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"Awesome Graphics, but Not a Perfect Game"

BioShock is a refreshing new outlook on first person shooters. It has the basic FPS concept but adds in some RPG elements that make the game great and fun to play. The story keeps you wanting more and although enemies may get repetitive they keep you on your toes throughout the game.

The graphics in this game are some of the best I've ever seen. As you start off the game your introduced to a very short video to start of the story. You end up in the water near a fiery plane crash. It took me a few seconds to realize that the video ended because the graphics were so good. The graphics really help to immerse you into the whole experience. Plasmids also look awesome; fire, ice, and a plethora of other powers make you go wow every time you use them...especially fire when you get near a flammable liquid.

Great sound. Played it in 5.1 and you can really hear everything. Gunfire sounds just like it should although I did feel that they weren't the best I've heard but still great none the less. You can hear which way enemies are, footsteps change depending where you are, and explosions are awesome.

The game plays like a typical FPS but with the great plasmid and other power ups (tonics) it really makes this game stand apart from that 'typical' standard. The game really just revolves around a sort of plasmid to weapon 'combo'. Stun with plasmid then use your weapon to finish the job. Adding power ups such as making your wrench attack stronger and the ability to go stealth when you stop moving adds in a nice amount of fun to be had. The only real downside to the gameplay happens when you die. The game spawns you back at a nearby 'resurrection tube' (which is usually in the same room or the next room over from where you died). What ever you killed will still be waiting for you, with what ever health it had left when you died and you also spawn with everything you died with aside from the 1 loss of a health bar which in the end doesn't matter since if you die again you end up in the same spot. I played the game on the normal difficulty setting and I watched my brother playing on the easy setting. The only real difference was that enemies took longer to kill and did just slightly more damage when they hit you. But with the way the game handles death you could really just equip your wrench and continuously run back to the harder parts of the game, dieing then respawning till you get past it; Big Daddy's come to mind.

I don't want to go too much into the story since spoilers would ruin what this game is really about. However, you are thrown into the game almost immediately through a plane crash in which you survive. You find a nearby lighthouse and end up taking a submarine to the underwater city of rapture. Much of the story is literally found. You find tape recordings of people who lived in the city and by listening to them you can put together what happened in the final moments before the city went wrong. They are littered through the city and even if you aren't looking for them you will run in to dozens of them to listen to while you move on to the next area. Also the story changes slightly when you either rescue or harvest little sisters.

This game has a few endings that add to the replayability. Mostly affected by if you rescue or harvest the little sisters. If your like me and try and find as many of the tape recorders as you can and explore as much of the city as you can along the way then the only reasons to play through over and over would be to see the couple different endings and try different combinations of plasmids and tonics and of course the live achievements such as electrocuting enemies while they are standing in water to receive the 'toaster in a tub' achievement. Even with all this it left me wanting to at least have a little bit of a multiplayer mode. Using plasmids and tonics to customize your character online would have been insanely fun and would have pushed this game to perfect status.

I'd say this game should not be passed up by anyone who owns a 360, whether you rent it or buy it. For FPS fans it adds that little extra something different to set it apart from being just another generic shooter and the lack of multiplayer is made up for with different endings and a story that will keep you glued. The game easily gets best graphics but in the end the lack of having more than a handful of different opponents, any sort of multiplayer and being way too easy with the almost no death penalty cuts a bit off this game to make it a perfect game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/07

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