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"Big Daddies FOR LIFE!"

Bioshock is quite the interesting game. It is the spiritual successor to a game known as System Shock 2 that was not well known, but has found a cult following. After reading a lot about the game and a friend suggesting it I gave the game a try not knowing what to expect. I can certainly say Bioshock was a extremely enjoyable experience that did not disappoint!

Graphics:10/10:Truly amazing. Not just how good the resolution is, but all the little details found throughout areas. Area designs were done in a fantastic way. As you gaze around in the mysterious fascinating world of Rapture you'll see many interesting things. Throughout Rapture you'll find collapsed structures, rooms riddled with books laying around, bookcases, broken staircases, cut off electricity, dimly lighted rooms etc.. With so many great environments to be found in Bioshock the game does a great job of immersing you into Rapture. Bioshock does a excellent job of immersing you into the role of the silent protagonist. It really feels as if through your playing the role of the protagonist. While the environments in Bioshock look great, what about the enemy designs and animations for guns etc.?

The enemies you'll find as you venture through the dangerous Rapture are not too varied, but have well done designs. You'll especially love the Big Daddy's who I dedicate this review of Bioshock to. Guns mostly used in conjunction with magic are for the most part generic. Won't really find any truly innovative gun designs. As for the magic designs, they work well and get the job done too. All together, the Graphics are amazing. While not the absolute best, but very good they do one important thing. They easily immerse you into the world around you. Graphics score a 10/10 easily. While the Graphics are fantastic, what about the most important aspect Gameplay? It's just as great as the Graphics fortunately.

Gameplay:10/10:In Bioshock you take control of Jack. A silent protagonist who after a plane accident crashes into the underwater utopia of Rapture. From there, you'll battle your way through the game using various melee weapons, guns and Plasmids. At first, Bioshock won't seem too different from a normal First Person Shooter. You begin as usual getting a cliche melee weapon and working your way from there. Don't let this fool you though. Get a little further into the game and you'll immediately find out why the Gameplay is so well done. Just say Plasmids and anyone who has played Bioshock will go "Oh, yes"

Plasmids are basically what allows Jack to use magic in the world of Bioshock. They add a lot of variety and strategy to the Gameplay. There's different Plasmids such as ones that burn your enemies, electrify them, support ones that help you and etc.. The strategic elements of magic usually come into place with the type of environment your in. For example, you may be near a source of water such as a small pond or lake. You can burn a enemy on fire. Making them possibly run into the water to try and save themselves from burning to death. However, when they get into the water then electrify the water easily killing the enemy. A few of you may be immediately excited thinking "Oh, yay! I can be absolute god with a ton of Plasmids and never die!" No, obviously your wrong. You can only acquire Plasmids by progressing further in the game or purchasing them from vending machines using Adam. Adam is the currency of the game and there are different ways to obtain it.

One method is to simply kill enemies and take the Adam you get. Another way is after defeating a Big Daddy and finding a little sister, you then have a critical decision to make. You can harvest the little sister to obtain a lot of Adam, or spare them and get a different reward. Not only does this add more strategy to the game by making the player choose a critical decision, but it effects the outcome of certain events. Depending on the choices you make, you can get different endings when Bioshock is beaten. If you chose to spare all little sister's then you'll find yourself getting the good ending. Now, if you harvested each of them, then you'll basically get the bad ending. Plasmids and Little Sisters are not the only major decision making choices you must make. Outside of combat other decisions effect combat and the world around you too.

While venturing through Rapture, you may come across a vending machine or machine gun turret. For vending machines you have the option of hacking them. Which brings you to a mini-game to hack it. If done successfully, you will greatly reduce the price of the items inside of the vendor. As for the machine gun turrents, you can hack those too to fight on your side. Really though, combined with the amazing customization and Plasmids Bioshock is a recipe for fun. Overall, the Gameplay gets a 10/10. It's extremely fun and the customization is outstanding. Next, is the Storyline another strong point of Bioshock.

Storyline:10/10:You play the role of Jack. In the beginning, your aboard a plane, but a crash happens and you land in the ocean. Fortunately, you survive and find yourself in the underwater chaotic city of Rapture. From there you must battle your way out of Rapture to survive. Over the course of the Storyline, you'll discover a lot about Jack, Andrew Ryan and the city of Rapture. Why it collapsed and what is going on in it's current state. Towards the end of the game you find a few interesting and surprising plot twists. With so many great aspects I know for sure what to give the Storyline.

Storyline gets a 10/10 like everything else so far. The characters are interesting and develop a lot. You find out much about them during the game. Dialogue is well written and the scenes have excellent directing. Plus the amazing Graphics that help immerse you into Rapture are helpful too. Last and finally, is the Music which isn't really quite good in some ways.

Music:8/10:There's not really any Music in Bioshock. Rather, just extremely good voice acting, and great sound effects. I can't say too much else to be quite frank. Music receives a 8/10. So, is Bioshock worth a purchase?

Overall:10/10:Yes, Bioshock is a outstanding FPS. It's Graphics are amazingly well done. They immerse you into the world of Rapture and are beautiful. Gameplay has a lot of customization and is fun. The Storyline is extremely good especially considering it's a FPS and a short one too. Music is mixed. No real songs or anything, but top notch voice acting and sound effects. Oh, and there is one last reason why Bioshock dominates. Big Daddy's. Enough said. Overall, yes buy Bioshock. I would give it a 10/10 without the slightest doubt in my mind. It was a extremely enjoyable game that should not be missed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/29/09, Updated 06/30/11

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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