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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xtravaganza_Civ

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    The Lord of the Rings
    The Battle for Middle-Earth II
    Copyright by EAGames.
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    Table of Contents.
    Legal Stuff ---------------- (LS)
    Contact -------------------- (Co)
    Table of Contents ---------- (TC)
    Walkthrough ---------------- (WAL)
    Intro on War of the Ring --- (IWR)
    The Modes ------------------ (Mo)
     War of the Ring ----------- (Mo1)
     Sole Survivor ------------- (Mo2)
     War in the North ---------- (Mo3)
     War in the South ---------- (Mo4)
     One to rule them All ------ (Mo5)
    The Factions --------------- (Fa)
     Men of the West ----------- (Fa1)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
     Elves --------------------- (Fa2)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
     Dwarves ------------------- (Fa3)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
     Mordor -------------------- (Fa4)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
     Isengard ------------------ (Fa5)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
     Goblins/Tamed Wild -------- (Fa6)
      -Descriptions, Pro's & Con's
      -Army build-up
    Strongholds of Middle-Earth  (SME)
    Create-a-Hero -------------- (CaH)
    Tactics -------------------- (Tac)
    The 'Tech Buildings' ------- (TB)
    Lairs ---------------------- (La)
     -Untamed Allegiance
     -Attack Trolls
    Good Campaign ------- GCA
    Rivendell ----------- GCR
    High Pass ----------- HPA
    Ettenmoors ---------- ETT
    Blue Mountains ------ BMO
    Grey Havens --------- GGH
    Celduin ------------- CEL
    Erebor -------------- GER
    Dol Guldur ---------- DGU
    Evil Campaign ------- ECA
    Lorién -------------- LOR
    Grey Havens --------- EGH
    The Shire ----------- TSH
    Fornost ------------- FOR
    Withered Heath ------ WIH
    Erebor -------------- EER
    Rivendell ----------- ERI
    The Good Campaign.
    Note: Do not buy Tom Bombadil. You will gain it during a Mission.
    Note 2: Be sure to save points, so you can buy Earthquake, Solarflare and
    	Flood as quickly as possible.
    You start out with Glorfindel and a battalion of swordmen. Send them east.
    Kill all enemies. Try to save as many of the swordmen that are under attack,
    so it will be easier later. Now, move to Elrond's House. You will lose control.
    As soon as you gain control, build several (2-4) swordmen and send all units to
    the western gate. A group of goblins will arrive sooner than you would like.
    When these are destroyed, build 2-4 archers and put them in the Rivendell Battle
    Towers. When the second group of enemies is destroyed, Arwen will arrive with 
    2 groups of Rivendell Lancers. Now a goblin camp will be set up in the south.
    This is easy: send all your heroes there and kill them all. Destroy everything,
    except one building. When your that far, retreat all units, and let the Eagles
    destroy the building. A Wyrm will be summoned. Kill it with your Eagles.
    High Pass.
    Quickly build mallorn trees all over the glade, using as much terrain as
    possible. Move your units north to destroy the lair. When you have the money,
    build two (2) Guard Towers on the crossing. Next, build a wall to close off your
    base. Start scouting one of the two passes. An Ice Pillar will collapse. HALT!
    When it has collapsed, move your archers to it, and kill the giant. Now retreat
    and move slowly into the other pass. When you have killed the other giant,
    rush towards Haldir and save him. Scout out all areas and destroy everything
    before you attack the main base. Be sure to have at least 3 archer battalions.
    Now, leave 3 archer battallions behind and attack one building at a time.
    Be sure to destroy everything, but beware of the blue ice. A Guardian will be
    summoned there. Kill the Guardian, and then the remaining troops to have
    Two choices:
    1) Buy Elven Forest and Lonely Tower.
    2) Do not.
    1) Use the Elven Forest on the defending Elves, then place the tower.
       Proceed with caution, killing everything on your way.
    2) Proceed with caution, killing all enemy troops on your way, then rush into
       the fight, killing the troll(s) first.
    Build a fortress, and start building guard towers for a defensive wall.
    When ready, start building Mallorn Trees like hell. Place all your archers near
    the mountain-giant-drum, and move your other troops up that hill.
    Now quickly select your archers, and wait untill they can attack the drum.
    Destroy it as quickly as possible, or otherwise 2 Mountain Giants will appear.
    When done, use all heroes below level 10 to kill lairs and building in the
    neighborhood. When done, wait for powers to recharge, and then assault the enemy
    in the North-East corner. Free the Ents (optionally) and build some if you want.
    Head south, killing everything in your way and tearing down all enemy buildings.
    Now tear down some wall and rush in. Kill everything and everyone. Tear down
    the fortress and you will have
    Blue Mountains.
    When you get control, move your heroes into the mines and elliminate all lairs.
    Build mine-shafts all the way and a fortress somewhere. Build a barracks, 
    archery range and forge works. Start building up a decent army. Rush outside in
    the north, and destroy all buildings. Get back in, and rebuild any lost units.
    Go out again, and move to the Signal Fire. Capture it if you want.
    Move into the discovered cave and eliminate all units there. Build a mineshaft
    in the cave for quick troop deployment.Scout out all areas, but watch out with
    the fire drakes. When you destroy a lair, you might get a level-up chest.
    So grab the chests with your most level-up desiring unit, mostly the hero which
    needs to fill the exp-bar the most to level up. When they are all destroyed,
    move into the fore-hall. Build a mineshaft here. Now build as many Axe-throwers
    as you can and deploy them there. Move all Guardians and Phalanxes into the
    main hall to get the dragon to attack. Retreat, and then reattack on the
    buildings and units that are there. When everything is dead/destroyed you have
    Grey Havens.
    Move your units east, joining in a fight. Use your powers to kill the troops
    destroying the Mallorn Trees. Kill everything in the base. Before capturing the
    shipyards, be sure to have a wall build at the entrance, a strong defense, the
    maximum Mallorn Trees (Watch out! Do not build on the outer points!) and ~5
    Lorién/Mirkwoord Archers. Get all building you think you need up, and research
    everything. When your done with upgrading, capture the shipyards. Follow the
    instructions, but build up to 10 Warships. Destroy the lingering Corsair Ships.
    Build 1 stormship and send it to its doom. Build 4 Bombardment Vessels.
    Send the Warships south. Destroy everything there. Summon Tom Bombadil to
    capture the shipyards and to scout & destroy the enemy in the south-eastern
    corner. SEND ALL YOUR SHIPS TOWARDS THE BEACH! When the last shipyard is taken,
    the enemy armada will arrive. Destroy as much transports as you can, and destroy
    the forces with ground troops. When the second wave is gone, Dwarves will
    arrive. Build two Dwarven Fortresses on the beach, and one in the north-west
    corner. Build axe-towers, and upgrade the fortresses with everything.
    The third assault will come around now. The two fortresses and the ships will
    take care of the armada troops. The fortress in the corner will take care of
    the enemy at that point. Use the Mighty Catapults if you want.
    This mission is tricky. It is possible to fail multiple times!
    Move your units carefully from battle to battle. Use healing powers until all
    troops are 100% healed. Then move on to the next battle. Save as many men you 
    can, retreating when you activated an assault. Capture the Inn's and Outpost's
    as you go. Also capture the shipwrights, and build some bombardment ships.
    When you arrive at the encampment, be sure to move all forces close to each
    other. Prepare by building lots of units. When the Mumakil are dead, it is
    possible that you have victory, but if there is no mine, you can destroy the
    enemy and the fortress. Move one battalion (lowest quality, lowest quantity,
    cheap to replace) to the enemy to unlock assaults. Move your army to the east
    and take out everything one by one.
    Build a fortress in Dale, fully upgrading it. When the enemy attacks, demolish
    it when it is nearly destroyed to gain some funds. Build the two side-entrances
    full of axe towers. Look for the secret gate in the eastern side. Build LOADS
    of towers there. Build a fortress just outside the gates, building a wall from
    side to side. During the mission, you should be able to buy Earthquake, or
    another Tier-4 power. Earthquake is the best to buy. Take all assaults that come
    upon you. When finally 4 builders appear, use Earthquake to kill them before
    they build any buildings. Now a nice amount of Attack Trolls will come.
    When they arrive at your base, reinforcements will arrive. Use them to kill
    the trolls. Meanwhile, move the Dwarves and Dain to the Throne Room.
    When the enemy heroes arrive, kill them as quick as you can, by any means
    Dol Guldur.
    Build a fortress. Move with Elrond and the swordsmen to the north, killing all
    lairs. Use availabe powers to destroy the enemy, then take the Signal Fire.
    Construct a few Guard Towers at the crossing. BEWARE! A Watcher can appear here!
    Build arrow towers at the bridge from Dol Guldur while doing this. 
    Move back all troops, and do the same to the southern part of the map.
    Build Dwarven fortresses so that you can build walls and still have a decent
    base. Be sure to use Dwarven Walls. Build Arrow Towers and Catapults on the
    walls. Be sure to fully upgrade all fortresses. When both armies have arrived,
    take the heroes and move into Dol Guldur from one of the crossings at the Signal
    Fires. Take down all buildings you encounter, and move to the Keep from the
    back. When your near the Keep, a Balrog will appear, so be aware of this. The
    Balrog will NOT disappear after a while. You have to kill him. Take down all
    buildings. Meanwhile, an enemy army whill arrive. Use Solar Flare, Flood,
    and so on to destroy the largest part before they can do something.
    When everything is destroyed you will have victory.
    Congratulations! You just beated the Good Campaign!
    The Evil Campaign.
    Note: Be sure to save points so you can buy the Balrog, Rain of Fire and
    	the Dragon quickly.
    Use your heroes (3 Nazgul, Mouth of Sauron) to kill all units on the east side
    of the river. When doing this, make sure you follow the instructions told.
    Build a few hordes of archers and assault the Elves on the other side. Destroy
    the two tree houses, and rebuild any lost troops. Move west, killing everything
    you encounter. Build a Tunnel on the T-intersection. Move your units in the
    sideway you encountered and kill everything there. Release the Mountain Giant.
    Now move all your troops(not the giant!) into the southwest corner and kill
    everything there. Now move northeast. Kill everything you encounter. Place your
    giants in a row near so they can destroy the Guard Towers. Now use a fast unit
    to let the enemy come to you. When everyone is dead, move in. Destroy
    everything for victory.
    Grey Haves.
    Capture the shipwrights. Move the corsairs to the northeast, killing the
    Mithlond Sentries. Take the outpost. Meanwhile you should have been building ~6
    ships. Use them to destroy the enemy ships. Build 4 more ships during this.
    When the armada comes, forsake everything. Try to save as many men as possible.
    Construct a fortress, and start constructing loads of Half-Troll Marauders.
    Upgrade them, and send wave after wave to the enemy. Use bombardment ships
    to destroy everything from the harbor, after destroying the ships there.
    4 bombardment ships will do. When you have destroyed everything you win.
    The Shire.
    Start moving south slowly, killing everything in your path. When you reach the
    Eastfarthing, build a fortress there. Construct a small base, putting defensive
    towers at the bridge and the ford. Backtrack with a fast unit to the north and
    scout until you find the treasure chests. Build a few archer hordes and send
    them south together with Gorkil. Kill the Dunedain Rangers and the Trebuches's.
    Build up an army, moving slowly through the Shire. Kill all units. When you
    reach the northwest corner, be prepared. Tom Bombadil will arrive, and several
    hobbits will attack you. When you have destroyed everything, scout out the
    Shire for enemy units. When you are sure you killed everyone, capture the
    remaining buildings (two farms and a Signal Fire). Now, start building 2 rows
    of archer towers at the southwest corner at the open section. Be sure there are
    at least 20 towers, upgraded and filled with upgraded archers. When done,
    destroy the remaining Seat of Power. Now Isengard will arrive. Focus all your
    fire on Wormtongue. When he falls, you will have victory.
    Choose to either destroy or ally with the two lairs. I prefer to destroy for
    additional cash. Start construction loads of Tunnels, and build several
    defensive towers at the postern gates the enemy uses to raid you. Now build
    an army of Marauders and Goblin Archers, upgrade them and assault the eastern
    front. Quickly rebuild your army, and assault the gate. If your lucky, you can
    destroy or at least heavily damage the Earth Hammer. Use powers to help destroy
    it. When it's destroyed, simply wait until you can summon the Wildman of
    Dunland again, and summon them at the Keep. Let them attack it. They should be
    able to destroy it before they are killed or disappear.
    Set up a base and be sure to build Lumber Mills. Move your units north so the
    Ents destroy the bridge. Build lots of archers and upgrade them. Move your
    heroes east to kill the units there. Move your archers into the water and start
    shooting Ents. Bring Shelob to the other side so you gain some Spiderlings.
    Some more will appear out of the dens. Move them all east, destroying the Lair.
    Now be carefull. Creare a large army and destroy the Ent-base. Rebuild your
    army, and move them a bit north. There will be Elves here. Build a fortress
    and a Troll Cage here. Now place 20 Troll in queue, and attack to the north.
    An outpost will be sited here. Keep on building trolls and keep reviving your
    heroes until they are dead and the outpost is destroyed. Build several Arrow
    Towers around the marked spot, then build one on the spot. Move your army along
    the north side of the map into the enemy base, and burn it to the ground.
    Now scout out and destroy all enemy units. Construct the remaining towers to
    have Victory.
    Withered Heath.
    Quickly construct a base, and start pumping out Attack Trolls. When you have
    6-8 of them, assault the nearest place with Dragons. Afterwards, move southeast
    to destroy that place. Keep building Attack Trolls, and use your heroes to.
    When you have the maximum amount of them, assault the northeastern or -western
    base. Afterwards, rebuild any lost trolls and assault the other one. You should
    have freed all the dragons now. Now move into the pass towards the dragon.
    You can choose to let the Mouth of Sauron rush through or let your heroes kill
    all the units. When you reach the Dragon, you will have victory.
    You should be able to buy a tier-4 power. Use it to destroy the builders in
    town. You must be quick for this! Then start to destroy all the buildings in the
    southeast corner of Dale. Watch out for the towers. When the buildings are
    destroyed, reinforcements will arrive. Build lots of defensive towers around
    your base, and be sure to build many of them in the southwest corner.
    Then, build attack trolls and send the heroes and most of the trolls into the
    village to destroy it completely. Keep building trolls and hold ~5 in the base.
    When Gloin arrives, take him out quickly. Then move all units towards the
    gate. Destroy the gate and either rush to the Throne and destroy it or take out
    all building one at a time.
    First, turn the camera 180 degrees. Try to select a group of units in the
    black regions you see. Move them into the field so they are useable. There you
    go! Sauron and 2 Mordor-builders! Build all buildings you want, but DON'T CROSS
    THE BRIDGES!!! Doing so means utter ruin if you're not prepared!!! Get lot's
    of resources, build loads of Attack Trolls, and build a Mordor Fortress on the
    outjutting piece of land. Build a Gorgoroth Spire and send the enemy to their
    graves. Upgrade everything that's possible, recruit as many heroes as you can,
    and then send one battalion across/on a bridge. Retreat it quickly, as now a
    giant attack-force will attack you. Be sure to have at least the Balrog and the
    Rain of Fire available to use, and have defensive towers all over the place.
    You can use your tier-4 powers to destroy the House of Elrond and the
    fortresses, or just let the enemy attack you. BEWARE! Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas,
    Gandalf, Merry and Pippin come with the Army of the Dead attacking from the
    south-east. DON'T SEND UNITS THERE UNTIL THE Army of the Dead IS GONE!!!
    When they are all killed, send in your units for the last assault in the
    campaign. BEWARE! IF SAURON IS KILLED YOU LOSE! Use your hero's powers to
    destroy everything. When the fortresses are destroyed and Elrond's House
    is burned, you win the battle and the campaign.
    Introduction on War of the Ring
    War of the Ring is a lot like Risk, but with a twist. Instead of receiving units
    based on how much territory you have, you train them in the barracks. By
    building fortresses you have the abbility to train heroes. By constructing Farms
    you gain additional Command Points, which are needed to be able to build more
    troops and heroes. Last, there is the armory. If your units can be upgraded,
    put them in a territory with an armory and they will receive all upgrades
    possible, with exception to Siege Hammers for the Dwarfs.
    There are several territories which have already a stronghold. You can build one
    additional building here. These territories are Rivendell (Elrond's House),
    Isengard (Orthanc), Helm's Deep (the Hornburg), Minas Tirith (a keep on
    the second 'floor'), Erebor (Throne of Erebor), Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul.
    More informaion can be found in chapter (SME).
    The Modes
    War of the Ring
    - Uses all territories.
    - Maximum of 6 players.
    - No set starting positions.
    - No given territories.
    Basic game really. You start out with only your Capital territory. To eliminate
    players capture the Capital. All their territories will become neutral and their
    armies will be destroyed.
    Sole Survivor
    - Uses all territories.
    - Maximum of 6 players.
    - No set starting positions.
    - No given territories.
    A harder version of War of the Ring. Everything is the same, except that you
    have to capture all the territories of a player to eliminate him from the game.
    - Uses all Northern Territories.
    - Maximum of 2 players.
    - No set starting positions.
    - No given territories.
    Same as War of the Ring. Capturing the enemy Capital wins you the game. A good
    tactic is to put the enemy on a territory that does not give Evenstar/One Ring-
    points, without any Drake or Wight lairs, and without a stronghold.
    - 3 Strongholds; Rivendell in the West, Dol Guldur and Erebor in the East.
    - 2 places to cross the mountains; Caradhras and High Pass/Rivendell.
    - Lots of territories with Wights and Drakes (free level-ups for heroes in RTS).
      - When in the final stages of the game, put all your hero armies in Rhun.
        Let the enemy take over the Iron Hills (2 Drakes) and Dagorlad (2 Drakes)
        and recapture them in RTS-mode. Continue doing so until all your heroes are
        level 10. Place fully upgraded troops in all surrounding territories so the 
        enemy can't break through.
    War in the South.
    - Uses all Southern Territories.
    - Maximum of 2 players.
    - No set starting positions.
    - No given territories.
    Same as War of the Ring. Capturing the enemy Capital wins you the game. A good
    tactic is to put the enemy on a territory that does not give Evenstar/One Ring-
    points, without any Drake or Wight lairs, and without a stronghold.
    - 4 Strongholds; Isengard, Helms Deep, Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul.
    - Gondor, Gap of Rohan, Helms Deep and Isengard are a strong defensive line if
       starting in the Western part. If East, it's Gondor, Minas Tirith,
       Dead Marshes.
    - Cair Andros is a good place to level your heroes (3 wight lairs) and Dead
      Marshes isn't bad to. (1 in the south-west, 1 in the south-east, 1 at the
      Signal Fires, 3 total).
    One to rule them All.
    - Uses all territories.
    - Maximum of 6 players.
    - No set starting positions.
    - No given territories.
    Same as Sole Survivor. Capture all territories of a player to eliminate him. To
    win the game, capture a set amount of territories.
    Additional information.
    - For fast building & upgrading of units, have 2 or 3 territories with a 
      barracks and an armory. When an unit is ready, wait one turn with moving, and
      they are upgraded instantly.
    - Always have your troops fully equiped if they battle. Exception is a territory
      that produces and upgrades units.
    - Before assaulting a capital or the last territory of a player, make sure
      you have as many troops as possible in an army. A good mix is 1 or 2
      additional heroes, with the strongest units a faction can muster.
    - Defensive territories should always have a Fortress, a farm, and at least 1 
      archer unit, 1 cavalry unit and 1 sword unit in it. All units must be fully
      upgraded for the best results.
    The Factions
    Here I will put down the desciptions, pro's & con's, info about heroes, tactics
    and maps that work fine in combination with specific troops.
    Men of the West.
    In Battle for Middle-Earth II, the factions Gondor and Rohan (from BfME-I) have
    merged to form this one faction. It is a versatile faction with VERY strong 
    units (if upgraded), which are easily even made stronger when combined with the
    heroes they have (Aragorn, Theoden, Faramir, Boromir and Eomer all have Leader-
    ship, though Eomers Leadership only counts for Cavalry). A downside to this
    faction is that they have little to no capabilities for early-game rushes.
    The Gondorian infantry and archers are all slaughtered before they can really
    make a dent in the enemies army.
    + Lots of Heroes.
    + Powerfull units, if upgraded.
    + Palantir Vision. 2 Fortresses can cover all land with Ivory Tower.
    - Weak units for early rushes.
    - Gondorian infantry and knights are really only good when upgraded.
    Note: they got lots of them, and good ones to!
    Gandalf - 5000 - 100 CP
    Level 1: Wizard Blast
    - Put this one on automatic and let the enemy army swarm together ;)
    Level 2: Lightning Sword
    - Use this one if the army is destroyed and there is a cluster of buildings.
    Level 4: Shadowfax
    - Use this only if you need him to get somewhere quickly in/out.
    Level 7: Istari Light
    - Hero Killer!
    Level 10: Word of Power
    - Allow him to be swarmed (or better, surrounded) by enemies and activate.
      Beware! It takes about 3 seconds before it is really unleashed! If he's killed
      then it won't be released!
    Aragorn - 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Athelas
    - Put it on automatic, and he will heal himself from time to time.
    Level 2: Blademaster
    - Put it on automatic and he can destroy lots of units.
    Level 4: Leadership
    - Unit support.
    Level 6: Elendil
    - Use it when he's surrounded to clear a path for escape.
    Level 10: Army of the Dead
    - When facing massive numbers, summon it and move them OVER the enemy. They 
      damage them even when attacking a building.
    Eomer - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount
    - When doing a Hero assault, unmount him for safety reasons.
    Level 1: Spear Throw
    - Hero Killer.
    Level 5: Horse Lord
    - Cavalry Support.
    Level 6: Outlaw Leader
    - Place him near any place where units are killed fast and watch the cash
      flow in.
    Eowyn - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount.
    - When doing a Hero assault, unmount her for safety reasons.
    Level 1: Smite.
    - Hero Killer. Lot's of damage on flyers.
    Level 4: Disguise.
    - Not very usefull, except against human players perhaps.
    Level 5: Shieldmaiden.
    - Put it on automatic and she gains additional armor.
    Theoden - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount.
    - When doing a Hero assault, unmount him for safety reasons.
    Level 1: Leadership.
    - Unit support.
    Level 4: King's Favor.
    - Cluster the units, then give them free exp.
    Level 5: Glorious Charge.
    - Put all your cavalry around him, activate, and rush right to the 
      enemies fortress, razing it to the ground.
    Faramir - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Toggle Weapon.
    - When doing a Hero assault let him wield a bow when attacking units.
      When attacking buildings, switch to sword.
    Level 2: Wounding arrow.
    - For fast damage on a single unit.
    Level 3: Knight/Ranger
    - Use this when you need to transport him quickly.
    Level 4: Leadership.
    - Unit support.
    Level 7: Captain of Gondor.
    - Cluster units together, and then give them free experience.
    Boromir - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 3: Horn of Gondor
    - Use it to stun enemies. Put it on automatic.
    Level 4: Leadership.
    - Unit support.
    Level 7: Captain of Gondor.
    - Pack the units closely together, then use it.
    Army build-up.
    Aragorn's Army: 
    -Put Gandalf in here, and fill it up with Ithilien Rangers.
    -Create-a-Hero can be placed here instead of a Ranger.
    Boromir's Army:
    -Put Faramir in here.
    -Fill up with Ithilien Rangers.
    Theoden's Army:
    -Put Eomer and Eowyn in here.
    -Fill up with Rohirrim.
    The faction of Elves has very few units and heroes. However, the Mirkwood
    Archers are so strong, if used in combination with Summon-powers and heroes,
    winning is easy. All infantry has the ability to cloak in forests, the Mirkwood
    Archers even have the ability to cloak in open field using their capes.
    The powers of the heroes make the Elves a powerfull faction in late-game
    assaults. With Elrond's Restoration, powers can be used twice. Because of this,
    complete enemy armies can be decimated, if not destroyed by Elrond and Arwen
    alone. In combination with Legolas' Arrow Wind, the enemy has no chance.
    + Elrond's Restoration power!
    + Legolas' Arrow wind.
    + Cloacking of most units.
    + Ability to move almost unseen right to the enemies front door.
    + Hero that upgrades Siege Units (Treebeard has Ent Leadership) 
    - Few units.
    - Can easily be defeated by a determined enemy.
    Elrond - 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Farsight.
    - Use it to scout out the enemy.
    Level 1: Athelas.
    - Set on automatic.
    Level 3: Leaderhip
    - Unit support.
    Level 7: Restoration.
    - Heals up to 50% of all units in target range, sets heroes powers on ready.
    Level 10: Tornado.
    - Summon this tornado to destroy buildings or kill units extremely fast.
    Arwen - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount.
    - Mount here if you need to transport her quickly.
    Level 4: Flood.
    - Destroy a battalion of units with this one.
    Level 8: Athelas.
    - Put this on automatic.
    Glorfindel - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount
    - Mount him when you need to transport him quickly.
    Level 3: Blade of Purity
    - Set it on automatic for extra damage.
    Level 6: Wind Rider
    - When you want to trample the enemy, mount him and activate it.
    Level 10: Starlight
    - Super-support for units.
    Haldir - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Toggle Weapon
    - Switch between Sword and Bow & Arrow
    Level 4: Leadership
    - Unit support.
    Level 9: Golden Arrow
    - Place it on automatic for massive damage on one unit.
    Thranduil - 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Stealth
    - He shoots while stealthed. Passive ability.
    Level 3: Dead Eye
    - Set it on automatic to do extra damage.
    Level 4: Wood Walker
    Level 7: Move Unseen
    - If you want to get some heroes into a base unseen.
    Level 10: Thorn of Vengeance
    - Hero killer.
    Legolas - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Eagle Eye
    - Set on automatic.
    Level 3: Train archers
    - Free experience for archers.
    Level 6: Knive attack
    - Fast, powerfull melee attacks for a while.
    Level 10: Arrow Wind
    - Use it to weaken the enemy's army heavily.
    Army build-up.
    Elrond's Army:
    - Arwen goes in here.
    - Fill up with Mirkwood Archers
    Thranduils Army:
    - Legolas goes in here.
    - Fill up with Mirkwood Archers
    Glorfindel Army:
    - Haldir goes in here.
    - Fill up with Mirkwood Archers
    The Dwarves are a slow, tough faction. They can't rush in any way, but when
    they are in the enemy base, they are hard to remove. With many possible
    upgrades for the walls, they can easily defend their fortress and base.
    Combining tough units with special catapults, and the possibility to place a
    mine-shaft near or even IN the enemy base, they can easily place more and more
    units within the heat of the battle. This, combined with powers that can
    destroy a base within short times, they are tough to kill if given the time to
    + Destructive powers for base elimination
    + Hard-to-kill units
    + Very strong catapults
    - Takes a long time to mount an offense
    - Takes a long time to rally a good defense
    - Rather expensive to upgrade
    - Only 3 heroes.
    King Dain - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Leadership
    - Make the Dwarves even tougher!
    Level 3: Mighty Rage
    Level 7: Stubborn Pride
    - Your units gain resistance to fear.
    Level 10: Summon Royal Guard
    - Use it to summon 1 Guardian, Axe-thrower and Phalanx troop, fully upgraded.
    Gloin - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Slam
    - Set this one on automatic and send them flying.
    Level 4: Shake Foundation
    - Set automatic and let him attack a building alone.
    Level 10: Earthshaker
    - Use it to wipe out and damage lots of enemies.
    Gimli - 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Axe Throw
    - Set it on automatic.
    Level 3: Leap
    - Use it on fresh troops or troops that are packed upon eachother.
    Level 5: Slayer
    - Set it on automatic or activate manually. He will tear through the enemy.
    Army build-up.
    King Dain's/Gloin's/Gimli's army:
    - 2 Guardians, 2 Axe Throwers and 2 Phalanxes.
    A faction of corrupted life and Men. Most units are relatively weak for their
    cost, but some are exceptionally strong when they can fight. It's one of the
    worst factions out there, especially in early gametime. In late gametime, you
    will have the Witch-King wich can slaughter enemies both on foot and mounted.
    The Attack Trolls can massacre in the enemy base, after the Witch-king killed
    most of the units.
    + Witch-king (units and buildings are massacred by him)
    + Attack Trolls (same as Witch-King)
    + Balrog, Rain of Fire.
    - Takes a long time to become strong.
    - Only a few strong units.
    - Hard to mount a defense.
    Witch-king - 5000 - 100 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount
    - Unmount him when archers come near. Then let him massacre the enemy.
    Level 3: Dread Vision
    - Enemy becomes weak.
    Level 6: Scream
    - Let the enemy flee in terror.
    Level 10: Hour of the Witch-King
    - Reset an enemy hero's powers to 'just used'.
    Fellbeast (2x) 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Scream
    - Let the enemy flee in terror.
    Mouth of Sauron - 2000 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount
    - Only unmount when attacking the remaining pikemen you left behind.
    Level 3: Evil Eye
    - Damage one unit badly.
    Level 6: Doubt
    - Activate to weaken the enemies armor and damage.
    Level 10: Dissent
    - Enemy troops attack each other. Use it to weaken their defenses.
    Nazgul (3x) - 2000 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Mount/Unmount
    - You shouldn't unmount them unless there are only some pikemen in the way.
    Level 2: Dread Vision
    - The enemy becomes weak. Nice!
    Level 6: Morgul Blade
    - Damage a hero or unit badly and changes him into a wraith for ~2 minutes.
    Level 10: Scream
    - Let the enemy flee in terror, and then run them over.
    Army build-up:
    Witch-king & Fellbeast's Armies:
    - Only main hero.
    - Fill up with Attack Trolls
    - The other heroes can take up a supporting roll in garrison armies.
    The Uruk-Hai are the toughest troops in the game. When combined with heroes
    they are unstopable. Sharku with Warg Riders means death to all units and
    buildings (except pikemen). Saruman (maybe Wormtongue) with Uruk-hai is strong,
    Lurtz with Uruk Crossbowmen is powerfull. And when upgraded, really unstoppable
    due to an incredible armor and very powerfull attacks. Though their powers are
    mainly focused on production and scouting, they do have the fire-breathing
    Dragon to destroy a fortress at the liking. And when using mines, the enemy can
    say bye-bye to his base, whether it's a stronghold or not.
    + VERY strong units
    + MINES!
    + Easy scouting and production (especially in forest levels)
    I can't really think of one...
    If you, the reader, have one, please submit them (see 'Contact Me' for details)
    Saruman - 3000 - 80 CP
    Level 1: Wizard Blast
    - Put it on automatic and let him blast the enemy into oblivion.
    Level 2: Fireball
    - A lot like Wizard Blast, but don't set it on automatic. Keep out of the fire!
    Level 5: Speech Craft
    - Free experience!
    Level 8: Wormtongue
    - Use it on great crowds of enemies for maximum effect.
    Level 10: Lightning Strike
    - An attack you should use to damage medium to heavy armored buildings.
    Lurtz - 1100 - 40 CP
    Level 1: Switch Weapons
    - Switch from bow & arrow to sword and reversed.
    Level 2: Carnage
    - Heavy damage, multi-killing in a certain radius.
    Level 4: Cripple
    - Pin an enemy hero on one place and shoot him till he's dead.
    Level 5: Leadership
    - Unit support.
    Level 6: Pillage
    - Dead enemy = resources.
    Sharku - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 2: Tame the beast!
    - Take some warges into control and send them as decoys in front of you.
    Level 4: Blood Hunt
    - Warg Rider Support.
    Level 8: Man Eater
    - Put it on automatic, and he heals automaticaly by killing a unit.
    Wormtongue - 2000 - 60 CP
    Level 1: Crooked Words?
    - Lowers enemies armor and damage.
    Level 3: Escape
    - Use it when the enemy is near killing him, but you will kill the enemy fast.
      He still gets experience.
    Level 6: Backstab
    - Heavy damage an enemy and poison him.
    Level 10: Corode Alliance
    - Take over and enemy hero!
    Army build-up.
    - Wormtongue goes in here.
    - Fill up with Uruk-hai Swordsmen
    - Fill it with Uruk Crossbowmen
    - Fill it with Warg Riders
    Goblins/Tamed Wild.
    The worst faction of them all. Although they have the ability to quickly deploy
    troops into battle, the troops are so weak the will be dead at arrival. And
    with weak heroes, they can't do a lot of things good. But with the possibility
    to summon Fire Drakes from the fortresses, and with the Balrog at their side,
    they can become strong enough to win with. And with a Dragon-hero at their side,
    they cannot be easily destroyed in the later game. Also, many units can poison
    the enemy, so even after battle they take damage.
    + Balrog
    + Dragon's to summon
    + Cheap units
    + VERY nice level-10 hero powers.
    - Weak units
    - Takes a long time to get strong
    Gorkil the Goblin-King - ???
    Level 2: Skull totem
    - Place it on sites where your units come together.
    Level 3: Mount/Unmount
    - Always mount him when he's out there!
    Level 4: Leadership
    - Mount him, and place spider riders all around him.
    Level 6: Poison Sting
    - Set it on automatic. Can only be used mounted.
    Level 10: Call from the Deep
    - 3 Fire Drakes! Wreak destruction among the enemy!
    Level 3: Fear
    - Let the enemy flee and then trample them!
    Level 6: Poisonous Sting
    - Do some decent damage and poison one enemy.
    Level 10: Tunnel
    - Dig a tunnel right into the enemies base and attack from the inside out.
    Drogoth the Dragon-lord - 5000 - 100 CP
    Level 1: Fireball
    - A homing fireball that takes out most of an enemy battalion.
    Level 3: Wing Blast
    - Take the clustered archers out!
    Level 6: Fire Flight
    - Massive damage!
    Level 10: Incinerate
    - Burn, baby, burn!!!
    Army build-up:
    - Spider Riders.
    - Spider Riders.
    - Spider Riders.
    - Other units strong against archers.
    Strongholds of Middle Earth.
    In Middle-Earth, there are 7 strongholds that played an importany role in the 
    tale of the One Ring. These Strongholds are Rivendell, which holds the House of
    Elrond, also called The Last Homely House; Isengard, the ring of stone in Nan
    Curunir (Wizard's Vale) where is the tower of Orthanc; Erebor, also called
    the Lonely Mountain, containing a large Dwarven City; Dol Guldur, where Sauron
    lingered in the years before his return to Mordor; Helm's Deep, the great
    fortress of Rohan; Minas Tirith, the White City; Minas Morgul, the Dead City.
    Rivendell is one of the last strongholds of the Noldor, the Half-elven.
    It is hidden in a vale across the Fords of Bruinen, and is protectec by steep
    mountainsides on one side and a river with a single bridge over it. This place
    has never been defiled by evil, and no-one has ever uttered the words of Sauron
    here, except Gandalf during the Council of Elrond concerning the Fate of the
    One Ring.
    (in the movie, he utters the Black Speech when Boromir is about to grasp the
      Ring, in the book he utters them when talking about the Test of Fire in 
      Bag End)
    Isengard is the great ring of stone in the Wizard's Vale, and houses Orthanc.
    Orthanc itself houses one of the 7 Palantirs, heirlooms of old Gondor and Arnor.
    The ring of stone itself is utterly destroyed during the Last March of Ents 
    during the War of the Ring. Orthanc was made by the Numenoreans when they where
    in their height of their power and cunning. It is indestructable by any force
    available in Middle-Earth.
    Erebor is the Lonely Mountain that lies in the lands between Mirkwood, Dagorlad,
    the Eastern Lands and the Withered Heath. It is home to the dwarves.
    Deep beneath it is the burial chamber of Thorin Oakenshield. Upon the grave of
    Thorin lies Orchrist, the counterpart of Glamdring. It is said that as long
    as the sword lies there, the Mountain cannot be taken by force.
    Dol Guldur is the fortress of Sauron in Mirkwood. Here, Thror, father of Thorin
    was held captive, and Gandalf went here to investigate who or what the 
    Necromancer was. Sauron retreated to Mordor when the White Council drove him
    out of the fortress, letting it seem as a retreat. It was utterly destroyed at
    the end of the War of the Ring by Galadriel, using the Ring of Power she had in
    her caring.
    Helm's Deep is the great fortress of Rohan. Here, Helm Hammerhand lies burried,
    because he died when the Wold was overrun. It is said that it could not be
    captured as long as men defended it. During the War of the Ring, the army of
    Saruman almost managed to do so.
    Minas Tirith (City of Guard) is one of the two fortress-city's that guarded 
    the Capital-city of Osgiliath. When the city of Minas Ithil was captured by the
    Nazgul, and was called Minas Morgul, Minas Anor became Minas Tirith. It was
    besieged during the War of the Ring, and outside the walls, on the Pelennor
    Fields, the decisive battle between Good and Evil was fought.
    Minas Morgul (City of the Dead) was captured by the Nazgul in the period between
    the Last Alliance and the end of the Third Age. It was to be razed to the ground
    and purified before it would be inhabited by men again. Frodo and Sam went past
    the city on their way to Mordor, being almost captured due to the One Ring's
    desire to return to Sauron.
    Tier 1: You should use those in every hero.
    Tier 2: You should pick these for power.
    Tier 3: If you need filling up.
    Tier 4: If you're desperate.
    Men of the West.
    Tier 1: Blademaster, Athelas.
    Tier 2: Spear Throw, Shield Crush, Invulnerability.
    Tier 3: Leadership, Train Allies.
    Tier 4: The remainder.
    Tier 1: Tornado, Arrow Volley. 
    Tier 2: Archer Specialization.
    Tier 3: Self-heal, Summon Familiar.
    Tier 4: The remainder.
    Tier 1: Axe Throw, Leap, Earthshaker, Bombard.
    Tier 2/3/4: The remainder.
    Servant of Sauron.
    Tier 1: Firebomb, Berserker Rage, Train Allies.
    Tier 2: Leadership.
    Tier 3/4: Anything else.
    Corrupted Men.
    Tier 1: Poison Attack, Stealth.
    Tier 2: Steal resources.
    Tier 3: Scale walls.
    Tier 4: Anything else.
    Tier 1: Word of Power, Wizard Blast, Lightblast.
    Tier 2: Teleportation spells.
    Tier 3: Conversion spells.
    Tier 4: Remainder.
    Required: Level 2 Teleport, Level 1 Fireball, Blink.
    How to use: Teleport the mines into the enemy base, and blink the hero in to.
    		Use Fireball to detonate the mines and send the enemy flying.
    Cost: Your Create-a-Hero, Mines.
    Gain: Enemy base is crippled.
    Succes rate: Very high.
    Rating: 4/5
    Resource Rush.
    Required: Steal Resources, Pillage, Poison Attack, Stealth movement.
    How to use: Move your CaH into range so he can steal resources. Move him back
    		So the enemy comes towards you. Then use the Poison Attack
    		to heavy damage a hero or kill enemy units.
    Cost: You might lose your CaH in the progress.
    Gain: Resources.
    Succes rate: low.
    Rating: 2/5
    Heroic Attack.
    The 'Tech Buildings'
    Signal Fire
    - Capturing this building lowers the recharge time of the Evenstar/One Ring
    	powers. The more the merrier!
    - Capturing this building gives resources, just like other resource-gatherers,
    	except there is no land used.
    - Capturing this grants access to special units. Men of the West gains Elven
    	warriors (Sword- and Bowmen), Elves gain Peasants (weak and useless),
    	Dwarves gain Men of Dale (useless really), Mordor gains Haradrim Archers
    	(fun if you want a Haradrim/Easterling Army), Isengard gains Wildmen of
    	Dunland (pillage!) and Goblins/Tamed Wild gain ???.
    Shipwright (only at shores)
    - Capturing these grants access to ships.
    The Lairs.
    Goblin Lair.
    The goblin lair is usually occupied by 4 goblin swordmen and 4 goblin archers.
    When destroyed, it will give 2 treasure chests.
    Cave Troll Lair.
    The troll lair is usually occupied by 1 Cave Troll. When it is destroyed,
    4 treasure chests will appear.
    Warg Lair.
    Usually occupied by 2 Wargs. When destroyed, 3 treasure chests will appear.
    Spiderling Lair
    Usually occupied by 8 Spiders, though sometimes you only see 2 patrolling.
    When destroyed, 3 treasure chests will appear
    Barrow-wight Lair.
    Occupied by 1 barrow-wight. WARNING! Barrow-Wights heal when they damage a unit!
    Only use strong units to kill the Wight!
    When destroyed, it gives 1 treasure chest and 1 level-up chest.
    Fire Drake Lair.
    Occupied by 1 Fire Drake. WARNING! Fire Drakes attack with a fire-attack, doing
    massive amounts of damage to units. Killing a Fire Drake can cost you a 
    batallion of soldiers easily.
    When destroyed, it gives 1 treasure chest and 1 level-up chest.
    - Untamed Allegiance.
    Untamed Allegiance is an Evil Tier-2 Power availabe to Mordor and the Goblins.
    When used on a lair, it grants you the possibility to build additional units.
    The Goblins can build Wargs and Barrow-wights, while Mordor can build all 6 
    - Attack Trolls
    Attack trolls (Mordor Troll Cage lvl 3) have the possibility to dominate other
    trolls. When used, it grants the possibility to temporarily use the troll
    just like your own units.
    - Sharku
    Sharku has the possibility to dominate Wargs and Warg Riders when level 2 or
    higher. This works about the same as Attack Trolls.

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