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"Bioshock Definitely the most Powerful Published 360 Game"

At first glance, Bioshock looks like another ordinary shooter such as Halo or Call of Duty. But, after one run through of this game, it proves to you that it is the most engrossing and stunning 360 game yet. From the graphics to the storyline, this game is twisted, exhilarating and fresh. Compared to the Halo dynasty and Guitar Hero series, this game is another notch ABOVE those two. Let me show you why:

Story: This game has a more complex story than Half-Life, which no other game can say. You're a flight passenger on an airplane that crashes (later you find out it was hijacked) in the middle of the ocean. You see a lighthouse, enter it, and then you enter a bathysphere ( mini-submarine), and submerge into this underwater utopia. Upon arrival, you notice everything has gone awry because you notice thrashed luggage and you witness the murdering of a civilian. Anyway, you make your way through the city finding out more and more about how its downfall occurs and at the same time, trying to rendezvous with a man named Atlas. You figure out what has gone wrong, and realize Atlas isn't who you thought he really was. With a storyline like this, one may think the rest of the game would maybe lack, but that is not the case. STORY: 10/10

Graphics: Simply stunning. The water effects in this game are crisp and flawless (Irrational Games did hire a team of water physics experts). The look of the gun and the interaction with your surroundings are very life-like and there aren't any flaws (even after a closer look) in the design of the floor, walls and ceiling. GRAPHICS: 10/10

Sound: This is the area that Bioshock lacks (although it does a good job at it, the sound effects were a little timid and weak at some points). The music during the game is at times creepy, but there isn't enough music in the game to polish up the game play. The water effects are realists, and the gunshots are convincing, but some of the dialogue could've been tweaked for better clarity. Anyhow, the sound is great and if you're not nit-picky like me, you wouldn't notice any problems. SOUND: 9.5/10

Gameplay: The gameplay varies every time you encounter a scenario. With the combination of plasmids, weapon upgrades and environmental hazards, their are numerous possibilities to kill an enemy or to get from one place to the next. The environment is fairly open ended compared to most first person shooters that very linear. The plasmids are what set this game apart from the other shooter game because it adds another dimension to the gameplay. Because instead of shooting a splicer (enemy in the game), you can set him/her on fire to conserve ammo, or you can lure him/her into the water and shock the water. Anyway, along with the other aspects of this game, the gameplay surpasses the other shooter games with flying colors. GAMEPLAY: 10/10

Overall, Bioshock is a visually stunning game that every 360 owner should definitely rent and probably own. Until another shooter or life-changing game releases, Bioshock will remain in my first place slot until then. OVERALL: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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