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    Achievement Guide by god_of_toast

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                                                                 Spiderman 3
                                              Achievement Guide and Boss FAQ
                                                                 Version 1.0
                                                              Date: 10/10/08
                                                   By Riddy a.k.a godoftoast
                                                Copyright 2008 Riddy Shaemus
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
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    Table of Contents
       1) Introduction
       2) Quick Achievement List
       3) Guide
       4) Frequently Asked Questions
       5) Credits and Useful Links
       6) Goodbye
    NOTE: For ease of navigation just highlight heading, press ctrl c, then ctrl f 
    and finally ctrl v and enter to bring you to the correct section of the guide
    1) Introduction
    Hi, welcome to my first guide. I am godoftoast and I hope my guide proves 
    useful and beneficial to my fellow achievement hunters and perfectionists.
    I was playing Spiderman 3 on the Xbox 360 (since I am a huge fan) when I 
    realised that after putting many hours into this game I was still faraway from 
    getting the 1000/1000 score that a perfectionist, like myself, so avidly 
    pursues. I went to check online to see how I could obtain the locked 
    achievements and, to my great disappointment, I found out that I had missed 
    many easy opportunities to obtain the points with minimal effort. So that has 
    been my inspiration for writing this guide. A final note, this guide is not 
    spoiler free so please do not use it if you do not wish to be spoilt for the 
    game and the movie at all.
    2) Quick Achievement List
    Use this section to identify missing achievements and cross off any you have
    Aleksei Sytsevich (30)             Defeat Aleksei Sytsevich. 
    Arachnophile (10)                  Collect all Secret tokens. 
    Bomb Squad (20)                    Get at least Bronze on all bomb tours. 
    Bronze Finalist (20)               Get at least Bronze on all trick races. 
    Cold Blooded Super Master (30)     Complete all Connors missions. 
    Collateral Damage (10)             Destroy 25 objects. 
    Curtis Connors (30)                Defeat Curtis Connors. 
    Dark Secret(30)                    Get the black suit spiderman. 
    Deputy (30)                        Complete all DeWolfe missions. 
    Eddie Brock (40)                   Defeat Eddie Brock. 
    Fast Swinger (20)                  Swing at 200 miles per hour. 
    Fire Breather (10)                 Collect all Order of the Dragon Tail tokens. 
    Flint Marko (30)                   Defeat Flint Marko. 
    Frequent Flyer (10)                Collect all Skyscraper tokens. 
    Gold Medal Winner (30)             Get Gold on all trick races. 
    Harry Osborn (30)                  Defeat Harry Osborn. 
    Hitch Hiker (20)                   Ride a car or truck for 5 miles. 
    Intermediate Racer (20)            Get at least Bronze on all easy and medium 
                                       trick races. 
    Luke Carlyle (30)                  Defeat Luke Carlyle. 
    Macdonald Gargan (40)              Rescue Macdonald Gargan. 
    Mary Jane Thriller (20)            Complete all Mary Jane thrill rides. 
    Master Tourist (20)                Take a 500-point photograph. 
    Master Web Swinger (20)            Swing a total of 50 miles. 
    Mega Tourist (10)                  Take a photograph from a great height. 
    Mega Web Swinger (30)              Swing a total of 200 miles. 
    Pied Piper (10)                    Collect all Subway tokens. 
    Pole Swinger (10)                  Swing on 50 poles. 
    Police Chief (30)                  Complete all combat tours. 
    Police Corporal (30)               Complete all Petty Theft missions. 
    Police Detective (30)              Complete 25 random city missions. 
    Police Officer (30)                Complete all Crime Spree missions. 
    Police Sergeant (30)               Complete all Bank Robbery missions. 
    Punk Rocker (10)                   Collect all Apocalypse Gang tokens. 
    Sergei Kravinoff (30)              Defeat Sergei Kravinoff. 
    Shutterbug (20)                    Complete all Daily Bugle photo missions. 
    Silver Finalist (20)               Get at least Silver on all trick races. 
    Spider-Man (50)                    Complete all missions. 
    Splat Master 2007 (20)             Splat into the ground 25 times. 
    Sweet Tooth (10)                   Collect all Arsenic Candy tokens. 
    Trick Novice (20)                  Get at least Bronze on all easy trick races. 
    Web Slinger (20)                   Web up 25 enemies. 
    Web Swinger (20)                   Swing a total of 10 miles. 
    Wilson Fisk (30)                   Defeat Wilson Fisk.
    List obtained from the cheat section of gamefaqs.com
    3) Guide
    I have broken the achievements into several groups and will give detailed 
    information/hints/tricks to obtain each achievement as quickly as possible
    Guide Contents:
    1.00 - Main Story Boss FAQ
    1.05 Aleksei Sytsevich
    1.10 Cold Blooded Super Master
    1.15 Curtis Connors
    1.20 Dark Secret
    1.25 Eddie Brock
    1.30 Flint Marko
    1.35 Harry Osborn
    1.40 Luke Carlyle
    1.45 Macdonald Gargan
    1.50 Mary Jane Thriller
    1.55 Sergei Kravinoff
    1.60 Shutterbug
    1.65 Spider-Man
    1.70 Wilson Fisk
    1.75 Deputy
    2.00 - Activities/Side Missions
    2.05 Bomb Squad
    2.10 Police Chief 
    2.15 Trick Novice 
    2.20 Intermediate Racer
    2.25 Bronze Finalist
    2.30 Silver Finalist
    2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    3.00 - Combat/Crime Missions
    3.05 Collateral Damage
    3.10 Web Slinger 
    3.15 Police Corporal
    3.20 Police Officer
    3.25 Police Sergeant
    3.30 Police Detective
    4.00 - Locomotion
    4.05 Web Swinger 
    4.10 Master Web Swinger 
    4.15 Mega Web Swinger
    4.20 Fast Swinger 
    4.25 Pole Swinger
    4.30 Splat Master 2007
    4.35 Hitch Hiker
    5.00 - Photo Mission
    5.05 Master Tourist
    5.10 Mega Tourist
    6.00 - Token Collection
    6.05 Arachnophile
    6.10 Frequent Flyer
    6.15 Pied Piper 
    6.20 Fire Breather
    6.25 Punk Rocker
    6.30 Sweet Tooth
    [ 1.00 - Main Story Boss FAQ ]
    These are very simple. All you have to do is complete various main story 
    missions to earn the achievements. Gamefaqs has several excellent guides to 
    help with certain missions (particularly oldscholl312's) so I will only detail 
    hard parts of missions and some hints and strategies to pass them.
    1.05 Aleksei Sytsevich
    This is obtained by completing the mission Scorpion Part 3: Mechabiocon 
    Exposed. The mission concludes with a fight between Scorpion and Spiderman 
    versus Rhino. The characteristic that defines Rhino is his ability to negate 
    all damage when he is attacked from the front. Rhino has a normal melee attack 
    and a grapple which both can be blocked via reflexes (LB). He also has an 
    unblockable radial attack which slices a significant portion of Spidey's 
    health. This can be easily dodged by jumping into the air and swinging whilst 
    Rhino charges his attack (starts glowing purple, lowers arms and prepares to 
    jump into air). Rhino will also charge aro8und the room and use columns around 
    the room as melee weapons and projectiles which are blockable (LB). In this 
    battle Scorpion cannot die so simply stay back whilst Rhino pounds the life out 
    of him. After a while Rhino will charge to a column, pick it and twirl it, 
    launching the pillar at you after which he will become dizzy. This is your 
    chance. Dodge the incoming pillar with reflexes and then charge Rhino. Stand 
    behind his butt and use reflexes (LB) to slow down time whilst you mash Y to do 
    heavy combos. Rhino will soon recover but you should lower his health bar by at 
    least an eight. Rinse and repeat this strategy. Sometimes Scorpion will grab 
    Rhino and you can do a combo with him by pressing A repeatedly for some major 
    damage. Late in the battle Rhino will get on all fours and charge around the 
    battle area. Simply dodge him with reflexes and Rhino will hit a wall damaging 
    himself. When Rhino's health is gone an action sequence takes place to finish 
    him off. Press left stick down, A, left stick up, X, B, A, B.
    1.10 Cold Blooded Super Master
    This is obtained by completing Doctor Connors Part 2: The Redemption. You must 
    go to 3 different locations around the sewers and defend 3 dispensers for 40 
    seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds respectively from a continuous horde of 
    lizards. The first two canisters are pretty easy but the 120 second one is one 
    helluva fight. What I did was simply stand near the canister and then press Y 
    then B to unleash a multihitting web combo that can neutralise 5-7 lizards at 
    once. Simply do this over and over again and you should easily succeed.
    1.15 Curtis Connors
    Complete the mission The Lizard Part 2: Connors the Lizard. Defeat the Lizard 
    in a two part battle. In the first part stand at the non-grinding end of the 
    conveyor belt and activate Spidey Sense (LS) and reflexes (LB). The Lizard will 
    jump tackle you. Mash A to push Lizard into the grinder. Do this on all the 
    conveyor belts and finish the action sequence to complete the first part. The 
    next part is an ordinary battle. Just keep reflex dodging and using your 
    favourite combos on Lizard. However you cannot dodge the attacks where there is 
    a red symbol above Lizards head so just jump away in those instances. After his 
    HP is reduced to about half Lizard becomes enraged and his hands will glow red 
    at all times. His attacks are more powerful and now he also has another 
    undodgable attack where a purple icon appears above his head. Stay on the 
    offensive and complete another action sequence at the end of the fight to 
    complete the mission.
    1.20 Dark Secret
    This achievement is obtained by unlocking black suit spiderman. Although midway 
    through the game spiderman does don on the black suit (which is more agile, 
    swift, powerful and overall awesome) the suit is not "officially" unlocked 
    until the final story mission is completed.
    1.25 Eddie Brock
    Complete the mission Grand Finale: Showdown. This mission involves a fight with 
    Venom. To defeat him simply knock down the piles of pipes around the 
    construction area (use spidey sense to locate them) to stun Venom then reflex 
    and do your favourite combos on him. When Venom recovers run away from him (he 
    can lay a serious smack down) and knock more pipes over. Rinse and repeat.
    1.30 Flint Marko
    Complete the mission Sandman: Pillar of Sand Not of Society
    This is an ordinary fight. Use reflex to dodge yellow icon attacks whilst jump 
    away from undodgable purple icon attacks. Use reflex and combos to build your 
    rage then press RB to enter rage mode where your attacks do more damage. Avoid 
    the trains whizzing through the battle ground and quickly press any button 
    prompts above Sandman's head for some easy damage. You should easily pass this 
    1.35 Harry Osborn
    Complete the mission New Goblin: Birth of a New Goblin. The first part is a 
    massive action sequence. Press the LS in the appropriate directions to dodge 
    Goblins attacks and then mash X Y or B repeatedly, when prompted, to lay some 
    hurt on this wannabe. Sometimes you will be required to press LB so get ready.
    The next part of the fight is meant to be hard but is really stupidly easy. You 
    are in a one versus one against the Goblin on the streets of New York. Goblin 
    will attack you from all sorts of directions. Simply reflex dodge and then mash 
    X as fast as you can. Since the Goblin has a really slow recovery if you tap 
    the reflex (LB) and light attack (X) as fast as possible you can land an 
    incredibly ridiculous 70 hit combo which should easily kill the Goblin in one 
    go. What a stupid fight.
    1.40 Luke Carlyle
    Complete the mission Mad Bomber Part 5: Death to J. Jonah. After diffusing 
    several bombs and catching (with a whole lot of luck) J.J as he falls (you 
    don't have to catch him in midair, simply fall to the ground and stand where 
    J.J is going to hit to get the "catch") Spiderman will have to chase a 
    helicopter and battle it on the rooftop of a building. The helicopter unleashes 
    a strong missile which you have to reflex and press B, when prompted, to web up 
    and fire back at the helicopter. The helicopter then unloads a barrage of 
    rockets. To dodge this and avoid major damage simply drop of the edge of the 
    roof or hug the edge of one of the larger constructs (boxes) on the roof. The 
    rocket then unloads chain gun rounds which you can dodge by running around. 
    This process will repeat over and over again until you web up and shoot back 5 
    missiles to destroy the helicopter.
    1.45 Macdonald Gargan
    Complete the mission Scorpion: Part 2: Mind Control. Use reflexes to dodge 
    yellow attacks and unleash combos (mainly use X since Y combos are a bit too 
    slow to land on Scorpion) and run away during purple attacks. Complete action 
    sequence which will initiate after Scorpion's been damaged a bit. Scorpion will 
    run away. Chase him down and complete another action sequence. Then you will 
    have to fight Scorpion again but this time on a bridge surrounded by weird 
    machines which are controlling Scorpion. Use the same strategies as in the 
    first part to whittle away his health but this time throw in some aerial 
    attacks as well (press A). Once Scorpion's health depletes to approximately 
    half Y will appear above his head get close and press the button and then mash 
    A to overpower his tail. Use the tail laser on Scorpion to destroy the 6 
    machines located on the bridge. Although there is a zoom function on the laser 
    it is useless and you get more hits on the machine by not zooming and spamming 
    the laser without worrying about accuracy. If you don't destroy the machines in 
    time Scorpion will recover and you will have to damage him some more to make 
    him relinquish his laser to your control. Destroy all 6 machines and you will 
    have to complete an action sequence to finish the mission.
    1.50 Mary Jane Thriller
    Complete all 3 difficulties of the MJ thrill ride. MJ is a demanding girl, not 
    only does she want you to be her own personal taxi carrying her to various 
    locations she also excepts you to go high, low or fast, collect heart icons and 
    swing through checkpoints in a certain amount of time. You cannot simply dump 
    her at her final location before the clock runs out; you also have to gain 
    enough hearts by submitting to her demands until she is orgasmic. In later 
    levels gangs start popping up and try and scare MJ stopping her from becoming 
    orgasmic thus you also have to run away from them as well. It is recommended 
    that you get the upgrade Swing Speed 5 otherwise you will have a hard time 
    making checkpoints on Hard difficulty. Other than that the missions are very 
    1.55 Sergei Kravinoff
    Complete the mission Lizard Part 3: The Hunter and the Hunted. Kravin is a 
    hunter with special powers. In the first battle he can shift forms. He has the 
    regular dodgable yellow icon melee attacks and the run away purple icon smash 
    attacks as well as a belly to back suplex grapple. He can make copies of 
    himself transform to powerful beasts. Fighting him on the ground one on one 
    using the standard reflex + X/Y combos and aerials doesn't work too well here. 
    A simpler strategy would be to jump onto the high platform located on wall of 
    the battle field. Here build your rage by tapping RB and enter rage mode. Jump 
    down from your platform then press RB + Y to do a ground smash which does heavy 
    damage on Kravin's first form (bear for power) and third form (puma for speed). 
    During the second form, however, Kravin is an eagle (long range aerial form) 
    and has deadly long range attacks but has a relatively weak defence. Simply 
    jump down from your platform and zigzag towards Kravin using reflexes to dodge 
    his blasts then press A and X's and Y's to do your favourite aerial combos on 
    him. After Kravin's HP runs low a Y icon will appear above his head, press Y 
    and complete the action sequence.
    After going through the level some more Kravin will reappear again, this time 
    accompanied by a never ending spawning of lizards entering through a pipe in 
    the wall. Kravin is stuck in puma form however he has the power to become 
    invisible. To counter this constantly turn on spidey sense. You can battle head 
    on against both the lizards and Kravin if you like but a simpler strategy would 
    be to jump onto the higher ledge located on the opposite side of the field to 
    where the lizards are spawning. From there use web yank (A then B) to drag 
    lizards to where you are then beat them up for a rage boost. Once enraged put 
    on spidey sense and located Kravin and use the RB + Y combo to deal massive 
    damage. Afterwards run away to your ledge and repeat process. Be patient, it 
    will take you 10+ minutes to do this strategy but you will win with nearly full 
    HP guaranteed. Once Kravin's health is depleted yet again, an action sequence 
    Now you will have to fight a huge Lizard. At first it has an invincible force 
    field so don't attack it. Simply dodge its melee attack barrage with reflexes 
    then run away from its acid roar. Reflex away from its charge and reflex/jump 
    away from its acid spit salvo. After this process run straight up to the lizard 
    and press B when prompted, then X when prompted. Go up to its tail and press B, 
    spin the LS to get some torque and aim at one of four generators in the room. 
    Press B to fling the lizard at the generator. After all 4 have been destroyed 
    you can face the Lizard head on now. Jump away from the Lizards acid roar. The 
    Lizard will then jump around the walls and cannonball into the ground where it 
    will get stuck. Reflex combo it now for some hefty damage. Repeat until Y 
    prompt appears on head then simply complete the final action sequence and you 
    are done.
    1.60 Shutterbug
    Complete all 6 Daily Bugle missions. This is very easy. Remember that the 
    camera has a large zoom feature and you have spidey sense, so use it wisely.
    1.65 Spider-Man
    Complete all story missions. Pretty self explanatory.
    1.70 Wilson Fisk
    Complete the mission Kingpin Part 2: The Kingpin Must Pay. Follow directions 
    and commands using standard combos and range to kill all the gangsters. 
    Eventually you will have to fight the kingpin a.k.a Wilson Fisk. Fisk fights 
    you in a compact hall and is a burly meleeing brawler. He has a punching attack 
    and a quick head butt which both do super massive heavy damage if they hit, but 
    thankfully can be dodged with reflexes. Fisk is slow and normal attacks do 
    nothing to him. Your only hope is to combo him in rage mode. To fight him 
    simply use reflex (LB) until Fisk attacks then quickly press X then A to damage 
    him and jump away. Run around the hall until your reflex bar is charged then 
    stand and reflex counter and dodge him again until your rage bar is filled. 
    Enter rage mode (mash RB) then use LB and X to reflex counter Fisk's attack 
    then unleash the Hammer to Hurricane combo by mashing Y. This will make Fisk 
    stagger and will allow you to initiate another Hammer to Hurricane combo. Do 
    this until your rage subsides. With great patience and dodging ability repeat 
    the build up rage and kick ass combo until Fisk is dead.
    Now will have to face the gang leaders from Apocalypse Now, Dragon Tail and 
    Arsenic Candy, all at the same time. Don't worry these guys are just enlarged 
    goons with anti web defence and a larger health bar. Simply jump with A and 
    unload your favourite X and Y combos on the goons (avoid pressing B unless you 
    like pain). If you have a full rage bar enter rage mode. Shepherd all three 
    bosses into one area and give yourself some room and then press RB + B to 
    unleash the web hammer combo. With some nimble skills you should be able to 
    capture all 3 leaders in the web and then simply twiddle the LS back and forth 
    hammering massive damage on all 3 bosses. The web hammer combo does not break 
    unless you press another button so theoretically you could clear all 3 bosses 
    in a matter of 15 seconds. After they are dead the bosses drop health tokens. 
    Collect them because you are about face Fisk again.
    Complete the on screen commands to make a grand entrance. Repeat the strategy I 
    previously stipulated since Fisk has not changed at all bar having the ability 
    to sustain more damage and being slightly more nimble on his feet. After 
    depleting his bar Y will appear above his head. Press it to start an impressive 
    punching action sequence which will finish Fisk off once and for all. 
    1.75 Deputy
    Complete Dewolfe Part Three: The Wolf. This mission is easy and has no final 
    boos, just some corrupt cops with shotguns >:D
    [ 2.00 - Activities/Side Missions ]
    There are 3 types of activities in Spiderman 3; bomb tour, combat tour and 
    trick race. In each activity there are set times to beat to earn bronze, silver 
    and gold trophies. Each activity has several missions of varying difficulty 
    from easy, intermediate to hard. You must complete the easy activities to 
    unlock the intermediate versions and then complete those to unlock the hard 
    versions. Although most activities become available during the middle portion 
    of the game it is highly recommended that you wait until black suit spiderman 
    is completely unlocked and useable. This is because black suit spiderman has 
    stronger attacks and quicker swing acceleration than the normal red suit 
    spiderman and since the game tracks stats and trophies for each individual suit 
    as opposed to each profile playing the game, when you come to the hard 
    combat/bomb tours and trick races, completing them as red suit spiderman 
    becomes really hard and frustrating and it would be a complete pain in the 
    bottom to restart all missions as black spiderman to get the advantage.
    2.05 Bomb Squad
    Simply get bronze in each of the 8 bomb tours. First find and travel to the 
    bomb then you must complete the minigames to diffuse the bomb. This is easier 
    said than done in the hard levels where one has to diffuse 7-8 bombs with 
    little margin for error. A nifty little trick to save time is to press the Xbox 
    guide button (big X in middle of controller) during the transition phases 
    between minigames or during the fluid guidance minigame. This is because the 
    Guide button pauses the game thus stopping the clock but does not bring up the 
    menu therefore allowing you to get your bearings and have a peak at the 
    minigame without costing time. Although you may only save 5-15 seconds per bomb 
    on later levels diffusing 7-8 bombs this adds up to a couple of minutes saved.
    2.10 Police Chief 
    Complete all combat tours. You don't even have to get a fast time, just slowly 
    go through each group of bad guys and kill them whilst avoiding damage since 
    there is no way to heal yourself. Use aerials and web attacks most (A then B) 
    to take out a lot of goons. As black suit spiderman build up your rage using 
    aerials and then unleash a dark bomb (RB + Y) to clear whole groups of enemies 
    in a single shot. Although you may have to kill 70 gangsters or so, as black 
    suit spiderman with full rage, this should only take you five minutes per 
    2.15 Trick Novice
    Read 2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    2.20 Intermediate Racer
    Read 2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    2.25 Bronze Finalist
    Read 2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    2.30 Silver Finalist
    Read 2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    2.35 Gold Medal Winner
    Beat the gold trophy time in each trick race. This feat requires a whole lot of 
    practice and luck and is easily the most difficult achievement in the game. 
    There is not much advice to give other than get black suit spiderman and unlock 
    super web zip and swing speed 6. Play through each race, remember all the 
    checkpoints and their requirements by memory and then master the super web zip 
    technique + zip boosting (basically rapidly tapping RT + LT slightly off of 
    each other) and learn recovery moves like wall running and web yoyo. Finally 
    pray that the gaming gods show you some mercy and then you just might scrape in 
    under time. I have had this game for a year now and I still have one more race 
    to complete on gold to unlock this achievement. 
    [ 3.00 - Combat/Crime Missions ]
    These achievements are obtained by stopping random crimes throughout the city 
    or fighting. They are shown on your minimap as a yellow dot. They usually 
    involve beating up some goons or jumping on top of a speeding car however there 
    are some special crime missions which have cutscenes and unique scenarios. If 
    there is a crime mission nearby, you will hear police sirens and see a yellow 
    dot on your map (similar to a regular crime) however Spiderman will also make a 
    random comment like "I better follow those siren, might be important". IF this 
    happens immediately drop everything and follow the siren since these missions 
    are important to get achievements and also rather glitchy in terms of when they 
    3.05 Collateral Damage
    Go into any ally or dock, find some breakable objects and destroy them
    3.10 Web Slinger 
    When you are fighting the average low level goon/gangster/lizard out on the 
    streets, damage the enemy until they are nearly dead then press and hold B to 
    subdue them. Then when you are under a street light or sign or something, press 
    A. Spiderman should then hang up the enemy in a cacoon of said overhanging 
    object. Then simply beat up the enemy until dead. Repeat 25 times for the 
    achievement. DO NOT let them escape the cocoon otherwise it wont count.
    3.15 Police Corporal
    Swing around Arsenic Candy Crime areas (specifically the perimeter of Central 
    Park) to activate 2 special crime missions. In Art Robbery spiderman has to 
    find an Arsenic Candy hideout using his spidey senses and then beat up all the 
    inhabitants. Then he must take back all the stolen art to the museum located 
    near Central Park. In Music Theft Spiderman follows a police car to a music 
    shop where Arsenic Candy girls have stolen 6 stereos. You have to use your 
    spidey sense to locate and collect the stereos. 
    3.20 Police Officer
    Complete the three crime missions located in the Apocalypse Now crime area. The 
    first one Jail Break occurs immediately when you enter the Apocalypse Now crime 
    area for the first time. In fact the game actually forces you to complete it as 
    a small tutorial. The second and third missions appear after you have completed 
    all the Kingpin story missions. The second mission Driveby is located in the 
    Chinatown district whereas the third mission Witness is located at the New Age 
    Shop in Soho. However the cutscene is initiated whilst swinging around the 
    church at Chelsea.
    3.25 Police Sergeant
    To get this achievement you need to do four missions in Dragon Tail area. The 
    first one is Stop The Bank Robbery; this is initiated near Zackendorf tower in 
    Midtown (large silver/white building just above the midtown east label on your 
    map) Swing around in a 3 block radius from this tower and the mission should 
    start somewhere in that zone. The second mission Bring Down Helicopter is 
    located around the area under the CY section of the label Gamercry Park on your 
    map. The third mission Hideout is located 6 blocks to the left of Queensborough 
    Bridge in a large factory with 3 humungous smoke stacks. The final mission 
    Wounded Officer is located near the Church at Chelsea. Simply swing around that 
    area until a random cutscene of some Dragon Tails beating up an officer starts.
    3.30 Police Detective
    Stop 25 random crimes in the city. Really easy to do, just follow any yellow 
    dot you see on your minimap. 
    [ 4.00 - Locomotion ]
    These achievements all involve doing something acrobatic or swinging etc.
    4.05 Web Swinger 
    Swing 10 miles. One of the first achievements you should get.
    4.10 Master Web Swinger 
    Swing 50 miles. You shout get his at about 40% of the way through the story.
    4.15 Mega Web Swinger
    Swing 200 miles. You probably wont get this during the normal story missions 
    but you could do activities such as trick races or just swing around for the 
    fun of it.
    4.20 Fast Swinger 
    Swing at a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour. You could get this by unlocking 
    swing speed 6 then simply swing from skyscraper to skyscraper using web boost 
    during the beginning of the swing arc or you could get it much earlier using 
    this method. First unlock the ability web slingshot. GO to the top of the Daily 
    Bugle and find two metal cylinders. Use the web slingshot ability and fling 
    yourself in the opposite direction of Central Park. As you are hurtling through 
    the air mash RT; if done correctly Spiderman should swing for a fraction of a 
    second before smacking into the wall and should reach a speed of 201 miles per 
    hour. It may take two to three tries but this method is guaranteed to work.
    4.25 Pole Swinger
    Find a flag pole or a traffic light. Press A then B and swing around the pole 
    for at least 1 revolution press A to dismount. Repeat process 50 times for the 
    achievement - should take only 5 minutes.
    4.30 Splat Master 2007
    Climb a reasonably tall building then jump off the edge whilst pushing the LS 
    down. If done correctly spiderman should spread eagle on the ground and lose 
    some HP. Do this 25 times and you got yourself some more points.
    4.35 Hitch Hiker
    During a random city crime involving a vehicle chase, jump on the hood of the 
    offending vehicle and beat up anyone who wishes to fight you. Then leave for 5 
    minutes, whip up some hot coco or something then come back. Spiderman should 
    have ridden the van for 5 miles at least. After the achievement unlocks beat up 
    the driver and move on.
    5.00 - Photo Mission
    These achievements involve taking photos in certain conditions
    5.05 Master Tourist
    Shoot a photo worth 500 points. During any mission that involves many enemies, 
    simply take out your camera and take a picture with as many enemies on screen 
    and in motion as possible. I got mine during the second Daily Bugle mission. I 
    took an 852 point photo whilst defending the final canister during the second 
    Doctor Connor mission. Just keep snapping and it should pop up.
    5.10 Mega Tourist
    Take a photo from the tallest place ingame. This skyscraper is located near the 
    starting spot for the first DeWolfe mission. I don't really remember where it 
    is located but I do remember that it has a really large spire at the top which 
    is like 60 foot long and at the tip of the spire is a small platform to stand 
    on and take a picture from. 
    [ 6.00 - Token Collection ]
    Simply go out and explore all the various nooks and crannies within the game. 
    Go on, get out there and start searching. Lol you are still here. Too lazy to 
    search yourself? Fine I will post some links to a map with all locations 
    All credit goes to dawpa2000 for the photos and maps.
    6.05 Arachnophile
    Collect all Secret Tokens
    6.10 Frequent Flyer
    Collect all Skyscraper Tokens
    6.15 Pied Piper
    Collect all Subway Tokens
    6.20 Fire Breather
    Collect all Dragon Tail Tokens
    6.25 Punk Rocker
    Collect all Apocalypse Now Tokens
    6.30 Sweet Tooth
    Collect all Arsenic Candy Tokens
    4) Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can I ask you a question or seek tips/advice?
    A: Sure you can, just send me an email with the subject as "spiderman 3". I'll 
    be glad to help
    5) Credits and Useful Links
    Thanks to: 
    For providing valuable information about the game and some helpful hints.
    6) Goodbye
    Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it has proven useful to you. If you have 
    any queries or better methods please send them to me via email at 
    teh_master_thief@hotmail.com with the subject being "spiderman 3". Please do 
    not send spam or hate mail since that is not my real email and I check it 
    rather infrequently.

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