"Rip through Hell underwater"

If you've watched the trailer, you've probably felt the sensation of a great game and that's alright. Some flashy trailers never make a game great but 2K did promise players a great game.

You play as a man named Jack with no back story to begin with. You begin as a passenger of an aircraft that mysteriously crashes into the ocean. You are lead into a lighthouse that hold a bathyscape that you crawl into and submerges into the ocean leading to the underwater utopia, Rapture, built by Andrew Ryan who wanted to live in a city free from capitalism on the surface world.

When you arrive, you see that Rapture has become a hell hole. It seems that you have come to Rapture at the wrong time but at least you get into some ass kicking quickly. Atlas becomes your guide who contacts you through a radio who wants to save you unless you save his family.

Very soon in the beginning of the game, you fight Splicers, residents who have mutated by overdosing on Plasmids. In a reality's sense, Plasmids are like drugs in Rapture that gives you abnormal powers such as shooting electricity from your hand, burn people with a snap of your fingers, or create whirlwinds from the tip of your fingers which require some EVE. You'll eventually pick up cool guns and you can mix your killing strategies between your Plasmids and guns. There are many different kinds of Plasmids and Tonics (power ups) that you can purchase with ADAMs.

The sudden earthquakes that you can feel are most likely the hard footsteps from those big brutes, the Big Daddies. They are usually accompanied by Little Sisters, once innocent little girls now transformed into little monsters. They usually walk around to collect ADAM from "angel" (dead people). These ADAMs are a form of currency to buy Plasmids from vending machines. In order to get yourself some ADAMs, you need to take on the Big Daddies first. They are not easy but it's well worth the ADAM to purchase more Plasmids.

If you do manage to take down one of the big daddies, you can either harvest or rescue the Little Sisters. Harvesting them will result in more ADAM but rescuing them will give you less but you will be handsomely rewarded later for your kindness.

Plasmids are somewhat fun to play with but not too original but these it's up to the player to be creative with Plasmids. Rapture does feel like a great city to explore and it has it's down sectors and departments in which your venture would never get boring but sometimes a mission will squeeze you through a linear path. Some missions may not be specific and you can roam the areas freely giving you the "freedom" the developers mentioned. Learning more about Rapture and the story would require you to pick up and listen to audio cassettes recorded by many different people. These audio logs are interesting to listen to and are done in top notch voice acting that include great emotions and accents.

The number of Plasmids repent for the number of weapons in the game but the cool designs and functionality are great in combat. Weapons can be upgraded for better performance by locating machines. Unfortunately, there is no custom weapon development, only 2 upgrades for each weapon.

The setting of Bioshock is like none other. Very few games choose a time period of the 1960s and because of that, the environment feels refreshing to look at in contrast with other games. I personally do like the art and design of Rapture. The time period is very fitting for Bioshock. Almost everything in Bioshock is interactive. The graphics are great and up to gaming date. The water effects are fantastic plus they can blur your vision as you walk through a waterfall.

Unfortunately for me, I have beaten the game in one day. I may have made the game sound short but mind me, I sped through most of the game. I am a gamer who wants to beat the game for entertainment and it's story when in fact, I should have savored its moments by stopping to enjoy the environment, absorb the atmosphere, and experiment with Plasmids to deal with enemies. I have never been very engaged into a FPS game that forced me to play in one sit, nonstop. Bioshock deserves my gratitude.

Bioshock is one damn badass FPS game that no gamer, especially a FPS player, should pass up. Ren or buy, it's up to you. You must at least try or play this game. Bioshock has proven itself to be one of the best FPS of the generation and game of the year material.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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