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"Biosludge or Bioshocked?"

Having played the demo I liked the game but wasn't 100% into it, I didn't much care for the gameplay but rented it anyways. Now that I played it and beat it I like the game a lot more! I was BioShocked

Story 6/10:
I thought the story was pretty well done once you start although the beginning was a little dry. And both ends were short and a total let down after playing for hours on end. I seen one end and seen the other online I was expecting more from the game.

Game play 7/10:
Don't get me wrong it's a very innovative game. You do so much stuff its overwhelming because just as you get one thing down you learn anther all while trying to remember everything else. But some of the praises it gets like shocking people in water I have seen in other games, maybe not a lot but its been done. I beat it on easy then hard and on easy playing for the first time its still a lot to take in (although I didn't have a manual).

The AI isn't anything mind blowing like you may be use to in some games. Its sometimes smart and other times just your typical dumb AI. You can do tons of things like a Oblivionish “RPG” style FPS again. You can buy new things, modify other things, set traps, invent stuff….etc. If you rush through the game you miss a lot of fun stuff. If you take your time the game is much longer in my opinion and much funner. I rushed through on hard and didn't have as much fun.

Graphics 10/10:
I think its one of the best looking games I have seen for the amount of stuff that's in it. Sure there are games that are realistic looking but when you play this you have to compare the size of your environment and all the details that's in it to those other games. This game is amazing with its graphics. Only complaint was the weapons just seemed a little weird….. bulky, like “quake” kinda big. No big deal though. And you couldn't se your body when you look down. But as you see I don't count that against the score!

Controls 9/10:
The controls were a little confusing at first but you get by the time your at your first Little Sister or at least you should have down by then. Your always learning new stuff so the controls are really never finished! I wish though they would have let you choose your buttons. The Jump button was not in the typical location.

Sounds and Music 9/10:
The sound was amazing. Its tied with F.E.A.R in ALMOST making me “freak” out all the time. Deducted a point because I never really heard much music and what I did hear was good but nothing draw dropping.

Replayibility 5/10:
Obviously you can play it again for the other ending. Or if you want to play on another difficulty but I just don't see me playing more then the 2 times (I never finished my second time), Maybe a third if I ever get bored in the future….distant future.

Pros & Cons:
-To many to list!

-Beginning and end lacking.
-Gameplay a little hectic to learn.

Overall 7/10:
Overall I'd say rent it unless you know you'll want to play it over and over. If you sure about that much then this games for you. I personally won't play it to much over and over so its not worth $60. But its 100% worth the rental hands down.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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