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Reviewed: 08/28/07

Bioshock-A honest reveiw

After 5 years of work, the long anticipated and highly hyped Xbox 360 game, Bioshock was released.The game has been described as a FPS with a difference, and a game that allows you to make mature choices. To be brutally honest, loads of games claim to be a FPS with a difference and there's only really one mature choice over and over again, and the rewards of one choice so outweigh the rewards of the other that there's little choice involved at all.

The story is one of the best I've seen in a long time, and not a simple good vs evil we've seen hundreds of times before. It's one of the best I've seen in a game, but enough of that, let's move onto the nice juicy combat. From a firearms point of view, the combat is the same as genetic FPS number 3472. You're offered 3 types of ammunition for each weapon, but because they have to be reloaded, which is a dumb thing to do whilst splicers are firing hot lead in your face, I saw little reason to use them. Even worse is the last weapon you get, the crossbow is so much more useless compared to the others, it seems like it was just an afterthought. It's like Bioshock's sniper rifle, but mostly you'll find that you're never that far away from enemies anyway.

So lets move onto the Plasmids. We were expected a variety of plasmids that would consider having to choose between. Again, I saw little choice between the set, as there seemed only a limited number with various upgrades. I never had an apprioate time to use Enrage, Winter blast and Electro bolt are fairly similar, Telekinesis added 3 points to this review, Incinerate is ok, but I didn't use it that much, though can be used in tandem with the other plasmids. Meanwhile, Insect swarm is meh. The others set security on your enemies, but it's easy to do that post-hacking anyway, and Hypnotise a big Daddy, which is great fun as long as you don't hit them by accident.

The enemies as you are aware are the splicers. This bunch come in 5 flavors, and have different attacks depending on their time, though may flee depending on the situation. The first are the Thuggish splicer. These like to attack you with pipes and other melee weapons and are dispatched with any firearm, or, if you have Static Discharge equipped as a gene tonic, can ponder on ahead, whilst they attack you, and then get eletrocuted for their trouble. The second are Leadhead, who to start off, will shoot you with revolvers being annoying, then upgrade to machine guns, and become a serious pain in the ass.

Nitro splicers become a real problem early on. They keep throwing these explosives at you, which, if you have telekinesis, can catch and give back. If not, they're totally useless at close range. Strangely, they disappear for a good portion of middle game, and don't appear again until the last quarter. Spiders are a nuisance, but often come in for close combat, meaning they can be dispatched by the Static discharge as well. The final kind are the most annoying. The Houdini splicers have habits of disappearing and reappearing, meaing it's easy to waste vital ammo, but you can't take good research photos.

The other types of 'enemies' are the Big Daddies. These also come in two flavors. The first big daddy you come across is a bouncer. These are the iconic ones with the big drill on their right hand. Dispite their big lubbing suits, they are surprisingly fast, and can outrun you, so check your ammo levels and other essential requirements. They also dissappear for most of the midgame, so disrupt your research photos. After completing the Rosies, I attacked a Bouncer, and was 'surprised' when he turned into a bit of a handful. As I've already said, the other type is the Rosie. Unlike Bouncers, the Rosie lacks a drill, but instead carry a rivet gun. This gun shoots out proximty mines at you, so even if they're not firing, they're still a high threat. They will also charge and stun you, losing precious time in which to fire off more shots. However, in both cases, Static discharges works just like the Thuggish and the spiders, so once stunned, you have a quick opportuntiy to use a health pack, reload, or fire a few more shots.

Now onto the games final 'enemies'. The little sisters are used to get ADAM from dead bodies. Ultimatly, you need this to gain plamid/gene tonic slots, health and eve increases, and various plasmids. However, they are protected by a Big Daddy, hence, why you bother taking at the viscious beasts. Upon killing it's protector, the sister will cry for it to get up, until you take the moral choice. Harvest the sister for ADAM, or let it live to get half, but some potential rewards? It's your choice.

Whilst the lack of multiplayer may hurt Bioshock in terms of replayability, there's multiple achievements that will probably have you resorting to2 or 3 playthroughs, and hopefully you will. What this game lacks due to dissapointments, it makes up for in Atmosphere. Rapture is truly a great idea turned to **** by the genetic monkeying around the civilians did, and ultimatly, you feel yourself in Jack's shoes exploring the crumbling city.

If you're like me, you'll forgive the disappointments, and lose yourself in Rapture. If not, ... well.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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