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"As you can see, I love this awesome game. In this review, i'll tell you why this is the best WWII game on the Xbox 360."

Medal of Honor: Frontline will always be my favorite WWII game out there because it was my first FPS I ever got. I played it ALOT. Especially the splitscreen multiplayer. After a couple of disappointing sequels, we have this, and it is the first WWII game worthy of being the second best I've ever played. I think it is even better than the whole Call of Duty franchise put together. Airborne is that good. Onto the review.

The game starts you off in a city, and you can go anywhere, anytime, to do your objectives. Dropping in from above and landing is a good idea, and is used in a good way. Upgrading your weapons is a really superb feature that gives the game an extra layer of awesomeness. Your shotgun can be upgrading so that you can make enemies fly backward by a one hit kill from 50 feet away. Upgrading your pistol can make it shoot as fast as a BAR. Yes, those additions to the game aren't realistic, but they certainly make the game more fun.

The control may seem very odd at first, but after you get used to it, it is the best FPS control ever. Even better than Halo's. It also has the best “peeking gameplay” out there, and after an hour with this game, you will never want to go back and use other FPS control schemes. Saving and loading are done great, as is the check point system. Some people complain about it, but there isn't any other way to make it better than it is. The level designs are well made and give the game the MoH feel.

The sound and graphics add to the experience. Forget what other people tell you- the graphics are amazing! Yes the textures may seem muddy at times, and the game is no Crysis, but the graphics are still great. The sound is also great. The music is the best in the series, and is taken from Frontline. While it doesn't have the same affect as it did 5 years ago, the music only adds to the experience. The sounds of explosions and gunshots are good, but sometimes the gunshots don't make any noise, which leads me to my next part of the review.

There are a number of glitches and problems in the game that keep me from giving it a higher score. You see enemies respawn right in front of you, your own gunshots aren't heard, text is switched around, and your allies sometime respawn with their legs still in the ground. These among other things, plague the game, but don't take away from it that much and are pretty rare. There is also the absence of splitscreen. It kinda annoyed me, and since I don't have Live, I can't play the multiplayer. I haven't played the XBL multilayer, but from what I've seen of it, it is very fun. The Axis spawn on the ground, but the Allies drop in and can land on buildings. The catch is that the axis can kill the Allies when their still in the air.

Overall, this is an amazing game that has the feel of the Medal of honor series. With great gameplay, graphics, and sound, it is the best WWII game out there from the Xbox 360. It is the best MoH game since Frontline, and is worth a rent if you like FPS's, and worth a buy if you are a fan of the series. This concludes my review, and hopefully will give you my reasons of why this game deserves a solid 9.0.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/07/07

Game Release: Medal of Honor: Airborne (US, 09/04/07)

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