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"A game I never expected to be so good"

This game came out about a year ago, and I assumed it would go slightly under the radar due to the fact that I had never heard of it, and the very popular games coming out just a month or so later, such as Halo 3. But even if this game did have its competition cut out for it certainly delivered, and blew away the competition. And before I begin this review, I want to make this clear; I'm not going to give just any old game a perfect score. Read on and learn why this is my third favorite game of all time.

Game play: 10/10

Bioshock, the game play is similar to most shooters in many ways, but a lot different in many other ways. You have your classic shooter weapons, Revolver, Machine Gun, Shotgun, even a wrench for intense melee. There are a few other interesting additions, such as a Chemical Thrower and a Crossbow, and seeing as how each weapon as three different types of ammunition, these weapons alone should keep you happy. But it has two other combat aspects, a research camera, which enables you to take pictures of your foes, which in turn will make you do more damage to them, and other various bonuses.

Now, what makes this different from all the other shooters out there, is the use of genetic weapons and upgrades, called "Plasmids" and "Gene Tonics." Plasmids are aggressive, and give your character combat skills that let you launch things like electricity, fire, ice, and even cyclones that will launch them in the sky. Gene Tonics on the other hand, are far more passive. They are divided into three categories: Combat, Engineering and Physical. Combat will make you faster, stronger and will help you defeat all your enemies. Engineering, help you deal with all types of machines that will help you in many ways. Physical upgrades will give you the skills to survive, not to fight.

Even with all of these upgrades, the enemies aren't easy to handle, the A.I. are smart, and deadly, from the smallest Thuggish Splicer to the Largest Big Daddy.

If I had to find one thing wrong with the game play, it would be the hacking mini game. It's a pipe game, where you must lead the water through the maze to the end by switching out sections of pipe. This is fun at first, but you do it so much, it gets repetitive easily.

Graphics: 9/10

This game is beautiful, and I would probably give it a 10 in this category if I happened to have an HD TV, however I do not. The game is textured to an incredible degree whether it is the broken glass pieces on the floor, to the blood that splatters when you hit someone with your wrench. However, the enemies start to seem kind of drab after a while. Sure, there are games out there that are prettier, but I dare you to find a game with more realistic water effects. Go ahead, try.

Sound: 9/10

The music in this game is completely atmospheric; you can hear old time music streaming out of near by Juke Boxes, or a soft hum in the dark corridor. This isn't a game where there is epic battle music, it's a horror game, there is hardly going to be any music in most areas, making it just that much more terrifying

Story: 10/10

This games plot is truly unbelievable. Not only is it a master piece of writing with magnificent plot twists every which way, the story is told in a way no other game has before. Through things called audio diaries. You have to find the key details to the story; they're not going to give it to you without any effort. Not only that, the little bits of story that you have to see, are still played out in first person, giving you a surreal sense that you are viewing it with your own eyes. I'm not going to spoil it, but if you love a good plot line, get this! The plot line could be considered the best part of this game. This is saying something, because the game play is damn near perfect.

Replay Value 8/10

Other than different ways to customize your character, or using different strategies for battles, you are going to pretty much get the same game again. Which is in no way a bad thing. It's definitely worth playing twice if you are an achievement hunter like I am.

Overall: 10/10

This game is a masterpiece from start to finish. In some ways I would give this game the title, “The Thinking Man's FPS.” And at $35 dollars, you have no excuse for not buying this game. In my opinion, the best game for the Xbox 360.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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