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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GreatClips

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    ********************************GOOD CAMPAIGN GUIDE****************************
    The Lord of the Rings
    The Battle for Middle-Earth II
    By: Great Clips(Styx0006@alltel.net)
    10/02/06-Version 0.75
    11/27/06-Version 1.0
    -                                                   -
    -                                                   -
    = 1.) Introduction                                  =
    -                                                   -
    = 2.) Basic Strategies                              =
    -                                                   -
    = 3.) Walkthrough of Good Campaign                  =
    =                                                   -
    - 3A.) RivenDell                                    =
    = 3B.) High Pass                                    -
    - 3C.) Ettenmoors                                   =
    = 3D.) Blue Mountains                               -
    - 3E.) Grey Havens                                  =
    = 3F.) Celduin                                      -
    - 3G.) Erebor                                       =
    = 3H.) Dol Guldur                                   -
    -                                                   -
    =   4.) Legal Stuff/Contact/Special Thanks          =
    10/02/06= Guide written for missions 4-6
    10/03/06= Added complete Strategy for mission 7
    10/27/06= Added guides for missions 1-3
     /                      /     
    /  1.) Introduction    /
    Thank you for visiting my guide.  I bought this game last week and have really
    enjoyed playing it so far.  I looked to see if there was a FAQ on this site
    for the Good Campaign in the game, but did not see one, therefore, I am writing
    one my self. Because they are more fresh in my mind, I'm going to provide a 
    walk-through for missions 4-7 before mentioning missions 1-3.
     /                      /     
    / 2.) Basic Strategies /
    There are a few strategies I would like to mention that I use when playing this
    game, and these can also be applied to other "RTS's". These tips can help not
    only in the Good Campaign, but also in the Evil Campaign, skirmishes, or online
     /                      /     
    /  Defense First!      /
    When I am playing, no matter what the circumstances outlined in the mission, I
    make sure I can establish a steady defense before making any offensive 
    advancements. This can not always be applied however, when you start out in 
    missions controlling a unit on the move and what-not, but when given the option
    to establish a camp, make sure to do it. 
    It is important to make a strong camp for one reason really: to increase the 
    chances of a victory.  If you make a strong camp with many structures, then
    even if your entire army gets wiped out, you will still have a chance to 
    completely rebuild it.  With a good camp you can be sure to set up many 
    effective defense mechanisms, as well as protect your structures that create
    more units. Always build a wall from your fortress that extends into the terain
    around it.  With a good wall, it is very hard for the enemy to breach your camp
    and destroy your units and structures.
     /                      /     
    / Take your Time!      /
    It is important to consider all of the variables when playing a mission.  One 
    needs to ask, "how can I defeat the enemy?" and "how will the enemy try to 
    defeat me?" By asking these questions one can become victorious.  It is
    important to create the biggest army possible using the max number of command
    points you can right from the start.  You really do have greater strength in
    numbers.  Even a giant mumakil will easily fall to the forces of your 7 
    dwarven units.  If you take the time to build up an army right from the start,
    then you may only need to attack the enemy one time and one time only.
     /                      /     
    /      Upgrade!        /
    This is a pretty basic principle.  By researching all of the availbe upgrades
    for your units, you will get the best efficieny from them.  Be patient as you
    upgrade all components of your units and it will pay off later when they fight
    harder and last longer.
     /                      /     
    / Use Your Powers!     /
    This is a neat game in the respect of the "Greater Powers" it gives you the 
    option to purchase with your earned points.  These are handy effects that can
    turn the tide of the battle when played at the right time.  I have many times
    had these powers turn the outcome of battle from imminent defeat to absolute 
    victory. Time your powers so that they will benefit your army at the right time
    to do the most effect. For example, use your barrage attack over the enemy base
    as a diversion to let your units storm in, then once they are in position 
    supplement them with a forest, concealing fog, and a attack tower.  This is a 
    great way to take it to the enemy full force.
    Here is a list of powers I purchased to serve me in this campagin, I'm not 
    saying its the only way to go, but having these served me more than well:
    *Elven Wood-Creates a wooded area that increases defenses of allied units
    *Enshrouding Mist-Conceals target area in a deep fog
    *Summon Tom Bombadil-Summons Tom Bombadil for temporary use
    *Lone Tower-Builds a tower on selected land that attacks enemies with axes
    *Summon Men of Dale Allies-summons 3 battallions of Men of Dale Archers
    *Cloud Break-Cancels freezing rain and stuns enemies
    *Undermine-Creates a mine anywhere on the map that is connected to tunnel units
    *Barrage-Devestating meteor shower on selected target
     /                                      /
    /   3.) Walkthrough of Good Campaign   /
    Here it is, the walkthrough of missions 1-7 of the Good Campaign
     /                      /     
    /    3A.) RivenDell    /
    In this mission you start out with a small fleet of elven soldiers. Don't worry,
    this one isn't too tough. Advance through the woods and defeat any opposing 
    forces, and attempt to save your own forces.  Continue on until you reach
    Rivendell, and begin creating units to defend it.  When the goblins start to
    appear, rush them with your units at the gate to the west. Keep the pressure
    on until they stop coming. Eventually Arwen will show up to give you some help!
    (Extra units) Add these to your batallion and set out to raid the Goblin camp.
    Leave none alive, and await the help of two Giant Eagles. Soon a wyrm spawns,
    use all of your units to destroy it, many men will probably fall, but the
    sheer numbers in your army are enough to take the beast down.
     /                      /     
    /    3B.) High Pass    /
    In the starting area, follow the on screen instructions, and build yourself
    up a defensive fortress. Get a few mallorn trees planted, as far apart as it 
    will allow you to plant them. This will serve nicely in getting you a firm
    economy established.  With more money, comes more units, and more units means
    more power. This element must be mastered in this game in order to be
    victorious. Don't worry too much about walls, I don't think the enemy ever
    even attacks your base during the course of this mission.  Make several groups
    of archers and whatever other units you fancy, and proceed north.  Fight any
    enemies you encounter, and when a large chunk of ice falls use your archers
    to slay the giant. Move to the other trench on the map and there awaits a
    second giant for you to play with.  You will now notice Haldir in trouble,
    somehow fending off countless enemies and not dying...don't worry there is no
    rush and he will not die even if you take a while. Come to his aid and repel
    the opposition. Now build some more units to back up your army and have all
    of them meet up somewhere in the mountain.  Seek out the enemy base and destroy
    it and any units next to it. Congrats, you are the champion of the High Pass.
     /                      /     
    /    3C.) Ettenmoors   / 
    In this mission you must vanquish a goblin leader from his tower, and by doing
    so hopefully weaken the forces of evil reigning over Middle Earth. Glofindel
    and Haldir and greeted by elves, and are told to come help save the local 
    peoples. Haldir goes off in search of reinforcements, while you control Gloin
    and Glorfindel to help the elves.
    Advance down the path forward until you reach a small icy valley surrounded
    by mountains.  In this valley, a unit of elves awaits your aid.  Clicking
    together both mouse buttons, set a defensive formation inside of this ice 
    grove. Consider this a defensive strong hold for all of the waves of 
    upcoming attacks.  Using your greater powers, spawn an elven woods around your
    troops and also plant a battle tower near them. This way the defensive odds
    are on your side.
    Repelling the oncoming enemy invasions is not too challenging, just hold your
    line and keep the arrows flying. Once the bonus is suggested to kill goblin
    tunnels, go ahead and send Gloin over to the nearest one to attack it. Remain
    in your mountain valley until the enemies quit advancing.
    Continue forward and take out the few enemy groups you may encounter on the 
    way.  Soon you will reach the Elven settlement. Use your new found allies to
    drive the enemies out of your village. Once done, send the troops up the hill
    next to the giant drum, and kill the troll you see on the way. When possible,
    destroy the drum or mountain giants will appear, which are very nasty 
    creatures.  Whether you destroy the drum quick enough or not, defeat all of
    the enemies nearby and head back to the village. Once builders are availible,
    select them and create a fort, some walls, some towers, and a barracks. Set
    yourself up for some defense.
    Now when enemies rush your fortress, you are prepared to repel them.  Use
    any means at your control to drive them back, and then head up to the ent moot
    up northeast. Be sure to follow the bonus objective and keep an eye out for
    enemy towers so that you can destroy them. At the entmoot you can free ents, 
    and use them to drastically power up your army. Head south to the enemy 
    fortress and destroy the perimiter.  Enter the base and level anything and 
    anyone you can find to beat the mission.
     /                      /     
    /  3D.) Blue Mountains / 
    Description- A Dragon under Sauron's control has taken over a Dwarven mountain
    city, and you need to drive it out
    Order your dwarven crew into the large tunnel, and drive out any enemies that
    stand in the way, make sure all of your units are under the cover of the large
    tunnel, as the dragon periodically swoops down over the mountain and kills 
    anything in its way.  
    Once all of the units are safe inside, order a builder
    to create a fortress in the large center chamber of the cave. Build walls
    on the front side connecting to the cave walls, and create a postern gate
    on one of the walls. Move all of your units in front of the walls, on the 
    opening of the tunnel you have not yet been through.  Construct any structures 
    from this point on behind thesafety of these walls. This is a precaution in 
    case your camp is attacked by the enemy(can be avoided in most cases).
    Now build a mineshaft(A) somewhere inside of your cave in order to collect 
    resources, and then construct a generic "barracks" (doesn't matter what type
    of infantry, whatever you want). Train as many units as your command points
    will allow you to, and move them into the formation with all of the rest of
    your soldiers.
    Now you must wait for the dragon to pass by, indicated by a red moving dot on
    the radar.  Once you see that he passes, you know it is safe to move for a 
    bit until he comes back out. 
    Move all of your soldiers out of the cave and across the bridge, attacking all
    enemy units and structures. Cross the next bridge and take note of the citadel
    doors, but move back to the safety of your cave.  You may be attacked by the
    enemy at this point, so fend them off and then retreat to safety.
    Wait for the dragon to pass again and then move your builder out near the
    citadel doors. Have him construct a mineshaft(B) around here and then tell him
    to get inside and then exit back in your cave bound mineshaft.(If you have 
    undermine at this point, you could simply construct the cave without the use
    of a builder.)
    Now move quickly, for if the dragon flies over your Mineshaft(B) he is certain
    to destroy it.  Round up 6 units into shaft A and exit them at shaft B. This
    will move them quickly to avoid confrontation of the dragon.  Move your 
    remaining groups of units through the shafts, and then order them all to attack
    the citadel doors. 
    Once the doors are breached, rush into the tunnel and dominate any resistance.
    Once you locate the dragon in a large room, focus all fire power on him, and
    ignore everything else. Once the dragon falls, you are victorious.
     /                      /     
    /  3E.) Grey Havens    / 
    Description- In this mission, you work in the elven cities to learn all about
    ship units and sea bound conflicts.
    Start the mission off by sending your units into the city and killing any 
    enemy resistance.  After this, capture the two shipwrights at the south end of
    the port.
    Once the shipwrights are captured, you can now create ship units(hooray!) Click
    on the buildings and create 4 battleships.
    In the meantime, build up some strategic base structures.  You need to create
    fortress walls, some fortress defenses, elven barracks/ranges, and an EntMoot.
    At this point it is wise to create a few units, including Treebeard from the
    Hopefully now your battleships are finished, take the time to upgrade all of
    their armor. With your trusty new ships, sail out to sea and attack the enemy
    waves of ships. Every times your ships sink, simply make more to fill their
    Sooner or later you will be able to make Elven Storm Ships-ships that create
    massive whirlpools kamikazee style.  They are not too expensive and useful for
    wiping out entire fleets. 
    Once the enemy ships are destroyed, you will need to venture to their land to
    capture their buildings.  Create 2-3 Elven Voyage ships and stock them with 
    soldiers.  Be sure to also have 3-4 battleships, and a storm ship or 2 if your
    feeling risky.
    Send your fleet to the enemy land, making special care to protect your
    defenseless transports with the battleships. This is very important, I think I
    lost 2 of my 3 transports to the enemy, and it was nearly impossible to succeed
    on the land battle after that. If you use a storm ship, make certain to not
    destroy your allied ships in the process.
    Once you capture the bases, you will be informed of enemy attack waves coming 
    to the city. Construct yourself a massive army, and move them into formation
    (click both mouse buttons) to the west side of the city.  Command Treebeard to
    the rear of the formation, and be sure to get some more ents to help him out,
    as their rock based attacks are very powerful.  
    Continue to prepare for the invasion and be sure to construct a storm ship or 
    two as well. Once the fleet approaches from the south, send in your storm ship
    to take out as many ships as possible. By doing this you will make it easier
    on the land battle side of things. Once the enemy arrives on land, hold 
    defensive ground with the troops by deploying elven woods, enshrouding mist, 
    and a tower (etc.) Once the enemy draws near enough unleash everything you 
    have to take them out.  
    After a victorious battle, there will be two more waves of enemies. Repeat the
    same steps to take them out, and finish the mission of with a victory.
     /                      /     
    /  3F.) Celduin        /
    Description- This is in my opinion the hardest mission in the game, it took 
    many strategies to finally defeat the enemy. You are stationed in a small port
    city and have to destroy the enemy fortress in their well guarded camp.
    Move your dwarves through the city, and take out all enemy units. Once you get
    to the "small camp" take up defensive position and make sure all enemies are 
    dead. Capture the inns and shipwrights around the base to be able to train men
    of dale, gain extra resources, and to build ships.
    Now this is a very important aspect of this mission: Defend the halls of
    warriors at ALL COSTS.  It is extremly difficult if not impossible to beat
    this one without these. This is because you can not build structures on this
    map, and if the barracks fall then there is no way to recruit more dwarves. You
    can however construct men of Dale from the Inns still, but it is very difficult
    to destroy the enemy fortress with arrows alone.
    Train many guardians from the Hall of Heroes and some Men of Dale if you'd
    like.  Train at least one destroyer ship on the southern most port and upgrade
    its armor. Take all of your guardians and upgrade them with siege hammers, 
    mithril coats, and banner carriers.  This will make them much stronger. 
    Now you are supposed to cross the "shallows" and reach the enemy base, but once
    you do this you are ambushed by tons of enemies from all directions, including
    catapults, trolls, and a wyrm. Most of your army gets wiped out and the enemy
    moves to your camp and destroys your 2 Halls of Heroes, leaving you without 
    dwarves for the rest of the level. So my strategy is to either A) Summon Tom
    Bombadil at the edge of the shallows while camping back at the base with the
    rest of the army, or B) Send a single unit to the edge of the shallows to 
    inevitably die and still camp the base with the rest of your army. Either way,
    send somebody out to provoke the hordes of enemies and draw them back to your
    camp. As they come to attack, carefully defend your Halls of Heroes using all
    units to attack the catapults(remember to use the destroyer ships for this). 
    Many of your men are bound to die, so just keep on recruiting. Once you have
    repelled the enemy invasion, you are ready to destroy the enemy fortress and
    "Drive them From this Land." 
    Make up another giant army, and be sure to upgrade all of their components.
    Use your ships to sail near the base, and get them to volley shots around
    any units or structures that they can hit.  While this is going on, conduct
    your army behind enemy lines.  It is helpful to wipe out hordes of enemies
    by using the Barrage power or by summoning Tom Bombadil. With your army, be
    sure to take out any structure that can create enemies before focusing on the
    fortress.  Even though this is the objective, it is very hard to complete
    while being constantly attacked by enemies.  Once the amount of enemies are 
    cut down, begin hacking away at the fortress.  If you are out of units, create
    more back at the camp and send them to help.  Keep a close eye on your map to
    see if your camp is being attacked by enemies, this happens on occassion. After
    your army is big enough, finish off the fortress and watch it fall to the
    ground. You win.
     /                      /     
    /  3G.) Erebor         /
    Description- This is the final stand in the conflict of the dwarves.  You must 
    fend off the upcoming dark forces, while protecting the Statue of Erebor.
    You have 15 minutes until the enemy strikes-you'd best be ready...
    To get ready your going to need A LOT of units, but more importanly, an expert
    defense. I actually got the basis for this idea from the movie LOTR: The Twin
    Towers.  At the Battle of Helms Deep, once a layer of defenses are lost, the
    soldiers move back another layer. This is the same way  I played this mission
    with 3 defensive strong holds.I have outlined a diagram and legend below to 
    illustrate this point:
                                 Castle of Dale
                        /!             E              !\
                       / !  T       T          T      ! \
                      /  !    T          T   T     T  !  \
    		 /  W!		 T                !W  \ 
                    /    !  T    T       T    T   T   !    \ 
                   /_____!_ __ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ !_____\
                   1                    W                   1                  
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1
                   1                    C                   1  
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1  
                   1                                        1                  
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1
                   1                                        1  
                               W                  W
    Legend: E= Statue of Erebor
            T= Automated attack towers and other auto defenses
            W= Wall not provided already, must build it
            C= Main center chamber of the castle
            G= Large Gate that leads from outside into center chamber
            F= Fortress
     /                         \
    /  Steps to Build Defenses  \
    Step 1) Create your fortress near the end of the river, and in between the two
    mountains surrounding it.
    Step 2) Build a wall on your tower extending to both sides of the mountain, 
    stopping any troops from getting past. 
    Step 3) Equip the wall with a postern gate, and upgrade as many wall sections
    as possible with auto defenses such as axe towers.
    Step 4) Use all remaining fortress build plots to create catapults and stronger
    auto defenses.
    Step 5) Add even more auto defenses in the empty space behind the fortress, but
    not too far away from the fortress walls.
    Step 6) Open the large gate, and enter the center chamber room. Build a wall 
    that seperates this room from the smaller room containing the statue of Erebor.
    Again, be sure to build the walls all the way to the existing walls in order
    to effectively block enemy movement.
    Step 7) Put a postern gate somewhere inside this wall, and deck out the
    remaining sections with more auto defense towers.
    Step 8) Build some structures such as barracks and forge works in this center
    room, away from the door but in front of your new walls.  You can also add
    items such as a hearth or heroic statue to aid you in your battle later.
    Step 9) Move into the smaller room behind the wall you built that contains the
    statue or Erebor. Here I placed nearly 10 axe towers all around the statue, 
    just as a last defense.
    Step 10) Build walls on the left and right openings of this room, by doing this
    you should conceal the statue room into a closed area with four walls.
    Step 11) Your structures are finished, now train units like crazy and move them
    out in front of your fortress walls outside the castle.  Train a few catapults
    and leave them in your center chamber(marked "C" on the diagram)
    =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =Continued Walkthrough =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =
    A small wave of units will appear in a few minutes, ignore them until they 
    reach your position, hold your ground, do not leave your fortress on this 
    Later another crew of enemies will come, this time with mumakil.  Wait them
    out, and once they arrive destroy them.  Build up whatever else you want to
    and wait for the 15 minutes to expire.
    If you look on the bottom of the map, a massive crew of enemies will run
    forward.  Commanding them is a Ring Wraith on horseback.  Get ready for a very
    epic battle!
    The rider will draw his units forward, once again, hold your position. The
    rider will be the first to arrive as he is faster than his goblin homies. Use
    your thousand man battallion to kill him quickly-he should have waited for his
    friends to help him ^.^ Wait out the rest of the troops, and end them as well.
    Sometime around here more enemies will come and establish a camp on the South
    region of the map.  When this happens, just ignore it.
    Before the 2nd official wave of enemies, a group of trolls, around 7, will
    enter the area and move up on your position.  They will enter through the side 
    of the mountain and begin to attack your resources.  The same type of thing 
    will happen later with various troops.  To be honest, I really did not care,
    there are more important things to worry about. As the units who come through
    the sides of the mountains near your center chamber, or Erebor room, then and 
    only then engage them.  Remember that your only goal is to protect that statue,
    so that is what you need to do.
    The second wave has more units than the first, and some Mumakil, but they
    really aren't too hard based on my experience.
    Move your army behind your fortress so they're outside, in between the giant
    gates and the front of your fortress.  As the enemy nears, they will attack
    your fortress defenses.  Just sit back and watch the show, your abundance of
    auto defenses will trigger and bombard the enemy. Sooner or later they will
    breach the fortress walls and probably destroy the fortress altogether, but
    don't worry about this.  Once they do breach, finish off the survivors using
    your ring powers(I'd recommend saving Barrage) and your giant army.
    This is the battle of all battles! The army this time consists of a fell beast
    and 15-20 trolls. Also helping them is 6 goblin catapults.
    Move all forces behind the gate, and close it tight.  Get them in a formation
    and hold your ground.
    As the trolls near the gate, they start bashing it down.  At this point, pray
    that you have the barrage power and it is charged up.  Mine charged just in the
    knick of time.  Unleash it on the Troll group, and if your lucky you'll kill a
    few.  Once the gate crumbles, order all units to charge, and hold them back in
    the front of the room if possible.  From the back, start unleashing catapults
    to the front and take out the trolls the best you can.  
    At this point, a group of Nazgul enter the mountain sides and charge the room
    with the statue of erebor. Good thing you built those walls to slow them down!
    Do the best you can with the trolls, but once the Nazgul breach your statue
    room, move all units into it to help defend.
    Now all of your axe towers will go crazy, and launch axes from all directions.
    Believe it or not, this wiped out tons of units. Use your forces to take out 
    the rest of the units in the room, and then head on down to the enemy camp.
    This part is extremely easy, but pretty fun.  Order all units to wipe out their
    camp, and in doing so you will win the mission!
    *Note* I mentioned a fellbeast was present in the 3rd wave but did not follow 
    up on it.  This is because in my game it flew up to the gate, attacked it one
    time, and then flew away completely? If anyone has different results, let me
    know and we'll try to figure out how to beat it.*
    ***Vincent1343 informed me of this information regarding the Fellbeast:
    On level 7, the defense of Erebor, i had set a wall around the entire city 
    instead of the base.  On the third wave i was attacked by two fellbeast, not
    just one.  They weren't that difficult, i just used my throwing axe groups to
    wipe them out.
    ****There is also an alternate strategy for this level:
    This strategy prevents the enemy from making camp in the first place. Walls are
    definitely a good idea but you should build them close to the south west side 
    of the map. Build up a huge army obviously but save them for killing the 
    catapults, murmakil, and other big targets. Build tons of axe towers in the 
    open area before the wall and upgrade their axes as well. Where the 7 trolls 
    attack just build a fortress and maybe one unit of guardians and a unit of axe 
    throwers. When the corsairs come from the side be sure to kill them with the 
    flaming rocks power. It should recharge pretty soon if you capture the signal 
    tower near where the 7 trolls come in. There might be a problem if some 
    murmakil come through the walls but if you have phalanxes it should be 
    prevented. A wyrm attacks during the second wave but just use the elven wood, 
    lone tower, men of dale, etc. and it eventually will die. As for the fellbeast 
    it never really bothers me because I just upgrade my men of dale with fire 
    arrows and they kill it just as it gets past the wall. Kill the Mouth of 
    Sauron and all them by completely covering the entrance with axe towers and 
    put a small force of units there just in case. For me the enemy never even got 
    close to the throne but I built about 5 towers just in case. You can stop most
    of the enemy at the wall and the rest are easy to take care of. I have never 
    seen the enemy set up camp I guess its because my axe towers kill tons of 
    people and the builders die easy.
    Strategy Suggested by Nicholas Wagner
     /                      /     
    /  3H.) Dol Guldur     / 
    Coming Soon
     /                                       /
    / 4.) Legal Stuff/Contact/Special Thanks/ 
    Copyright 2006 Alex Culler
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Feel free to contact me with any added tips on the game or my guide itself at
     Styx0006@alltel.net   Please label your subject as "BFME2 FAQ"
    Thank you to www.Gamefaqs.com who inspired me to create this guide, and for
    hosting so many helpful resources.  Also thank you EA for creating a fun Real 
    Time Strategy game with a Lord of the Rings theme.

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