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"A great single player game, but multiplayer isn't the greatest."

After seeing WWII being done over and over again, you begin to wonder if it's possible to make a WWII game that isn't the typical shoot all the Germans to get from point A to point B. Well, Medal of Honor: Airborne did just that. They managed to make a great WWII game that wasn't just another face in the crowd.

The game play is amazing. You start every mission by jumping out of an Airplane. At first, this may just seem like a gimmick to get people to buy this. It's actually quite the opposite. Once out of your plane, you can land anywhere you want on the battlefield. If you want to land in the marked-off safe zones, then go for it. If you want to be like Rambo and land where there are lots of enemies, then be my guest! The best part is, if you die, you jump out of the plane again so you can land in a different place.

Although it's a next-gen game, the graphics don't match up as well. The detail is amazing, but sometimes the graphics don't load right away so you see blury buildings and weapons. Other than that, it's a beautiful game.

The default controls are terrible. I don't know what they were thinking with this. The other control schemes work better though. The ability to make your own control scheme would be nice, but no such luck. There isn't a left-hand control scheme either.

SOUND 10/10:
Hearing Germans yell when you throw a grenade at them, or simply hearing the "ching" of you last shot from a M1 Garand makes this game amazing. You're constantly hear things going on all around you. There are only a few moments were it's quiet, and they don't last very long.

STORY 9/10:
For a WWII game, it has a good story line. You can't go very in depth for story when it's based after a real event in history.

My only real gripe with this game is its multiplayer. If you're playing Team Death match Airborne or Objective Airborne, then the Axis team has a huge disadvantage. You have one spawn spot for each map. Allies can land anywhere though. It's very common to be spawn camped in multiplayer, which in turn takes away from the fun. Plus the fact that the game doesn't tell who's talking is annoying.

It's a great game if you like action packed First-person shooters, or if you just like to play for a few minutes at a time. You can play the game over and over again landing in different places and getting new upgrades for your weapons. Multiplayer might leave you frustrated, but the single player is great. A must buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/24/07

Game Release: Medal of Honor: Airborne (US, 09/04/07)

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