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"Owning things one minute, runnin like a girl the next."

Yes, if you play the game, you'll find yourself unleashing hell on things one minute, and running for your LIFE the next.

STORY-- 4/10
The storyline of BioShock really isn't all that great. Basically, your a guy, who finds himself in the city, and must fight your way to the tyrannical leader, uncovering horrible truths along the way. Not really all that much fun, but it does have neat little morality feature added onto it.

SOUND-- 7/10
There really isn't all that much music in the game, most of it's reserved for sound effects and dialogue. It does fit, though; the satisfying crackling of electricity blasting your opponent, the crazed, insane mutterings of the denizens of the city of Rapture, to the threatening groans issued from the huge, armor-clad Big Daddies; vicious behemoths that, as described in the title, will make you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

The Graphics are good, water effects (underwater city, duh) and others are great, and without little exception, things fit perfectly. The city is rusted, decrepit, and somewhat scary. Leaks here and there make you wonder if the entire city is about to burst open. The main enemies (splicers) are deformed, dirty, and downright creepy if you take the time to look at them after you've defeated them. Also, enemies gain a crispy, burnt texture if you set fire to them. The graphics are very nice.

A.I.-- 6/10
The artificial Intelligence in this game isn't overly spectacular. Enemies will sometimes set traps for you, and evade you to find a better spot if they see fit. However, aside from that there isn't much of an artificial intelligence behind most enemies. Turrets attack you when your in their line of sight, Security bots pursue you relentlessly, and splicers will sometimes run right through traps to get a whack at you, killing themselves in the process. Big Daddies are also not very smart, wandering into traps. However, seeing as they are very hard to bring down, its not a problem. Aside from that, the bulk of the A.I. is average, and if you work out a proper technique, you'll have the game down in no time.

The Gameplay is great. You have a cache of guns, from the humble Revolver, to the deadly Grenade Launcher, right up to a Crossbow and a Chemical Launcher (Think flamethrower. An UBER, flamethrower.). You can also use things called "Plasmids" to your advantage when attacking enemies-- Light them on fire with a snap of your fingers, send hornets streaming from your arms, drive them crazy (well, MORE crazy) with a red....blob, or freeze them in place. You can also use telekinesis to move items (chairs, trashcans, signs, bodies) and whack enemies with them.

SPEAKING of enemies, the variety is rather slim. You have basic crazies (called Splicers) which run up to you, not bothering of thinking about traps, to whack you. Gun toting maniacs, freaks who crawl on walls and throw searing hot hooks at you, even pagan worshipers who can teleport and hurl great balls of fire down your throat. You also have to contend with the remnants of Rapture's security system, ranging from flying security bots (notice closely that their ammo magazines are actually cereal boxes) to grenade-throwing turrets. These mechanical dangers can be hacked and used to your advantage, however, turning them from pests and possible dangers to your friends. The most dangerous aspect, however, are the Big Daddies. Take a man, take a diving suit, graft man INTO diving suit, give them huge amounts of strength and weapons, and you have Big Daddies. These things are tough, with the ability to withstand HUGE amounts of damage, and combat skills capable of shoulder-dashing you into a wall, whacking you with a drill or putting rivets (yes, rivets) into you while throwing grenades at your running body. They also guard Little Sisters.

What ARE Little Sisters? Basically, mutated, weird little girls who contain a substance called ADAM, which is used to upgrade your neat Plasmids. They basically harvest ADAM from the defeated residents of rapture. Once the Big Daddy has been dealt with, you can either save the little sister (giving you less ADAM, but eventually giving you a neat, Big Daddy controlling plasmid), or harvest her (giving you the maximum amount of ADAM, but killing her in the process). Unless your up to the challenge of defeating Big Daddies and dealing with the Little Sisters, your going to be severely at a disadvantage.

In terms of the game mechanics, its simple. You have "EVE", which is energy for plasmids, your health, and ammo. Ammo, by the way, can be obtained via Vending Machines, or made yourself, along with "EVE Hypos" and First-Aid Kits. These machines can be hacked to provide lower prices, and sometimes exclusive items. When you die in Bioshock (not if, WHEN), you simply revive at a "Vita-Chamber". This, however, is incredibly cheaply done, no penalty whatsoever.

There IS none, sadly, and it would've been epicly epic if there had been. This game is a solo game experience only.


-Excellent Gameplay
-Good Graphics
-Morality system, Plasmids
-Satisfying switch from "Crazed Chumps" to "Crazed Juggernauts"

-NO multiplayer. NONE.
-Far too linear for being set in an underwater city.
-Very little replay value.

All in all, this is a good FPS in my opinion, with only a few minor kinks.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/10/09

Game Release: BioShock (US, 08/21/07)

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