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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lime_Lyfe

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                     Lord Of The Rings - Battle For Middle Earth II
                         Lime Lyfe       -       Version 1.00   
                      |       LOTR - BFME II Walkthrough       |
                      |           Author: Lime_Lyfe            |
                      |             Version: 1.00              |
                      |        Last Revision: 24/07/07         |
                      |           Platform: Xbox 360           |
    |                            = Table of Contents =                           |
     - Introduction........................................................[in*]
     - Hints & Tips........................................................[ht*]
     - Good Walkthrough....................................................[gw*]
         - Rivendell.......................................................[gw1]
         - High Pass.......................................................[gw2]
         - Ettenmoors......................................................[gw3]
         - Blue Mountains..................................................[gw4]
         - Grey Havens.....................................................[gw5]
         - Celduin.........................................................[gw6]
         - Erebor..........................................................[gw7]
         - Dol Galdur......................................................[gw8]
     - Evil Walkthrough....................................................[ew*]
         - Lorién..........................................................[ew1]
         - Grey Havens.....................................................[ew2]
         - Shire...........................................................[ew3]
         - Grey Havens.....................................................[ew4]
         - Fornost.........................................................[ew5]
         - Withered Heath..................................................[ew6]
         - Erebor..........................................................[ew7]
         - Rivendell.......................................................[ew8]
     - Achievement List....................................................[al*]
     - Version History.....................................................[rh*]
     - Contact/Legal Info..................................................[ds*]
    | [in*] |                       = Introduction =                             |
    I've had the pleasure of playing this game for about 1 week now. Im certainly
    getting into it now, the controls are nice and simple to use, the battles can
    be utterly fantastic and best of all its lord of the rings :p. using your
    heroes and powers to help you win battles. i've managed to complete the whole
    of the good campaign and the whole of the evil campaign with all sub
    objectives. The game has its easy and its hard levels but its truly a
    brilliant RTS game.
    This Guide will contain:
     - Achievements
     - Full level walkthroughs
    | [ht*] |                       = Hints & Tips =                             |
     - Before you go into the fight make sure you have a good camp set up. A good
    defence and fortress ensure that when an army is defeated your camp can defend
    itself and rebuild an army.
    - Try to get the most out of your rescources, capture inns and taverns, build
    lots of rescource making buildings as it will certainly come in handy later
    incase the opposing team kills your whole army.
    - Research battalion upgrades straight away to give your men a better
    advantage against the enemy.
    - always play the game defensively before you advance make sure you have
    enough men gaurding the base and an equal amount attacking the opposition.
    - always save hero points until you unlock flood, earthquake, solar flare
    (good) dragon strike, summon dragon, rain of fire, summon balrog (evil)
    - diffirent units have diffirent capabilities use diffirent units to there 
    - use all your powers you have to your advantage, arrow volley is good against
    units of men wheras rain of fire is good against structures.
    - always build up as you move along, tunnels will get you around faster and
    defence towers will stop any enimies from attacking your main base
    - Heroes have special abilities to select your hero and press the right
    trigger to acccess ther there powers.
    | [gw*] |                      = Good walkthrough =                          |
    On to the walkthrough, there are 8 battles in total, alowing you to play as
    dwarves and elves. From the levels celduin onwards your going to have to use
    more of your powers and more units as the battles aint gonna be easy. although
    the good campaign isn't a hard campaign but it will take a lot of time. powers
    will be of great use, especially to take out strong isengard and mordor
    structures when you are low on rescources and men. so here we go battles
    through 1 & 8
           ______ __                                           
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                   Rivendell                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw1]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    You will start the battle with a battalion of elves and the hero glorfindell.
    start to follow the path through the woods and kill all the goblins you see on
    your way. once you reach the large bridge to rivendell help your fellow allies
    in killing all the goblins. After they are all dead take glorfindell and your
    troops to the gate of rivendell. Make your way through and meet elrond and
    other heroes. you now have access to elven barracks, start to make some
    archers and swordsmen to defend rivendell. Get ready as there will be an 
    attack on rivendell, including a few goblin soldiers aswell as a mountain 
    giant. there are not too many so they should be killed quite easily. After
    this arwen and some lancers will come from the path you were fighting on. Head
    back through the rivendell gate and back near the beggining of the level
    following the same path.
    You are now going to have to destroy a goblin camp. There are a lot of goblin
    lumber mills and caves scattered around all near to the path. They should be
    no problem as you will have a lot of units at your command, and you may have 
    taken some heroes. Once all the buildings have been destroyed a giant wyrm 
    will appear. Now is the time to back out your troops and use the giant eagles
    to kill it, you could possibly attempt using all your troops to kill it as you
    will not be using them again.
    If you completed all sub objectives and bought your first power you will have
    unlocked these:
                   [*Achievement Unlocked: Defend Rivendel- 5G*]
                    [*Achievement Unlocked: Istari Power - 5G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                   High Pass                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw2]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    First off you are going to have to build a fortress, build yourself some 
    barracks and enough malorn trees so you have a nice steady flow of supplies.
    Build yourself a nice army including rangers and swordsmen, and possibly some
    cavelry. after you think your army is big enough take them north out of your
    base. Follow the path killing the goblins on your way until you reach an ice 
    block, kill the giant and head back the way you came until you find a separate
    route. Kill all the enemy units as you follow the path, you will soon see that
    haldir is in trouble. send your units to aid him. Once the enemy are dead you
    will have haldir under your control.
    Now you have to take your units to destroy the enemy base. which really isn't
    that big. Dont worry if you have low troops, you should have plenty of 
    rescources backed up. Take all your troops and haldir to the goblin base.
    When your there you will see some sentry towers and goblin caves. Destroy them
    all. Whilst moving up you will see more structures, start to attack them
    aswell. Last time i played this level i was attacked by a watcher, but the
    second time i didn't. So be weary. Once the Last Building is destroyed you 
    will win the battle.
                 [*achievement Unlocked: Clear The High Pass - 5G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                  Ettenmoors                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw3]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    you will be playing as haldir and glorfindell and a small battalion of elves,
    first off you have got too go help some elves near the waterside. Once all
    enimies are dead, capture the tavern and take all troops to the giant drum
    upon the hillside. You have got to destroy the drum quickly or be prepared for
    2 mountain giants. Upon this hill is where is where i set up camp. build
    barracks, green pasture, and some defence towers all whilst keeping your
    builders safe. build a slightly large army and take them up the trail that
    is/was on fire. Near the top is an ent moot usually under attack by 
    spiderlings. Kill the spiderlings and reclaim the ent moot. Ents are very good 
    at taking down structures so it is your choice upon building them. The Goblin
    kings fortress is very near to the ent moot so take your troops to the giant
    wall that surrounds it. The wall shall be destroyed very quickly with an ent.
    Now that you are in the fortress, desroy the most important structures first
    such as the goblin caves, fissures and spider lairs. this will play quite well
    if your troops should die. Destroy other building surrounding the fortress
    then attack the fortress itself. Once the fortress is destroyed. Battle won!
               [*Achievement Unlocked: Cleanse The ettenmoors - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                 Blue Mountains                 |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw4]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    Start to move all your units into the cave destroying spider lairs as you go 
    along. when you reach the exit use your builders to build a fortress, forge 
    works, hall of warriors, archery range and a lot of defence towers as the
    spider riders are very powerful. Once a fairly large army is built move out of
    the caves into the open area. Theres a signal fire and a small goblin camp 
    take your men destroy the camp and take the signal fire (which will decrease
    the time it takes for your powers to regenertate). You will have come to a 
    large gate, use demolishers and your army to destroy it.
    Now that your in the caves you should use builders to make some tunnels 
    allowing you to get there faster. 
    A sub objective is to destroy the fire drake lairs.Fire drakes are strong and 
    it would be wise to use your men to destroy the as they could become quite a 
    pain later.
    Once you think you are ready take your units depper into the cave. The dragon
    is in quite a large room (even though you will sometimes see him fly over.)
    Destroy the two gates blocking your way. Now the esiest thing to do before 
    attacking the dragon is taking out both spider lairs. a battalion or spider
    riders can take out 3 battalions of axe throwers easily.
    When your ready use axe throwers against the dragon. The dragon is quite hard
    and you may need a lot of axe throwers. As long as you have a tunnel placed 
    near to the dragon (Note too near!) you can keep troops attacking the dragon
    before it regains health. Once the dragon is dead, congratulations you won!
            [*Achievement Unlocked: Recalim The Blue Mountains - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                  Grey Havens                   |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw5]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    take your units into the city and defend the fortress and shiprights. capture 
    the shiprights and make 3 - 5 elven battle ships. It would be wise to fully 
    upgrade them. 
    Build up some defence, and have some troops on standby waiting at the docks.
    Build plenty of defence towers, some barracks, and protect them well.
    Some waves of ships are coming to attack your base. Once your ships are ready 
    sail them out and destroy them. The black ships should be no match for you and
    with the new upgrades they will over time regenarte there health so before the 
    next wave they should be ready. i beat all of the waves with just 3 ships. 
    Thats how easy it can be when there fully upgraded.
    Build some storm ships and elven transports and sail to there base. the 
    transports are easily damaged so unload your men quickly before they are 
    destroyed by the enemy. The battle at there base is noithing more than a few
    battalions of men. Take the shiprights as fast as you can because they will 
    still create new enemy ships.
    Once the shiprights are taken build up a Large army (at your origianl base)
    and move them to the west side of your city, near the path where your barracks 
    Also build a few more ships to aid the war at sea. Build storm ships if 
    necessary (they will take out your units if your not careful)
    All the enimies fleet will attack from the south. They have black ships, 
    transports and some bombardment ships. The more transports that make it to the
    beach the more men you will have to face on land. So try to take the 
    transports out first. Once transports reach land (atleast a few will) the
    dwarves will turn up. They will be quite useful.
    There are 3 waves altogether and they arent that hard. 5 elven battle ships 
    will easily get rid of most transports. bombardent ships will be a pain in 
    the ass when your in a battle and not moving much.
    After the waves are defeated you will be victorious.
             [*Achievement Unlocked: Secure The Grey havens - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                    Celduin                     |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw6]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+ 
    Your objective now is to move all the dwarves through the docks of celduin.Try 
    to take all inns and taverns on the way there. there will be quite a lot of 
    units on your way there and occasionaly a fellbeast. when you reach the last 
    part of the docks, take the shiprights and recruit more men from your 
    build more gaurdians than axe throwers but still have about 3 battalions of 
    axe throwers. remember leave some battalions back near your base  just to
    protect it, crossing the shallows isn't easy. research the best upgrades,
    including seige hammers. More the reason to have more gaurdians. Once you 
    think your ready start to move your units out into the shallows.
    This isn't going to be easy. the most annoying thing out here will be the 
    catapults.concentrate your men on them. this should make your fights a lot 
    easier. If your units are killed quickly make a new army before your 
    attackers reach your base. eventually a wyrm will appear this will be a pain
    aswell. once the shallows are clear of enemies retreat back to your base.
    Start to recruit more men and upgrade them with seige hammers. make some 
    destroyers and rangers, along with plenty of gaurdians. make your way across 
    the shallows to the enemy fortress. before you attack the fortress attack the 
    catapult extensions. then attack the fortress itself. it would be wise to 
    destroy buildings aswell as other attackers.
    Its almost impossible to stop your forces from dying but its ok. make a new 
    army, upgrade, and send them back the fortress and other buildings should be 
    no problem as they should be weak from your previous attack.
    Once the fortress falls you will be victorious.
                   [*Achievement Unlocked: Rescue Celduin - 15G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                     Erebor                     |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw7]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    Erebor is one of my faviorate levels, but in my opinion also one of the 
    hardest. you will be given 15 minutes to build up the defences for erebor.
    the thing to remember here is there are multiple entrances to erebors castle 
    of dale. so your dwarves and defences are critical to succeding.
    steps to building up defence:
    1) build a fortress within the castle and recruit plenty of builders
    2) build up defense towers around the throne of erebor and upgrade them with 
       forged blades
    3) Purchase upgrades and build a wall around the throne of erebor room.
    4) Buy enough units fully upgraded and some catapults.
    5) station diffirent units to diffirent entrances
    6) wall off your Barracks, sige works and archers range but leave a seperate 
       enterance so men can get out.
    7) upgrade the fortress, build catapults and arrow towers, try to fully 
       upgrade them
    8) if low on rescources, build some more mineshafts.
    9) start to move catapults and men outside 
    10) prepare for the first wave.
    Make sure your men are just outside the gate.
    The first wave is quite big. the first thing that you will see, drawing near 
    you is a ring wraith. it will reach the gates first, use your men to kill it. 
    It will be very easy with the amount of men you have. the goblins and other 
    units will eventually reach you they are no big threat to the amount of men 
    you have under your command. there are quite a lot of them and if your not 
    prepared they can easily get into the fortress. Once they are dead a few 
    trolls around 5 - 10 will start to make there way in through the other 
    enterances. These arent the attack trolls and arent really that hard, but in 
    such a large group they pose a threat to walls and buildings so be sure to 
    take them out as quickly as you can.
    On the second wave you will realise more goblins are building a small camp.
    there is no reason to destroy this until the end as the waves will have 
    nothing to do with this fortress. Now would be the best time to replace the 
    men you lost and keep them stationed outside. this wave will be a lot harder, 
    including some more goblins and some added mumakil. same again wait until they
    reach the gates and just let your men deal with them undoubtedly you will lose 
    lots of men but there is no way you can stop that. kepp the defence going and 
    finish off the remaining men there may be some sneaking  in through the other 
    enterances so keep an eye on your mines and other structures.
    the third and final wave is the biggest of all waves and has the most attack 
    power. there are goblin catapults, and about 15! attack trolls. Now start 
    buying some useful powers. Replace all men you have lost and upgrade them. now 
    the trolls will attack the front gate along with the catapults. Use your men 
    and attack the trolls, use your powers if necessary. the trolls are going to 
    give you a hard time there not ordianary ones they are attack trolls with 
    bigger weapons and stronger armour. they will take out well over half your 
    troops if you dont use your powers. the catapults will be a pain aswell. this 
    is the time when some may get through. as your troops may just all die not 
    being able to handleall the trolls, if this happens your going to have to rely 
    on your walls and defense towers. The defense towers should easily finish off 
    the remeinders, if not your troops. After this first part of the battle more 
    trolls will come in through the side enterances. this is the part where you 
    could easily lose, because after the attack at the main gate you wont have a 
    lot of troops. make sure to make a lot of reinforcements. recruit as many 
    people as you can. Once the trolls come in use your heroes and soldiers to 
    deal with them heroes can handle them rather well so use the to your maximum 
    ability. Once this threat has been dealt with there is one last thing to do.
    Gather up your remaining forces and take them to the small camp i talked 
    about. there will be a large fortress and plenty of buildings. this should be 
    no problem apart from the flaming catapults use all of your men and take the 
    fortress to the ground. after this just clear up the surrounding buildings.
    Congratulations Victroy!
                [*Achievement Unlocked: Defend Erebor - 20G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Good Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                   Dol Guldur                   |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [gw8]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    The final battle and could easily be one of the hardest. Start to build up a 
    well protected base. build up plenty of battle towers, some malorn trees, 
    barracks, green pasture, eregons forge. start to research upgrades, and make 
    plenty of troops. Send them out to the south west to capture the first signal 
    fire, destroying the spider layers as you go. There will be small bases 
    protecting the signal fires. Destroy them and capture the flame. Mirkwood 
    elves, or dwarves will come to your aid. While your waiting head to the 
    northeast corner of the map. destroying the spider layers again. and take the 
    signal fire there for more reinforcements.
    Now is the time to prepare for the assault on the castle, strengthen up the
    defense on your fortress , and wall off your whole base. Get Mirkwood archers, 
    and the dwarves together and take them to the bridge.  
    Now would be the best time to spend all of your hero points you wont be 
    needing them again. get the best possible powers you can. Buy the best 
    upgrades for your troops so make sure you have researched them.
    take your troops all the way into the bese destroy the gates, and use your 
    archers to get rid of catapults. Be prepared for one hell of a fight this will 
    be incredibly hard and if your not carefull everone will die. but dont worry 
    as long as you have your barracks ready. Try to take out the prison first when 
    up here a balrog will apear. he is easy to kill, with the amount of troops, 
    there is usually a fellbeast aswell. destroy the castle. Now move behind the 
    castle, and destroy the prison. now is a good time to use all your powers on 
    destroying seperate buildings.
    Once the building have all been destroyed you win congratulations! thats the 
    whole of the good campaign complete
              [*Achievement Unlocked: Captains of the West - 25G*]
               [*Achievement Unlocked: Assault Dol Guldur - 30G*]
    If you did this campaign with out one hero dying you will unlock this prized 
           [*Achievement Unlocked: Servent of The Secret Fire - 80G*]
    | [ew*] |                       = Evil walkthrough =                         |
    Time to Start the evil campaign. In my opinion some of the battles are more 
    harder on this. even from the starting level. remember save your hero points 
    and upgrade your units, well here it is the second walkthrough for the evil 
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                     Lorién                     |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew1]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    The first level lorien is the level that can give you a challenge. take your 
    heroes and kill the elves. build some units. Some goblin archers and some 
    goblin swordsmen. Move them across the river and kill the battalion of elves.
    Now destroy the tree houses. Move around killing all the battalions of elves.
    Then free the mountain giants scattered around. now your objective is to 
    destroy the Lorién fortress. which is protected quite hevily and there are 
    heroes aswell. Dont attack the fortress kill the heroes first and then the 
    barracks along with the defence towers once all threats have been eliminated,
    move extra units including your mountain giant to destroy the fortress of 
    Lorién. Once the fortress has been destroyed congratulation Victory! 
              [*Achievement Unlocked: deastroy lothlorien - 5G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                  grey havens                   |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew2]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    Starting off head straight in front of you and capture both of the shiprights.
    Start Building some black ships and upgrade them with fire arrows and pirate 
    flags. build 6 of these and defend the shiprights against the escaping elves. 
    They are quite easy to see when your there so just scatter your fleet out and 
    target individual ships. Now build a bombardment ship and destroy the gaurd 
    towers on the beach. Now call all of you ships back to the shiprights and 
    build transports, take your men over to the beach and fight to take the beach. 
    The fight really isn't that hard although there are a lot of elves.
    Once on the beach a mordor fortress, goblin cave, treasure trove, and other 
    buildings will be conscructed. Replace all the troops you have lost and take 
    them up to the grey havens to destroy the 2 fortresses there. these are no 
    problem at all with little defence. once both are destroyed, take the fight 
    back to the water. Build some more bombardment ships and take your already in 
    use black ships to the Grey havens docks. there are a lot of ships, so use 
    bombardment ships on the fortress whilst your black ships are dealing with the 
    enemy ships.
    Once the fortress has fallen you will be victorious!
              [*Achievement Unlocked: Demolish the grey havens - 5G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                   The Shire                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew3]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    order your units to move through the shire destroying all houses and units as 
    they go. Keep on moving until you reach the eastfarthing. Start to build up a 
    rather large base with plenty of defense towers near the bridge to the green 
    dragon inn, you'll soon see why in a minute. Now your going to come under 
    constant seige by the dunedain you have 2 options
    1) wait at you base and constantly keep on killing them 
    2) build up a good defense and let them walk into there own death
    Either way when there all dead they wont be bother=ing you again.
    Construct a large army but keep half at your base. With the other half move 
    them out and kill the 4 seats of power. they are scattered all around the 
    shire with no defence whatsoever. Destroy them one by one.
    Now you have a big problem isengard and wormtongue want to take the shire for 
    themselves, bring gorkil back to you base, with the troops already there 
    defend against the isengard units. by this time isengard will have a fortress 
    set up and wormtongue will have a lot of men surrounding him. Once gorkil 
    returns, attack with all your units and destroy all his buildings. then kill 
    wormtongue himself who is quite week so he stands no chance.
    Once wormtongue has fallen you will be Victorious.
                  [*Achievement Unlocked: Scour the Shire - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                    Fornost                     |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew4]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    You now have to assault the dwarven fortress of Fornost. Start to build a 
    fortress and upgrade it, build some goblin tunnels, and a treasure trove. Now 
    buy upgrades. Build a fissure and some tunnels. Start to upgrade the fissure 
    until you have some mountain trolls. 
    Now move some mountain trolls and start attacking the main gate. when it is 
    destroyed send in some goblin archers along with your mountain trolls, start 
    destroying all the enemies buildings in the first half of fornost get rid of 
    all the barracks and dunedain archers. There is quite a high defennce in 
    fornost so you may need more than one assault on the first half.
    Now build a spider layer and recruit 5 spider rider battalions have some more 
    mountin giants ready and prepare for the second assault. try to upgrade all of 
    your possible units.
    now once you start moving your units in there is a second gate to destroy use 
    the mountain giants and make your way in. You now have to destroy the fortress 
    and earths hammer. make your way up the right hand path and try to kill most 
    of the enemies, and there halls of warriors. now use the mountain giants to 
    attack the earths hammer before it launches. Once it is destroyed head back 
    down the ramp and attack the fortress, if your men are low in numbers get an 
    army of mountain giants and take them back to the fortress.
    Once the fortress is destroyed you will be Victorious!
                  [*Achievement Unlocked: ravage Fornost - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                    Mirkwood                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew5]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    I found this level very annoying and hard especially at the point where you 
    come to the old forest road. Build up your base, plenty of tunnels and goblin 
    caves. now construct a small army and take them  across the river with a 
    builder and your heroes to the ent base. The ents are very powerful, so be 
    carful your builder doesn't get killed. There are plenty of ents so keep on 
    killing them until you reach the ent moors. Once all ents are dead move on to 
    the spiderlings when shelob is with you the spiderlings will be under your 
    Around here is the time to build a new base, build a spider pit, troll cage,
    goblin cave, and a treasure trove, build plenty of trols, and half-troll 
    marauders, and before you start building defense towers head straight north of 
    the old forest road, and destroy the elven base, this will stop all the 
    builders and most units, take your builders and build on only 3 of the spots, 
    but do not attempt the one farthest east. once you think you are ready build 
    up a new army.
    make sure it has plenty of trolls, now attack the base on the hill there are 
    loads of men and cavelry. attack the buildings first they should easily be 
    destroyed on your first attack. then on your next attack finish off the 
    soldiers surrounding the battle tower, when its all clear bring in your 
    builder and finish off by building another defence tower.
    Once all towers are built its Victory!
           [*Achievement Unlocked: commandeer the old forest road - 10G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                 Withered Heath                 |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew6]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    this is the easiest level in the evil campaign. start building a nice big 
    base, with plenty of defence towers, as my whole base has been destroyed 
    before secretly without me knowing. build a troll cage and get some extremely 
    useful attack trolls.
    Once you have an adequate army go to the nearest dwarven encampment and 
    rescue the fire drakes. this is so easy to do the dwarves are no match for 
    your attack trolls. once the first set are rescued you wint need any more 
    units for as long as you play this level.
    start to go to the other strongholds where they are being kept. non of them are
    any trouble and the fire drakes can take out multiple battalions with ease.
    Once all fire Drakes are rescued, move into the little path towards the dragon 
    with all your units and just let the fire drakes take down units in literally 
    Once you reach the dragon you are Victorious!
           [*Achievement Unlocked: the Dragons of Withered Heath - 15G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                    Erebor                      |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew7]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    Back in good ol' erebor. start destroying as many building possible and wait 
    for reinforcements to come with builders. start to set up camp, but do not do 
    this in the south west corner as gloin and his dwarven army will come from 
    there later. Once a camp has been set up start to purchase upgrades and build 
    tunnels. Now build up some good defence and start working on an army. make 
    sure they are fully upgraded. attack trolls are a must just as there 
    incredible powerfullness can take out battalions of men.
    Once you think you are ready head your army to the south west and take your 
    army up the himm near the tavern around here is a seperate enterance once you 
    go in there are seperate rooms branching off to mine shafts and halls of 
    warriors make it a priority to kill these. Once finished follow this path 
    until you come to the throne of erebor. there are some strong units in here 
    with can take out a whole army if your not careful.
    Once all units have been dealt with you dont have to worry about other 
    buildings because you took what would we call a "secret" enterance so just 
    concentrate everything on the throne until it is destroyed.
    Once the throne is destroyed you will be victorious!
               [*Achievement Unlocked: pillage Erebor - 20G*]
           ______ __
       /  /  )/  /__)           +================================================+  
      (__(__/(  / (             |                 Evil Campaign                  |
        __  ___     ___         |                   Rivendell                    |
       / _)(_  /|/|(_    //     |                     [ew8]                      |
      /(_) /  /   |/__  ((      +================================================+
    Probably one of the hardest battles in the games. First build up a huge camp 
    with lots of defense towers, tunnels, lumber mills, spider lairs, treasure 
    troves, goblin caves, Fissures and not forgetting a fortress with dragons 
    nest. and over take the tavern on your side. use untamed alliegance on the 
    warg lairs. and start buying lots of powers such as, Dragon strike.
    Now start building lots of spider riders and attack trolls, and when you have 
    dragons nest start building some fire drakes.
    Now the main gate to rivendell will have two fortresses in front of it. you 
    can use dragon strike to get rid of all its defenses and on the second one 
    rain of fire. Then use your attack trolls to bash down the gate of rivendell. 
    then finish off both fortresses before your trolls die.
    Now dont use this gate but use the secong bridge near to where you start off.
    now use dragon strike again on the fortress then attempt to destroy it with 
    rain of fire, summon a dragon and destroy both elven barracks and attempt to 
    destroy some lorien soldiers
    once that is completed use arrow volley to finish of some soldiers. now send 
    attack trolls fire drakes and whatever army you have to destroy the remaning 
    soldiers. Now concentrate all units on the house of elrond
    use whatever powers you have and elronds house is as good as dead.
    Congratulations you are Victorious!
                   [*Achievement Unlocked: Crush Rivendell - 30G*]
             [*Achievement Unlocked: Cover the Lands in Darkness - 25G*]
    and if you went through the campaign without one hero dying you will unlock 
                [*Achievement Unlocked: Servent of the Shadow - 80G*]
    | [al*] |                       = Achievement List =                         |
    A List of all the achievements in LOTR not all of them will add up to 1000
    instead there are only 700 points up for grabs, But there is an easy 265 from 
    the campaign. the achievements aren't really hard they can take a lot of time 
    |  = Achievement =  |                   = Discription =                 | GP |
    | Defend Rivendell  | Complete Good Rivendell with all bonus objectives | 5  |
    |                   | (Level 1) Unlocks Hero: Hadhod                    |    |
    | Clear The High    | Complete Good High Pass with all bonus objective  | 5  |
    | Pass              | (Level 2)                                         |    |
    | Cleanse the       | Complete Good Ettenmoors with all bonus objectives| 10 |
    | Ettenmoors        | (Level 3)                                         |    |
    | reclaim the blue  | Complete Good Blue Mountains with all bonus       | 10 |
    | Mountains         | objectives (Level 4) Unlocks Hero: Maur           |    |
    | Secure the grey   | Complete Good Grey Havens with all bonus          | 10 |
    | havens            | objectives (Level 5)                              |    |
    | Rescue Celduin    | Complete Good Celduin with all bonus objectives   | 15 |
    |                   | (Level 6)                                         |    |
    | Defend Erebor     | Complete Good Erebor with all bonus objectives    | 20 |
    |                   | (Level 7)                                         |    |
    | Assault dol       | Complete Good Dol Guldur with all bonus           | 30 |
    | Guldur            | objectives (Level 8) Unlocks Hero: Idrial         |    |
    | Destroy           | Complete Evil Lorien with all bonus objectives    | 5  |
    | Lothlo            | (Level 1) Unlocks Hero: Krashnak                  |    |
    | Demolish the grey | Complete Evil Grey Havens with all bonus          | 5  |
    | havens            | objectives                                        |    |
    | Scour the Shire   | Complete Evil Shire with all bonus objectives     | 10 |
    |                   | (Level 3)                                         |    |
    | Ravage Fornost    | Complete Evil Fornost with all bonus objectives   | 10 |
    |                   | (Level 4) Unlocks Hero: Thrugg                    |    |
    | Commandeer the Old| Complete Evil Mirkwood with all bonus objectives  | 10 |
    | Forest Road       | (Level 5)                                         |    |
    | The Dragons of    | complete Evil Withered Heath with all bonus       | 15 |
    | Withered Heath    | objectives (Level 6)                              |    |
    | Pillage Erebor    | Complete Evil Erebor with all bonus objectives    | 20 |
    |                   | (Level 7)                                         |    |
    | Crush Rivendell   | Complete Evil Rivendell with all bonus objectives | 30 |
    |                   | (Level 8) Unlocks Hero: Olog                      |    |
    | Istari Power      | Purchase first player power.                      | 5  |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | Captains of the   | Complete Good Campaign Unlocks Hero: Beret        | 25 |
    | West              |                                                   |    |
    | Cover the Lands   | Complete Evil Campaign Unlocks Hero: Tumna        | 25 |
    | in Darkness       |                                                   |    |
    | Servant of the    | Complete Good Campaign without a Hero dying Hero: | 80 |
    | Secret Fire       | Mektar                                            |    |
    | Servant of the    | Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying Hero: | 80 |
    | Shadow            | Urulooke                                          |    |
    | Sergeant          | Win 1 Versus game.                                | 15 |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | King of the Hill! | Win 1 King of the Hill game.                      | 15 |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | Capture and Hold  | Win 1 Capture and Hold game.                      | 15 |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | Middle-earth      | Win 1 Resource Race game.                         | 15 |
    | Financier         |                                                   |    |
    | My Heroes!!!!     | Win 1 Hero Vs Hero game.                          | 15 |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | General           | Win 10 Versus games Unlocks Hero: Ohta            | 30 |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | King of Kings     | Win 10 King of the Hill games Unlocks Hero:       | 30 |
    |                   | Fhaleen                                           |    |
    | Capture them      | Win 10 Capture and Hold games Unlocks Hero:       | 30 |
    | all!!!            | Avatan                                            |    |
    | Entrepreneur of   | Win 10 Resource Race games Unlocks Hero: Celebrim | 30 |
    | Middle-earth      |                                                   |    |
    | My Heroes are     | Win 10 Hero Vs Hero games Unlocks Hero: Felek     | 30 |
    | better than yours |                                                   |    |
    | Good Practice     | Win 1 Single Player Skirmish game.                | 5  |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | The Hobbit and    | Win a game against someone 20 places higher than  | 20 |
    | the Troll         | you.                                              |    |
    | In need of a      | Lose 10 Multiplayer matches in a row.             | 0  |
    | lesson            |                                                   |    |
    | Try a tutorial    | Lose to someone ranked 20 places below you.       | 0  |
    |                   |                                                   |    |
    | [rh*] |                       = Version History =                          |
    Version 1.00
    24/07/07 - Guide Completed (may add more soon)
    | [ds*] |                       = Contact/legal Info =                       |
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