Review by Nomad007

"Great game, but not excellent"

Bioshock,most likely the best game so far to be released this year. Anyone who plays this game will be able to see why it's getting such good reviews. Don't think I hate this game, I really loved this game alot, but I found many problems within this game. Not minor problems, but actually MAJOR problems. MAJOR.

Graphics- Simply amazing. The new Unreal engine really shows off in this game. Character models are astounding, though there isnt many different models. The big attraction of this game is, you geussed it, the water. It is so amazing to just look at the water ripple on the floor. These water effects, no doubt about it, are the best of the best. The textures are wonderful and full of life. The animations can be good at times, and than they can just plain suck, which comes one of the major problems. When I was fighting one of the guys I was sent to kill by Sander Cohen,he was running from me, and a Big Daddy showed up and this really wierd thing happened. The guy got caught up within the Big Daddy or something, and it was like he just could not get out. He was like twitching all over the Big Daddy. It was........profound? Now back to the textures, once again they're great, but often, way too often, they just pop up out of nowhere. like when you find a body it will be gray, white, burgundy, or just black. It is the nature of the Unreal Engine I guess I won't count against the total score.


Sound- Perfect. Everything about the sound is great. The voice acting is top notch. Very well done. The music, well, I absolutely LOVED it. Some of the best tracks ever in a videogame(my favorite song in this game being Beyond the Sea). The weapons sound great, enemies sound oddly startiling. One problem occured a few times when I was hacking, and that was in which the sound was completely abscent. I didn't really care though.


Gameplay- Another perfect aspect of the game. Everthing flows, and fits in perfectly. You will never get tired of it's FPS and RPG aspects, this game makes the best combonation of the both to date. Shooting crazy 60's civilians just does not get old. Big Daddy fights for some reason, are really fun and engaging. Searching around is fun too, which I know, does not make any sense whatsoever. Some of the boss fights however are kinda lame, it's just like fighting a normal splicer, but with the splicer having 5x more health. No multiplayer, but who cares?


Replay value- You probobly will go back to play through a second roundt o find a whole bunch of the game's awesome achievements. You might just want to have alot though. Or just to see the two of the games endings, which are very, um, lacking.


Overall, this game was great, not perfect, but great. This is a title any FPS fan must pick up, because if you don't, you'll regret it.

Replay Value-7

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/18/07

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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