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    Dr. Krieger's Secret Vials Locations by MGPythagoras

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    Far Cry Predator Instincts Dr. Kroeger's Secret Vials
    Created By: MGPythagoras
    Copyright: January 19, 2006
    = Version =
    Version 1.0
    All vials for the Instincts and Evolution portion of the game have been added.
    = Contents =
    NOTE: Hit control + F to bring up and box and then type in the chapter of this
    guide you would like to go to if you don't feel like scrolling through
    1.   Training Level
    2.   Beach
    3.   Native
    4.   River
    5.   Rain Forest
    6.   Mines
    7.   Cliffs
    8.   Sub-Aquatic Facitlity
    9.   Dead Marshes
    10.  Wasteland
    11.  Black Forest
    1.   Pirate Enclave 1
    2.   Pirate Enclave 2
    3.   Pirate Enclave 3
    4.   Shanty Town
    5.   Shanty Town Escape
    6.   Refinery Assault
    7.   Canopy Forest
    8.   Rebel Forest
    = Credits =
    I have been working on this guide for quite awhile now but I would like to give
    my dues to the following people: Sepulshrive, Fireflyflanatic, Fox01313,
    Workem, Gixxer6hundred, Sablebear, MadCatSWE, and Lewis Ashill.  Together they
    worked on helping me to find the last few obscure pieces and I would like to
    thank them for giving me the permission to post some their guide on GameFAQs so
    it will help alot of people.
    =  I N N N S      T   I N N N C       T   S     =
    =  I N N N Ssss   T   I N N N C       T   SSSS  =
    =  I N  NN    s   T   I N  NN C       T      S  =
    =  I N   N SSSS   T   I N   N Ccccc   T   SSSS  =
    None. No secrets to be found. Breathe out.
    1) At the very start of the map, once you crawl ashore, follow the beach toward
    the first small encampment. Somewhere along the way to your left, there should
    be some climbable vines hidden between the bushes. This leads to a long ledge
    with the first secret on it.
    2) After you've reached the first heli-pad, choose the left path to reach
    Crowe's second heli-pad. This is the long route. Follow it until the first
    waterfall, climb up and stay on that path until you reach a place overlooking a
    larger waterfall and three guards on the shore (you can push that treelog down
    to crush them.). The second secret is hidden somewhere along that large
    waterfall. It's easy to find.
    3) Now follow the river to a junction, and take the right path. Now you're
    actually going into the opposite direction of where you came, if you took the
    right path at the heli-pad earlier. At one point along this route you'll see a
    very large stone arch over the river. The third secret is on top of it. You'll
    find a way to reach it.
    4) The fourth secret is hidden somewhere in the camp where you first pick up a
    jeep (Crowe's second heli-pad). Clear the area of enemies and walk toward the
    hangar with your jeep. Another jeep with enemies will come riding toward you.
    Kill everyone and follow the trail from which the enemy jeep came. You'll find
    a parking lot with a truck (not drive-able unfortunately :| ), another jeep,
    and eight barrels behind that truck. The fourth secret is behind those eight
    5) The fifth secret lies at the very end of the map. While you're driving
    towards the end, Crowe's helicopter will destroy the bridge. If you drive off
    it, the level ends. Instead, turn your vehicle around and drive back in the
    opposite direction. You'll see the road you came from on your right and a long
    flat valley with trees on your left. The fifth secret is at the end of this
    1) Enter the first mercenary encampment through the hole in the fence. You will
    see several huts and a watchtower. The first secret is on top of the roof of
    that tower.
    2) Your main objective on this map is to blow up the mercenaries' armoury. When
    you have found it, enter the armoury through the roof. You will land on a
    scaffold with a large medkit and a secret. Alternatively you can enter the
    armory through the window and jump on the scaffold using crates in the
    vicinity. Either way, you must make sure to grab it before blowing up the
    building. After that you will not be able to reach the scaffold anymore.
    3) Now follow the road through the broken fence, steal an ATV from one of the
    mercenaries and drive off. Eventually Crowe's chopper will destroy your
    vehicle, and in a cut scene, he will order you to follow him to his HQ. Once
    you're back on your feet, ignore the bridge in front of you and descend down
    into the river. To your left, there should be a waterfall. Look for the third
    secret near this waterfall.
    4) The fourth secret is at Crowe's headquarters, on top of the roof. You'll
    recognize the area by the small chopper standing near the building. Search for
    a ladder outside on the second floor leading up to the roof.
    5) Near the end of the map, there is a large plantation area with a hut at the
    back of it. Take down the helicopters and kill every mercenary. Now crawl under
    the hut and you’ll find the last secret.
    1) The first secret is found at the start of this map. Once you’ve broken out
    of the container, you’ll find yourself in a fenced area with lots of crates and
    containers. The canister is found behind a red container at the back of this
    2) Now punch through the fences and proceed down the road into the tent. One of
    the enemies will sound an alarm. Clear the area and move along. The next big
    area is another mercenary encampment with two large huts, a closed gate, and
    some sandbags in the middle. To your left, you should see a stack of boxes
    which you can climb to reach the small fenced area to the left. Look for the
    manhole in the middle and drop down. The second secret is in this tunnel.
    3) In the area where you reconnect with Doyle, there is a large waterfall
    nearby. Swim towards it and check the right side of the shore. You’ll find the
    canister on a stone.
    4) At one point on the river you will come across a large roofed bridge
    overlooking the river, and four mines floating in front of it. A dockside with
    three boats is also nearby. The secret is on the roof of that bridge.
    5) When Val contacts you, you will be on the last part of the river (presumably
    travelling by hovercraft). At one point you will drive past a wrecked outpost.
    The fifth secret is somewhere amongst these corpses.
    1) The first secret is one of the easiest you’ll ever find. At the start of the
    level, run past the truck and into the large open swamp area. The canister is
    simply somewhere on the shore to your left.
    2) After you've met Val at the campfire, proceed straight down the road. You
    will encounter the remains of a wrecked plane on your path. The second secret
    is among the wreckage.
    3) On the outside of the large Japanese bunker, a large force of enemies and a
    chopper will attack you. Clear the area and walk toward the back of the top
    level (there’s a mounted machine gun nearby). Drop down onto the lower area
    (alternatively it can be reached through a tunnel on the main intersection).
    Once you’ve reached the far end of the outside, look down and search for a
    small plateau of grass. You should see the remains of a crate and a secret
    lying on top of it. It’s hard to describe but if you are facing the outside of
    the bunker from the front (with the tent on your right), the secret is on that
    ledge to the far left.
    4) After you've disabled the generator inside the bunker, return to the large
    room you came from. The door at the top will now be open. This leads to a
    corridor with a puncheable fence, and a mined hallway. Straight ahead, past
    these mines and over the boxes you will find the fourth secret.
    5) The last secret is found near the end of the map. After you've cleared the
    room with the plane wreck, you'll find yourself back outside in the jungle.
    This road leads to a mine-entrance and eventually to the elevator that ends the
    level. Look outside this mineshaft to the right.
    1) After you exit the first big room you come to where you need to climb the
    ramps to the top and bust through the boards to the next section you are
    standing on a ledge overlooking a big room with some men talking and a couple
    of platforms in front of you.  From where you are standing you can jump down on
    the right and there's a table on its side with a vial behind it.  You can also
    get this if you jump down first - just run back up the side it's on.
    2) The next one is at an area where you exit an elevator, activate a gate that
    only opens partially and you have to crawl under it.  You'll climb up a rock
    ledge that leads to the doorway to the next area but if you turn around you'll
    see some large rocks and behind them is a beam you can walk across to the rails
    where a vial is.
    3) The very next area you enter has another one.  It's directly across from
    where you enter (but you can't get it from there) and it's up on the platform
    near the doorway you enter the next area.  Find the cart that you can climb up
    onto the rails with, go to the very end of the bent broken rail, jump to the
    upright wood piece and then onto the rails on the other side.  The vial is on
    the platform next to that and you can jump to it from there.
    4) You'll come to an area where there are rails on the ground and a guy up on a
    platform shooting a stationary gun at you, go through that area, through the
    opening where the cave collapses behind you and in this next room is the next
    one.  There's a big hill in the middle of the floor with a platform leading to
    a dead end tunnel above it.  Climb the hill to the platform (there will be some
    of those red dinosaur like creatures there) cross to the opening and at the end
    of that little tunnel you'll find the vial.
    5) You'll come to a part where you need to break some boards to enter a
    darkened tunnel where several men are patrolling with lights.  Look for the
    cart standing upright on end - it's on the left - and behind that you'll find
    the vial.
    1) The first secret is a long way down the map but must be reached from the
    beginning. Walk out of the mineshaft, kill the guards and grab your ATV. You
    will shortly pass along two big black rocks. Stop at the second rock and look
    for a path and some vines leading up. This will bring you practically to the
    top of the map, and down a long path, which ends on a plateau with a paraglider
    on it. A mercenary with a rocket launcher will stand next to it. The secret is
    on a crate right there.
    2) There are three large rivers on the Cliffs. The first leads to a pier with a
    flare nearby, the second to a shallow pool of water and some huts, and the
    third to a large beachfront with the bunker ruin. Somewhere on the mountainside
    of the first river, you should be able to see a helicopter wreck, stuck in the
    rocks. Just below the wreck lies the second secret. It can only be reached
    using a certain paraglider. Try to find it.
    3) If you are travelling by boat along the first river, at one point you will
    come across a small outpost where a mercenary kicks a red barrel into the
    water. The third secret is inside the tent on that shore. Alternatively, it can
    be reached with a zip-line from the other side of the cliff that leads straight
    down to it.
    4) When you’ve reached the end of the second river, make your way through the
    huts and climb the hill to reach the helipad. Clear the area and kill the guy
    with the rocket launcher on top of the bunker. Get back down and walk to the
    beach. Take the jet-ski and follow the river in the opposite direction of your
    objective. You’ll quickly reach the end and see a large black piece of mountain
    with a cavern in it. The fourth secret is on a pier in that cavern.
    5) The fifth secret is simply hidden inside the huge cell containing the
    monster. Once you’ve set it free, go outside and turn right into the cell.
    1) When you reach the corridor that leads to the surgical room where Doyle
    removes Jack’s safety implant, instead of entering run past it to the far end
    of the hall, and enter the room on your left. You will find some adrenaline and
    a secret.
    2) In this level you will able to rip out fixed machine guns for the first
    time. The first one you find is located on a short wall with some mercenaries.
    Once you climb onto it, a large number of zombies will appear. Kill them and
    keep following this path. You will come across a large gateway. Pass it and to
    your right there should be a watchtower with a sniper inside. The second secret
    is inside that tower. You will find the entrance on the side but you will have
    to jump to be able to climb the ladder.
    3) On the mined river, the first outpost consists of two watchtowers on the
    shore. The third secret is in between those two towers, at the back of the area.
    4) At the end of the mined river, you will enter a large base with several
    towers, lots of enemies and a chopper. Clear the area and move to the tower to
    the far right. You can climb up and use a zip-line to get on top of the roof
    with the cannon. Instead of using the zip-line however, turn to the snipertower
    and jump on top of it using feral jump. From here on, you will be able to jump
    to the roof of the middle tower on the shore (again, using your feral jump).
    The fourth secret is on top of it.
    5) The fifth secret is inside a container on the last area of the map. Once you
    pull the switch to open the gates, move through a small tunnel of containers
    into the area with the water. The container with the secret is somewhere to
    your right, on top of another. It should be easy to spot, as it is one of the
    few that’s open.
    1) Start the map, kill the mercenaries in the little shed and follow the road
    until you come across a white generator, a jeep wreck and a blown up gas tank.
    The first secret is somewhere on top of the generator.
    2) After you’ve acquired the ability to perceive body heat, you will come
    across a large fenced area with a power station. Ignore this and turn left.
    There should be a long stretch of swampland here. Explore it until you find a
    small outpost with a zombie in it. Even further past this outpost, there should
    be a piece of swamp with a half submerged helicopter wreck. Behind it you will
    see a pool. The secret is at the bottom of this pool to the far left.
    3) After you’ve cleared the power station, leave the area through the hole in
    the fence. Continue on your path and you should reach an area with a jeep wreck
    and several zombies. Even further down this road, you will eventually come
    across a large area with lots of mercenaries and zombies. To your right, there
    should be a hill with a campfire, close to a white shed. To your left, at the
    back of the area, you should find a tree and a box with a lamp on it. The third
    secret is next to it.
    4) Travel further down the map and you will reach the encampment from where you
    can take the raft to traverse the swamp. Stay outside and follow the long road
    past the sniper tower. The fourth secret is at the end of it.
    5) Now make your way through the large swamp using the raft (or swim or walk
    whatever suits you better). Once you get ashore, move up the hill and destroy
    the tower. To your right, there should be a bridge with a broken down truck on
    the other side. From there, you can descend down into the water under the
    bridge. You should see a sewer pipe sticking out at the end of the river, half
    filled with water. The last secret is at the back of this pipe.
    1) After you’ve contacted Val, a jeep will drive through the fence. Kill the
    mercenaries and take the jeep down the road, until you reach a very large area,
    with a stone building to your right, a guy with a rocket launcher in the middle
    and a shed with an ATV at the very back. The first secret is on the roof of the
    stone building. Find a jumping point from a nearby hill and use your feral jump
    to get it.
    2) The second secret is also in this area. Search the left side of the swamp
    (left if you are at the start of the area with the building to your right and
    the rocket launcher guy some distance in front of you). You should find a
    walkway that takes you through a secret path and into a long area with a
    container in it. The canister is inside the container.
    3) At one point now down your path, you will enter a sewer pipe, which leads to
    a building, which in turn, leads into a large open area with a chopper in the
    middle. The third secret is simply inside this building, on the ledge to your
    left when exiting the sewer pipe.
    4) Enter the building where Doyle is held captive and clear the area of Special
    Forces. There should be a room with some medical equipment and kicked down
    tables. To your right the hall leads into a corridor that leads toward Doyle.
    To your left, there should be another hallway and some stairs, leading to some
    ammo, medpacks and armour. Now jump over the crates and chairs at the back of
    this hall and you’ll find the fourth secret behind a stack of boxes.
    5) Protect Doyle as you make your way to the end of the map. Kill all enemies
    and escort him towards the chopper. However instead of boarding it, look to
    your left for another building. The last secret is inside that building.
    1) The first secret is simply near the beginning of the map underneath the
    broken down truck on the beach.
    2) Travel a bit further down the map and you will reach a fenced area that ends
    with two pipelines (left and right). You will also be swamped with zombies from
    all sides so try to stay alive first and foremost. The left pipeline leads to
    the large volcanic hillside guarded by the two bunkers. The right pipeline
    leads to the second secret.
    3) Once you’ve cleared the two bunkers, move around the outside of the bunker
    where you find the C4 charge. You’ll find a piece of crumbled wall that allows
    you to jump on top of the roof (you probably need to use feral jumping). From
    this roof, you can jump onto the other bunker. The third phial is on top of
    this bunker.
    4) After you’ve met with Krieger’s elite guards ("I’m f***ing sick of this
    place", etc.), there is a big fight inside the bunker room. Clear the area and
    move up the stairs to reach the top level. At the back, you will see some
    crates you can jump over. This leads into the machine gun nest you saw earlier
    while fighting Crowe’s Special Forces outside the bunker. The fourth secret is
    inside this room.
    5) The last secret is found at the very end of the level. The phial is right in
    Krieger's living room where his guards murder him.
    =  EEEEEE  V   V  OOO  L    UU UU TTTTT I  OOO  NN   N  =
    =  EE      V   V O   O L    UU UU   T   I O   O N N  N  =
    =  EEEEEE   V V  O   O L    UU UU   T   I O   O N  N N  =
    =  EE       V V  O   O L    UU UU   T   I O   O N   NN  =
    =  EEEEEE    V    OOO  LLLL  UUU    T   I  OOO  N    N  =
    No secrets. Would be kind of hard since you are operating a machine gun all the
    Pirate Enclave 2 consists of five main islands. The first is the one you came
    from. The next three (the plantage, the warehouse and the docks) can be
    completed in any order you like. For the sake of convenience, I’ll address
    these islands by their reference points. The plantage island is hereby called
    the Pagoda Island, the warehouse island is now called the Communications Tower
    Island and the docks will remain the Docks. The last one opens up when the
    first three objectives are finished. Nothing really happens there except the
    level ending You will recognize it mainly by its closed gate.
    1) The easiest secret on this map is found on a small island with seemingly no
    purpose across the back of the Pagoda Island. Move all the way around it and
    you should see a beach with stones signing “HELP!” and a shipwreck with a
    corpse in it. The canister is right inside the wreck.
    2) On the island with the docks, there should be a pagoda-like watchtower on
    the coast facing the island with the Communications Tower. From this point of
    view, swim along the shore line to the left until you come across an underwater
    cave entrance. This tunnel leads into a small cave with weapons, armour and a
    secret. You can actually peer inside this cave from one of the roads on the
    3) Now we get to the difficult part. The next three secrets are all located on
    the bottom of the ocean. I’ll try to describe their locations as accurately as
    possible, but you’ll have to do some swimming for yourself. Always keep an eye
    on your air supply, and don’t forget that feral speed also allows you to swim
    faster. The first of these secrets is found near the edge of the map, close to
    the shore of the first island (the island from which you came) and opposite the
    Pagoda Island. Swim around for a while until you find a wooden boat wreck
    similar to the one from the first secret mentioned. The phial is inside the
    4) The next secret lies between the island with the Communications Tower and
    the small cone-shaped island (which is, in turn, close the island of the first
    secret). You’ll have to take a deep dive but you should find the wreck of an
    old Japanese warship. Swim through it. The canister should be in or near the
    main steering room. As a special treat you’ll also find a heavy machine gun
    inside the hull.
    5) The last of these underwater secrets is located near the last island (the
    one where the level ultimately ends). When facing the water gate of this
    island, move along the shore all the way to the right until you reach the edge
    of the map. Now swim a little toward the island with the Docks. Somewhere
    between these two points (but far from the island with the Docks), there is
    another undersea canyon, this time with a plane wreck. The secret is under the
    wing of the plane.
    1) From the start of the level, make your way toward the red jeep and take it.
    Now drive a little while and look closely to your left on the road. You should
    come across a ledge with some plane wreckage on it. The first secret is right
    2) Now drive further along the way until you reach the large beach area. If you
    took the road down to the coast, turn immediately left, and look for a humvee
    wreck between some trees. If you drove your jeep right off the edge onto the
    beach, it should be somewhat to your right.
    3) Enemy vehicles will chase you here so take them out first. Now right in the
    centre of this area stands a huge stone arch overlooking the beach (it would be
    hard to miss it). The second secret is right on top of it. Use your feral
    jumping to get onto it.
    4) When you find Kade, she will try and start the jeep while you hold the
    enemies off. Clear the area but don’t hop into the vehicle yet. If you are
    facing the same direction as the jeep, to your far left there will be a secret.
    It’s easy to find.
    5) Now look to the far right in the same fashion as the previous secret. There
    will be another canister right there.
    1) Don’t waste your time on the village (I did that for you). There aren’t any
    secrets here. Not inside the houses anyway. The secrets on this map are fairly
    easy to find, and oddly enough, each canister will lie next to some sort of
    Chinese lantern post. This is the only level that has such markers. Don’t know
    why. So anyway, to get to the first secret proceed through the first village
    until you reach a junction, with one road leading up onto a platform with
    suspended cages, and another into a mineshaft which ends at the back of the
    second part of the village. Follow the first road and you will eventually reach
    a dockside with one guard and several boats. Kill him and instead of taking the
    right turn toward the second village, go left and move along the coastline
    until you see a patch of grass with a cage and such a Chinese post. The first
    secret is there.
    2) Now after you’ve broken out of Kade’s safe house, take the road to the old
    shrine. You’ll pass a wooden bridge with a waterfall, next up a house with a
    disassembled jeep and finally a house with lots of red barrels. An enemy will
    kick them off the hill so watch out. Proceed past this house and take the first
    turn right. This isn’t actually a road but a few low rocks you can climb using
    feral jump. From here, jump over the canyon to the next platform. From here you
    should be able to see the Chinese marker. Don’t jump towards it from this
    height. Look for a lower ledge to drop down in front of you, and use this one
    as a jumping point towards the secret.
    3) The next one is kinda hard to describe but at one point you will enter a
    large area with canyons connected by tree trunks and suspension bridges. Some
    of these tree trunks will stick out in a kind of sloped fashion. My advice:
    stay close to the ground and follow the river all the way to the back of this
    area. You should encounter a small waterfall (single stream). Keep following
    the river and you will pass a low wooden bridge. Keep your eyes fixed to the
    left and you should come across a small canyon that leads into an area with a
    plane wreck. The third secret is behind that plane.
    4) The fourth secret is located very close to the third. When you exit the
    canyon with the plane, you should see a large waterfall ahead to your left.
    Climb it until you reach the top level, and walk to the far left of it. There
    is a small passage into a cavern with some armour, the marker and the fourth
    5) Next up, you’ll reach a terrace like plantation. Kill your way through until
    you must climb a wooden ramp to reach the next level. Notice the orange
    lanterns hanging around and follow these. You should come across several of the
    enemy’s gun emplacements. At the back of this area is a large closed gate,
    which you cannot open. To its left however should be a secret path hidden
    behind some sandbags and bushes. Follow this path down and you’ll find the last
    1) Locate the rebel spy and make your way across the boats to the next part of
    Shanty Town. Your destination here is the pirates' armoury, a large stone
    building which is accessed by crawling under a garage shutter. You will meet
    Kade here as she is breaking into an enclosed storage room of the pirates. The
    first secret is on the counter of that room.
    2) Once you have your ATV to escape the village, jump over the wall past the
    tower and drive up the hill. You will reach a bend with a broken fence. Run
    through this fence and you’ll see a river. To your right, there should be a
    small pier. Ahead of you, somewhat to your left, there will be large area of
    bushes across the river. Somewhere to the right of those bushes, against the
    flank of a hill, you will find a hidden cave entrance that leads to a room with
    the second secret.
    3) In the area with the drawbridge, look for a gap underneath the fence between
    the house and the bunker with the switch. You will enter a coastal area. Follow
    this beach to the far right until you reach a hut. The third canister is inside
    that hut.
    4) At one point, after you’ve passed the bamboo forest and some bridges, you
    will enter a large area with to your right, almost straight ahead of you, a
    large gate fence, which you cannot open. To your left you should see some
    scaffolds and ladders. Climb these to get to the next level and jump over the
    fence to get back on the road. To your left, you will see a road leading
    uphill. To your right there is a steep canyon-wall and some ladders to climb
    it. Look closely to these ladders. On one of the scaffolds you should see a
    single crate hanging by a rope. Shoot it, and the canister will drop out. This
    is the only secret in the game hidden inside a crate.
    5) Near the end you will come across a large enclosed area. First you will be
    attacked by a wave of pirates, then by three or four vehicles. The final jeep
    will crash through the gate and clear the way for you. Proceed through this
    hole but turn immediately left. There is a sniping tower right behind the gate.
    The last secret is on top of it.
    1) Once Doyle contacts you to say he has found the truck, you will enter
    another large forest area. Look for a stream of water. It will eventually lead
    under small arch of rocks. Jump on these rocks to find the first secret.
    2) Now we get to the part where you chase/drive the truck. You will come across
    an encampment, a checkpoint, a bridge, another encampment and a second
    checkpoint. The second secret is located near the first encampment. If you
    follow the road you cannot miss it, as these are the first buildings you will
    encounter on your way. A little while before this huts, to your right, there
    should be a slope down to a valley below. Inside this valley you will find the
    wreck of a huge plane. The vial is inside the cockpit.
    3) At the second checkpoint you have to commandeer the truck regardless of
    whether you were tailing it or not. Pass this checkpoint and drive down the
    road. At one point you will pass under a bridge. Stop the truck and find a way
    to get on that bridge, and follow the road to the far left. You will eventually
    reach another rebel encampment. The third secret is inside one of the huts.
    4) When you reach the refinery park your truck and enter the building to meet
    up with Doyle. Before or after you do this, check the building for a room with
    a pinball machine. A secret is underneath it.
    5) Once you've killed the rebel commander with the rocket launcher, head down
    and dive into the stream below. This river is shut off by a grate near the raft
    you use to escape the tunnels. The last secret is found right there at the
    bottom of the stream.
    1) One of your first objectives will be to find a boat and get back to Doyle.
    You will find this boat in a large rebel base far down the river. In the centre
    of this camp however, there is a pen with an ATV tied to a metal lid. Drive the
    ATV forward and the lid will be torn off revealing a hidden cellar full of arms
    Terminator 2 style. Inside this cellar lies the first secret.
    2) When you return, Doyle will be gone. At one point while you’re following his
    trail, you will suddenly be surrounded by a large group of rebels. Kill them
    all. To your right, you will find a large rock with a tent sail. The secret is
    under that sail.
    3) Fast forward to the part with the trees. Your objective is to destroy three
    transmitters. When you have reached the first transmitter, turn back and
    retrace your steps to the previous platform. There should be another platform
    nearby with a sniper (which I hope you shot), but it’s too far to reach it with
    a feral jump. Turn on your feral senses and look for two trees with climbing
    marks. Jump from tree to tree to reach the sniping platform and the second
    4) After you’ve destroyed the first radio, follow the zip-line down to the
    platform ahead. Stay here and look for climbing marks on a tree nearby. Climb
    the tree and turn around at the highest point. You’ll be able to reach a
    platform right above from where you were standing earlier. From there, jump to
    another platform, past a suspended helicopter wreck. The secret is on that
    5) After you’ve taken the fourth secret and resume your objective, there are
    two paths ahead. One over solid ground, the other along several tree bridges.
    The latter must be reached with another climbable tree. Find it and jump on the
    tree bridges. Follow this route all the way to the end, and you will find the
    last secret.
    1) Start the level, follow the road and climb on the black wall to reach the
    next level. You are now in a large open area with multiple paths. Stick closely
    to the ground and move straight ahead. You should come across some sandbags and
    a crate with armour and a secret on it. It’s nearly impossible to miss it.
    2) Now once you’ve found Doyle, proceed through the rebel fortress. At one
    point you will enter a long hall with several platforms above you. Find the
    stairs and jump from platform to platform until you reach the one that leads
    back out into the open (there’s a big hole in the wall). On the outside, find
    the right ledge and you should be able to reach a narrow walkway on the other
    side. This leads into a medium sized mountain area that ends in a deep ravine.
    However when you exit that walkway, immediately to your left, you will be shot
    at by a sniper. The second secret is on his platform.
    3) After climbing/jumping up to the second rocky, bowl-shaped enclave facing
    the first fortress wall. This is identifiable by the tower on the bowl's
    eastern face. Below this tower (under) is a vial, accessible by a hole in the
    rear wall.
    4) After Semeru drops you down the mountain, you will have lost all your gear.
    Proceed further down the road (you will have to jump and climb several times)
    until you come across the first enemy. He will be guarding a pagoda like
    watchtower with a rocket launcher. Take him out and follow the road to the next
    tower. Three or four enemies will attack. You will find a shotgun as your first
    weapon. Take out the rebels and search the base of the tower. One of its walls
    will be puncheable with your feral attack. Inside the tower you’ll find armour,
    weapons, and the fourth secret.
    5) At one point now you will reach another large fortress area, which is
    identified by the red roofs over the balconies. Pass the first tower on the
    right (east) and enter the fortress on the left (west). Work through the rooms,
    moving upwards wherever possible. In the northeast corner of the tower is a
    room containing the last vial. On the exterior of this room is the
    balcony/machine gun placement visible from the road. It is also directly
    opposite the twin towers on the east side of the street.
    = Thanks =
    Ubisoft - for making this game.
    GameFAQs - for hopefully posting this.
    Sepulshrive, Fireflyflanatic, Fox01313,
    Workem, Gixxer6hundred, Sablebear, MadCatSWE, and Lewis Ashill - the people
    that helped me compose this guide.
    Copyright MGPythagoras 2k6. Please do not use this without my, or any of the
    above people who helped me, permission.

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