Review by GoldenVoid

Reviewed: 09/04/07

Relegated to the D-list due to a fatal and utterly unforgivable flaw...

Ok this is going to be short and damning, but it is something that absolutely MUST be said, if only to prevent you folks from wasting 40 pounds as I just have.

I tried darn hard to enjoy this game. It has stunning visuals, amazing atmosphere and tons of stunning psychic attacks tagged onto to classic FPS gameplay, with a huge hint of classic survival horror. And it will scare the pants off you in places, if it doesn't make you go laughingly insane first. So what's the problem?

For me, Bioshock is totally unplayable. And here is the fatal flaw, the developers have not included the option to remap the controls at all. This forces you to use the left stick for forward, back and strafing movement, and the right stick for looking and turning. I simply cannot do that. As a left-hander I need the sticks the other way around. I don't mean Y-axis inversion, I must stress this - that is supported just fine. I am talking about a complete reversal of the joystick functions. I need to look and aim with my left hand.

And get this, every darn game on the planet let's me change this....except this one....and Judge Dread. But I digress...

I liked the game enough to try very hard to overcome this handicap and plough into BioShock regardless. For the first 2 or 3 hours I managed to, but it was never a truely enjoyable experience, continually fighting the control setup more than the enemies.

Once I reached the mad surgeon guy, the enemy assaults became too quick-fire and numerous for my lumbering "backwards" hands to handle any more. Battles were relegated to me running into a corner shooting at the ceiling, while getting beat on by 5 crazy people with planks. I gave up there and will certainly be looking for a refund.

If you think I am over-playing this flaw, just boot up Halo or any decent FPS that lets you change the sticks round, and try them the other way round for yourself. Within 10 minutes you'll throw the console out the window.

I cannot believe such a high profile game has this most basic of flaws, but it HAD to be said. If you are a south paw, avoid this one or buy it on PC.

I give it 4/10 in total. 10/10 for the first 3 hours I saw, and -6 for an unforgivable error.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: BioShock (EU, 08/24/07)

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