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Reviewed: 09/04/07

Not as good as it should be.

I was looking forward to Bioshock but like most games coming out now which look promising, they always end up disappointing you later. Bioshock is no different, this game had so much promise..what the hell happened?. Let me try and explain in this review where Bioshock went wrong and how this game which I was so looking forward to playing become another mediocre game like many of the next-gen titles.

Story: Story was heavily taken from certain books which I will not name for spoilers, I saw a bit of near plagiarism in a few parts of the game but I guess no one cares so that's alright. Your typical story with the hero trying to stay alive while also fighting a main antagonist. It was great until halfway through the game the level design is lacking and turns into a corridor crawl, also you don't even feel like you are in an underwater city at some points too. You get audio diaries which are scattered around rapture and you can listen from citizens of rapture before then went insane or died.

Graphics: The graphics are the best bit about Bioshock, everything looks great inside the world of rapture. You have the water effects which look stunning and the textures on the wall and on the enemy models look great. Though with this comes a downside, after a few hours of play the game starts to get choppy and most of the textures take a while to load in making the game look horrible. The outside sea isn't too impressive, most of the buildings were done poorly and even a few 2d backgrounds.

Gameplay: It is your usual run and gun FPS but the controls feel clunky. The basic shooting aspects are good but then nothing more is added to it. After a while you find out guns are useless for the mid part of the game and plasmid are the only way to go on the later enemies until you get good weapons/ammo. The aiming controls feel clunky and when you move you feel like a tank (reminds me of resident evil 1 for the playstation). The plasmids are good for certain situations like lighting things on fire, electrifying the water to fry enemies standing in it. Though after a while most of them you won't even use like the decoy and security tag plasmids. The moral dilemma for saving or harvesting the little sisters is pathetic, screen goes black and if you choose to save her she just runs off and climbs in her hole.

You get to collect tonics along the way which give you a passive affect like less tiles in the hacking mini game, less damage, use the wrench to hit enemies and gain your health pack etc. The hacking mini game is fun for about the first 5 attempts then after that it becomes a chore rather than fun. The way the interface is set up using the left and right shoulder buttons is nice and easy to use, the range of weapons you can get is acceptable and the different ammo types are pretty cool. The big daddies are great for the first 4 hours into the game then after you get certain types of ammo they are a breeze to take down even at the game's hardest difficulty. The variety of enemies is poor; you get five different kinds of splicers to kill and the occasional big daddies roaming the level. The creative killing is good for a while but then you just start to make yourself some ammo and gun down the hordes of enemies in the latter stages to just finish the game. Main boss was a huge let down and the ending sequences left me feeling dissatisfied. A 30 second cut scene doesn't really cut it after all you have been through.

Sound: Sound is good in some areas; a few good voice actors in there come to mind like Andrew Ryan and Atlas. Most of the splicer's voice actors sound bored and the little sister's voice actor sounds like she is overdoing it. Apart from the creep atmospheric sounds and the music, this game sounds horrible. Guns, enemies you name it. They have a nice 30's music era playing with 3 or 4 classic songs but that can't hide the awful sound effects of each gun and the constant gibberish from the enemies which after a while gets really tedious.

Replay Value: None unless you want to get all of the achievements or harvest the sisters instead of rescuing them or vice-versa. You have to start all over again with no ADAM, upgrades or guns available from your lost play through. The game will last you about 8-10 hours and there is also no multiplayer for it which is a shame. If you want to explore every nook and cranny of rapture it will last you about 10-15 hours in that case. Downloadable content maybe be coming but so far no signs of any announcements from 2K games.

What I have received was not the game which 2K Boston promised me instead a watered-down version of it which left many holes in a product which would have been GOTY candidate in my opinion. Good game if you want to rent a nice FPS that you can complete in 8-10 hours but if you want to buy it I suggest waiting a few months when it goes down in price and show it's true worth.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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