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Reviewed: 12/26/08

Thanks 2K for this game

The setting takes place in an underwater city created by a man named Andrew Ryan. The story is amazing and is represented in a different way other than just cutscenes. Throughout the game, you will find several audio logs describing things of what happened in Rapture. It may be hard to piece it together and who's related to who.

The main story begins with you in a plane but it crashed and you swim to a lighthouse. Then you enter this one vehicle that takes you underwater and that's when you enter rapture. You start getting radio messages from a man named Atlas who says that he lost his family and needs your help to find them. You have no choice but to obey.

There will be some huge plot twists in the game, one of them I remembered you may figure out before it presents itself. Some plot twists don't straight up reveal itself; you'll have to find out yourself by the audio logs. There are three or two (sorry I forgot) different endings you can get.10/10

It took a few minutes to realize how beautiful the graphics and art design is. It's like a mixture of a cartoonish realistic look. You can especially tell that they put a lot of effort into the water for it's clear and flowing. Every area has it's own theme and isn't repetitive to get bored looking at as you play the game. 9/10

There are plenty of good game features. Starting off with combat, you'll be picking out different kinds of guns throughout the game. You get one melee weapon, a wrench, and it can be extremely powerful when upgraded. You'll be also able to cast different kinds of plasmids (which is like magic spells).

Hacking in this game is also fun. You can hack security cameras, security bots, vending machines (where you can buy items). To hack, you'll have a starting point and an ending point. There will be these one tubes and your goal is to create a path with those tubes to reach the starting point. Liquids will start filling up the path and that's your time limit. If it reaches the end of your path and you're not done, you'll lose health.

ADAM- Adam is a source of power that can be retrieved by finding children called Little Sisters. You can either choose to rescue or harvest them. If you harvest, you get more, but if you rescue, something good will happen to you later on. ADAM can be spent at these one machines to buy different kinds of plasmids or like health upgrades.

PICTURES- Later in the game, you'll retrieve a camera. You can take pictures of enemies to get research on them. Once you get a full bar of research on a certain type of enemy, you'd get benefits like extra damage. 10/10

The sound effects are nice to hear like when you're shooting guns, casting plasmids, melee, and such. The music fits the atmosphere perfectly. I would describe it in a dark tone.

The only reason I'd find myself replaying this is to beat it on a harder difficulty or get a different ending. It would be nice to replay and enjoy the game again but if you do the same thing as last time, it may not be that fun. 7/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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