Review by Snoop Dog

Reviewed: 08/30/07

Wait, who said videogames can't be art?

OVERVIEW: This was one of the most anticipated games in a while. A lot was expected from it. I wasn't disappointed, few were. Everything about the game made you want to play. Challenging enemies, great storyline, and those plasmids. As you go through the game, you learn more about your character, and why he's there. You'll fight many bosses, and go through constant re spawning splicers. Even the Big Daddies re spawn, if you really want the challenge. Playing on the easy difficulty level is rather boring. Medium is a decent challenge, but still pretty easy. The vita chambers make it really impossible for the game to be hard. No matter how bad you are, you can beat the game. I suggest playing on Hard, and try not to use vita chambers for the extra challenge. One of the great things is your freedom of choice in the game. Making one decision will altar the storyline a certain way. The game doesn't really force you to do things in the game. Not a lot of games are so versatile in the storyline department like this one. The achievements you get are also affected by you're decisions regarding the little sisters. The tonics also add another feature to the game. They are key to gaining an advantage against your enemies. The enemies really don't change throughout the game. You face Houdini splicers as you progress, but enemies get tougher without changing appearance. Enemies should have changed appearance as you progress, so there's a reason why they're tougher.

The storyline is the best thing about this game. Everything about makes you want to finish the game. From the intriguing plot twists to the well-placed diaries, a stellar storyline. The voice acting was great, and can easily be mistaken for a movie. Especially Andrew Ryan's voice, his perfectly fit his personality. The diaries really helped you understand the game. If you read them all, it makes it that much better.

The city of Rapture couldn't have looked better. The amazing water effects, and great detail make it look very real. The character designs looked a little fake up close though. The water looked great as it flooded the city. The light effects really fit the feeling of the city.

The gameplay was quite satisfying. All the great plasmids give you a variety of ways to approach your enemies. The great body physics lets you get the most out of telekinesis. The researching idea was a cool feature too. The gameplay got old though, and some plasmids were basically rendered useless as the game went on. The U-Invent machines don't actually let you invent your own weapons, just the set weapons in the game. The guns also got very weak as you got up to stronger enemies. Enemy variety was also lacking. You keep killing the same looking splicers throughout the game.

The sound was incredible in this game. It really made you feel like you're alone in a broken down city. The guns sounded real, the splicers actually had personalities, and the Big Daddies can be heard from different rooms. The little sisters mumbling sounded great, and creepy. The security cameras sounded very realistic when they spot you. The comments made by the splicers also add to the many sounds of BioShock.

After beating the game, you'll probably want to play it again. The multiple endings add replay value to the game. You're probably not going to get all the achievements on the first playthrough. Some of them are hard to get even if you're intending to achieve them. Since there's only SP, versing AI instead of other players will eventually get old.

The SP is pretty long. If you play on easy, it'll only take about 8 hours to beat if you know where to go. If you slow down, it'll take 10-12 hours. On medium, it should take a little longer. If you know where to go, it'll probably take about 12 hours. If you slow down and explore, it'll probably take 15-20 hours. If play on hard and know where to go, it'll probably take about 12 hours. If you really slow down and explore the city, it could take up to 30 hours. Its a pretty lengthly SP.

The game has a pretty lengthy SP. The lack of a MP really hurts it though. It would be hard to make a good MP, but most games at least have something. In order for a game to last for a long time, it needs a MP worth playing, or at least one at all. Still, you cant really expect a good MP from a game like this. It probably wouldn't fit the game.

One of the great games out in a long time. Also one of the best storylines of all time in any videogame. The lack of a great MP hurts the lasting appeal, but the SP is pretty long anyway. The constant plot changes, the almost perfectly designed city, and many plasmids really makes you want to play the game. The experience you will get from playing this game is like no other.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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