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"A little water never hurt anyone"

If I can use one word to sum up BioShock, it is amazing. This might be the best game I have ever played. It's that amazing. One thing that BioShock stands out from the other generic fps games is the way the city is presented to you. Instead of rehashing and just putting you in a place to shoot things and blow things up, BioShock has you engaged into the place that is in BioShock.

The story in BioShock is simple but good. You're in a city called Rapture. It's under the ocean. A brilliant guy went down there to build this city to avoid the law of governments in other nations. He specifically names the United States and Russia. So he probably had issues with those government. Something goes wrong in this underwater city. Monsters show up. You pick up some shotguns and guns and you blow them away. End of story!

The shooting elements are refined. It feels very natural as you are switching from one enemy to another. The guns also aren't overpowered which make the game a bit harder than normally seen in other fps. Despite the regeneration system where you respawn with half your life and all enemies stay the same, BioShock is still challenging. It's still a very fun and challenging game. It doesn't get too frustrating and not too easy. There is a good balance. There are also powers that you can use in the form of plasmids. You use eve which is like a power surge I guess. The eve lets you use powers like shoot electricity out of your hand.

Graphics look high end. It looks like one of the better looking games on the 360. The sound is also fantastic. Voice sounds were excellent. Replay value is a bit low because there is no multiplayer, but the game is 20 hours long which makes this game a game that will be played for a while. You can also play the game a few times because it's really fun to do so.

BioShock is one of the best games I have played in a while. It is the best game on the Xbox 360 in my humble opinion. It gets no better than this!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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