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"You will always be their big daddy"

"Bioshock" is a pretty hard game to write a review for because, there are some areas which make you want to climb onto the roof and just shout to the world about how wonderful it is and that everyone who doesnt already own this game wants shot. There are other areas however where "Bioshock" becomes repetitive or dull.

"Bioshock", technicallal speaking is a masterpiece. The dark ghostly passageways, the moaning of the metal of the bulk-head and graphically the game is beautiful, literally you can happily walk through this game very slowly because theres just so much too look at. The storyline itself I thought was very good, it really draws the player in and the ending you recieve (depending on how you played) really makes you feel something inside which I think is very rare for a game to be able to do. Your journey through the city of Rapture is at the end of the day linear but the creators of the game have been very nice and have implemented many sub-areas that you dont need to go in but gives Rapture a generally larger feel to it. In some other reviews it has been remarked that the resurection ability is something of a lets down, this ability means that basically when you die you dont have to walk miles back through areas that you have already been through 20,000,000 times only to find out that those enemies you killed 2 hours ago are still dead, it just really quickens the pace of the whole expirience which for me personally is great but other people may find this annoying.

One problem that I have personally with Bioshock is that I found it fairly easy to complete, I bought it and the next day I had it completed on the normal difficulty having killed all big daddies and rescuing all little sisters, (big daddys = scary diving suit things, little sisters = scary demon children) that being said it was a whole lot of fun and I will be definatly be playing again. During your adventure you will find many weapons strewn around Rapture there range from simple revolvers to chemical throwers and grenade launchers, there are 3 different kinds of ammunition for each gun so theres lots of room to customise how you fight individual enemies. As for the enemies themselves they are well designed but after a while you being to realise that you have been fighting the same miscelanious splicer for the last 12 hours, other than splicers you have the games hallmark enemy, the "Big Daddy" or "Bouncer", these mio-mechanical hulks defend the "little sisters" with their lives and usually suceed as they have a huge amount of health and can deal out rediculous amounts of damage leaving your body broken, and useless ^^.

One very clever aspect of the game, and this may well be its best feature. Is that it constantly forces you to make difficult moral choices which are integral to the plot, what you do affects the game, other games have done this before but none achieve it with the kind of brutal reality which "Bioshock" does. So ask yourself, would you kill a child if it was going to help you escape? Or would you refuse and risk your own life to save theirs? It's all up to you.

I gave "Bioshock" a 9/10 rating because I think that it is a very, very good game and I think that ultimately us, the players decide how good the expirence is, the game gives you all the options with different ammo, weapons and plasmids (abilities like lightning and incinerate) but at the end of the day, you can just run through it like any other shooter ever concieved with a tommy gun and shoot anything that moves. You play "Bioshock" the way YOU want. enjoy it =D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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