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    Achievement Guide by thespecialc

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    Achievement Guide
    Table of Contents
    1. Things to Remember
    2. Play through Achievements
    3. Track Achievements
    4. Weapon Upgrade Achievements
    5. Research Achievements
    6. Hacking Achievements
    7. Inventing Achievements
    8. Little Sister Achievements
    9. Cohen Achievements
    10. Other Achievements
    	a. Tonic Collector
    	b. Historian
    	c. Seriously Good at This
    	d. Lucky Winner
    	e. Toaster in the Tub
            f. Brass Balls
    11. Acknowledgements and Contact Information
    1. Things to Remember
    There are a few things that you can do that will prevent you from obtaining 
    all of the achievements in one play through.  Make sure to keep the following 
    things in mind as you play the game if you intend to get all of the 
    achievements without playing the game twice. I will reiterate these points in 
    the appropriate section in the guide.  
    -Play the game on hard.
    -Turn off Vita-Chambers
    -Do NOT shoot Cohen at the end of Fort Frolic. This will prevent you from 
    getting two achievements. 
    -Do not harvest any little sisters.
    -There are certain Audio Libraries that you only have one chance to get. 
    Specifically, make sure you get the first two audio diaries before you use 
    the bulkhead to the medical pavilion and make sure to get the 3 in the 
    control room.
    -Be wary of buying the Health and Eve upgrades at gatherers garden. If you 
    purchase them all you may not have enough Adam to get all the Tonics for the 
    Tonic Achievement. I was able to upgrade my health and eve twice and still 
    get all the tonics. 
    2. Play through Achievements
    - Welcome to Rapture; Secrets
    There are many achievements that you will get as you go through the game. 
    Most of these achievements are secret. You will get all but two of the secret 
    achievements simply by beating the game. The names of some of these 
    achievements are spoilers (one very much so) so I won't list the names.  
    3. Track Achievements
    -Bought One Slot; Maxed one Track; Maxed all Tracks
    These are very self explanatory. You will want to max out all of your tonic 
    slots anyway and should have plenty of Adam to do so.  Plasmid and Tonic 
    slots should be the first things you buy anyway because you often pick up 
    tonics and have way more than your slots will allow. 
    4. Weapon Upgrade Achievements
    -Upgraded a Weapon; One Fully Upgraded Weapon; Two Fully Upgraded Weapons; 
    Three Fully Upgraded Weapons; Four Fully Upgraded Weapons; Five Fully 
    Upgraded Weapons; Weapon Specialist
    You will need to find all 12 Power to the People Stations to collect all of 
    these achievements. Shadowsdieaway has an excellent FAQ on gamefaqs with the 
    locations of all the machines. 
    Remember to get Weapon Specialist you MUST NOT attack Cohen at the end of 
    Fort Frolic
    5. Research Achievements
    -  Fully Researched Thug Splicer; Fully Researched Gun Splicer; Fully 
    Researched Houdini Splicer; Fully Researched Spider Splicer; Fully Researched 
    Nitro Splicer; Fully Researched Rosie; Fully Researched Bouncer; Fully 
    Researched Little Sister
    Each subject in the game has 5 research levels. When you take a photo the 
    research bar will increase. When it is full you will gain a new bonus or a 
    new tonic. You will have fully researched something when you have obtained 
    all 5 research levels
    -Researched a Splicer
    This is unlocked with your first picture of a splicer.
    -Quality Research Photo
    This is unlocked when you take your first A grade photograph. The first photo 
    you take in the game will be of a spider splicer behind a glass window. Just 
    be sure to get it in the center of the frame and you should get an A. If not 
    you will have plenty of chances to take photos and will get an A very quickly. 
    -Prolific Photographer; Research PhD
    For Prolific Photographer you will need a picture of each research subject. 
    Other than the ones listed above you will need to take a photo of a Turret, 
    Camera, and Security Bot.  To obtain Research PhD you must max out research 
    on all subjects including the security devices.
    Research Tips:
    -Get research done as fast as possible. When you first get the camera take 
    pictures like crazy. It's better not to have to worry about it later in the 
    game. Enemies get progressively harder as the game goes on so it becomes 
    harder to get good pictures. 
    -Keep max film on you at all times. You want to get research done early and 
    often. Keep stocked up on film until you don't need it anymore. 
    -You can take multiple pictures of the same target, the quality will be low 
    but film is cheap and plentiful. Snap pictures until it won't let you anymore. 
    -For Splicers, the best thing to do is zap them with an electro bolt and then 
    snap multiple photos of the incapacitated splicer. 
    -Similarly for turrets, cameras, and bots zap them and take rapid fire 
    pictures just before you hack it.
    -You can take pictures of Little Sisters and Big Daddies before you engage 
    them while they are still passive. Be sure to get the sisters while you can. 
    You can snap photos of respawned Big Daddies but the sisters will be gone.
    -You can also snap photos of the sisters that bring you the gifts. 
    -A Few tips from whythecnic:
    You can photograph the Little Sisters in the proving grounds that you are
    supposed to escort. You can leave and re-enter the level to photograph her
    multiple times. Also you can abuse the free respawns of the big daddies
    to max out your research early. 
    6. Hacking Achievements
    -One Successful Hack; Hacked a Security Bot; Hacked a Security Camera; Hacked 
    a Turret; Hacked a Vending Machine; Hacked a Safe; Skilled Hacker.
    You will quickly rack these achievements up as you will want to be hacking 
    everything as you progress through the game. Skilled Hacker is unlocked when 
    you hack 50 things. I got this achievement before I was even a quarter the 
    way through the game. Just hack everything!
    7. Inventing Achievements
    -Basic Inventor; Avid Inventor
    You get these achievements by inventing items with the U-Invent machines 
    scattered throughout Rapture. Basic Inventor is awarded with your first 
    invention and Avid Inventor is unlocked after inventing 100 items. Don't 
    worry about this achievement as you play the game, only invent the items that 
    you need. Once you are near the very end if you haven't unlocked this yet go 
    ahead and invent a bunch of useless stuff that you have plenty of parts for. 
    When I did this I had plenty of parts accumulated to do this.  
    -Ammo Inventor
    The description says successfully invent each of the ammo types. I'm pretty 
    sure that not all ammo types are inventible. I assume you just have to invent 
    one of each of the inventible types. Just keep track of what you have already 
    Update: I got a very helpful e-mail on this from vonpoon:
    "Regarding the Ammo Inventor achievement, I'm on my second play-through
    now, and I'm 90% certain that you can only invent one type of ammo for
    each weapon.  This list might be useful to include in your guide:
    Pistol - Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds
    Shotgun - Exploding Buck
    Machine Gun - Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds
    Grenade Launcher - Heat-Seeking RPG
    Chemical Thrower - Electric Gel
    Crossbow - Trap Bolt
    Unlike vending machines (Circus of Value, El Ammo Bandito) or
    Gatherer's Gardens, the inventables at any U-Invent seem to be bound
    to what weapons you currently have.  I tested this in Fort Frolic,
    before and after you get the crossbow.  Once you get toward the end of
    the game, getting the Ammo Inventor achievement is as easy as walking
    up to a U-Invent and inventing one unit of each type of ammo.  That
    worked for me, anyway."
    8. Little Sister Achievements
    -Dealt with Every Little Sister.
    This is unlocked as soon as you have harvested or rescued every little sister. 
    If you're going for achievements you obviously want to save them all for the 
    Little Sister Savior achievement.
    -Little Sister Savior
    This achievement is unlocked at the end of the game if you have rescued all 
    of the little sisters. (Update: Floodclaw has pointed out to me that you don't
    have to rescue all the little sisters, just not harvest any.) 
    9. Cohen Achievements
    -Found Cohen's Room (Secret)
    To get this achievement you must NOT attack Cohen at the end of Fort Frolic. 
    Later on in the game when you get to the Mercury Suites in Olympus Heights 
    Cohen's Apartment will be accessible to you. Shoot the dancers in his 
    apartment and he will get rather upset with you and come out of his room. Now 
    you can kill him! After dealing with Cohen his room will be open to you and 
    you will get the achievement as you enter his room.
    -Irony (Secret)
    After Killing Cohen take a picture of his body. You can do this after you 
    kill him in his apartment or if you killed him at the end of Fort Frolic. 
    10. Other Achievements
    a. Tonic Collector
    There are 53 tonics in the game and you must collect them all to get this 
    achievement. Tonics are picked up, purchased, or invented.  In order to 
    purchase all of the tonics you will probably have to sacrifice purchasing a 
    few things so you have enough Adam. I was able to purchase everything but 
    Cyclone Trap 1,2; Security Bull's-eye; and Winter Blast 1 and 2 and 2 Eve 
    upgrades and 2 Health upgrades and still have enough Adam to buy all the 
    tonics and slots.  I'm not suggesting that you skip the specific ones that I 
    listed, you should enjoy the game and play it in your own style but it does 
    give you some idea on how much Adam you should conserve.
    Powerless has an excellent FAQ on gamefaqs that lists the locations of all 
    the tonics.
    b. Historian
    You must collect every audio diary in the game to unlock this achievement. 
    There are certain Audio Libraries that you only have one chance to get. 
    Specifically, make sure you get the first two audio diaries before you use 
    the bulkhead to the medical pavilion and make sure to get the 3 in the 
    control room.
    Shadowsdieaway has an excellent FAQ on gamefaqs with the locations of all the 
    c. Seriously Good at This
    Beat the game on hard difficulty.
    d. Lucky Winner
    Hit the jackpot on a slot machine. These are found in various places in Fort 
    Frolic. Go to a slot machine with a full wallet and save the game. Just keep 
    pumping your money into it and loading the game when you run out. When you 
    finally hit the jackpot you can load your game so you haven't wasted any 
    e. Toaster in the Tub
    Simply use electro bolt on an enemy in the water. You will be instructed to 
    do this by Atlas near the beginning of the game.
    f. Brass Balls
    Beat the game on hard with Vita-Chambers turned off. (Credit to 
    Prof Bad Touch to getting this info to me first.)
    11. Acknowledgements and Contact Information
    Thanks to Bioshock for creating an amazing game and blockbuster for having no 
    late fees so I could complete it. 
    Thanks to shadowsdieaway and Powerless for their very helpful FAQs and the 
    permission to link them in my guide.
    Thanks to vonpoon, whythecnic, Prof Bad Touch and Floodclaw for the 
    tips and info. 
    This is my first guide so feedback is greatly appreciated. If there is 
    something I have missed or information that is wrong please e-mail me at 
    TheSpecialC at aol dot com. Also if you see any grammatical or spelling 
    errors feel free to inform of those as well. 
    This guide is to be hosted on GameFaqs. Please do not steal my work or 
    post this FAQ anywhere without my permission. 

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