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    Walkthrough by Ignoranc3

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    Bioshock - 2k games
    Xbox 360 - Microsoft
    Guide itself - Ignoranc3
    Ignoranc3 - Joachim Beekmans
    8/24/07 - Version .15
    Bioshock - 360 version
    - Hello everyone, this is my first ever FAQ. Becuase this is my first time, 
    please let me know if something is incorrect (But don't e-mail me to tell me 
    that I spelled (insert word here) wrong!). My e-mail address is:
    When you e-mail me, please include in the SUBJECT line what it is in your
    e-mail. That'll help me to look at it right away. If you are confused about
    something I've written, please copy/paste it into the e-mail so I can better
    unserstand what the problem is. 
    Also, please ask me for permission before you use this FAQ at your site. I
    probably won't have a problem with it but asking is always nice! Thanks!
    First of all, know that this guide is going to be written while I play EASY
    mode. This is because there is nothing different other than the difficulty
    of the enemies. I already played through HARD mode and still ended up maxing
    out my wallet from time to time. 
    - Use the Wrench alot. It's easy to dodge physical enemy attacks and strike
    them with your wrench. When they attack, wait til' the last second, strafe
    left or right, and then swing the wrench. I managed to clear out most of the 
    beginning of the game with only the wrench. It saves ammo and money.
    - Save all your armor-piercing bullets for the Big daddies. It's well worth
    killing them to get the adam from the Little sisters. Also, a good tactic
    is to equip Electro bolt and the Tommy gun with armor-piercing bullets, then
    stun him, quickly shoot him a few times, stun him, shoot him, ect. Or, find
    an exploding tank of some kind and launch it at him. Takes quite a bit of 
    health from him!
    - Check everything! You will find lots of useful items just looting 
    everything in a room. Take your time too. You don't need to rush through
    a room only to find yourself killed or missing some important loot.
    - Recruit every time you have a chance. What this means is to hack turrets
    and cameras to be on your side. When you are being chased by security bots,
    wait til' they are right next to you and then pull the bot shutdown switch
    nearest you. This will allow you to hack them. If you are having trouble
    with too many enemies, bring them back to a room with some turrets, or, 
    enrage or hypnotize a big daddy. I actually hypnotized a big daddy in the
    Farmer's Market and kept him with me for 2 hours! He's a real ammo saver!
    Just make sure when you hypnotize a big daddy that you watch his helmet to
    blink, when it does, it means he is about to not be friendly anymore. And 
    also, he won't attack until you are attacked or until you attack, so pull
    out that wrench!
    - Take pictures of all your enemies! It will tell you their weakness and
    give you bonus damage to it. 
    - Be careful when hacking machines later in the game. They tend to get so
    difficult there is only one right path for the fluid to take. Make sure you
    have enough health before you hack something because if you fail, you lose 
    health. Also, you just have to be quick. There really isn't a trick to
    hacking, but make sure you uncover as any pieces before the fluid starts to
    move as you can. 
    1960, Mid-Atlantic
    Hmmm....so...great things eh? Nice Bioshock logo...cool.
    Alright, so you were just on a plane and it crashed. Nice graphics.......
    Oh....I'm supposed to move now...thought it was still the cinema...cool.
    Anyway, swim through the burning wreakage toward the big light house. None
    of your buttons do anything yet so just walk up the stairs and take a good 
    look around. Walk thorugh the doors and wait a second as the lights slowly
    come on. Walk to the back of the room and down the stairs. At the end of the
    stairs there is a large sphereical machine floating in the water. When you
    walk into it, there is a lever that says "Bathysphere lever". Go ahead and
    pull the lever and watch as you and your bathysphere decends quite a few
    fathoms below sea level. 
    A video begins to play explaining how Andrew Ryan
    thought that the restrictions on the surface were too great. The video pulls
    away and you get to see Rapture, the city where, "Everyman is entitled
    to the sweat of his own brow!" The city is beautiful. As you get closer to the
    city, two men named Atlas and Johnny are talking. They know someone is coming.
    When you surface into the city, Johnny is outside begging with this woman not
    to kill him. He isn't convincing enough becuase he doesn't live too long.
    After the woman tears Johnny apart, she attacks the bathysphere you are in.
    After a minute, she gives up and leaves. 
    From your left, Atlas's voice sounds. Pick up the radio. This is your only
    mode of contact in Rapture. Everyone who wants to talk to you will contact
    you on this. 
    Goal: Get to higher ground.
    Atlas tells you he's going to help you and to do this, you need to get to 
    higher ground.
    Step out of the bathysphere. You'll hear a female voice whispering but don't
    be too scared yet. Atlas phones you and says you'll need to lure her out of
    hiding. Now you can be scared. Who exactly is this woman, and why is she 
    killing people?
    To the right, you'll see this thing called a Vita-Chamber. It will ressurect
    you when you die for no cost or anything. You just die and arrive at the
    closest one of these with half health and EVE (the blue bar).
    To the left, you'll walk up some stairs into a dark room. The "Female
    Splicer" will taunt you. Walk a little further, where there is a metal 
    object you have to jump over, and the splicer will fall from the ceiling.
    No worries though, Atlas unleashes a security bot on her. Afterwards, he asks
    you to "Kindly" find a weapon. Over by some rubble your best friend sits on
    the floor...a wrench. This is your most trusty weapon. Use it like it's
    going out-of-style. 
    After you've gotten aquainted with the wrench, smash the rubble in the 
    doorway where the light from the camera is illuminating. Click the left
    stick in to crouch and shimmy your way through the door. A burning couch 
    comes flying down at you so just back up a bit and let it settle before
    continuing up the stairs.
    At the top of the stairs, you'll see your first fight, a male splicer.
    He's simple. He attacks with a crowbar and takes only a few hits to
    dispatch. After he's dead, press A while standing near his body to "loot"
    it. Of course, take everything and continue on your way.
    I won't say this in the future except for special occasions, but don't
    forget to check the enitre room before going on. Once you've had your 
    fill of Chips and pep bars, walk up the stairs.
    You'll see a machine called the "Gatherer's Garden". It despenses Plasmids,
    special powers in a bottle. You can't actually buy anything from it now, but 
    there is a bottle sitting on it called Electro bolt. Take it and prepare to
    take a slight fall.
    After the cool cut-scene, you'll wake up and your left hand will be static
    charged. You now have your first power in Rapture, Electro bolt. You can
    stun enemies, electrify water, and damage them with this plasmid. Even 
    thought this is a beginning of the game power, it's one of the most useful
    ones throughout the entire game. 
    Head over to the door next to the malfunctioned switch. Push the left bumper
    to select your plasmid and fire it at the switch. The door will open.
    Watch as the tunnel you're in and the tunnels near you are demolished. Walk
    through the tail of the plane, watch the cool glass cracks as you go, and
    walk into the next room.
    In the new room, to your left is a Vita-Chamber. Walk near it to trigger
    a fight with a splicer and a talk with Atlas. Do what he says and kill it.
    Very effective no? The room across from you is empty except for a corpse.
    After you are done searching, walk into the new door and up the stairs.
    Watch an elevator fall and kill the flame covered enemy. Now, walk through
    the door and into the only functional looking elevator. It will automatically
    close and ascend. 
    Goal: Go to Neptunes Bounty
    Ok, so maybe you are pretty unlucky. Atlas needs your help and it seems he
    will only help you after you've helped him. 
    Get off the elevator and grab the first aid kit to the left. Then, sneak to
    the right where you see the shadow of someone on the wall. To sneak, you can
    just slightly tilt the left stick to walk. Bash her and grab your first gun
    type weapon, the revolver! I advise you not to use it for a while, the
    wrench is more effective at this point. Pressing the right bumper will
    change weapons. 
    Walk into the Kashmir resturant. We'll start by heading down the stairs 
    because you'll get some good items. There are two splicers down here. One of
    them is knocking on a door. Kill him and the second (who has a pistol!) will
    emerge from the door. When an enemy has a weapon, they drop the weapon on the
    ground. You won't get it from looting the body, you'll have to find it on the 
    Here is where you find your first Diary. I won't be telling you the locations
    of all the diaries becuase they aren't too hard to find and it isn't 
    neccesary to gather them. They do, however, provide you with the story 
    leading up to Rapture's downfall.
    When you enter then exit the little kitchen area, there will be about two
    splicers in the water ahead of you. They won't spot you right away, and if 
    you are quick enough, you can send an electro bolt into the water which 
    instantly kills them.
    Go up the stairs and kill the wandering splicer. Then head into the next 
    area. Check out the bathrooms (splicer in the ladies) and then head through
    the hole in the wall in the Gents bathroom.
    Atlas asks you to "kindly" lower your weapon. Man, kindly this, kindly that,
    at least he's nice I suppose. Walk over the scafolding and listen to Atlas.
    Walk down the stairs and watch the hilarious mistake the male splicer makes.
    Big daddies are scary, but they can be taken down. Break the lock on the
    gate with your wrench and walk to the right of the vita chamber. 
    Kill the splicers and follow the linear path. When you loot the Big daddy
    corpse, notice the large amount of money he has. Killing big daddies, while
    also getting ADAM from little sisters, gets you money as well. 
    To the right of the stairs is Neptunes Bounty. The gate to the entrance will
    close and an alarm will sound. Take out the oncoming wave of splicers.
    Goal: Head to Medical
    Atlas tells you to head to the medical pavilion to reach Neptunes Bounty.
    But don't rush, you can search the area first. Afterwards, head into door
    labeled Medical Pavilion. 
    Follow the path and the only open door you come across will close and a video
    of Andrew Ryan will play. Atlas overrides the door behind you right before
    the splicers get to you. Head through the door to load the new area, Medical
    Goal: Use emergency access route
    Around the corner is your first vending machine. I wouldn't spend any money
    yet but it's up to you.
    Next to the vending machine is a door with a bot stuck in it. Hack the bot
    and the doors will open. Hacking is simple, just line up the pipes from the
    blue fluid beginning point to a green arrow. if you finish the pipe before
    the fluid gets to the end, press Y to speed things up.
    The bot will now follow you and shoot at enemies as long as it's alive and 
    can still follow you.
    Head through the door you just unblocked and into the next room. Two splicers
    will begin to fight so sit back and wait til' one dies. Kill the remaining
    one and walk up the stairs. There will be an emergencey access control.
    Pull it and watch as it's denied. 
    Goal: Get the key from Steinman
    Of course it wasn't gonna be that easy. Walk throught the door behind you and
    to the left. Hey! It's a tommy gun! Yay! Kill the splicer and grab the gun.
    Pull the electrical override switch and watch out as splicers will begin
    shooting through the windows. I advise running back through and let your bot
    kill them. He gets the job done pretty well. There are quite a few splicers
    so make sure you've killed all of them before you let your guard down.
    Head back into the room with the vending machine and up the stairs.
    Follow the linear path and into the door labeled Surgery. 
    In this room, shoot the turrets with the Electro bolt to deactivate them
    and hack them. Kill the splicers, search the area, then head into,
    "Eternal flame".
    Kill the splicers (watch out for the bomb throwing one!) and head through the
    door. Head into the next room and You'll see your first Security camera. Don't
    walk into it's view for to long or you'll be seen. Instead, take a right down
    the second available right. You should be able to hit the camera from it's
    right and then hack it. 
    Afterwards, walk back to the body in the furnace you passed and push it in.
    A blue bottle will come out and it's your first Physical Tonic, Hackers 
    Walk past the camera and up the stairs. You'll see to the left a splicer
    and an oil spill. Kill the splicer and then crouch through a duct into the
    room near the oil spill. Grab the plasmid off the floor and now you can make
    things erupt in fire! You can change your plasmids with the left bumper.
    A bunch of splicers will swarm the room but they can't get in. Use Incinerate
    to light the oil spill and kill the splicers. Find the stairs marked EXIT
    and walk down them.
    Leave Eternal Flame and walk directly to the frozen looking area to the 
    right. Hit the ice covering the door with Incinerate and it will let you
    enter the next room.
    Head to the left of the room and kill the splicer behind the desk. Head to
    the other side of the room and kill the splicer in there. Under the EVE
    hypo is a code to get into the door behind you. It's 0451. Open the door
    and grab the goodies. Now head into the next room through the door in the
    middle room.
    Walk into the water to your left. Walk towards the shadow and the lights 
    go out. Don't freak out, you'll be fine. When they come back on, the 
    shadow is gone and there is a Yellow bottle near the corpse.
    As you head out of the room, there will be a hidden splicer in one of the
    wall cabinet type things. 
    I know you want to kill steinman for making this such a long process but
    we have to do one more thing. Walk down the stairs next to the door labeled
    "Dr. Steinmans Asthetic Ideas". Melt the ice in the hallway and kill the
    splicer on the other side. 
    Walk into the door on the left and turn to the right. Fire an electro bolt
    down the hall at a turret that fires rockets. It mght be hard to see at first
    but you might have to wait for it to fire at you to find it. 
    Afterwards, head into the working door. To your left at the bottom of the
    wall is a crawl space. Smack the vent with your wrench and enter it to get
    some goodies. When you return, there will be a splicer waiting for you. Take
    out your pistol if you want and blast her legs away from the crawl space.
    On the other side of the room is a security camera. You might have to jump 
    towards it to hack it properly. Right under the camera is a safe to hack.
    Ok, now head out through the door past the turret and then through the gate.
    You should be in a larger area with a shotgun on the floor. Be ready, when
    you grab it the lights will shut off and splicers will attack you from all 
    sides. I suggest finding the vita-chamber across from the shotgun and running
    there because now you can only be attacked from one side. You should be able
    to see it in the dark because it's lit up.
    The lights will come back on and it's safe (Well...you know what I mean.)
    to go on.
    Go through the door on the other side of the room labeled "Dandy Dental".
    It should be next to a health dispenser.
    Head through either door and to your left is a door with a cursive R on it.
    Head through that door and take another left. You'll see your third 
    "Gatherer's Garden". You STILL won't be able to buy anything here but there
    is a bottle sitting on it. It's Telekinesis! You can practice it on the ball
    launcher if you'd like. Oh, and switch out Incinerate for Telekinesis. You
    always need to have Electro bolt with you!
    Opening the door with the R on it causes 1 to 2 splicers to attack. kill them
    and head back out into the shotgun room.
    To your left is a small hallway with a door labeled "Painless Dental".
    There is a turret in this room and the only way to access this room is 
    through the windows around the corner. Make sure to hit that turret with
    your bolt. You will have to crouch to get through the window but be quick,
    the turret will regain itself and begin firing if you take too long.
    Enter the next room beyond the turret and you'll get a cloud covering the
    screen. Loot the place but be careful, when you grab the Yellow plasmid, 
    the screen is covered in another cloud. After you can see again, when you
    turn around there is a splicer standing directly behind you. I suggest wildly
    swinging the wrench as you turn because the splicer is quick.
    You should find a crawlspace on the far wall. When you reach the end, you'll
    be able to see a splicer sitting in a chair. Take her out (There are a couple
    cool ways to do it!) and unlock the door. You'll end up next to the "Dandy
    Dental" door. Head back down to the windows where you hacked the turret.
    Instead of going through the windows, continue down the hallway.
    You should see a splicer hanging out of a broken window, a locked door,
    and a camera turning in the next room. If you look directly through the
    window, on the wall, you should see something shiny. Take out Telekinesis
    and aim right at the shiny object. It should come flying to you. Don't let
    go of the trigger though. Press A while it's in the air to pick it up. Now
    you can unlock that door.
    When you enter the room, the camera is directly to your left as well as a 
    splicer. Loot the safe in the water filled room and go back to the shotgun
    A few things before we go on:
    By now you should have gotten a few diaries, you should have around 300
    dollars, and you should also have a few different kinds of ammo. 
    Pistol: Armor-Piercing bullets - Extra damage to big daddies and machinery.
    Tommygun: Anti-personnel bullets - Extra damage to splicers
    Shotgun: Electric Buck - Extra damage to electrical weakness like machines
                             or certain enemies. 
    Also remember, The wrench is good for all enemies except Big daddies. Save
    that ammo for bossess and Big daddies. You'll thank me for it later.
    And read the Tips section near the top before you go on if you haven't
    Ok, now it MIGHT be time to finally kill Steinman. Head all the way back to
    Steinmans office which is through the icy tunnel and up the stairs. You'll be
    fighting some splicers on the way. Now is a good time to use Telekinesis on
    the bomb throwing enemy. Wait until he throws it and the pull the trigger.
    You should catch the bomb in mid flight. Let go of the trigger to throw it
    back at him. 
    If for some reason you can't find your way back to Steinman's office, follow
    the yellow arrow at the top of your screen. It'll point you in the right
    direction at all times.
    Walk into "Dr. Steinman's Asthetic Ideals". Walk down the tunnel and into
    the door. Dr. Steinman himself is on the other side of the wall but he blows
    the door he runs through up and it caves in. You'll need to catch on of the
    bombs the guy on the balcony is throwing and toss it at the wreckage.
    After you've opened up the door, walk through it and follow the path. 
    You'll be blocked by a gate. Dr. Steinman screams and sends a bot on you. 
    You can Electro bolt it, hit it with the wrench, pull out the shotty and
    use your electric buck on it, anything you wish.
    There is also a turret down the hall too. You know what to do. Afterwards,
    go through the door on the right and hack the safe. Now, enter the doors
    labeled "Viewing Rooms". 
    In this room, there is a lrage window and two doors. Watch through the window
    as Dr.Steinman freaks out over problems no one can fix. When he starts to
    scream, "UGLY!!" At you and pulls out a tommy gun, he'll begin to shoot 
    through the window. Now you can enter through the doors or the window.
    There is a very easy way to beat Dr. Steinman:
    Corner him with your wrench out, then smack him til' he's dead. For some 
    reason, he won't attack you while he's being hit by the wrench giving you
    the opportunity to kill him without too much trouble. Simple as that.
    Goal: Open the Emergency Access
    Alrighty then, you can now go ALL the way back to the room where you were
    denied access to Neptunes Bounty. You'll see it on the map as "GOAL" with a
    red star. It's a treck back but follow the map and the arrow and it'll only
    take a minute. 
    On the way back though, you'll have to take a detour. In one of the tunnels
    you'll find a door open to your left. You'll see a big daddy fly through a 
    window. Walk in to the next room for a cut-scene. 
    Now is the time to decide wether or not you want a good ending or a bad 
    ending. Harvesting the little sisters gives you lot's of ADAM to spend 
    making the game a ton easier but you'll get the bad ending. Saving them
    will give you less ADAM but the best ending. In this walkthorugh I'll be 
    saving them so if you don't save them, you might have a different ending
    than in the guide.
    More to come later...
    I hope you've enjoyed my guide so far, I hope to have this entire
    thing finished Sunday. Of course, I will probably be adding things
    after that, but at least you'll be able to complete the game with
    Please e-mail me with any comments, suggetions, anything, here:
    E-mail - joachim.t.beekmans@wmich.edu
    All rights reserved to their respected owners
    Thanks to...
    -2k for making such an awsome and beautiful game
    -Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ and for having such a great site
    -All you readers who help me and enjoy this FAQ

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