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"Amazing, simply amazing"

When I went to the rental store and saw Bioshock in stock, I didn't even have to think about what to get, considering all the incredibly reviews (not just from gfaqs) it's been getting.

I thought, "Hey, might as well try it". Best eight dollars I've ever spent. This game is simply amazing.

Story: 10/10
You're a nameless civilian (at least, I never heard a name) who has just been in a plane crash over the Atlantic sea. There seems to be no hope, until you see what seems to be some sort of structure in the water. Instinctively you swim towards it, and enter the building. After a few seconds of exploring, you find a submarine. Out of curiosity (or because you have to, I guess) you enter, and start descending.

As you descend, a video pops up inside the sub, explaining about Rapture, the modern day utopia of all cities, underneath the water. As you slowly make your way through the under water city (while marveling at the incredibly graphics, I might add), you begin to go towards a building, and then begin to emerge. You hear voices, and then once your submarine reaches the surface, your power goes out.

Through the course of the game (and without ruining to much), you find out that Rapture was a utopia built for only the highest scientific minds and most civilized people as a sort of "super society". They developed a new form of "magic" called Adam, and the "spells" you use are called Plasmids. However, something went terribly wrong, and now either the people are dead, mutated, or insane. There are very few people who help you throughout the game, which really adds to the intensity, and gives the game an added creepy and eerie feeling. I personally love the story, although it has been seen before, it's never been to this degree, in many ways and on many fronts.

The game pretty much grabs you from the beginning and never lets go. There are tons of things to discover, and such an incredibly diverse way to customize your character, it rivals Oblivion.

Graphics: 10/10
Speaking of Oblivion, I thought that graphics could never get better. Oblivion was beautiful, with everything seeming to meld together to create a perfect world. In Bioshock, it's much the same way, but the detail is so incredible I can't even explain it. I don't even have HD, but this game makes me feel like I do. Everything is just beautiful, from the weapons, to the enemies, to the eerie places you go. It's simply amazing how smooth everything runs.

Music/Sounds: 9/10
The music is great, although I've yet to remember a tune or anything like that. The only thing that I've found wrong with this game so far is that repetitive voice actors are used. There's about five different voice actors for all the enemies in the game, but main characters get their own voices. It might not even be worth mentioning, since you can barely tell anyway, considering how involved in this game you'll be.

Gameplay: 10/10
Holy crap. This game is probably the funnest FPS I've played since Halo. While the weapons you get reload slow and can't hold that much ammo, you get sort of magic abilities called Plasmids. They range from lightning to fire to ice to anything you can think of really. It really deepens how you can customize your character, and adds a level I don't think FPSs have really gone before.

At a certain point in the game, you meet "little sisters". They are basically mutated little girls protected by "big daddies", the armor-tank type creature that is on the cover of the game (see images if you want to see). They hold the power of Adam, and you have a choice to either kill them and take their Adam, or rescue them and only take part of it. I don't really know if this affects the outcome of the game at this point (I'm only about six hours in at this point), but it does add a level of humanity.

+ Awesome weapons/plasmids
+ Incredible level design
+ Stunning graphics
+ Amazing story
+ There is an eerie/creepy feeling throughout the game, and really heightens gameplay.
+ You could literally play this for hours on end and never get bored

- Repetitive voice acting, but nothing that you would notice

Buy, rent, or forget?
Definitely rent. I can almost guarantee you will love this game, unless you don't like FPSs. This game can get pretty creepy at times, which just adds to the whole utopia gone wrong kinda feel. If you like the game (and have the money) definitely buy it. The only reason not to would be money and/or Halo 3 is coming out in a month.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/04/07

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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