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"Welcome To Rapture!"

I really did want to give BioShock a higher score but a few things set it back quite a bit. Let's just get to the basics.

BioShock is pretty much one of the best looking games on the 360 and for the most part, in general on a console. From the dark and creepy atmospheres to the vibrant and detailed gardens. It really shows how much time the developers put into the game. Not once did the levels blend together or for the most part look similar. There was always something separating them, which is greatly enjoyed in a genre that is known to sometimes have bland and repetitive levels. Every now and then textures would load slowly but it was rare and I can't really blame it for that. The "creature" designs were also fantastic. From the Splicers to the Big Daddies, they all had a unique and very creepy feel to them.

Eh... I'm love hate with the sound. There is, for the most part, almost no music. That's not a completely bad thing, but sometimes it's just completely silent which will work or not work depending on the situation. There is nothing greater then creeping around in the dark in complete silence to hear the yells or moaning of creatures or even better... The thudding foot steps of a Big Daddy. Overall though it's good. Great effort put into making realistic sound effects for the weapons, explosions and the like. Voice acting was also pretty darn good. I really enjoyed listening to the audio files you picked up and not only because they filled you in on the story. They were just entertaining to hear.

It's pretty darn solid. General combat is similar to that of Condemned, which is not a bad thing at all, but better. I felt a lot of power in my hands when I was swinging around a wrench or unloading a shotgun into an attacking Splicer. My favorite aspect would be the amount of freedom in how you can solve problems. Towards the start of the game, it's pretty hard. Big Daddies can be a pain to take out and the ammo selection is low. It doesn't get TO easy but it does allow for creative freedom later on. You can manipulate enemies or even the automated turrets to take out enemies for you. If you've played the demo, you know what to expect in the game. My only real complaint is the hacking. While it is a rather unique take on hacking... It gets a bit boring towards the end of the game. I would have liked an option just to turn off the cameras and turrets.

Eh... The story is slightly interesting but doesn't really get all that deep, or for the most part that interesting. Everything is basically told to you via the audio devices you pick up and that's about it. There are some cut scenes and plot twists but it was for the most part predictable or uninteresting. It's not that bad though... BioShock doesn't really rely on it's story that much. It's just there to move you along. The ending, both, are extremely EXTREMELY disappointing though... Which is one of the things that ruined the game for me.

Replay Value:
There is pretty much none. All the achievements can be gained on a single run through the game if you play on Hard and that's really all you will be doing with the runs through the game. The lack of a New Game + kind of hurts the game a bit and obviously there is no multiplayer, so Single Player is it. It's not that bad but it really doesn't help a lot either. It's probably one of the weaker points of the game. The story, not totally short but not extremely long either, is all there is. There are no extras to be gained through doing special things and for the most part the game is easy with slight challenge.

It's a great game but it just doesn't seem to pack a long and lasting punch. I'm sure some of you will disagree, which is fine, but once the amazing first punch of the game has run it's course... There is nothing else. I can't say buy this game right away... Because for some gamers it might not keep their interest past beating it. If you can play games over and over (with out gaining anything new) then this is more of a buy obviously.

None the less do not miss out on playing this, be it buy or rent. It's a really enjoyable game and there isn't much like it out right now.

Welcome to Rapture baby.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/22/07

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