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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PunchyPlayer1

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BB   BB  IIII  OO    OO       SSSS HHHH    HHHH OO    OO CCCC        KKK  KKK
                              A Walkthrough made by: PunchyPlayer1
    			       Copyright 2007 Alex Lobrano
    If you would like to post this guide somewhere else, please contact me first at
    flashy93@yahoo.com or on Xbox Live at LB BEAST 06
    Also, if you see it posted somewhere else without credit to me, please notify 
    me as well.
    Lastly, if you see a mistake or if you think something should be in here that 
    isn't, once again please notify me of this.
                                      Version History
    -Started the guide
    -Added the introduction, additionals hints and tips, and Welcome to Rapture
    -Also started to write Medical Pavilion
    -Edited the intro
    -Finished Medical Pavilion
                                     Table of Contents
    Additional hints and tips.......................[AHAT]
    Welcome to Rapture..............................[WTR]
     -Get to higher ground..........................[WTR-01]
     -Go to Neptune's bounty........................[WTR-02]
     -Head to Medical!..............................[WTR-03]
    Medical Pavilion................................[MP]
     -Use Emergency Access route....................[MP-01]
     -Get the key from Steinman.....................[MP-02]
     -Destroy the debris............................[MP-03]
      -Find telekinesis.............................[MP-03-01]
      -Clear the debris with enemy grenades.........[MP-03-02]
     -Get the key from Steinman (Part 2)............[MP-02-01]
     -Open the Emergency Access.....................[MP-04]
    Neptune's Bounty................................[NB]
     -Go to Fontaine Fisheries......................[NB-01]
    To use the table of contents, highlight and copy the code at the end of the 
    level or goal you want, then click CTRL+F and paste it in.
    Welcome to Bioshock! Let me be the first to say congratulations on purchasing
    one of the greatest games you'll ever play. First off, let me say that this is
    one very long game. And if you want to finish this game, you better be in it
    for the long run. It took me about 2 days, spending around 7-10 hours each day
    to beat this game (on hard difficulty). I'm making this guide to help those out 
    who are maybe stuck somewhere, or would just like to get through this game 
    quicker (although I recommend you take your time and take everything in). 
    Like I said, I beat the game originally on hard but because I don't wish to 
    repeat that, this guide was done on easy. Another thing, this guide won't list 
    every audio diary, just ones that are found with other things. 
    Also, the things looted off of the corpses are things that I got off of them. 
    They may not have the same things on their bodies in your game. Just a little 
    sidenote. And you are under no obligation to pick up some of the things that I 
    point out to you. Some items some people will need, and others won't. And 
    lastly, if there are other objects in some rooms that you can search but I 
    don't have them listed, it usually means that they had nothing in them. So, 
    with that said, good luck and hope you enjoy the game (and this guide). ;)
    Additional hints and tips......................[AHAT]
    This is just a little thing I decided to put in to help you out. It only has a
    few things in it right now, but as people send me things, it will fill up I'm
    1. Learn to hack! I think this is one of the most important things in the game.
    It can get you extra helpers, and get you out of tough situations if an alarm
    is triggered.
    2. Search everywhere, everything, and everyone!  Always look to see what you
    can loot off of dead bodies (of course, they'll be dead because of you). You
    never know what you might stumble upon. Although this guide is only to finish
    the game, there may be times where I may lead you to a place you don't need to
    be, but you'll pick something up that will be helpful. You on your own should
    search everywhere, even if this guide doesn't ask you to.
    3. Explore everywhere! The great makers of Bioshock didn't give you a map for 
    no reason. If the area on your map is dark, it means you haven't been in it. I
    suggest that before you leave an area, you should search EVERY single spot. By
    the time you leave, the whole map should be highlighted.
    4. Listen to the audio diaries you pick up! They provide more beef to the 
    already great story (although some of them are a bit disturbing).
    That's all for now. Please email and message me more hints and tips that should
    be in there.
    Welcome to Rapture.............................[WTR]
    Welcome to level one! It'll start you out with a little cutscene with your
    character on a plane, doing a little monologue. Then the screen goes black, you
    hear screaming, the Bioshock logo comes up, and you're underwater trying to 
    surface. When you surface, you'll now have control of the character. Swim 
    towards the gap in the fire and it'll grow bigger. Look to your right and you 
    can see a lighthouse. Swim over to it, walk up the stairs, and enter the door.
    To the left and right will be stairs (they're dark) so walk down them. Some
    more lights will come on and walk down some more stairs. Make a U-turn at the
    bottom of the stairs and then go down some more stairs. At the bottom of these,
    go down even MORE stairs (phew what a workout). At the bottom of these final
    stairs will be a mini submarine, called a bathysphere. Walk inside and pull the
    lever. (Once inside, you can't move around, only look around) Watch the little
    movie, go through all the water, and finally, when you dock, you'll see a man 
    get murdered by a splicer. It'll attack your bathysphere but don't worry, 
    you're safe. A man will tell you to pick up the radio that's on your left. Pick
    it up and you'll meet Atlas, your guide through most of the game. He asks you
    to step out of the bathysphere (might be scary, but just do it). 
    Get to higher ground.........................[WTR-01]
    Walk forward, then turn left and go up some stairs. At the top of the stairs, 
    take another left towards some rubbel and a splicer will drop from the ceiling.
    A security bot will get rid of him, so don't worry. Jump (Y) over the rubbel 
    and walk into the light to pick up the wrench. Go the the hole in the wall and 
    break the cracked pillars by smashing them with your wrench. Crouch (LS) 
    underneath and start up the stairs, but only go a little ways because you'll 
    need to back up. A splicer will throw a flaming couch at you, so back up until 
    it stops coming at you. Move to the right around the couch then walk up the 
    Pummel the splicer and search his body for an eve hypo and a first aid 
    kit, which you can use (B) if he hurt you. In the back right corner of the 
    room will also be potato chips and a pep bar for you. From the doorway, look
    left and walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go left and search the 
    trash can for another eve hypo, then go right from the top of the stairs to 
    find a first aid kit and an eve hypo in the trash can in the corner. Now, go 
    straight ahead from the stairs and pick up the glowing bottle of electro bolt. 
    This will trigger a cutscene where the character stabs his wrist with the 
    needle and his hands glowing. He can't handle it and falls over the edge of the
    balcony. Two splicers will come up to you and talk, but then hear a big daddy 
    coming and scram. Next, a little sister comes out with her big daddy, but they 
    leave too. Now you have the electro bolt plasmid, which shoots lightning out 
    (LT). Go straight ahead and zap the sparking door handle, which opens the door.
    Walk through and the plane you were on will crash into the tunnel you're in. 
    Walk up through the plane and go out the other side. Go straight and the door
    will open. Walk inside and go to the left and look to the right. There should
    be an eve hypo on a mattress. If you look up from there, there will be a vita 
    chamber. To the right of the chamber is a storage crate with another eve hypo
    in it (might be a first aid kit. On the other side, there will be some potato
    chips on a seat and some cigarettes. In between the dead guys legs will be 
    another eve hypo. If you search the dead guy, he'll have a first aid kit and an
    eve hypo. A splicer will come running in, but just give him the "one-two punch"
    as Atlas says. Go to the door opposite where you came in from and another
    splicer will be waiting. Kill him and walk up the stairs. Go straight through
    the opening doors and go in the elevator and head up. 
    Go to Neptune's bounty........................[WTR-02]
    Walk out and go the left to where the roses are and pick up the first aid kit.
    Now go the opposite way where the lady and the baby carriage is. Shock and hit
    the lady and take her revolver (also, search the lady and pick up a first aid
    kit). Now walk through the door to the Kashmir Restaurant. Go straight out the
    door to the table of the left. There will be a first aid kit on a chair. From
    the table, follow the arrow (if it's there) towards the bathrooms. Look left 
    and the second phonebooth will have a first aid kit and a dollar. Go to the
    Dames bathroom and there will be a ghost lady. Wait until she's gone or walk
    past her, it doesn't matter. Go to the last stall and there will be another
    first aid kit to the left of the toilet. When you're walking back out, a
    splicer will pop out at you. Just shock then whack him. Search him and he'll
    have an eve hypo and a first aid kit. Don't go in the Gents bathroom yet. 
    Leave the bathrooms and take a left. Look left and there will be stairs. You 
    can either shoot the man at the door from the top of the stairs or go down and 
    kill him. After you kill him, walk down the stairs and a lady will come out
    of the door the guy was standing at. Careful, she has a gun. Search the first
    guy you kill and he'll have an eve hypo and a first aid kit. The lady will have
    an eve hypo. Also, pick up the spare rounds from her gun after you kill her.
    Go through the door the lady was in and look left. A first aid kit will be on 
    the end of the counter. To the right of that counter is another counter with a
    dollar on it (and arcadia merlot). To the left of that counter is a corpse with
    a register between his legs. There's also 5 dollars on the floor. In the 
    register are 8 pistol rounds and a dollar. Search the corpse and you'll get
    5 dollars and an eve hypo. Leave the kitchen and there will be two splicers in
    the water. Shock them and they'll die (because they're in water). Go in the
    water and search them. One will have a dollar. On a table in the water (right 
    side), there will be an eve hypo, a dollar, an audio diary, and some vodka.
    Behind the water is a stage with a microphone. Behind the speakers will be a
    suitcase with an eve hypo and cigarettes. Facing out from the stage, look left
    and there will be a door with two bloody corpses on the ground. The one on the
    right will have 8 pistol rounds and the one on the left will have a pep bar. 
    Now head back towards the bathrooms. While on the stairs, another splicer
    will attack you. Search him and he'll have a dollar. Now go to the restrooms
    and enter the Gents side. Walk through it to the end and take a left. Walk out
    along the metal casing for the lights. Don't worry, you can't fall off. When
    you're off that, go right and then left down the stairs. Now walk to the window
    and watch the show. Eventually the guy will get smashed through the window. 
    Search him to get a revolver and 5 pistol rounds. Look right and smash the lock
    on the gate with your wrench. Go through and turn left where you just saw the
    fight. Search the corpse on the ground to get 3 pistol rounds and 6 dollars. 
    Now go back through the door and look left. Search the corpse on the ground for
    a creme-filled cake (yummy). He also has some Old Tom Whiskey in his hand. 
    Turn around and walk forward. Around the corner, a lady with a gun is waiting
    for you. Kill her and take her gun. Walk forward and around the corner to the
    left another splicer will attack you. Kill him. Go from where the man came and 
    walk down the stairs on your right. There will be two splicers in the water. 
    You can either shock them or shoot them, whichever you'd like. One of them 
    will have 6 dollars. Also check the corpse of the big daddy behind the 
    waterfall. Look right and go down the broken stairs. Now go right to where the
    arrow is pointing to your goal. But wait! The door just shut on you! Don't 
    worry, the alarm got triggered. That's all. Splicers will begin to come from
    the stairs you came from, but just shock and whack 'em or shoot them with your
    pistol, whatever your style is. I had 2 come from the stairs and one from the
    right side of the screen. Also, don't stand with your back up against the 
    closed gate. After it shuts on you, another bot will come out that blows fire
    out, so if you're close, it'll get you. After the first 3 come, another 3
    come from the stairs, so be on your toes. After you've killed everyone, Atlas
    tells you to go to the Medical Pavilion. Of course, go in the water first and
    loot the bodies of the splicers for some money and pistol rounds. 
    Head to Medical!..............................[WTR-03]
    Follow the arrow into the Medical Pavilion. Go through the gate and over the 
    rubbel until you go through another gate. Oh no! You're trapped in here! Once
    again, don't worry. Nothing will get you. Just watch the movie until Atlas 
    unlocks the door. Atlas finally tells you that he's got the door unlocked, so
    walk through it (behind you) and go through to the Medical Pavilion. 
    Medical Pavilion...............................[MP]
    Use Emergency Access route.....................[MP-01]
    Head out the door and turn right. On your left will be a vending machine, where
    you can buy the following: First Aid Kit ($20), EVE Hypo ($25), Chechnya Vodka
    ($3), Pistol Rounds x6 ($25), Electric Buck x6 ($72). To your right under the 
    stairs will be a counter. Behind that is a corpse, some dollars, a first aid 
    kit, a register, an audio diary, and an eve hypo. Past that and to the left
    is a broken security bot thats jamming a door. This is where your hacking
    skills come into play. Go ahead and hack the bot (it should be very easy) and
    the it will come to life. Hacked bots are now friendly and will help you kill
    things. The door is now open, so go through it. Walk left, then look right to
    see a splicer looming over a corpse. Another splicer will come attack that one,
    so let them fight before you attack either one. One of them will kill the other
    one, then focus on you. Just take the person out. Near the corpse that the
    first person was looking at should be some pistol rounds. Next, go to the
    other splicer that got killed and search its body for 8 dollars. Go the center
    of the stairs to see a glowing Emergency Access Control. Use it and... what's
    this? Access denied? It's ok. After you press it, turn around though. The doors
    behind you will open up and there will be a lady coming after you. Kill and
    search her for some potato chips. Then Atlas will give you your new goal.
    Get the key from Steinman.....................[MP-02]
    Go through the door that the lady came from and take a left. Go through those
    doors to find a machine gun and a glowing Electrical Override Switch. Be ready
    after you click the button though, because across the way there will be 
    splicers coming out from that gate. Be careful if they run down the stairs 
    before you can kill them, because if they go down the stairs, they'll go where
    you went and end up behind you. There are lots of splicers here, so make sure 
    you kill all of them.Finish them off and search there bodies for some pistol 
    ammo, some creme-filled cakes, and some money. Now backtrack to where the 
    vending machine is and go up the stairs behind it. Go through the door at the
    top of the stairs and there's a corpse right in front of you. Near it are some
    pistol rounds and 25 dollars. Next, go either left or right around the thing in
    the middle and walk down the stairs and straight. There'll be another ghost
    lady banging on a door, but she'll eventually go away. On your left is a corpse
    that you can search for 3 dollars. Go up to the door in front of you and to the
    right will be door control. Click it and the doors will open. There will be
    lots of blood in front of you here. Go through the doors and go either left or 
    right (I would go left). To the left is an eve hypo on the ground. A little 
    further up from the eve hypo is a pistol. Careful for the turret though. If you 
    give it a nice shock, you can go up to it and hack it (or if you have enough 
    money, you can buy it out). Do whatever to the turret and make it friendly. 
    After you're done, a splicer will come out and attack you. Get rid of him and 
    search his body for some money and a creme-filled cake. Another couple of
    splicers will come along, so just finish them, too. There will be another
    turret on the right side that you will need to hack if you don't want to get
    shot at constantly. In the small room with that turret, on the cabinet, there's
    a first aid kit. Now, if you walk out of that little room with the second 
    turret, walk straight, then go right down some stairs into water, there is 
    another vending machine and an ammo vending machine in there. Leave there and
    take a right and walk inbetween the two sets of stairs to a door. Walk up to
    it and it'll open. Walk in the passage to the next door. Walk down the stairs 
    and around the wall to see Steinman leaning over a picture. When he sees you, 
    he'll run away and block the entrance. Atlas then gives you your next goal.
    Note: This goal is not done, but you need to complete another goal to finish 
    this one.
    Destroy the debris............................[MP-03]
     Find telekinesis.............................[MP-03-01]
    Finding telekinesis is part of the goal above it. Go ahead and leave that room
    and walk back down that passage to the first door. When you get there, there 
    should be a couple of splicers waiting for you, so take them out. Search them 
    for some money, pistol rounds, and coffee. From the door, take a right, and 
    then another right. Go through the entrance to the Eternal Flame and down the
    stairs. As you start to go up the set on you left, the door will explode, so be
    careful. Another splicer will come out and attack you, and he has bombs. Finish
    him and loot his body for some money. Walk through the door and a desk with
    coffee will be in front of you. Around the desk is another entrance. Walk in it
    and go down the stairs to your left. Atlas will tell you to be careful not to
    trick the security cameras, so listen to him. The camera is straight ahead, and
    then down some stairs.If you hear the loud bell go off, try and run somewhere 
    that it can't see you and then it'll stop. You'll know you're out of sight when
    it gives a couple ticks, then continues to survey for people. I just hacked the 
    camera, then I didn't have to worry about it. You may have to jump for the game
    to bring the hack option up. After the camera is out of the way, go to the side
    with the furnace and the corpse on it. Next to where the corpse is lying, there
    is a button that says Furnace Control. Use the button and it burns up the 
    corpse. When the corpse comes back out, it's just ashes but a physical tonic
    comes with the ashes. It's Hackers Delight, which gives you a little health and
    eve everytime you hack something. 
    When you're done with that, head to the other side and go up the stairs. At the
    top of the stairs is a splicer with some money on him. Kill him and then crouch
    into the crawlspace next to the door he was near. In there you'll find 
    another plasmid, Incinerate, which allows you to set things on fire. Straight 
    ahead, in the crack between the sign and the machine in front of you, there's 
    an eve hypo. On the desk to your right in that room is some fine gin, an eve 
    hypo, and some cigarettes. In the desk are some bandages. After you pick up 
    Incinerate, a couple more splicers will come out. Light the oil near your feet 
    on fire and it'll burn them. Trust me, that feels very satisfying. Leave 
    through the crawlspace and search the crisped bodies for some money and a 
    creme-filled cake. Behind the burned bodies (depending on where you killed 
    them), there's a suitcase on the ground with a first aid kit. 
    Now go back down the stairs you came from, out the door, and back where you 
    first entered Eternal Flame. After you leave Eternal Flame, take a left and go
    down those stairs. There's a vending machine on your right. There also should 
    be a splicer down here, so be careful. Next to the vending machine is a door. 
    Shock the sparking handle and the door will open. Walk inside and there is a 
    storage crate in the corner (with coffee and some Old Tom Whiskey), a desk with
    an automatic hack tool, old harbinger beer, and potato chips on it. Grab 
    whatever you want and then leave. 
    Now, have Incinerate equipped and melt the ice in front of you. After you walk 
    through that entrance, a splicer will be there and attack you. Kill him and 
    loot his body for some money. Now go all the way through the entrance and take 
    a left through the doors. Careful though, because there's a splicer and a 
    rocket shooting turret on the other side of it. See that new plasmid? I'll get 
    it for you. Go from the door you just opened to the right so you're at another 
    door. Go quickly and avoid the rockets. Go into the door and look down and 
    left. See the grate? Hit it off with your wrench and go inside. In there, go 
    left and hit another grate down. In front of you is a corpse, some pistol 
    rounds, and some OO bucks (for the shotgun that you get later). Stand up and 
    go to the right and would you look at that! The plasmid you wanted! See? I 
    told you I'd get it for you. But don't ask me for anything else :p Go ahead 
    and pick up the plasmid, which is Wrench Jockey, which increases wrench 
    Go back out through the crawlspace and there may be a splicer there. If there 
    is, shock them while in the crawlspace, then get out and whack them. Go back 
    out through the door you came and quickly zap the rocket shooting turret and 
    then hack it. *OPTIONAL* Now go back inside the door and take a right. Go down 
    the stairs, but there's a security camera at the corner (tough spot). When it 
    looks the other way, get close and hack it (you may have to jump again for the 
    action to show up). Now go pick up the eve hypo on the table. Also, 
    practically under the camera is a safe. If you want you can hack it (I did), 
    but they are harder than vending machines and other things. If you do, you'll 
    get some special ammo. *END OPTIONAL* Leave the area you're in to go back to 
    the door that the plasmid was across from. Go through that door and then 
    continue straight. There will be some OO bucks and a shotgun. 
    But wait! The lights just went out! Uh oh, there's creepy laughter, too. When 
    the lights go back on, some splicers will come out and attack you. Usually 
    they come 1 or 2 at a time, sometimes 3. There are about 7-10 of them total. 
    When you kill them all, all the lights come back on and you can loot their 
    bodies for some money, coffee, and some pistol rounds. From where you were 
    fighting, go around the wall with the broken clock on it and through the doors 
    to the dentistry, not to supply (even though you can't go in there). Go in and 
    on your left is a register with some money. Jump over the counter the register 
    is on and go through the doors. Take a left through the lifting doors and then 
    another left to see a glowing plasmid! What could it be? Why, it's 
    telekinesis! You can now grab, lift, and move objects at your whim. If you 
    want, you can practice this skill on the tennis machine in front of you. Just 
    turn it on and catch the balls. A splicer will come out, but he's easy. Kill 
    him and you're done. 
    Destroy the debris............................[MP-03]
     Clear the debris with enemy grenades.........[MP-03-02]
    Pretty obvious goal of what you have to do. Just go ahead and follow the arrow
    back to where the blocked entrance was. When you get there, go around the wall
    and look up. There will be a splicer throwing grenades at you. Catch his 
    grenades and throw them back at the blocked entrance. It should only take one.
    Get the key from Steinman (Part 2)............[MP-02-01]
    This isn't really part 2, but I call it that because the game splits it up. Now
    that the entrance is unblocked, go through it and at the corpse on your right,
    at its feet there is 20 dollars. The corpse on the left also has 2 dollars. The
    corpse straight ahead has 4 dollars and a pistol near her hand. Now go to where
    there are some stairs and a gate. A man will come running from the side on the
    other side of the gate, and a security bot. The bot will come towards you, and
    the gate will open. Shock the bot and hack it. At the end of the hallway is a 
    turret. 3 shots from the handy pistol will blow it up. Or you can hack it, 
    whatever you want. I blew it up and then searched it for 23 machine gun rounds.
    Also, around the middle of the hallway, there's a corpse with a plasmid next to
    it. It's Static Discharge, which emits a burst of electricity if you get hit.
    *OPTIONAL* Go through the doors on your right but there is a security camera 
    there. Wait until he's looking the other way and run in, jump over the desk, 
    and hack it. Then, if you'd like, you can hack the safe underneath it. If you
    do, you'll get 33 dollars, 3 armor-piercing pistol rounds, and 2 first aid 
    kits. Turn around from the safe and you'll see a desk with some OO bucks, an 
    eve hypo, and a register on it. The register has a dollar. Also, there's a 
    corpse leaned up against the desk and at its feet are some bandages. On the far
    right corner of the desk (when you're behind it) is an armor-piercing pistol
    round (wow, 1). After that, leave through either door and take a right. Go in 
    either door at the end of the hallway (there's also a Health Station on the 
    wall to the right. 
    Go to the window and watch Dr. Steinman yelling for a bit (and doing some 
    stabbing). Then he'll notice you and says you're an intruder and you're ugly 
    (no seriously, he's say you're ugly). Careful when he notices you because at 
    that point he'll take out a machine gun and shoot at the window. Now here is 
    where the fun begins. Go through either door and face-off with Dr. Steinman. 
    Just a note: If you ever get badly hurt during this battle (which you 
    shouldn't) and don't have any first aid kits (again, which you should have) 
    then there is a Health Station if you go down some stairs and you end up under
    where you were. Careful though, because he goes down there, too. I found the
    easiest way to kill him was to equip Telekinesis and then go in the left door.
    From there, walk down the stairs and a little to your right should be a propane
    tank. Pick it up and launch it at him and he'll die right there. 
    Once he's dead, search his body to get the Emergency Access Key, 27 
    antipersonnel Auto Rounds, and 40 machine gun Rounds. Also, in the back left
    corner of the room are some armor-piercing pistol rounds (right up against the
    wall) and a first aid kit on a cabinet near the pistol rounds. In the back 
    right corner there's a machine gun with 7 rounds. 
    Open the Emergency Access.....................[MP-04]
    Now follow the arrow. Once you leave his office and are in the hallway that you
    were in, a couple of splicers will come. Just wait until they run into the 
    water and shock one of them. It will take them both out. Loot them for some
    potato chips, an electric buck, some money, and some OO bucks. Now continue to
    follow the arrow until you get into the passage surrounded by water. Take a 
    left at the pillar and go into the door. You'll see a bouncer on fire, but just
    walk by him and go to your right. This will trigger a cutscene with a splicer
    about to kill a little sister until he gets shot by a lady who goes by 
    Tenenbaum. You learn that she made the little sisters what they are today. 
    Atlas tells you to kill the little sister and take the Adam (you'll learn why 
    you need it soon) she has, but Tenenbaum tells you there is another way around 
    it. She throws you a bottle and begs you to save her. Now you're faced with a 
    choice: Either Harvest or Rescue the little sisters. Harvesting them gets you: 
    160 Adam, the "bad" ending (it's not bad, but it's the darker one). Resucing
    them gets you: 80 Adam, gifts from Tenenbaum for every 3 you save, the "good"
    ending. It's your choice. I harvested them the first time through, then 
    rescued them the second. There's also an achievement for rescuing them, so do
    whatever you want. Either way, get it done with and move on.
    In the back left of the room is are storage crates, one with a first aid kit 
    and the other has 6 pistol rounds and 11 machine gun rounds. Next to the crates
    is a Gatherer's Garden, where the Adam comes into play. This is where you spend
    the Adam you get from little sisters on plasmids and other things. On the floor
    in front of the Gatherer's Garden is a briefcase with 26 machine gun rounds.
    Now get whatever you want from Gatherer's Garden, then continue on. 
    Go through the door in the center of the back wall and search the crate there 
    for 12 antipersonnel Auto Rounds, a first aid kit, and 6 armor-piercing pistol
    rounds. Next, turn and go through the door. Take a left after going through the
    door and just follow the arrow until you run into the next little sister and 
    her big daddy. He won't hurt you until you attack him first. You'll know 
    whether or not he's hostile with his eye color. If its eyes are yellow, it 
    means he's neutral towards you. If you attack him, they turn red and he'll 
    attack back. On easy, the big daddies are rather easy. This one only took 4 
    normal ammo shotgun shots to take down (and a shock from Static Discharge after
    hitting me). After you kill him, search his body to get 119 dollars. You then
    have a choice with the little sister again. Do whatever then continue.
    Once again, start following the arrow until you're back at where you were 
    earlier where you watched the two splicers fight. There will be another splicer
    here to fight, so just take him out. Search his body for some money, then go up
    the stairs and go to the balcony in the middle of them to use the Emergency 
    Access Control. This time, it works and the gate below opens. Go through the 
    gate, enter the bathysphere, and pull the lever. Next stop, Neptune's Bounty!
    Neptune's Bounty................................[NB]
    Go to Fontaine Fisheries........................[NB-01]
    Coming soon!
    Sorry everyone, but that's as far as I've gotten in this FAQ. I'll try and 
    update it and finish it soon, but you'll all just have to bear with me for now.
    Also, I'm very busy, so if anyone else would like to take up this guide from
    where I've gotten it, I would pass it to you because with my schedule, I'm not
    sure if I'll be able to get this finished. Well good luck for now.

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