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"I can't believe there are review's here below an 8/10"

This isn't going to be long, I just have to clear some water here.

I've seen several surprising scores on the review page here, I'd like to address some of the "problems" with the game quoted in a few of these reviews:

Enemy AI - "Humanoid enemies, known as Splicers, come in several varieties, but none of them are intelligent. All of them pretty much run straight up to you, or randomly strafe while they take periodic shots at you. There's no use of cover, no teamwork, no nothing."

Look at it from both the atmosphere of the setting and as the programmers' point of view:
These guys have been genetically altered beyond recognition and have been isolated for many years in a fallen civilization...They are not going to be thinking clearly or even rationally when they find a stranger from the "evil" outside world invading...

No death "penalty" - Enemies keep the same amount of health even after you die and resurrect. This takes away the "challenge" of the game. If you want more of a challenge, play on a higher difficulty or a game based on building pvp skills such as Call of Duty 4, but BioShock is more of a story being told in game form with your decisions affecting the kind of ending and experience you receive from finishing the game.

While in another review, someone claimed that this game was for "hardcore gamers only" b/c they had to buy their ammo or find it (in "small" amounts) on enemy body's...and kill the "strongest creature on the level to get stronger"....have they ever played a video game before? Sigh...

One guy gave BioShock a 4/10 simply because it wouldn't allow him, as a lefty, switch the analogues in the control set-up. That's pretty silly, but I digress...

Eh... The story is slightly interesting but doesn't really get all that deep, or for the most part that interesting. Everything is basically told to you via the audio devices you pick up and that's about it. There are some cut scenes and plot twists but it was for the most part predictable or uninteresting. It's not that bad though... BioShock doesn't really rely on it's story that much. It's just there to move you along."

That's the whole point of the story's told through second hand experience and you slowly uncover the mystery of the fall and ruin of Rapture. The game doesn't rely on it too much? That is the whole point of this game! It's story is what makes it so phenomenal.

That was my rant and review....Excellent game, highly recommended and quite thought-provoking.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/20/08

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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