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Reviewed: 08/29/07

Why won't you move Mr. Bubbles?

Why won't you move Mr. Bubbles? Are you stunned by the awesomeness?
I sure as hell am! Bioshock (A sort of spin off from the System Shock series) is a marvelous and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L game!!! Bioshock takes place in an underground utopia called Rapture. This psychotic FPS sci-fi horror is based off of the thoughts of the author Ayn Rand.

Story 10/10
Quite an original story with two endings and tons of mystery whats not to love? Taking place in the fifties your on a plane you have a note and a package from your parents. All of a sudden you hear screams and the screen blacks out. What happened? Wait what your underwater (Get used to it) why is there fire around you? Oh no the plane crashed! Whats that in the distance a light house? Might as well. You enter the lighthouse to find its pitch black but the door closes before you can go back. You enter the submarine and watch a video about some guy named Andrew Ryan. All of a sudden you go over a cliff. WELCOME TO RAPTURE!!! An underwater utopia created by Andrew Ryan. But not all is well the main resource has caused everyone to go loony and savage. Why is this your problem? Play the game and find out...

Gameplay 8/10
While some may not agree with me I feel the plasmids were not implemented as well as they could have been, they were still good just not what I expected, and it got repetitive. Some of the weapons and Plasmids/Tonic seemed a little useless too. Especially when you get more powerful Guns and Plasmids. Like security dart one? (sorry name escapes me) why make the cameras take out the enemies when you and your weapons are just as effective if not more. And why is getting more "EVE" or Magic for you RPGers when you get drunk so special? Interactivity is also phenominal, sometimes I play around with telekinesis just to see what I can rip out of place, like taking masks off of splicers. Over-all the gameplay is still pretty good.

Control 10/10
Controls are done very nicely hardly a learning curve, if one at all. Easy shift from Plasmid to Weapon. Weapon to Plasmid. Aiming is easy as pie. Y is to Jump. A to interact. B to reload guns (I believe?) X to reload plasmids. Left Stick to Move, Right to aim, easy.

Sound 10/10
This is a place where Bioshock shines. The 50's music tracks blend very well with the environment and time period. Sound flows smoothly all the time. The second you hit a Big Daddy that roar sends chills down your spine. Small problem with diaries though. Sometimes the action on screen goes over the voices from the diaries, this is easily overcome with subtitles though

Replayability 6/10
Yes, yes, I know so harsh what is wrong with me!!! Please spare me though, Bioshock is a great game but it just lacks replay! Yes you can play through again for the new ending but the experience will still be the same. And although I can say I will play this over and over again, killing people different ways just isn't enough to get Bioshock a better Replay Score

Length 7/10
Bioshock is a pretty short game, UNLESS taken slowly and explored. Even then you probably won't end up with everything in the game though. There are many times when you may need to back track. Maybe for a photo, a little sister, a Power to the People machine, or even a plasmid. Which is another good part about Bioshock, all levels are 100% revisitable

Graphics 11/10.....ok 10/10
Graphics is another place where Bioshock shines. It doesn't use that gritty style that Gears of War does it seems so more realistic. I mean the water looks better in game than in real life! Go get a HDTV right now!!!! And marvel in the glory of....Bioshock!!! The environments are done flawlessly. You can sit for hours watching the gorgeous environment style. Lighting is also implemented very well and adds to the graphical prowess. I must complain though that Jack has no (No im not gonna say legs!) reflection its not a big enough detail to lower the score just a minor flaw to me at least. Character designs are marvelous just looking at a Big Daddy is intimidating! This game looks better than some PS3 games!!!

Rent or Buy?
The big question. Some say Rent others, buy. It is quite short but if FULLY explored can take quite awhile. And with two endings you gotta play through at least twice. Even with no Multi-Player I gotta go with.....

All in all Bioshock is a marvelous game and easily a must for any FPS lovers! One of if not the best stories I've seen in quite awhile. So if you have the money go pick it up if not rent it you must play it!!! I actually feel bad for the Wii-only and PS3-only owners, not being able to play this incredible game is a crime and an upset. So go, go out and buy BIOSHOCK!!!!!!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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