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"Some glaring flaws detract from an otherwise great experience."

I'd heard nothing but hype for this game leading up to its release so I was anxious to sit down and see how it truly handled. At first I was amazed with it. But over time, a few glaring problems made this game a bit hard to enjoy at times.

Story (5/10)
WWII...not much story to be had that hasn't already been told.

Gameplay (7/10)
The game play in Airborne is a little of both good and bad. The controls are a bit hard to get used to at first. The system of switching weapons, reloading, and using grenades is very different from typical FPSs today. Most follow the Halo model of a primary fire button, a grenade throwing button, Y Button weapon switching, X Button reloading, A Button jumping, and B Button melee, or something close to that. However, the button mapping is all switched around for Airborne.

There are a few glaring problems in the gameplay that aren't your typical bugs. The largest of these is the fact that enemies are Nazi Supersoldiers in that bullets do nothing to slow them down. An enemy traveling in any particular direction will not even slow down when shot. There's a fine line in WWII games between a realistic game and an enjoyable game. In this instance, the game isn't quite realistic enough. The AI, both enemy and ally, is rather dumb, with enemies sometimes running up and standing dead-still for several seconds before firing on you. The last notable issue is that your character's vision is constantly going blurry and shaky for various reasons. This is where the game treads too close to the realism line. If your health gets low, it goes blurry, if you're too close to a grenade, it goes blurry, if a tank fires nearby, it goes blurry. Its all very realistic but it gets annoying after awhile.

Apart from this, the gameplay is actually a great experience. Once you get over the oddness of the controls, the game plays very well. The RPG element of "leveling up" your weapons is a lot of fun. Overall the game plays well with the exception of a few large issues.

Graphics (8/10)
The graphics are superb. With the exception of some muddy textures, the game looks amazing, even when not on HD.

Sound (9/10)
Sound is always one of my favorite areas of games because sound effects and, more importantly, music is a major addition to any game experience. The music in this iteration is phenomenal and really gives you that epic feel when completing a mission. It may not be quite as great as, say, Call of Duty 2, but still very enjoyable. The sound effects are very good, not particular flaws that I have noticed.

Replay Value (8/10)
With online play, weapons to level up, and plenty of achievements to go around, this game has the potential to keep you playing for a while.

Overall (7/10)
A few major falws definitely detract from the experience and enjoyability of MoH Airborne. However, the game controls well, looks great, and has great replay value. If you like first-person shooters, then you will enjoy MoH Airborne, even though the WWII genre is getting a little old (CoD 4 anyone?).

Rent or Buy?
If you're just looking to score a quick few hundred achievement points, then definitely rent this game. But if you're looking for a deep, enjoyable shooter that will last you a while, then the 60 bucks is certainly worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/10/07

Game Release: Medal of Honor: Airborne (US, 09/04/07)

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