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"Welcome to the Under(water) World"

If you are a hardcore FPS with the skills to solve puzzles, and love horror, this game is for you. This game isn't slow with the thrills. The opening movie begins the horror and you hop right in to an underwater nightmare.

So our nightmare begins with a survivor in plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean, where our young hero Jack swims through the water and flames to find an unknown structure, which in it, an elevator leading to Rapture. You learn its grand history through an old rickety film, and arrive to see... ruins... and a murder with a women hacking down a man. So with the assistance of a strange man named Atlas, you enter Rapture, and pray you get out alive. You will wield all sorts of weapons in your disposal, and bring out the powers of the DNA changing ADAM and EVE to wreak havoc and guarantee your survival with skills such as lighting bursts and flames.

Plot 10/10
The moment you start, you know you are hooked. What happened? Who is this Atlas? What happened down here? As you proceed through this game, curiosity will definitely drag you around to corners and posters. Ghosts appear with crying anger, strange posters all over, words written in blood, and old recordings fills little background, wetting you appetite to find out this plot. "BioShock" slowly dips you in the game, making you want to rush ahead, but you won't. The setting will lure you to observe and poke around, just discover more and more plot. To add the complexity, you must face the choice o saving or destroying the Little Sisters. This game's plot isn't a straight line, its a gigantic 3D maze, and before you know it, you will find yourself in the beginning, just as confused as before. You wont know what hit you.

Graphics/Setting 10/10
Amazing. Just amazing. The slow water rushing around. The rickety ruins. The dark world. The reality of it allows you to feel like you are Jack. The shaky floor, the creaking footsteps, crackling of the sound recordings, each little amplifies the plot and horror. You will notice slightest details that makes you wonder. "What happened to this guy? What does this message mean? Those stairs doesn't look to safe. Boy, its dark in here..." The crackles of electricity creates the atmosphere of destruction, along with high quality destruction. Congratulations, this game gave you the perfect excuse for an 1080p tv. Just don't forget to lower the volume.

Game play/Controls: 9/10
The controls are simple enough, and flows fluently. The "Y" button to jump is a very annoying factor, but it isn't used too much. Weapon and plasmid switching is a breeze with the bumpers. Hacking brings out something new to the FPS world: using logic. The basic hacking droids and turrets are simple, but you must be quick to hack shops and healers. There are many ways to take on Big Daddies, but you must unite surroundings and your arsenal to take it down. Standing in a puddle of water? No problem. Shock to its demise.

AI: 8/10
Though not exactly strong, but they are unique. They are never the same, and if you don't hunt them down, they will hunt you. The game is never the same, as they don't just wait around for you to kill you, they can fully use the map to group up and beat you down.

Horror: 10/10
The perfect setting. A dark ruin of a once great city, all the civilians gone insane (except, supposedly, for Atlas and his family), it is underwater, limiting sunlight. Blood everywhere, eerie silence. It's... perfect.

Overall: 10/10
Though I haven't 100% the game, I can tell there is high replay value. Smart AI, deep story, its one of the best FPS out there. The mystery of Rapture awaits, are you ready for it?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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