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"Weapons? Check. Plasmids? Check. Horde of Insane People Trying to Kill Me? Check."

Wow. The wonder of a game that is Bioshock can easily be described in one simple word. Wow. I personally have never experienced a game quite like it. I was pretty excited when Gears of War came out but that was nothing compared to this.

Graphics 10/10

The world of Rapture is truly a marvel to behold. Every detail is perfect: blood, weapons, fire, and especially the water effects. Even the city itself is magnificent. I especially liked it when you first enter a bathyspere and travel through Rapture and you see a whale cruising through the city. Once you have the honor of entering Rapture, you can see a plethora of wonder and majesty. You can walk down a hall and see architecture that looks quite authentic for the time period (mid-1900's). People (if you can call them that,) look very real. Well, for a bunch of spliced up mutants. When you hit them with a wrench, they don't just keep running at you like normal. They take the hit and sometimes fall to the floor. Not many games pay attention to this kind of detail. The only thing wrong that I could see was when something new would come on screen, it would take a fraction of a second to become detailed. But the moments in which this happens are few and far between.

Sound 10/10

I think that the sound quality is beautiful. In a dark and eerie hallway, you look around and there's nothing there. No music whatsoever. Then you hear a bloodcurdling scream and two feet away from you is a supposed-to-be-dead splicer. Then the music kicks up a notch. We even get classic songs like "Somewhere beyond the sea" and "Papa loves mambo" by Perry Como. Jukeboxes scattered throughout Rapture will play "How much is that doggy in the window?" One problem I had was the fact that there was no epic score for the game like Halo. You can always hum the tune of Halo just from memory but there isn't anything like that in Bioshock.

Gameplay 10/10

There has never been a game that combines modern (sort of) weaponry with some sort of magical power that you would find in a fantasy game. Plasmids are tonics that alter your genetic code and give you special feats and abilites such as the ability to shoot lightning from your hands, starting a fire with a snap of your fingers, or telekinesis. Plasmids were my favorite part about Bioshock. It was satisfying knowing that you could act like a sort of deity throwing pestilence and plague around. Think I'm lying? What about the fact that you can summon a swarm of bees out of your arms and send them to attack a crowd of loonies? What I enjoy the most is how you can vary your strategies depending on the environment. For example: You spot some spilt oil on the ground and a splicer in the middle of it. You set it on fire and watch as he runs around screaming and swearing. You feel bad for him so you decide to help him into some water. So you pick up a bench with telekinesis and throw it at him which pushes him into the pool of water. Then you remember that he's trying to kill you so you decide to electrocute him while he's in the water. He might still be alive at this point but he needs healing. He runs over to the nearest health station and pays some money to get healed. Unfortunately for him, you hacked it a little while ago and it spews out some poison which in turn, kills him. As you can see, the possibilities in Bioshock are endless.

I would seriously consider buying a 360 just for this game. That is how worth it it is. Trust me: you won't be disappointed.

Overall Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/17/07

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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