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Reviewed: 08/26/07

Far from perfection, but coming from a non fps fan it's pretty damn good.


Rapture is an underwater world that rakes place in a 1960s era, but unfortunately things have gone corrupt and the underwater world is more like an underwater tomb. You play as a nameless character who's airplane crash lands in the ocean, which coincidentally happens to be on top of Rapture. You soon find yourself encountering splicers, big daddy's, little sisters, and a whole lot of video tape recordings that unravel a pretty epic story.

Bioshock is an FPS with a few light RPG elements, but unlike most FPS games Bioshock manages to use the world around you as a weapon. For example you start out with a lightning plasmoid which electrocutes enemies, but if you use this on water it conducts and hits everything on the water. There are many other examples of plasmoids being used to take advantage of your surroundings, but I don't want to ruin it for you. The enemy AI is very smart for example if you set a character on fire they'll try to find some water to jump in or when you aim at them with a weapon they'll try and dodge it in many ways, run away, hide, evade, etc. . .

There are also stat enhancing plasmoids that you can use to make yourself much stronger, better at hacking and or make items.

You'll also deal with machines. You'll have the ability to hack security robots, locks, safes, and vending machines. The minigame to hack is pretty fun, but gets old after a while, luckily you get a few auto hacks that avoid the minigame. If you fail to hack a machine it either blows up in your face or calls security robots on you.

You'll eventually run into a big daddy which are much more powerful than the average splicer, who are accompanied with a little Sister who harvests adom, which is the currency used to make you and the splicers stronger. The big daddys only attack you if you're a threat to them, you can go the whole game and avoid a big daddy, but then you won't get the much needed adom to build yourself up from the little sisters. You're given the option to save the little girl or harvest her for more adom. The choice is up to you, but beware it does impact the story.

The game is very short. Lots of fetch and side tracking to fill up time as well. Which was alright at first, but kept happening in EVERY level. The game can be beat in about 10-12 hours. The average length of an FPS with actual multiplayer to keep the player playing. Unfortunately Bioshock doesn't have it, which is fine, but the game length does not make up for it. Sure Bioshock has multiple endings, but the endings themselves are very short and unsatisfying.



Bioshock is easily one of the better looking games on the X360, water is very detailed, animation is superb, all the special effects look excellent on my HDTV. Wish the game was actually widescreen, it's actually cropped. But it's not that bad. The characters faces look weird, almost cartoonish, there aren't that many instances where you see them, but they still look very odd. Overall a great looking game with a few set backs.


Bioshock has a feature that I wish every console FPS or any game had. The option to downgrade visuals in exchange for a much higher frame rate. While Bioshock isn't locked at 60 fps and theres some screen tearing, it's MUCH better than the 30 fps, which feel like slow motion in comparison. Oh and for anyone who can't tell the difference between 60 and 30fps. Do yourself a favor and turn switch the frame rate unlock. Night and day, even my 7 year old brother could see it.

Story was pretty cliche at certain points as well. Don't want to spoil it, but you'll see what I mean. Things you can see coming from a mile away too. but at the same time the writing and voice acting is very clever. Don't expect anything earth shattering, but expect an enjoying adventure with a deep complex world with many interesting characters.



Alright I was very unhappy with the sound. Most of the time it was hard to even understand the characters talking it's just too low and muffled. Had to go to the options menu and change it, and even then it was still hard. Music sounds like it's ripped straight off a record player. While it does give the game a 1960 feel, it's not good.



8/10 from me. It's an excellent rent, ROTY, but not enough bang got the buck. This is the first FPS I played from start to finish. Which never happens so it is a very special game, so if you're not an FPS fan don't be afraid theres something to love about Bioshock for everyone.

Epic and innovative world.

Nice visuals

Varied gameplay that involves using surroundings.

60fps option

Cliche story

Short, can be beaten in 10 hours.

No multiplayer or replay value.

No true widescreen.

Voices aren't cohesive. Which is a shame because they're so well done.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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