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"I am glad I bought a 360 for this"

After hearing about this game, it got me excited. I wanted it really badly. Enough to buy an Xbox 360. I was that desparate. Afterwards I was not dissapointed. Bioshock is really one of the best games ever. Many review sites agree as well. There is so much meat to these bones that it's hard to ignore how good it is. There are several key components to why Bioshock is just so good. The surroundings in Rapture was coruscating. The gameplay was even better than the likes of Resistance and Halo. Bioshock is the entire package all rolled in one to give a great experience.

Rapture is the place that you're going to be exploring. Rapture is a city that is well designed. It's underwater so there are instances where water is apart of the environment. That is very fitting. The city istelf is filled with corridors and dark rooms to increase the suspense for the person behind the television screen. Let me tell you that the game is very scary. It makes you jump. Now that is what I call high quality entertainment.

The thing that makes Bioshock such a unique experience is being able to upgrade things. You can increase your health and eve meters. You can also make evil and good choices by harvesting or rescuing little sisters. Watch out though, the mean and tough Big Daddy might be around. He is really a hard guy to fight. Fighting him is always fun. It makes draining the life out of the little sister that much more satisfying after the fight. Going back to plasmids. Plasmids let you use things like telekenisis. So you have various ways to beat the bad guys.

Graphics are definitely the best on the Xbox 360. Yeah, I said it. I think it's even better then Gears of War. There are more colors in Bioshock. Bioshock therefore has more to go with. The background sound effects are also something that you want to listen to. The background noise plus the environment makes the game even more scary.

Not much left to say. I bought a Xbox 360 for this and I am glad I did. I think you will be happy too. Bioshock is that good.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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