention above moving toward Hestia 
    On the other side of the wall where the turret sits is a security camera. Take
    care of the camera and move down the tracks to Fontaine's Center for the Poor.
    There is a bomb firing turret at the top of the steps. You will also encounter
    some Splicers and a Big Daddy. Basically the only things really worth going
    after are a diary and Power to the People station in the room on the top floor.
    After entering the room find the staircase below the security camera to find 
    the two items. Exit the Center and move down the stairs into Rapture Metro.
    Use the elevator and when it stops kill a couple of Splicers before entering
    the Bathysphere. From here either move on to Point Prometheus (you are closing
    in on the end of the game) or return to previous areas to get/do things you
    have not completed.
    L. Point Prometheus                                                    [PTPM]
    The town greeter of Point Prometheus is none other than Frank Fontaine. Being
    in charge of the welcoming committee seems to have stressed him out. Give chase
    to Fontaine but know that you are not going to catch him just yet. He will throw
    some fire on the oil spill slowing you down. Then in the next hall he activates
    a couple of security bots for you to deal with. In the next room Fontaine 
    escapes and Tenebaum is puzzeled. She suggests you find a Big Daddy to search. 
    Luckily there is one in the room (there's a Power to the People machine nearby).
    Upon searching you find a Suit Control System. With that piece of technology you
    will be able to turn into a Big Daddy. This is required to have a Little Sister
    open the door that Fontaine escaped through. The twin doors in the current room
    lead nowhere, so move up the stairs next to the door Fontaine exited through.
    Enter the first door on the right (The Mendel Memorial Research Library) and 
    disable the camera to the right. On by the camera is an RPG turret that will
    greet you with a blast if your not careful. The library contains a pair of 
    Big Daddy Boots, lots of ammo, and a Damage Research 2 tonic. Exit the library
    and go right. Through the next door you enter the Main Hall and will see a
    Little Wonders Educational Facility sign. To the right is some rubble and a
    Gatherer's Garden. Next to the garden is a turret. Enter the door to the 
    right of the turret. Its one of the two entrances to the Failsafe Armored 
    Escorts area. 
    The first room on the left after defeating the opossum playing Spider Splicer
    contains some security bots you can hack. Exit and move to the left to find
    the Candidate Conversion wing. On the other side of the wall sits two turrets.
    They are easily hacked by peeking around each side and shocking them. Inside
    is an audio diary, some ammo, and a U Invent Machine. Exit  this area and enter
    the Suit Assembly wing. There will likely be a Big Daddy patrolling so take
    him out if you like.  Move up the stairs to find a audio diary. Go back down
    the stairs and go to the right of the Securis metal door. In the distance you
    should see gold Big Daddy Suits, continue to the right and enter the room. 
    There is a vending machine and an audio diary. Exit and move through the metal
    Securis door. There is a RPG turret on the left. Move through the room and 
    find the Big Daddy Suit in the next area. Climb the stairs to the right after
    passing the Ammo Bandito machine to get a diary. Move back down the stairs
    and enter the Candidate Induction area to obtain the helmet. As you turn to
    leave 4 to 5 Spider Splicers appear and attack take them out then leave the
    Failsafe Armored Escort area.
    Now move into the Little Wonders Educational Facility. As soon as the door
    is opened a security camera can be seen scanning the area from the ceiling. Go
    right and up the hall to find the first Big Daddy Pheromone Sample on a desk.
    Make your way around the top floor in a circle to find the second sample on
    a desk next to an audio diary. Without leaving the facility go down the stairs
    near the entrance and investigate the rooms. Room five is the important one it
    has the last of the three samples. Now enter the Autopsy room in the back but
    be prepared to take out a security camera. In the back is another sample (in 
    case you need another) and the Safe Cracker 2 tonic. Return to the Main Hall
    and enter Optimized Eugenics.
    Use the entrance on the right and be prepared for a security camera. The Live
    Subject Testing room has the Voicebox Modification Machine you need, as well
    as a tonic. That was easy but there is still more to explore if you like. Here
    isa list of the highlights in the rooms 
    Plasmid Prototyping: diary
    Backup Generator: a safe
    Eugenic Analaysis: Power to the People machine, safe
    Test Subject Storage: diary
    Once you acquire all you like return to the area where Fontaine escaped. 
    Tenenbaum comes over the radio and tells you the Little Sister will appear if
    you hit the vent with your wrench. She appears and opens the door for you. 
    Oh no, the game was excellent until now. Escort missions are usually not very 
    well done. Enter the Proving Grounds
    M. Proving Grounds                                                      [PRGR]
    Use the nearby Gene Bank (check the map or you will pass it) to set your 
    plasmids and tonics to your favorites. Then move ahead. If the Little Sister
    dies you have to run back to another vent to entice another one to appear.
    Follow the Little Sister to the first door she will open. In the Central Atrium
    you will hear lots of gun fire but it is all below. You are safe for now. 
    When you turn the corner in South Exhibits hall a thuggish electric Splicer
    will charge take him out. The next Splicer will be a Spider Splicer that will
    fall from the ceiling behind you when you have reached the area with the 
    benches and suit cases. If you use Electro Bolt/Wrench the Splicer will be
    no problem. Just ahead is test subject 1. The Little Sister will stop at the 
    corpse and go through the process of extracting ADAM. While she is there 
    Splicers will charge first from the hall to the left and then from the hall
    you just passed through. Note that the hall you just passed through has an oil
    spill that may come in handy. When the Spider Splicer is dead rush down the 
    hall passing the test subject and turn the next corner to the left. There is a 
    turret at the end of the hall and a Security Camera to the left. Hack/destroy
    both and return to the Little Sister before she starts harvesting ADAM. If done
    quick enough both machines will be allies and the Little Sister will receive no
    harm. Once Tenebaum finishes her speech the attack begins. Set up some 
    Proximity Mines on the side leading to the corpse as well as some Trap Bolts.
    Additionally, regularly set fire to the oil spill. This combinatation should 
    prevent any Splicers from reaching the girl. Meanwhile the other side is 
    guarded by the turret and camera. Just in case anyone slips by stay on alert.
    When she is done harvesting race ahead.
    Near the security camera will be a Splicer with a security bot. Take him out
    to hack the bot. Now move by the turret and to the right to hack another
    turret. Return to the security camera for another battle. This time at Test 
    Subject 2. The girl will race to the next door when she has completed 
    harvesting ADAM from the second corpse. In this room there is a giant fossil in
    the center. As she approaches the middle of the room two secret doors open
    on either side of the fossil. Turrets are located behind the secret panels and
    are ready to attack. Zap em and hack em. There is a health station in the 
    corner by the second turret. 
    When the girl opens the next door be ready for a camera to the left. On down
    the hall is a pool of water where three Splicers will spawn. Use Electro Bolt 
    to take them out without hassle. Again leave the girl behind and race forward.
    There is a Splicer with a security bot ahead. Take him out and the bot is 
    yours. Ahead and to the left across from the next Test Subject is a turret 
    and a camera in the distance. Hack the turret then jump on the ledge and take 
    control of the camera. Splicers will come from three places: the direction you
    just traveled, the ledge where the turret is located, and the direction you
    were headed before having to stop (I guess there is a fourth a Spider Splicer
    the first one actually will drop from the ceiling and land next to the girl).
    When this battle is over get your electric gel used in the Chemical Thrower
    equipped. Around the corner and up the hall is another pool of water. An angry
    Big Daddy will bust through the wall and attack. Fortunately, you have exactly
    the right weapon equipped to take him out easily. There is some proximity 
    mines, an EVE hypo, and a first aid kit behind the wall the Big Daddy broke 
    through. Defeating the Bouncer was all the protection the Little Sister 
    required so let her run and open doors while you get the loot. After passing 
    through two doors the girl hides in one of the vents again and you are in a
    room with lots of vending machines. Load up on all the ammo, first aid kits,
    and EVE hypos you can but save some cash for a health station if it will be 
    necessary. Also if you have any extra ADAM use it to purchase any upgrade from
    the Gatherer's Garden. I would also recommend equipping the tonics that protect
    you from damage (Electric Discharge (2), Armored Shell (2), Human Inferno (2)
    and Frozen Field (2)). In the last spot available you may want to use Static 
    Discharge (2). When you are ready to proceed take the extraction tool from the
    outstreched hand of the Little Sister in the Vent. When you have prepared fully
    enter the elevator for the final battle.
    N. The Final Battle                                                    [FNBT]
    There are not Vita-chambers during the final battle. It is the only time in
    the game that if you die you are dead, so you may want to have a save right
    before taking the elevator up or at the point the elevator stops. When you
    reach the top you will see Fontaine encased in some sort of ADAM machine. Run
    up the ramp and use the ADAM harvesting tool to drain his supply. When done
    he will be released and attack. Fontaine has three forms. In each form he will
    have the same type of attacks. A ranged attack with his element of choice 
    (fire, cold, electricity), a charge attack, and physical attacks when near your
    position. The first form Fontaine takes is fire, then cold, and finally 
    electricity. The attacks are the same only taking the form of the different
    elements. Basically, I took a simple approach during the battle. I simply 
    unloaded all the regular ammo in the shotgun to make it through the first two 
    forms and a good portion of the last. Then switch to any other type of ammo for
    the shotgun to finish him off. As his health fully depletes for each form taken
    he will return to the machine he was in at the start. At that point use the
    ADAM extraction tool again to continue the battle. During the second cold phase
    of the fight there will also be security bots attacking. No need really to pay
    any real attention to them. If you take out Fontaine the bots won't matter. 
    Finally, the electric phase of the fight also brings out some Splicers. Again
    just like the bots they can primarilly be ignored. Nine first aid kits should 
    be enough, especially if the Medical Expert Tonics are equipped. Additionally, 
    if you need it there is a health station behind one of the walls in the 
    battle field. Check the map to find its exact location (its on the left side of
    the map as you enter).
    Congratulations Rapture is safe
    7. Audio Diaries                                                       [ADDR]
    A. Welcome to Rapture                                                  [ADWR]
    New Year's Eve Alone (Diane McClintock): On a table in the Dancing Downstairs 
    Hole in the Wall (Steve Barker): in the Dame's bathroom 
    B. Medical Pavilion                                                    [ADPV]
    Adam's Changes (Steinman): On a desk at the beginning of the Emergency Access
         area Steinman 
    Released Today (Diane McClintock) On a desk in between two staircases at the 
         Medical Pavilion Foyer 
    Higher Standards (Steinman): Behind a bloody gurney upon entering the surgery 
    Parasite Expectations (Andrew Ryan): In front of the turret in the surgery 
    Vandalism (Andrew Ryan): Down the short hall to the right of the supply turret
         next to a vending machine
    Limits of Imagination (Steinman): Hanging on the left wall below the blood text
        "ADAM denies us any excuse for not being beautiful" 
    Love for Science (Tenenbaum): Behind the initial turret in the surgery area 
         near a Health Station 
    Surgery's Picasso (Steinman): Eternal Flame attached to the picture on the left
    Freezing Pipes (McDonagh): In the ice blocking the entrance to the Dental 
         Services Area
    Useless Experiments (Tenenbaum): In front of Dandy Dental after picking up the 
    Testing Telekinesis (Suchong): Leaning against the controls for the ball 
         Launcher in Dandy Dental 
    Enrage Trial (Suchong): The Kure-All area of Dental Services near the security
    Plasmids are the Paint (Suchong): Painless Dental in the room after the turret
         next to the Speedy Hack Tonic
    Symmetry (Steinman): Behind the corpse in the wheel chair after gaining access
          to the Surgery area 
    Aphrodite Walking (Steinman): In the room to the right in the hall where 
         Steinman runs
    Not What She Wanted (Steinman): Search the corpse Steinman was stabbing before
         battling him
    Gatherer Vulnerability (Steinman): Next to the Gathering Garden after
         Harvesting/Rescuing the first Little Sister
    C. Neptune's Bounty                                                     [ADNB]
    Bathysphere Keys (Sullivan): Behind the distant turret at the first Big Daddy
    Timmy H. Interrigation (Sullivan): Move to the water level below the Gene Bank
         and Gatherer's Garden to hack a key pad and find
    Finding the Sea Slugs (Tenenbaum): Initial part of Upper Wharf on a table 
         across from the entrance
    Fontaine Must Go (Andrew Ryan): Before climbing the stairs at the "Sunshine of
         the Sea Brand Shellfish" sign look to the right and see some broken 
         metal grating crouch and follow the path to the diary
    Come Home (Mariska Lunch): Upper Wharf in the area where the Big Daddy patrols
    Watch Fontaine (Andrew Ryan): To the left of the Upper Wharf Vending Machine
        near the Bot Shutdown Panel
    Have My Badge (Sullivan): Enter the vent near the first turret in the Upper 
        Warf its on the desk in the small room with a security camera
    Adam Discovery (Tenenbaum): In a crate to the right after receiving the 
        Security Bullseye Plasmid 
    Eden Leaking (McDonagh): Immediately after entering the door to Fighting 
        McDonagh's/Jet Postal
    Fontaine's Smugglers (Tenenbaum): Under the security camera on the way to 
        Fighting McDonagh's/Jet Postal 
    Death Penalty in Rapture (Andrew Ryan): To the left upon entry to Jet Postal
    Meeting Ryan (McDonagh): Crawl Space in the Fighting McDonagh's area next to 
        the Vita-chamber
    Smuggling Ring (Sullivan): In the Fighting Mconagh's Tavern
    Working Late Again (Andrew Ryan): In the Fighting Mconagh's Tavern
    Arresting Fontaine (McDonagh): Top floor of the Fighting Mconagh's Tavern in 
         room 6 
    Saw Masha Today (Mariska Lutz): Top floor of the Fighting Mconagh's Tavern in 
         room 7 
    Rapture Changing (McDonagh): In the Fighting Mconagh's Tavern go through the
         door that needs to be hit with Electro Bolt (its behind the bar) then go
         straight through the next door its on a table
    Picked up Timmy H. (Sullivan): Upper Wharf next to a corpse on the way back to
         Fontaine Fisheries after obtaining the camera 
    Putting the Screw On (Peach Wilkins): Freezer Bottom Floor cooler to the left 
         of the weapon upgrade station 
    D. Smuggler's Hideout                                                  [ADSH]
    Meeting with Fontaine (Peach Wilkins): Next to the first turret at the start of
         the level
    Kraut Scientist (Frank Fontaine): In a fenced area to the right after the 
         control panel Atlas wants you to activate
    Offered A Deal (Peach Wilkins): Immediately to the left after entering the door
          to Arcadia next to the Sub
    E. Arcadia                                                             [ADAC]
    Seeing Ghosts (McDonagh): To the left of the foot brige in the Tea Garden at 
          the beginning of the area
    Big Night Out (Dieter Sonnekalb): In the Arcadia Glens next to a bench
    Mass Producing ADAM (Tenenbaum): Arcadia Glens in front of the chair next to 
         the large rock
    Arcadia Closed (Langford): Next to the Gene Bank at the top of the stairs on 
         the way to the Rapture Metro
    The Market is Patient (Andrew Ryan): Waterfall Grotto on a bench near the U
         Invent Machine
    Offer a Better Product (Andrew Ryan): Bottom level of Waterfall Grotto
    Early Tests Promising (Langford): Bottom level of Waterfall Grotto on crate
    Heroes and Criminals (Diane McClintock): Waterfall Grotto inside the door that
          needs Electric Bolt to open
    Shouldn't Have Come (Mariska Lutz): Lower Rolling Hills under the sign just 
          after the turret
    The Saturnine (Langford): After getting the Rose mission a Splicer appears and
          moves into a hidden passage the diary is at the entrance
    What Won't They Steal? (Langford): In the Lanford Research Lab behind the desk
          with the tonic
    Teaching an Old Hound (Lanford): on the desk in the room after Langford says
          she has the turrets hacked
    The Lazarus Vector (Langford): Search Langford's body after she is poisoned
    Lazarus Vector Formula (Lanford): in the safe behind the Botanical Illustation
         in Lanford's office
    Arcadia and Oxygen (Langford): Inside the tree farm near the entrance
    Maternal Instinct (Tenenbaum): Just inside the Farmer's Market right after 
          the safe
    The Great Chain (Andrew Ryan): On a bench to the right in the room with the
          Bathysphere in the Metro Station
    F. Farmer's Market                                                      [ADFM]
    Bee Enzyme (Tasha Denu): at the beginning of the level
    Pulling Together (Andrew Ryan): After the first turret of the Farmer's Market
         it is on the bar below the sign with the rooster
    First Encounter (Andrew Ryan): The Employee's Only Room next to the room where
          the first bottle of distilled water is found
    Hatred (Tenenbaum): The Employee's Only Room next to the room where
          the first bottle of distilled water is found
    Desperate Times (Andrew Ryan): Through a crawl space in the employee's only 
          section the Big Daddy patrols
    Water in the Wine (Pierre Gobbi): To the left of the Worley Winery sign next
          to the bottle of the Distilled Water
    ADAM Explained (Tenebaum): Silverwing Apiary
    Functional Children (Tenenbaum): On a table in Worley Winery
    G. Fort Frolic                                                        [ADFF]
    Come to the Record Store (Cobb)- One of the first things you see when you enter
         the Southern Mall
    The Wild Bunny (Sander Cohen)- Back room of Sophia's Salon
    Artist's Feud (Sullivan)- On the bar near the security camera that is located
         close to Sophia's Salon
    Fancy Cigarettes (Albert Milonakis)- Next to the Power to the People machine in
         Le marquis D'Epoque
    Stood Up Again (Diane McClintock)- At the top of the Atrium stairs before the 
         Fleet Hall Theater sign
    Musical Insult (Sander Cohen)- Top of the stairs in the Fleet Hall Theater
    The Iceman Cometh (Martin Finnegan)- In the hall near the entrance to Poseidon
    Guns Blazing (McDonagh)- Inside Robertson's Tobaccoria found in the area after
         Poseidon's alternate exit
    Bump Culpepper (Sullivan)- Top floor of Pharoah's Fortune on a pool table
    Fontaine's Army (McDonagh)- Bottom floor Sir Prize
    Ryan's Stableboy (Anna Culpepper)- Rapture Records behind the counter to the 
    Pregnancy (Jasmine Jolene)- Through the passage on the stage in Eve's Garden
    It's All a Grift (Rodriguez)- Inside Eve's Garden on the bar where Rodriguez is
    Requiem for Andrew Ryan (Sander Cohen)- inside the film room in Fleet Hall 
          Theater, accessible after Cohen walks down the stairs at the end of the
    The Doubters (Sander Cohen)- Inside Sander Cohen's Fine Art Collection room
          next to the theater
    H. Hephaestus                                                          [ADHP]
    Ryan Takes F Futuristics (McDonagh)- The crate next to the vending machine 
         near the turret
    Scoping the Gate (Kyburz)- Inside the door that marks Ryan's Office next to
         the Vita Chamber
    Stopping Ryan (McDonagh)- First corpse hanging on the right 
    Going to Heat Loss (Anya Andersdotter)- Last corpse hanging on the right
    A Man or Parasite (Andrew Ryan)- In the room to the right of the hall with
         hanging corpses
    Fonataine's Legacy (McDonagh)- Next to the Vita Chamber after you see the first
         Big Daddy of the level
    Running Short on R-34's (Pablo Navarro)- Across from the Workshop in the core
    Impossible Anywhere Else (Andrew Ryan)- At the very bottom level of the core
    Assassin (Anya Andersdotter)- Between the Geothermal Control and Heat Loss 
         Monitoring Wings of the core area next to the Gatherer's Garden
    Kyburz Door Code (Pablo Navarro)- Heat Loss Monitoring top level on the side 
         opposite the vending machine
    Genetic Arms Race (McDonagh)- Lower level of Heat Loss Monitoring, disabling
         electric current required
    Getting a Break (Pablo Navarro)- Lower level of Heat Loss Monitoring opposite
         side of above in gold
    Device Almost Finished (Kyburz)- Bottom level of workshop in small room before
    The Dream (Kyburz)- In the corpse near the Health Station
    Assembling the Bomb (Kyburz)- Through crawl space after passing the diary above
    Great Chain Moves Slowly (Andrew Ryan)- Inside Kyburz's office
    Market Maintenance Code (Pablo Navaro)- While looking at the door to Kyburz's 
         office there is a crawl space (very well hidden) to the left just below
         the position the turret occupied
    I. Rapture Central Contol                                              [ADRC]
    The Vita Chamber (Suchong)- On a desk to the left at the beginning of the level
    Baby Status (Suchong)- Table in Ryan's pre-office area
    Mind Control Test (Suchong)- Table in Ryan's pre-office area
    J. Olympus Heights                                                     [ADOH]
    Mozart of Genetics (Suchong)- On the bar near the entrance to Apollo heights
    Fontaine's Human Jukebox (Suchong)- At the end of the first hall in Suchongs 
    Mind Control Antidote (Suchong)- Suchong's apartment next to the Clever 
         Inventor tonic
    Fontaine's Breakup (Paparazzi)- Third floor of Mercury Suites next to camera
    Sad Saps (Frank Fontaine)- on a desk to the right when you first see the giant
         bear statue in Fontaine's Home
    Artist Woman (Sullivan)- Inside Dr. Culpeppers apartment
    K. Apollo's Square                                                       [ADAQ]
    What's Happening Here (Diane McClintock)- next to vending machine at beginning
    Atlas Lives (Diane McClintock)- next to the Gatherer's Garden at the Square
    Protection Bond (Suchong)- Suchong's office inside the Free Clinic
    The Longest Con (Frank Fontaine)- Fontaine's Center for the Poor, move to the
         room on the top floor and go down the stairs
    Today's Raid (Diane McClintock)- Same room as above but it is inside the 
         nearby corpse
    Meeting Atlas (Diane McClintock)- just inside Fontaine's Center for the Poor
         inside a steamer trunk
    L. Point Prometheus                                                    [ADPP]
    Missing Boots (Suchong)- inside the Candidate Conversion room of Failsafe 
        Armored Escorts
    Protector Smell (Suchong)- Up stairs in the Suit Assembly area of Failsafe
        Armored Escorts
    Cheap Son of Bitch (Suchong)- in Suit Assembly area of Failsafe Armored 
        Escorts in room with Vending Machine
    Mistakes (Andrew Ryan): Top floor of Suit Assembly area on console next to the
        Gene Bank
    Protecting Little Ones (Suchong)- Suit Assembly area of Failsafe Armored 
        Escorts up the stairs to the right after obtaining Big Daddy Suit
    Why Just Girls? (Tenenbaum)- Little Wonders Educational Facility next to a 
        Big Daddy Phermone Sample  (top floor)
    Marketing Gold- (Andrew Ryan)- Optimized Eugenics, Test Subject Storage area
        on a consloe along the wall to the right
    Extra Munitions (Suchong)- Plasmid Prototyping room of Optimized Eugenics
        on the floor next to some overturned file cabinets
    Changing Employers (Suchong): Use Incinerate on the ice in front of the door
        across from the vending machine near Optimized Eugenics enter and search 
        the trash can
    8. Snacks and Medicinals                                               [SNMD]
    Gin- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Absinthe- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Bandages- provides a modes boost in health
    Beer- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Chips- gives a small amount of health
    Cigarettes- gives a very small boost of EVE
    Coffee- restores a small amount of EVE
    Creme filled cake- gives a small amount of health
    Pep Bar- gives a small amount of health and EVE
    Scotch- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Vodka- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Whiskey- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    Wine- will restore a small amount of health but drain a small amount of EVE
    9. Research
    Thuggish Splicer- Vulnerable to antipersonnel rounds, Increased Damage +
                      Sport Boost Tonic 
                      Increased Damage ++
                      Sport Boost 2 Tonic
                      Increased Damage +++
    Leadhead Splicer- Vulnerable to antipersonnnel rounds, Increased Damage +
                      Scrounger Tonic
                      Increased Damage ++
                      New Combat Tonic Static Discharge 2
                      Increased Damage +++
    Spider Splicer- Vulnerable to antipersonnel rounds, increased damage +
                    Organs can be used like first aid kits
                    Increased Damage ++
                    Extra Nutrition 3 Tonic
                    Increased Damage +++
    Nitro Splicer- Vulnerable to antipersonnnel rounds, Increased Damage +
                   Permanent 15% chance that any enemy grenade will be a dud
                   Increased Damage ++
                   Permanent 35% chance any enemy grenade will be a dud
                   Increased Damage +++
    Houdini Splicer- Vulnerable to antipersonnel rounds, Increased Damage
                     Natural Camouflage Tonic
                     Increased Damage ++
                     Easier to predict Houdini Splicers' teleportation destination
                     Increased damage +++
    Rosie- Vulnerable to armor piercing rounds, Increased Damage +
           Photographer's eye 2 Tonic
           Increased Damage ++
           Rosie Loot almost always contains rare invention materials
           Increased Damage +++
    Bouncer- Bouncers are vulnerable to armor piercing rounds, Increased Damage +,
             Wrench Jockey 2 Tonic
             Increased Damage ++
             Permanent 50% increase to all wrench damage
             Increased Damage +++
    Little Sister- Small increases to max health and EVE
                   Small increases to max health and EVE
                   Small increases to max health and EVE
                   Small increases to max health and EVE
                   Small increases to max health and EVE
    Security Bots- Vulnerable to armor piercing ammo/electricity, Increase Damage +
                   Security Expert 2 Tonic
                   Increased Damage ++
                   Hacking security bots automatically succeeds
                   Increased damage +++
    Security Cameras- Vulnerable to armor-piercing rounds and electricity
                          increased damage +
                      Find twice the film in destroyed cameras
                      Increased damage ++
                      Flow speed reduced when hacking any security camera
                      Increased Damage +++
    Turrets- Vulnerable to armor-piercing rounds and electricity increased damage +
             Find twice the ammunition on destroyed turrets
             Increased Damage ++
             Hacking turrets automatically succeeds
             Increased Turret Damage +++
    10. General/Misc Tips                                                   [GMCT]
    -Don't be afraind to spend your cash. There is no bonus for conserving it and
     there is plenty in the game to allow you to acquire whatever you like.
    -Rescue all the Little Sisters. Not only will this net you an achievement but
     its not that difficult to get through the game without Harvesting ADAM. Its
     a fact that harvesting results in more ADAM but Tenebaum evens the loss by 
     providing gifts of ADAM, plasmids, ammo, etc.
    -Use electricity to fight a Big Daddy. The Electric Buck for the shotgun and
     the Electric Gel for the Chemical Thrower are Big Daddy destroyers.
    -Take lots of pictures. The research improves your attacking, provides tonics,
     and other bonuses.
    -No picture is wasted. If you take a picture of something that can not be 
     photographed no film is lost. The same is true if you photograph something that
     has reached its full research potential.
    -Hack every security camera and turret you come across. Doing so will often
     conserve your ammo and provide free kills.
    -The price of tonics and plasmids at the Gatherer Garden goes down as the game
    11. Achievements                                                        [ACVS]
    1. Toaster in the Tub (10)
         -The player has shocked an enemy in the water
    2. Completed Welcome (10)
         -Successfully complete the Welcome to Rapture Level
    3. One Successful Hack (5)
         -Perform at least one successful hack
    4. Hacked a Security Bot (10)
         -Successfully hack a security bot
    5. Hacked a Vending Machine (10)
         -Successfully hack a Vending Machine
    6. Hacked a Turret (10)
         -Successfully hack a Turret
    7. Hacked a Safe (10)
         -Successfully hack a Safe
    8. Defeated Dr. Steinman (15)
         -Successfully defeat the crazed Dr. Steinman
    9. Bought One Slot (5)
         -Purchase one slot in any plasmid or tonic track
    10. Researched a Splicer (5)
         -Take at least one research photo of a splicer
    11. Skilled Hacker (40)
         -Successfully complete 50 hacks
    12. Quality Research Photo (20)
         -Take a Research Photo of the highest grade
    13. Defeated Peach Wilkins (15)
         -Defeat Peach Wilkins
    14. Hacked a Security Camera (10)
         -Successfully hack a Security Camera
    15. Upgraded a Weapon (5)
         -Acquire at least one weapon upgrade
    16. Basic Inventor (5)
         -Successfully invent at least one item
    17. Fully Researched Thug Splicer (10)
         -Fully Researched the Thug Splicer
    18. Fully Researched Gun Splicer (10)
         -Fully Researched the Leadhead Splicer
    19. Maxed One Track (20)
         -Purchase every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic Tracks
    20. One Fully Upgraded Weapon (5)
         -Fully upgrade one weapon
    21. Fully Researched Houdini Splicer (10)
         -Fully Researched the Houdini Splicer
    22. Restored the Forest (15)
         -Restored the forest of Arcadia
    23. Lucky Winner (10)
         -Hit the jackpot at a slot machine
    24. Fully Researched Spider Splicer (10)
         -Fully researched the Spider Splicer
    25. Two Fully Upgraded Weapons (5)
         -Fully upgraded two weapons
    26. Prolific Photographer (5)
         -Take at least one photo in every research group
    27. Completed Cohen's Masterpiece (30)
         -Complete Sander Cohen's great masterpiece
    28. Three Fully Upgraded Weapons (10)
         -Fully upgraded three weapons
    29. Fully Researched Bouncer (10)
         -Fully researched the Bouncer
    30. Defeated Andrew Ryan (30)
         -Defeat Andrew Ryan
    31. Found Cohen's Room (10)
         -Enter Sander Cohen's personal quarters
    32. Four Fully Upgraded Weapons (10)
         -Fully upgraded four weapons
    33. Irony (10)
         -Take a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse
    34. Fully Researched Little Sister (10)
         -Fully research the Little Sister
    35. Fully Researched Rosie (10)
         -Fully researched the Rosie
    36. Fully Researched Nitro Splicer (10)
         -Fully researched the Nitro Splicer
    37. Research PhD (20)
         -Max out all possible research
    38. Ammo Inventor (25)
         -Successfully invent all possible ammo types
    39. Broke Fontaine's Mind Control (30)
         -Break Fontaine's mind control
    40. Maxed All Tracks (50)
         -Purchase every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks
    41. Five Fully Upgraded Weapons (10)
         -Fully upgrade five weapons
    42. Dealt with every Little Sister (40)
         -Havested or Rescued every possible Little Sister
    43. Avid Intentor (10)
         -Successfully invent at least 100 items
    44. Became a Big Daddy (30)
         -Become a Big Daddy
    45. Weapon Specialist (20)
         -Acquire all upgrades for all weapons
    46.  Tonic Collector (50)
         -Collect or invent all 53 tonics
    47.  Historian (50)
         -Find every audio diary (122)
    48. Defeated Atlas (100)
         -Defeat Atlas
    49. Little Sister Savior (100)
         -Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters
    50. Seriously Good at This (40)
         -Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
    12. Legalities                                                          [LGLS]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    E-mail: oldschoolwv312@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2007 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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