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    FAQ/Walkthrough by deathfisaro

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                           Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
     Table of contents                                                       [TABL]
    -Story quests                                                            [STRY]
     =Celine                                                                 [CELN]
     =Kendal                                                                 [KNDL]
     =Regnier                                                                [RGNR]
     =Leinhart                                                               [LNHT]
     =Duane                                                                  [DUNE]
     =Curian                                                                 [CURN]
    -Boss Fights                                                             [BSFT]
     =Forest Guardian                                                        [FRGR]
     =Mutated Curian                                                         [MTCR]
     =Loki                                                                   [LOKK]
     =Ice Maiden                                                             [ICMD]
     =Balrog                                                                 [BLRG]
     =Keither                                                                [KTHR]
     =Encablossa                                                             [ECBS]
    -Abilities                                                               [ABLT]
     =Novice                                                                 [NVAB]
     =Intermediate                                                           [ITAB]
     =Advanced                                                               [ADAB]
    -Synthesis                                                               [SNTH]
     =Synthesis basics                                                       [SNBS]
     =Number of times items has been synthesized                             [NMBS]
     =Number of total slots                                                  [SLTS]
     =Level of enchantments                                                  [LVEC]
     =Enchantments that cancel out                                           [CNCL]
     =Fee of Synthesis                                                       [STFE]
     =Cheapest way to make level 25 enchantments                             [CP25]
     =Special Synthesis Items                                                [SPCL]
     =Weapon Synthesis                                                       [WEPN]
     =Armor Synthesis                                                        [ARMR]
     =Ability Synthesis                                                      [ABST]
     =Recommended Enchantments                                               [RCMD]
    -Attribute Points                                                        [ATRB]
     =Initial attributes and points needed                                   [INAT]
     =Recommended Attributes                                                 [RCAT]
    -Status Ailments                                                         [STAI]
    -Frequently Asked Questions                                              [FAQS]
    -History                                                                 [HSTR]
     You can use search to navigate, no need to include [], just 4 letters will do.
      Story Quests                                                           [STRY]
     A brief note on Story Quests section.
    You'll be sleeping a lot to progress the story. You can't just spam sleep at
    the same place, you will end up with a lot of time wasted on loading. When I 
    say "next time you sleep" it means advance through the maps to the next Idol
    and go to sleep.
     Also, don't rush to finish the story, if you're having trouble fighting in a
    new region, when you're asked to do something there, maybe go level up, synth
    new gears, etc. There are a lot of people who play online, doing almost no
    story quests, and beat Extreme/get to level 120 first, and then come back to 
    finish their story. The choice is yours.
     The moon on your inventory determines which Idol you'll meet. 
    Crescent moon - Death
    Half moon - Love
    Full moon - Greed
     If the quest consists of defeating certain monsters, it's safer to play on 
    Normal, on some quests killing monsters on Hard/Extreme doesn't count at all. 
     I've divided the story quests into several parts, and gave a title to each 
    part. These titles do not necessarily mean that there's a quest with same name.
    I came up with the titles so that it reflects what goes inside the dreams and
    actual quests you receive.
     Celine                                                                  [CELN]
    -The Beginning-
     You see Moonlight and Curian. Curian apparently suffering with Amnesia. You 
    see a brief flashback of 5 years ago.
    -Spirit Crystal-
     The next time you sleep, you can talk to Moonlight regarding restoration of 
    Curian. Moonlight asks for a Spirit Crystal, near the place Celine and Curian 
    departed 5 years ago. The cliff is randomly located in the Forest of Embracing.
    It can appear as early as right after the tutorial map so if you think you 
    missed it, come back or join a different room.
    -Mind of the Dead-
     When you hand it over to Moonlight, wait you actually never do, he asks for 
    minds of those who were once living. Last area of the Forest of Embracing is 
    swarming with undead, you just need to kill them until you have 100% Lost Minds
     Moonlight will tell you to get an Elixir from the Idol of Death. Idol of Death
    appears when the moon is crescent (Open your inventory and you'll see the moon)
    Idol of Death asks for a new Splinter of Death. Go to the City of Desolation
    and kill the Blacksand tribemen. Because there are a lot of warriors, this 
    process should go by quickly. When the tribemen fear death enough, go back to
    the Idol and he'll give you the Elixir.
    -Death of Curian's body-
     When you sleep after you get the Elixir Moonlight will just say good job. When
    you sleep again after reaching the Valley of Solitude, you'll find out Curian's
    body has been killed. If you played certain character, you know who killed him
    and Moonlight saying the Idol opened the door is...
    But Curian's Will is still holding up and Idols could help restore Curian 
    before his spirit breaks
    -3 Idols-
    Idol of Death: 
     He asks for Cursed Honors in exchange for trace of mind.
    The Cursed Honors can be obtained from undead Knights.
    Ghost Knight in Forest of Embracing / Road of Chaos
    Flame Knight/Lightning Knight in City of Desolation
    Ice Knight in Valley of Solitude
    And Dark Knight in Hall of Arrogance / Road of Chaos
    One of each would suffice.
    Idol of Greed:
     He asks for a pure gold, which can be obtained from Golden Louse.
    Golden Louse spawns in Twilight Corridor section of Hall of Arrogance. You
    will only find 5 of them, which is 10%. To make them respawn, if you look at
    your mini-map, a square section you're currently in is highlighted. Move to a
    different square, and come back. You'll find 5 more Golden Lice. Repeat about
    10 times to get 100%
     If you hand over the mind trace to Idol of Greed, he'll start searching for
    Curian's mind trace. This process may take a while. Use Change Region to move 
    to a different region and run all the way to the boss of that region, beat it
    and the next time you see Idol of Greed he'll probably have it. Some people
    suggested shutting down console and rebooting got the job done but didn't work
    for me. You can try to leave your game on and go do something else for a while
    and then come back. So while he's looking for it let's meet Idol of Love
    Idol of Love:
     Idol of Love asks for Cold Love, which can be obtained from Yuki Onna and Yuki
    Ottoko in Valley of Solitude. 
    When you hand over Cold Love and Curian's mind trace, she'll tell you where to
    find Curian's Spirit Crystal. It's located in the first map of Cave of Rage.
    -Restoration and...-
     When you have it, go talk to Moonlight. Celine wants to delay using the Will 
    of Purity because Curian seems to be getting back some memories. Moonlight 
    wants to use it now before Curian's will gets mutated.
     The next time you sleep, the talk goes a little bit further, Moonlight tells 
    Celine how Encablossa planned in a way Curian's body would have to be killed
    in order to get the Will of Purity. He asks Celine to wake up and come back 
    while he has a talk with Curian.
     Wake up, the next time you sleep, Moonlight says take care, and Curian takes
    the Will of Purity.
     Again, when you sleep Moonlight is gone and has a tome taking its place. 
    There's a note to Celine from Moonlight on the tome. It may be better to 
    make the will of Curian disappear.. Now go fight Encablossa and you'll watch
    the ending. 
     You don't need to finish the story quest to unlock Curian, but it's essential
    that you kill Encablossa AND sit through the timer to see the ending, and get
    the Awakened Lover achievement. There's no message saying you unlocked Curian,
    but when you choose New Game and move LEFT of Celine there should be Curian.
     Kendal                                                                  [KNDL]
    -The Beginning-
     Kendal starts off with a scene with Moonlight and Encablossa, and Kendal came
    through the gap of dimensions.
     The first time you go to sleep you meet Moonlight. And talks about how spirits
    work and people mutate in Encablossa's dimension. The next time you sleep, 
    Moonlight explains more about mutation and what Idols are. Now you should have
    some basic ideas about the setting of the game.
     Next time, Moonlight mentions Kendal's friend Captain Walter, who stopped his
    spirit from evaporating with his will. Wake up, move on, and back to sleep.
     When you talk to Moonlight he'll say your friend is waiting. Look around there
    is Walter! His spirit crystal may have been damaged, his memories are unstable.
    Talk to Moonlight, Walter, Moonlight, Walter, Moonlight, Walter, until you get
    a quest.
     Kendal wants to bring Walter back to the Age of Light, let Walter see his son
    Thomas again. To do that he'll need to find Walter's spirit crystal. Walter 
    doesn't seem to know where his spirit crystal is, but he mentions a pendant. 
    Moonlight thinks that pendant could be the spirit crystal we're looking for. 
     Go to the City of Desolation, and start killing Blacksand tribemen. After a 
    while you'll get a message saying you found Walter's pendant. Let's go see 
    Moonlight. Apparently Walter has disappeared from Kendal's dream, his will has 
    been absorbed by Kendal. 
    -Fragments of Purity-
     Give the old man some time to think of how to stop Kendal from mutating at
    double speed. Moonlight suggests by taking the Will of Purity humans will be
    immune to mutation just like Elves and Vampires. Let's go see the Idol of Love.
    Idol of Love says she can make one from 5 Fragments of Purity. They are located
    in Hall of Arrogance, the place seems to be random. Sometimes you'll see a 
    fragment, but before you get close the game asks you if you want to move to the
    next area. Choose no (B button) and you can walk inside to grab it. The Purity
    Fragments are most commonly found in dead-end rooms, and between the base of 2 
    staircases. Sometimes they spawn in the middle of a room or hallway as well.
    -Heart of Hero-
     Now get back to the Idol of Love, she asks for a Heart of Hero in addition. 
    Let's ask Moonlight about it. It's the Heart of Mutated Curian, Moonlight finds
    it strange but gives the key to Kendal. (And if you've played Celine first you
    might feel backstabbed at this point) Curian is locked away at the End of 
    Desolation, the fourth map of City of Desolation. You get the Heart of Hero
    when you defeat him. Give it to Idol of Love and she delivers the Will of 
    Purity directly to Kendal's dream. 
     You'll need to kill Mutated Curian on Normal difficulty.
     Go talk to Moonlight, suddenly Encablossa appears. Kendal learns that Regnier
    has turned into Encablossa's mutated general, and when he invades the Age of
    Light, Kendal with his body mutated should stop him. Let Moonlight come up 
    with a way to cleanse the Will of Purity. 
     The next time you go to sleep, Moonlight gives you riddles, it's not specific
    at all.. What's clear is we need Water Embracing Time in Glass of Serenity. 
     Glass of Serenity is located in Hall of Arrogance, in a hidden chamber. Go 
    through the Library, Vestibules, and the Twilight Corridor. You should be back 
    at antechamber. Head to Sunrise Atrium direction but do not enter. Just like 
    when you were collecting Fragment of Purity, press B and go in to the room.
    There's a hidden stairway leading downstairs, and the glass is there. 
    Water Embracing Time is located in Forest of Embracing, next to a waterfall.
    -Books of Truth-
     The next time you sleep, Encablossa will be there. He says if you want to know
    about the Will and Spirit of this dimension, go read the Books of Truth. Again,
    they are located throughout the Hall of Arrogance, and the location is random.
    Depending on the map shape generated you might not find it. If that's the case 
    quit to main menu and continue. I think this is easily the most hated part of 
    all quests. When you have all the books, go back to your dream and talk to
    -Back to the Age of Light- 
     Now move on, and go to sleep. Moonlight is back, he'll tell you to throw the
    Glass of Serenity from the Cave of Rage, go to the Cave of Rage, on the third
    map you'll find a bridge. Now the time and embracing stopped the rage in its
    tracks, it should stop Kendal from mutating. Meanwhile Encablossa has found
    the location of Moonlight's spirit crystal, Encablossa tells Kendal to find
    the gap in the dimension, and gives the key.
     Move to the Road of Chaos, go all the way to the 4th map, the gateway. 
    Instead of going to Idol side of the map, go the other way and you should be 
    able to go upstairs. After you pass the 2nd floor of Idol place, there should 
    be a bridge type road. When you reach it you find a gap, open the gap and 
    enter. Inside you find Keither Encablossa just mentioned.
     You need to kill Keither on Normal difficulty.
     After you defeat Keither, when you sleep you find out the clock tower was 
    Moonlight's spirit crystal, and Keither was guarding it. Kendal decides to
    relay Walter's Will to his will and give Thomas Walter's pendant. To go back to
    the Age of Light, fight Encablossa, and after the credits you watch the ending.
     Regnier                                                                 [RGNR]
    -The Beginning-
     The game starts when Regnier, Rick Blood, sees a dream. When he wakes up 
    he finds himself in Encablossa's Dimension.
     The first time you go to sleep, you meet Encablossa, Regnier doesn't seem to 
    recognize Encablossa. Since Regnier became Mortal, he has to suffer mutations
    in this dimension, and Encablossa offers help but Regnier isn't interested.
     Next time you sleep, Encablossa summons forth a woman, who's apparently making
    Regnier painful.
     Sleep again to find out the woman is Regnier's wife, a memory extracted from 
    the Ancient Heart, and Encablossa suggests a deal that will allow Regnier to
    redeem himself from his sins.
     Wake up, go to the next idol and sleep again. Regnier is more interested than
    before obviously, Encablossa wants to purify Regnier's Will, and use him to
    destroy the Light, so Darkness can rule the world instead of destroy it. Also
    Encablossa throws in the power to control the Idols and ruling of some of his
    dimension. To get Regnier's Will purified he needs the Blessing of the Absolute
    -Three Idols-
     Go meet the Idol of Death first. He says the Blessing of the Absolute is based
    on the three Idols, which are the three motives that drive humans. And then he
    gives you the Splinter of Death, and talk to other Idols for their respective
     Find the Idol of Love now. She is very unpleasant because of your ugly face.
    But still gives you the Splinter of Love. She says go find a tat little letch
    to get the last piece, which means Idol of Greed.
     Talk to the Idol of Greed now. Again, you easily get the Splinter of Greed.
    Now go to sleep and talk to Encablossa. He says make all the splinters into 
    wholes, and start with the Splinter of Greed.
    -Perfect Greed-
     Go to the Hall of Arrogance. As you kill sculptors and statues, you'll see a
    message saying the Splinter of Greed has grown. You should keep killing until
    you get a message saying the Splinter of Greed has become the Perfect Greed.
    Go report to Encablossa. Now he wants you to make the Perfect Love.
    -Perfect Love-
     Go to the Valley of Solitude. You'll need to kill 100 Yuki Onnas Yuki Otokos. 
    After that you'll receive a message saying it's grown into the Prefect Love. 
    Talk to Encablossa again. Encablossa is satisfied, and asks to make the last 
    Splinter to grow into Perefect Death.
    -Perfect Death-
     So the five kinds of dead you need to kill again are:
    Skeleton Soldiers 
     -Forest of Embracing / City of Desolation / Valley of Solitude
    Skeleton Archers 
     -Forest of Embracing / City of Desolation / Valley of Solitude / Road of Chaos
    Flesh Spear 
     -Forest of Embracing / City of Desolation / Road of Choas
    Frozen Flesh Spear 
     -Valley of Solitude
    Explosive Flesh Spear 
     -Cave of Rage
    Flesh Man 
     -Forest of Embracing / City of Desolation)
    Explosive Flesh Man 
     -City of Desolation / Hall of Arrogance / Cave of Rage
    Frozen Flesh Man 
     -Valley of Solitude
     You CANNOT kill 200 of the same kind to get Perfect Death. Whether you're 
    getting 1% a kill or 0% a kill, you'll still get a message saying the Splinter 
    of Death has grown. As you kill more of the same kind, you start to get less 
    percentage per kill. If you're getting less than 0.5% a kill, you should 
    consider changing locations.
     I did a World Tour starting from the Forest of Embracing. When I reached the 
    End of Embracing, I had 42%. When I reached the End of Desolation, I had 81%.
    While I gained absolutely nothing for the first 3 maps of Valley of Solitude,
    on the last map killing Frozen Flesh Spear and Frozen Flesh Man filled up the
    remaining 19%. Note that you don't gain any percentage on Rare/Elite version 
    of the monsters. In fact you don't even see the message saying Splinter of 
    Death has grown.
    -Blessing of the Absolute-
     Go talk to Encablossa, he says now you're ready to receive the blessing. The
    so-called blessing involves getting rid of Regnier's memories of his family.
    Wake up, when you're ready, you can go right back to sleep without having to 
    go to the next Idol. Talk to Encablossa, a cut-scene occurs, and Regnier's
    past is revealed. The blessing is over
    -For the Age of Darkness-
     Talk to encablossa when the cut-scene ends. The purification is done and 
    Encablossa wants you to cleanse his dimension. Which means killing Keither
    and Moonlight in the gap of Chaos.
     Move to the Road of Chaos, go all the way to the 4th map, the gateway. 
    Instead of going to Idol side of the map, go the other way and you should be 
    able to go upstairs. After you pass the 2nd floor of Idol place, there should 
    be a bridge type road. When you reach it you find a gap, open the gap and 
    enter. And you fight Keither. 
     You need to kill Keither on Normal difficulty.
     After you defeat Keither, go talk to Encablossa for the last time. He'll say
    Moonlight's mutated body is acting as a doorway between dimensions. Go to the
    end of Chaos, unlike what Encablossa said, you face Encablossa instead of 
    mutated Moonlight. Well, just ignore the boss' name and pretend it's Moonlight.
    After you defeat him, time to watch the ending.
     Leinhart                                                                [LNHT]
    -The Beginning-
     Morene appears in Leinhart's dream. When things go to M rating, Valdemaar 
    appears and Morene disappears. 
     The first time you dream, you get some explanation of what's going on. There
    is not much to do, so wake up. 
     The next time you sleep, you'll learn a little bit more about Encablossa's 
    dimension from Valdemaar. You also learn that in this dimension, mutation 
    happens. Leinhart seeks to be mutated in order to become stronger than Regnier.
    Valdemaar is all talk, wake up and move on, sleep again. Morene ('s shadow) 
    still seduces Leinhart, and Valdemaar gives a shocking information, Vampires
    cannot be mutated. Perhaps Encablossa himself can make it happen. To meet 
    Encablossa, talk to the Idol of Death.
    -3 Idols-
    Meet the Idol of Death, he says Idol of Greed is of the highest authority so
    Leinhart should seek the Idol of Greed. When you talk to the Idol of Greed, he 
    wants you to get the Seed of Lust from the Idol of Love. Thankfully Idol of 
    Love doesn't send you back to Idol of Death, instead she tells you to grab a
    seed of plant, so that she can make it into the Seed of Lust.
    -Seed of Lust-
     Seed of plants can be obtained from Plant Kings. When you kill a Plant King, 
    the message says it's spoiled. Basically you need to kill 10 Plant Kings, the 
    spoiled seed thing is a fake (in case you thought it is random and you could 
    get lucky)
     Bring the seed back to Idol of Love, you need to plant it, and nurture it 
    with Endless Desire. Some icy cold lady has the Endless Desire. She means the
    Ice Maiden. So advance to the Valley of Solitude. When you defeat the Ice 
    Maiden, you get the Endless Desire. Now go back to Forest of Embracing, as 
    soon as you start in the tutorial area, turn around and you can plant the seed
    and nurture it with Endless Desire. But nothing happens!
     Go back to Idol of Love, she'll tell you to wait, or give it Water of Time.
    Water of Time is located next to a waterfall in Forest of Embracing. When
    you have it, go back to where you planted the seed. Give it water and finally
    Seed of Lust is in your hands. To Idol of Greed now.
     Idol of Greed is very happy to see his drug... I mean Seed of Lust. He lets
    you meet Encablossa in your dream. Note that if you have skills that are ready
    to be learend, learn it before you talk to Idol of Greed, because Encablossa
    will be in your dreams for a while. Go to sleep and talk to Encablossa. You 
    throw two funniest-joke-of-the-dimension in a row. 
     Leinhart asks to be mutated, saying his current physical mutation is just an 
    illusion. Encablossa wants to test Leinhart by asking him to bring the Paused
    Hourglass located in the spiral of desolation. 
     Go to the City of Desolation, on the 3rd map called evening, there's a 
    spiral road. The hourglass is located over there. Now go to bed, just to hear
    Encablossa say Vampires can't be mutated. 
     He tells you to find Narrow Wisdom at the Beginning of Chaos, and follow the
    winding road to get the Potion of Self-confidence. So when you first get to the
    Road of Chaos map, Betrayal, turn around as soon as you start and you'll find
    Narrow Wisdom. Go all the way to the 4th map, the gateway. Instead of going to 
    Idol side of the map, go the other way and you should be able to go upstairs. 
    After you pass the 2nd floor of Idol place, there should be a bridge type road.
    When you reach it you find a gap, open the gap and enter. Inside you find old
    hero Keither. You'll get the Potion of Self-confidence when you defeat Keither.
     You need to kill Keither on Normal difficulty.
     Now go to sleep. Valdemaar is taking a vacation and Morene still tries to 
    seduces you. The next time you dream, you find out she disappeared. Tell 
    Valdemaar you got the two things Encablossa mentioned. Now back to the Light.
    Get to the End of Chaos, fight Encablossa and the ending.
     Duane                                                                   [DUNE]
     Duane doesn't really have a story quest. Instead he gets to duel with Bertrand
    in his dreams. There's a FAQ dedicated to Duane's fencing. Reaching 100% favor
    will grant you a skill that only Duane can learn via Margurite, Mighty Sword.
     Curian                                                                  [CURN]
     To unlock Curian, you need to finish the game with Celine. Don't have to 
    finish her story. Just beat normal Encablossa, after the credits you should
    unlock the Awakened Lover achievement, and a message saying you unlocked a new
    difficulty. Now choose New Game, Curian is located on the left of Celine. 
     There seems to be a bug with selecting Curian. If you beat Celine, create 
    Curian, delete Curian, and make a new Celine, Curian is no longer selectable.
    I haven't personally experienced this bug, but be careful when you create new
    Celine after unlocking Curian. 
     Curian doesn't have a quest, instead he gets to read the book in his dreams.
    This book gives you the background history of KUF world, story of Moonlight and
    Keither, and of course, Celine. After reading the book, you'll start to better
    understand why Curian and Moonlight said certain things in Celine's story.
    As far as I know there are 44 pages. I'm writing them down whenever I have the
    chance, so this shouldn't take too long to finish.
    -The Book-
     When you start the game you are in Curian's dream, there's a book that keeps
    <1> The which is written here is the unalterable and eternal truth.
    <2> The world began with the separation of Light and Darkness. Ever since then,
    Light and Darkness have taken turns ruling the world. Through this pact between
    Nible, Lord of Light, and Encablossa, Lord of Darkness, the world has prospered
    throughout the eons.
    <3> Again, the time came for the Age of Light to relinquish power to the 
    Darkness. However, Lord Nible despaired in the knowledge that all creations 
    would again be destroyed. Thus, Nible broke the pact with Encablossa and 
    stopped cycle of Ages.
      Boss Fights                                                            [BSFT]
     Forest Guardian                                                         [FRGR]
     Forest Guardian is the boss of Forest of Embracing. It's composed of the main
    part, and 4 heads. 
     Forest Guardian rotates and stomps you with its legs, while its heads spew
    poison to the direction it's facing, and shoot a vine through its mouth..
     Attack the heads, when its HP falls to half, the mask will be destroyed. Move
    on to other 3 heads. When you destory masks of all of them, you can go back and
    finish it off. If you fully damage the head, it will explode and drop a ranged
    weapon with enchantments. 
    (They're guaranteed to drop ranged weapons, and always come with enchantments,
    if your Luck stat is high those enchantments will be of higher level, like 3, 
    so it's not a bad place to farm for ranged weapon enchantments when you're low
    on money)
     If it's your first encounter with the boss, the dropped weapon would probably
    be the best damage ranged weapon you've seen so far. So it's encouraged you 
    equip that weapon. 
     At some point, the main part of the Forest Guardian will jump up, exposing
    its lower part to you. Press LT trigger button to go in to aim mode, and fire
    ranged weapons at it. It may drop back down. If you have some heads alive, this
    is the time for you to finish them. And soon the body will jump up again. 
     After you damage it completely, it might still be up there taking shots, don't
    worry it's dead. Forest Guardian fill fall to the ground a little after it dies
     Mutated Curian                                                          [MTCR]
     Mutated Curian is the optional boss of City of Desolation. Only Kendal with
    the key to there can open the door, so the only way other characters and Kendal
    who's not progressed that far can fight Mutated Curian is via online, with 
    someone who can open it.
     I don't have much to say about him, when I first fought him I was high level
    and well-equipped so didn't pose any challenge, so I don't have much to say...
     Loki                                                                    [LOKK]
     Loki is the boss of Hall of Arrogance. It has an armor, and mainly uses 
    Lightning attacks.
     Basically Loki's attacks are charge attacks or Lightning attacks. 
     When Loki leans back, it's going to charge straight at you so keep 
    sidestepping. When Loki is upright, it will circle around advancing slowly. You
    can you ranged weapon for easy damage at this point, or you can dodge its 
    attacks and melee it during the delay. Loki also shoots a ball of Lightning,
    which bounces off the walls a couple times and fly at you. It's somewhat hard 
    to track, and in multiplayer you can be hit when you're unaware of it.
     After about 2/3 of the damage is dealt, Loki's armor falls apart and it's body
    is exposed. At this point what it does in jumping and running around shooting
    Lightning all over the place. Also Loki becomes immune to ranged attacks, so
    the best bet here's magic attacks. You can melee Loki as well, but without some
    Lightning resistance it can be quite frustrating. 
     After you beat Loki, you'll roll dice for an item, and about at the same time
    as boss items pop out of ground, Loki's head, Mindeater, will stand up and run
    away. If you were aware of it, hit it as soon as it stood up, but couldn't
    damage enough to kill it, you'll need to come back later with a better weapon.
     Ice Maiden                                                              [ICMD]
     Ice Maiden is the boss of Valley of Solitude. 
     She likes to create clones of herself, hence "the End of Solitude". Also she
    summons a dozen of Frozen Ice Maidens, destroy them for some extra loot.
     She isn't that hard, she just floats around and occasionally does an ice 
    scratch attack which has really short range. Also she can be killed with your
    weapon of choice, melee, ranged, magic, pick your favorite and fire away.
     Balrog                                                                  [BLRG]
     Balrog is the boss of Cave of Rage. The battlefield is almost full of lava and
    you'll get damaged without proper resistance. Balrog is composed(?) of his body
    , two arms, and his head, but you'll only see one life bar.
     When Balrog has both his arms, he'll fire his fist (with chain attached to it)
    to the ground, anchoring and damaging if you get hit. Watch where he fires his 
    two fists, because he's gonna leap to the direction between the fists. After 
    the leap, it stands there for a while, you can either use ranged weapons to 
    attack his arms, or use some melee weapons. Melee weapons that do low 
    horizontal attacks will miss his arms very often, so chain your attacks to a
    vertical attack or perhaps use a different weapon if you happen to have one.
    (For example, Dual Katana attacks are usually low, whereas Bushido blade attack
    s are high)
    When he climbs up the wall, there's nothing much to do about it besides taking
    the time to cast Heal, drink potion, etc. Wait until he jumps back down.
     Keep attacking the arms, and one of his arms will pop. Then his attack pattern
    changes. Now when he fires his only fist, you can safely slash the fist that is
    stuck on ground. This phase will go by faster than the first arm, since he's 
    exposed to damage longer.
     When he's health is down to about 1/3 the remaining arm will pop too. Now 
    becomes the part that gets a lot of people. He starts charging at you, if you
    depend heavily on melee, you're quite likely being thrown around the map.
    Ranged weapon and magic helps greatly at this point. Cast your favorite magic,
    and while you're casting abilities most of the time you are invulnerable so it
    makes the charge less threatening. Or if you have a good ranged weapon, go into
    aim mode and shoot his head, he'll stagger which should give you plenty of time
    to unleash your ammunitions.
     After he dies, there'll still be lava fountain at the very center, it will
    disappear after a few seconds but don't get too close, you'll get damaged and
    staggered which results in loss of item-picking up time.
     Keither                                                                 [KTHR]
     Keither is the optional boss of Road of Chaos. You'll need one of Kendal, 
    Regnier, or Leinhart who has progressed far enough in the story to the point
    where you're asked to go into the gap in the dimension (Or winding road). Other
    characters will need someone who meets above requirements in a party online to
    fight Keither.
     Keither has 4 attack patterns and 1 special movement. 
     The first attack pattern is his charge, he takes his weapon, charges up and
    dashes at you. The range isn't too long and he goes straight so you can easily
    sidestep to avoid it. 
     The second attack pattern is his multi slash, he takes his weapon and swings
    it three times. The preparing motion is different from the first one so you 
    should be able to tell. It has wider angle of attack, but the distance is quite
     Also sometimes he sends a swarm of bats flying. Usually he aims a little bit
    in front of the direction you're moving. So if you just stop moving when he
    raises his hand, he'll very frequently shoot to a random direction.
     Last attack pattern is an earth spike. He pulls spikes of earth from the 
    ground, which has very short range but it activates rather quickly. So if you
    depend on melee it's a little bit harder to dodge than other attacks.
     Keither moves around very slow, so if you use ranged weapons, you have a good
    chance of killing him without taking a single hit. But the developers are aware
    of his weakness as well, so when his health drops down to below half, he starts
    rotating clock gears, which establishes a link between the clock tower and 
    himself, making Keither immune to damage and regenerating HP. 
     You need to attack the clock tower to destroy the link, the clock tower does
    not have a health bar so it may be hard to figure out how much you need to 
    attack the tower. If the link is broken and you're still attacking the tower,
    Keither is likely to start the gears again. If your weapon damage is low, his
    health may regenerate faster than you can damage. Be patient and keep fighting.
     After Keither goes down, you'll find yourself at the beginning of the Gateway
    map. So you can easily go sleep and finish up the quest and head to Encablossa.
     I found 50 damage ranged weapon sufficient to kill him safely. Also on Extreme
    where people have more difficulty outdamaging his regeneration than Normal, I
    was able to take him down with a 600 damage bow, which isn't that rare on 
    Extreme difficulty.
     Encablossa                                                              [ECBS]
     Encablossa is the boss of Road of Chaos, and the final boss of the game. 
     Encablossa takes two forms, black and white. His black form is immune to magic
    and his white form is immune to physical damage. The battle always starts with 
    his white form. 
     His attack pattern is rather simple, he does a spinning charge attack, and
    sends a bunch of rocks flying. Repeat two more times and there won't be any
    rocks around. This is your time to damage him. If you try to attack before that
    you'll probably end up hitting the rocks and doing no damage to Encablossa.
    After he gives you a chance to attack, he shoots a few rays to the direction
    he's facing. And after that he might change his form. 
     After he finishes one pattern in his black form, he'll jump up and do a 
    lightning attack that is very damaging. He also alternates between Chilling 
    Touch and multiple Fireball spells for his attacks. 
     When you lower his health to below half, he'll collect all the things that 
    were in the background and make a sphere around him. I have very little idea 
    why he does that, but when he does just use your weapon of choice to finish him
      Abilities                                                              [ABLT]
     You can learn abilities by talking to someone or a book in your dreams.
     However, the description of the requirements suffer from severe misinformation
    and typos. Here's the actual requirements of abilities, the numbers can vary by 
    a little bit, either randomly changed or varies by character.
     I do see the big difference between 2 Balrog Arms and 3 Balrog Arms, but I'll
    pretend that's still a 1 kill difference. 
     So here's how to read the database.
    Ability Name:
    Number of catogories needed: (Percentage gained for completing each category)
     -Name Number required(Percentage gained per kill)
    I'll give an example,
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
    Note: In-game-typo says all of the following
     -Wooden Golem 10 (10% each kill)
     -Rare Wooden Golem 5 (20% each kill)
     To learn this skill you can combine your kills in a way that'll get you 100%.
    Each kill of Wooden Golem gives you 10%, so if you kill 10 of them that's 100%.
    Rare Wooden Golems give you 20% each, 5 of them is ,again, 100%.
    You can mix them up, 8 Wooden Golems for 80%, and 1 Rare Wooden Golem for 20%
    will get you 100% in total, so while you haven't completed either categories,
    you still got 100% and therefore are ready to learn the skill.
     The percentages are either rounded up or down, because saying you get 3.85% 
    per kill isn't very friendly. Occasionally I'll throw in a 0.5% though
     Novice                                                                  [NVAB]
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Plant Jack 7 (14% each kill)
     -Plant Queen 7 (14% each kill)
     -Stalker 33 (3% each kill)
    Defeat 4 of the following (25% each category)
     -Red Lizardman Soldier 6 (4% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Soldier 6 (4% each kill)
     -Stalker 13 (2% each kill)
     -Red Lizardman Warrior 1 (25% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Warrior 1 (25% each kill)
     -Wooden Golem 1 (25% each kill)
    Defeat 4 of the following (25% each category)
     -Red Lizardman Wizard 2 (12.5% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Wizard 2 (12.5% each kill)
     -Louse 13 (2% each kill)
     -Red Lizardman Archer 2 (12.5% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Archer 2 (12.5% each kill)
    Magic Shot
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Stalker 60 (<1% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Wizard 10 (5% each kill)
    Throw Sand
    Defeat 3 of the following (33% each category)
     -Red Lizardman Soldier 30 (1% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Soldier 30 (1% each kill)
     -Red Lizardman Archer 30 (1% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Archer 30 (1% each kill)
    Cherub Statue
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Skeleton Soldier 16 (3% each kill)
     -Skeleton Archer 13 (3% each kill)
    Chilling Touch
    Defeat two of the following (50% each category)
     -Blue Lizardman Wizard 13 (4% each kill)
     -Rare Blue Lizardman Wizard 3 (17% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Warrior 5 (10% each kill)
     -Rare Blue Lizardman Warrior 2 (25% each kill)
    Poison Needle
    Defeat two of the following (50% each category)
     -Plant King 2 (25% each kill)
     -Stalker 20 (2.5% each kill)
     -Ripper 13 (4% each kill)
     -Poison Ripper 13 (4% each kill)
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Wooden Golem 10 (10% each kill)
     -Rare Wooden Golem 5 (20% each kill)
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Red Lizardman Wizard 20 (5% each kill)
     -Blue Lizardman Wizard 20 (5% each kill)
     -Plant King 7 (14% each kill)
     Intermediate                                                            [ITAB]
    Darkness Hand
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Ghost Knight 17 (6% each kill)
     -Rare Ghost Knight 8 (12.5% each kill)
     -Dark Knight 17 (6% each kill)
     -Rare Dark Knight 8 (12.5% each kill)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Darkness 100 (1% each kill)
     -Blacksand Warrior 33 (3% each kill)
    Defeat All of the following (50% each category)
     - Forest Guardian Head 12 (4% each kill)
     - Forest Guardian 2 (25% each kill)
    Chain Lightning
    Defeat 4 of the following (25% each category)
     -Lightning Knight 6 (4% each kill)
     -Rare Lightning Knight 3 (8% each kill)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning 13 (2% each kill)
     -Iron Golem 6 (4% each kill)
     -Rare Iron Golem 3 (8% each kill)
    Mirror of Abyss
    Defeat all of the following (33% each category)
     -Chandelier 2 (17% each kill)
     -Sculptor Apprentice 20 (<2% each kill)
     -Sculptor Maestro 20 (<2% each kill)
    Defeat three of the following (33% each category)
     -Frozen Flesh Spear 13 (2.5% each kill)
     -Ice Knight 13 (2.5% each kill)
     -Blacksand Soldier 66 (0.5% each kill)
     -Frozen Flesh Man 13 (2.5% each kill)
    Defeat all of the following (100% each category)
     -Ripper 66 (1.5% each kill)
    Defeat three of the following (33% each category)
     -Scorpion Spider 53 (<0.5% each kill)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Darkness 10 (3% each kill)
     -Blacksand Soldier 66 (0.5% each kill)
     -Louse 66 (0.5% each kill)
    Snow Bat
    Defeat all of the following (25% each category)
     -Snow Bat 60 (<1% each kill)
     -Frozen Flesh Man 20 (>1% each kill)
     -Ice Knight 25 (1% each kill)
     -Yuki Onna 40 (<1% each kill)
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Red Lizardman Wizard 33 (3% each kill)
     -Forest Guardian Head 7 (14% each kill)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning 17 (6% each kill)
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Mutated Curian 1 (50% each kill)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Fire and Lightning 13 (4% each kill)
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Driller 20 (2.5% each kill)
     -Ice Driller 20 (2.5% each kill)
    Flesh Spear
    Defeat all of the following (33% each category)
     -Flesh Spear 20 (1.5% each kill)
     -Ghost Knight 6 (5% each kill)
     -Flesh Man 20 (1.5% each kill)
    Power of Love #1
    Defeat all of the following (25% each category)
     -Flesh Man 33 (<1% each kill)
     -Frozen Flesh Man 33 (<1% each kill)
     -Explosive Flesh Man 33 (<1% each kill)
     -Frozen Ice Maiden 2 (12.5% each kill)
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Forest Guardian 7 (14% each kill)
     -Forest Guardian Head 100 (1% each kill)
     -Plant King 33 (3% each kill)
     -Plant Queen 100 (1% each kill)
    Ice Sword
    Defeat all of the following (20% each category)
     -Frozen Ice Maiden 1 (20% each kill)
     -Frozen Flesh Man 33 (<1% each kill)
     -Ice Knight 13 (1% each kill)
     -Rare Ice Knight 6 (3% each kill)
     -Ice Driller 13 (1% each kill)
    Golem Heart
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Magma Man 33 (1.5% each kill)
     -Magma Giant 6 (8% each kill)
    Defeat all of the following (33% each category)
     -Necromancer 13 (2.5% each kill)
     -Fire Necromancer 13 (2.5% each kill)
     -Ice Necromancer 13 (2.5% each kill)
    Explosive Flesh Spear
    Defeat all of the following (33% each category)
     -Explosive Flesh Spear 20 (1.5% each kill)
     -Flesh Golem 6 (5% each kill)
     -Balrog's Arm 2 (17% each kill) or 3 (11% each kill)
    Defeat three of the following (33% each category)
     -Blacksand Warrior 13 (2.5% each kill)
     -Necromancer 6 (5% each kill)
     -Rare Blacksand Warrior 6 (5% each kill)
     -Blacksand Solider 33 (1% each kill)
    Angel Statue
    Defeat all of the following (33% each category)
     -Cherub Statue 33 (1% each kill)
     -Angel Statue 20 (1.5% each kill) 
     -Archangel Statue 13 (2.5% each kill)
    Vampire Bat
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Flesh Man 100 (1% each kill)
     -Flesh Spear 100 (1% each kill)
     -Flesh Golem 20 (5% each kill)
    Archangel Statue
    Petrify Breath
    Defeat all of the following (20% each category)
     -Sculptor Apprentice 200 (0.1% each kill)
     -Sculptor Maestro 20 (1% each kill)
     -Angel Statue 30 (<1% each kill)
     -Archangel Statue 10 (2% each kill)
     -Invisible 50 (<1% each kill)
     Advanced                                                                [ADAB]
    Power of Love #2
    Defeat all of the following (16% each category)
     -Rare Encablossan Archmage 6 (2.5% each kill)
     -Encablossan Archmage 20 (<1% each kill)
     -Yuki Onna 33 (0.5% each kill)
     -Yuki Otoko 26 (0.5% each kill)
     -Mutated Curian 3 (5% each kill)
     -Keither 3 (5% each kill)
    Defeat 3 of the following (33% each category)
     -Invisible 50 (<1% each kill)
     -Rare Invisible 30 (1% each kill)
     -Mutated Curian 3 (11% each kill)
     -Keither 3 (11% each kill)
    Defeat any of the following (100% each category)
     -Blacksand Shaman of Darkness 100 (1% each kill)
     -Dark Knight 50 (2% each kill)
     -Encablossan Archmage 25 (4% each kill)
     -Keither 10 (10% each kill)
     -Mutated Curian 10 (10% each kill)
     -Rare Dark Knight 25 (4% each kill)
    Defeat 3 of the following (33% each category)
     -Keither 3 (11% each kill)
     -Encablossan Archmage 40 (<1% each kill)
     -Rare Encablossan Archmage 15 (2% each kill)
     -Skeleton Soldier 50 (<1% each kill)
    Defeat 4 of the following (25% each category)
     -Encablossan Archmage 30 (<1% each kill)
     -Flame Knight 40 (<1% each kill)
     -Balrog 3 (8% each kill)
     -Magma Man 50 (0.5% each kill)
     -Rare Magma Giant 30 (1% each kill)
    Defeat all of the following (50% each category)
     -Rare Loki 3 (17% each kill)
     -Rare Stone Golem 20 (2.5% each kill)
    Note:There's a bug which makes bosses on hard appear as Elite instead of Rare,
    no known fix is available at the moment. 
     End game abiliteis                                                      [EDAB]
     End game abilities consist of Bless, Blizzard, Dark Mist, Meteor, Null, 
    Thor's Hammer, and Vine.
     When you clear a difficulty for the first time, you're awarded one of the end
    game abilites. So that means you'll get total of 3, one from each of Normal,
    Hard, and Extreme.
     What ability you get is TOTALLY RANDOM. Your character doesn't have anything
    to do with what you learn. Your quest advancement has nothing to do with what
    skill you learn either. (If you think there's a relationship, create another
    character, get 3 abilities and see for yourself)
      Synthesis                                                              [SNTH]
     When items are synthesized, the result can be very different depending on if
    you have any enchantments or not. The difference is usually significant I am 
    going to repeat "with enchantments" and "without enchantments" annoyingly many
    times. One small difference makes a potential god item into unusable junk. 
     The synthesis rules are based on pre-patch version of the game. If you've 
    patched the game only portion of the information listed here will still hold
     Synthesis basics                                                        [SNBS]
     Synthesis can be perfomed by Idols. You'll need 1 equipment, 1 other equipment
    or consumable, and some gold to pay for the service.
     As the term "Synthesis" implies, you're making two items into one, so you'll 
    end up with 1 less equipment after synthesis.
     The synthesis rule below are based on pre-patch version of the game. If you've
    patched the game only portion of the information listed here will still hold
     The maximum number of times one item can be synthesized is 100. When the item
    says "This item has been synthesized 100 times" That's when you can't synth any
     The maximum damage or HP you can have on an item is 2,147,483,647. That's the 
    biggest signed integer on a 32 bit system.
     The maximum SP recovery, however, doesn't cap at 32 bits, I believe it uses
    64 bits to store the information. Therefore it can go up to 19 digits in theory
    but because of the way Grey Potions work and 100 times synthesis limit you'll 
    end up with 13 digits tops. 
     Number of times items has been synthesized                              [NMBS]
     If you synthesize two items, the resulting item will have 1 more than the 
    higher of the original two items' synthesis numbers. 
    For example:
    Never been synthesized(0) + Never been synthesized(0) => Synthesized 1 time 
    Synthesized 3 times + Synthesized 3 times => Synthesized 4 times
    Never been synthesized(0) + Synthesized 5 times => Synthesized 6 times
    Synthesized 5 times + Synthesized 7 times => Synthesized 8 times
    Synthesized 2 times + consumable item => Synthesized 3 times
    Below is the only exception to this rule
    Synthesized 3 times + Seed/Bud/Flower of Harmony => Synthesized 3 times 
     Number of total slots                                                   [SLTS]
     If you synthesize two items, the resulting item will have the same number of
    slots as the bigger number of original two items' slots. 
     Defibrillator increases the number of slots by one.
    For example:
     No slots + No slots => No slots
     1 slot + NO slots => 1 slot
     2 slots + 1 slot  => 2 slots
     2 slots + 4 slots => 4 slots
     3 slots + 3 slots => 3 slots
     No slot + Defibrillator => 1 slot
     2 slots + Defibrillator => 3 slots
     Level of enchantments                                                   [LVEC]
     The synthesis rule below are based on pre-patch version of the game. If you've
    patched the game only portion of the information listed here will still hold
     If you synthesize two items with enchantments, the resulting item will have
    higher level of the enchantment, both, or neither. 
    1) Enchantment disappearing
     If you read the description of the enchantment, it tells you on which items
    this enchantment can go on. If the resulting item can't have certain 
    enchantments you synthed, it'll disappear. Some items drop in a form that's not
    possible to be obtained by synthing, trying to do anything with such items will
    result in loss of enchantments. Unless you put such items on the second spot.
    Examples of such bugged enchantments are Slash, Thrust, Bash, and Fortitude on
    accessories. Such enchantments are for armor only, but you can find those from
    Idols, or monster/boss drops.
    For example:
     No enchantment Armor + 25 Piercing Bow => No enchantment Armor
     1 Slash Ring + 1 Slash Ring => No enchantment ring
     6 Fortitude Ring + No enchantment Armor => No enchantment ring
     No enchantment Armor + 6 Fortitude Ring => 6 Fortitude Armor
    2) Resulting item has enchantment level that equals the sum of the two items
     When the two items have the same enchantments, the resuling item will have 
    and enchantment that equals the sum of the two items' enchantment levels,
    given that the enchantment doesn't disappear. 
     The highest level of enchantment is 25.
    For example:
     1 Slash Armor + 1 Slash Armor => 2 Slash Armor
     2 Frost 5 Fear Ring + 4 Frost Armor => 6 Frost 5 Fear Ring
     15 Blast Shield + 15 Blast Shield = 25 Blast Shield
    3) Resulting item has higher level enchantment of the two items
     When the two items have the same number of slots, and no empty slots, but 
    different type of enchantments, the resuling item will keep the higher level of
    enchantments. Even if you have high level of something, if that enchantment 
    falls under the disappearing enchantment category, it's still going to 
    For example:
     5 Slash Armor (1 slot) + 2 Thrust Armor (1 slot) => 5 Slash Armor (1 slot)
     5 Slash Armor (1 slot) + 25 Piercing Bow (1 slot) => 5 Slash Armor (1 slot)
     20 Power (1 slot) + 19 Enchantment (1 slot) => 20 Power (1 slot)
    Since you'll lose one of the enchantments, synth a defibrillator to increase
    the number of slots, and the behavior will change like below
    4) Resulting item has all the enchantments that don't disappear
     When the two items have different number of slots, the resulting item will 
    have all above three rules in effect. 
    For example:
     5 Slash Armor (2 slots) + 2 Thrust Armor (1 slot) 
      => 5 Slash 2 Thrust Armor (2 slots)
     7 Piercing 2 Reflection Light Crossbow (2 slots) 
      + 10 Piercing 5 Puncture Heavy Crossbow (3 slots) 
      => 17 Piercing 2 Reflection Light Crossbow (3 slots)
     6 Multi-Fire 5 Reflection Fuma (2 slots) + 4 Darkness 2 Piercing Fuma 
     (3 slots) => 6 Multi-Fire 5 Reflection 4 Darkness Fuma (3 slots)
     25 Guidance 25 Rupture Pistol (4 slots) + 25 Reflection 25 Chance Pistol
     (2 slots) => 25 Guidance 25 Rupture 25 Reflection 25 Chance Pisol (4 slots)
     Enchantments that cancel out                                            [CNCL]
     When you're adding enchantments, be aware of some enchantments that cancel
    each other out. 
     Flame <-> Frost
     Lightning <-> Venom
     Darkness <-> Illumination
     If you have opposing enchantments in the same gear (be it armor or accessory)
    they cancel out whichever amount of level that is lower.
    For example,
     25 Flame and 25 Frost on separate items => 100% Flame 100% Frost resistance
     25 Flame 25 Frost on one item => 0% Flame resistance, 0% Frost resistance
     25 Flame 20 Frost on one item=> 20% Flame resistance, 0% Frost resistance
     Fee of Synthesis                                                        [STFE]
     Every time you synthesize, you are charged a fee. How much you'll have to pay
    to get be 100% successful depends on the number of times the items have been
    synthesized, and the combined success rate of the two items.
     Cheapest way to make level 25 enchantments                              [CP25]
     If you have read the rule of leveling up enchantments, the number of times
    item has been synthesized, and the fee of synthesis, you know it can be done
     Imagine you have 4 items, A1,B1,C1,D1, each of them has never been 
    synthesized and has level 1 enchantment of the same sort.
     A1 + B1 => E2 (A new item of level 2 enchantment, synthesized 1 time)
     E2 + C1 => F3 (Synthesized 2 times)
     F3 + D1 => G4 (Synthesized 3 times)
     Above is very ineffective, in terms of money and item stats. Instead this is a
    better way.
     A1 + B1 = E2 (Synthesized 1 time)
     C1 + D1 = F2 (Synthesized 1 time)
     E2 + F2 = G4 (Synthesized 2 times)
     In the worst case, if you started with 25 of level 1 enchantments, your 25 
    level enchantment item will say "The item has been synthesized 5 times"
     16 items that sum up to level 25 will say 4 times, 
     Less than 8 items that sum up to level 25 will say 3 times.
     You can't have less than 5 items, because there's no item of level 7+
    enchantment that has never been synthesized.
     If you did it the bad way (First example), the 25 level item says synthesized
    24 times, it would have costed millions of gold in synthesis fees. 
     Also, since Seed/Bud/Flower of Harmony doesn't increase the number of times
    synthesized, feel free to use it on items that has low success rate to save on
    some golds.
     Special Synthesis Items                                                 [SPCL]
     The synthesis rule below are based on pre-patch version of the game. If you've
    patched the game only portion of the information listed here will still hold
    Weapon + Orange Potion   -> Increase weapon damage by 30%
    Item + Blue Potion       -> Increases HP on item by 20%
    Item + Grey Potion       -> Increases SP recovery by 25%
    Item + Yellow Potion     -> Adds "made by *your gamertag*" on the item
    Item + Cyan Potion       -> Removes Fatigue enchantment from the item 
    Item + Holy Water        -> Removes Fire and Darkness enchantments from item
    Item + Antidote          -> Removes Venom enchantment from the item
    Item + Softener          -> Removes Stone enchantment from the item
    Item + Antistatic        -> Removes Lightning enchantment from the item
    Item + Ice Water         -> Removes Confusion, Fear, and Rage enchantments from
                                the item
    Item + Small Red Potion  -> Removes the bottom enchantment from the item
    Item + Medium Red Potion -> Removes two bottom enchantments from the item
    Item + Large Red Potion  -> Removes three bottom enchantments from the item
    Item + White Potion      -> Removes all enchantments from item
    Item + Seed of Harmony   -> Increase success rate of item by 20%, doesn't 
                                increase the number of times synthesized
    Item + Bud of Harmony    -> Increase success rate of item by 50%, doesn't 
                                increase the number of times synthesized
    Item + Flower of Harmony -> Increase success rate of item by 100%, doesn't 
                                increase the number of times synthesized
    Item + Defibrillator     -> Adds one empty slot
     Why would "remove certain enchantment from item" be of any use?
     Okay, imagine you have an accessory that has 25 Flame, 25 Frost, 25 Fatigue,
    and 25 Stone. Now you've messed up by putting both Flame and Frost, but since
    they're both on top of the list if you want to remove Frost with Red Potions,
    you'll lose Fatigue and Stone as well. Instead you can synth Holy Water with 
    the item, and remove Flame so the accessory's fully functional. 
     Weapon Synthesis                                                        [WEPN]
     The synthesis rules of this entire section are based on pre-patch version of 
    the game. If you've patched the game only portion of the information listed 
    here will still hold true.
     Here are the three steps of making a good weapon.
    1) Lowering SP use
    2) Increasing damage
    3) Adding enchantments
    1) Lowering SP use
     You've picked up a good weapon but it has a high SP consumption? Here's the 
     Go to Normal difficulty Forest of Embracing, and kill monsters to get weapons 
    that are of the same kind as your good weapon. Make sure they are of the same
    kind, and they have low SP use.  Damage of these weapons is irrelevant but the 
    type and SP use of them are. 
     DO NOT buy low damage weapon from Idols and think that will work as well, the
    items Idols sell have SP consumption based on your level, so you may end up 
    with something like 10 damage sword with 750 SP per use. Totally unusable for 
    SP use reducing task.
     Now once you have a few (usually 5-6 will do the job) of those, it's time to 
    get rid of your enchantment of the good weapon. If you choose not to remove the
    enchantments, damage of your good weapon will decrease every time you synth. So
    it's your best interest to stay away from that.
     You can also use low SP consuming weapons of different type, but they're only
    half as effective in terms of reducing SP use. So keep the same types together.
     990 SP use Sword + 10 SP use Sword -> ~500 SP use Sword.
     990 SP use Sword + 10 SP use Bow -> ~750 SP use Sword. 
     Recommended SP use for weapons that will have 25 level enchantments going on 
    them is 30~50 SP per use, depending on the weapon type. Otherwise, you'll have
    to decrease it to the point it suits your maximum SP and SP recovery.
    2) Increasing damage
     Increasing damage is very simple. All you need is a weapon and orange potions.
    Synthing Orange Potion with a weapon increases the damage of weapon by 30%, 
    only if the weapon doesn't have any enchantments. Synthing Orange Potion does
    not change SP per use, or SP recovery, given that you do not have any 
    enchantments on that weapon.
     As you have more levels of enchantments, the increase in damage decreases and
    then after a certain point synthing with orange potion still results in loss 
    of damage.
     If you have a lot of enchantments, you should get another weapon, raise the 
    damage of that weapon and then transfer enchantments onto that, instead of 
    synthing orange potions into your enchantment heavy weapon.
    3) Adding enchantments
     If you have a high damage low sp use weapon, minimize the number of times you
    add enchantments onto that item. Instead of synthing 25 level enchantments four
    times, synth those enchantments onto one item and make 25/25/25/25. And then 
    only synth it once with your weapon. 
     Refer to Levels of enchantments and Cheapest way to make level 25 enchantments
    section if you need help.
     There's one small thing you can do to minimize the jump of SP use when you 
    add the enchantments. While it's almost impossible to prevent SP use going up
    when you add a lot of enchantments, you can transfer your enchantment to a low
    SP using weapon (The same one that was used in step 1) first, and then synth it
    with your high damage weapon. 50->650 and 50->600 are both big jumps, but why
    not minimize it?
     Armor Synthesis                                                         [ARMR]
     The synthesis rules of this entire section are based on pre-patch version of 
    the game. If you've patched the game only portion of the information listed 
    here will still hold true.
     There are multiple tiers of armors for each character, and some tiers can or
    can't have certain enchantments. Always check the enchantment description to
    make sure you're working with the right tier of armor for your enchantments.
    1) Lowering SP requirements
    2) Increasing HP
    3) Adding Enchantments
    1) Lowering SP requirements
     If you synth two armors of the same kind, the resulting armor has average HP 
    of the two, and average SP requirement of the two, and SP recovery/consumption 
    of the inferior stat or slightly better than the average of the two. So while 
    it may decrease some SP requirement, it's hurting the HP stat heavily. So this 
    is not best the way. 
     If you synth armors with accessories that have SP recovery, SP recovery of 
    the resulting armor increases, but so does the SP requirement. 
     So it comes to weapoons. At the synthesis screen, select armor first and then
    wepon at the bottom. And look at the result screen before you actually confirm
    synthesis. If it's a high damage weapon, you should have gained 5% increase in
    HP, if it's a low damage weapon, you get 20% decrease in HP, so make sure you
    check the result preview. 
     Now once you found weapons that increase your armor's HP by 5%, let's take a 
    look at SP requirement of the armor. While all of the weapons I tested with 
    increased HP by 5%, the SP requirement varied grealy, from 5% increase to 20% 
    decrease. Now it's time for you to find out which weapon decreases SP
    requirement by 20% for your character.
     The weapon has to be the right type, and the right strength. I had to use 
    weapons from Extreme difficulty, otherwise my armor takes a hit in the HP stat
     Additional note: I've also found out to decrease SP and increase HP, you need
    an Extreme weapon that has its SP usage reduced. All my weapons tested had SP
    usage reduced, so I got such results =/
    2) Increasing HP
     Again, as long as you don't have any enchantments on your armor, this step is
    fairly easy. Grab your armor, synth it with Blue Potion, you'll get 20% 
    increase in HP of that armor. As you have more enchantments the less increase
    in HP you'll get. 
    3) Adding Enchantments
     Usually, if you're adding a LOT of enchantments decrease in HP can't be 
    avoided. But the HP drop isn't too big, you can increase HP a little bit above 
    your target HP, so after enchantments synthesis you still have satisfying HP.
     Accessories work in a similar manner as armors.
     Ability Synthesis                                                       [ABST]
     If your weapon has "Enchantment" enchantment, you can synth abilities into the
    weapon. This enchantment is only available on Regnier's Greatsword, but other
    characters can synth their abilities into his weapon too.
     The process is simple, go to synthesis menu, choose your "Enchantment" weapon,
    and on the third slot pick the ability you want to synthesize.
     The ability has to be:
     Attack ability (No Heal, Silence, etc)
     Learned via quests (No Bless, Null, Thor's Hammer, Vine, Meteor, Blizzard)
     After synthesizing ability into the weapon, your character loses the ability
    so you'll have to re-learn it or live without it.
     That's not the end of it, the synthesized abilities activation rate depends on
    your character's Luck stat. 
     Also you can't have more than one ability per weapon. When you synth another 
    ability, existing ability will be gone. 
     Recommended Ability to synth on weapons:
     Magic Shot, Chilling Touch, Mighty Sword
     Chilling Touch and Mighty Sword would require help from another person.
     Abilities you should avoid:
     Icicle, Flesh Spear, Explosive Flesh Spear, Kaleidoflamma, Ice Sword
     The duration, range and damage of these abilities drastically decrease when
    used by Enchantment. For Freezing purposes, use Chilling Touch instead, because
    you'll only see a tiny ice pieces when using Icicle/Ice Sword. Spears do really
    little damage. 
     Due to decreased activation chance and damage of Mighty Sword, Ability 
    Synthesis lost quite a bit of its merit.
     Recommended Enchantments                                                [RCMD]
     The following recommendation is based on my personal preference, I do not 
    intend to claim these are the best. If there are less than 4, you can fill it
    up with whatever you want, but that won't affect my recommended enchantments a
    lot. (For example, adding Greed, Extortion, Reaping, etc)
     Status ailment means whatever you find suitable, usually Frost, Darkness and
    Rage, depending on which of them can go on the weapon. 
     If some weapons are missing, that means I've never liked using that weapon and
    can't recommend anything.
      =Dagger: Bloodlust, Counterattack, Fatality, Growth
      =Rapier: Bloodlust, Counterattack, Fatality, Growth
      =Bow: Guidance, Piercing, Reflection, status ailment 
      =Falke: Guidance, Reflection, Rupture, Wisdom
      =Sling: Guidance, Piercing, Rupture, status ailment
      =Mace: Growth, Power, status ailment
      =Shield: Collaboration, Defense, Hatred, Tremor
      =Warhammer: Pull (If you find Willpower useful, add that as well)
      =Heavy Crossbow: Guidance, Piercing, Reflection
      =Light Crossbow: Multi-Fire, Piercing, Reflection, status ailment
      =Gauntlet: Defense, Hatred
      =Greatsword: Enchantment, Power
      =Cannon: Piercing, Reflection
      =Throwing Blade: Flight, Guidance, Hatred, Rampage, Reflection (Pick 4)
      =Bushido Blade: Bloodlust, Counterattack, Growth
      =Dual Katana: Counterattack, Fatality, Growth
      =Shuriken: Multi-Fire, Piercing, Reflection, status ailment
      =Gunsword: Bloodlust, Growth, Hatred or
                 Chance, Profit 
      =Gatling Gun: Chain-Fire, Excavation, Flame
      =Pistol: Guidance, Piercing, Reflection, Rupture
      =Poleaxe: Concentration, Power, Status ailment
      =Shield: Collaboration, Defense, Hatred
      =Spear: Bloodlust, Fatality
     Again, depending on your play style these recommendation may or may not work.
    Surely you'll discover your own best enchantment sets.
     Attribute Points                                                        [ATRB]
     You gain attribute points every level up. The amount of attribute points you
    gain are totally dependant on your level, not what you kill or what difficulty
    you level up. The amount you gain increases as your level goes up, until around
    level 100, and after that you start getting less and less attribute points and
    on 119->120 level up you only gain about 280 points.
     Also same character at same level are not guaranteed to have the same number
    of attribute points but they don't vary by a lot, something like 10 SP worth
    of points.
     Initial attributes and points needed                                    [INAT]
     Here's the initial attributes of characters, and attribute points needed to
    increase the attribute by one. 
     HP: 40 (4 points per attribute)
     SP: 30 (20 points per attribute)
     Luck: 5 (5 points per attribute)
     HP: 70 (2 points per attribute)
     SP: 25 (26 points per attribute)
     Luck: 5 (5 points per attribute)
     HP: 80 (2 points per attribute)
     SP: 25 (28 points per attribute)
     Luck: 5 (5 points per attribute)
     HP: 45 (3 points per attribute)
     SP: 27 (22 points per attribute)
     Luck: 5 (6 points per attribute)
     HP: 45 (3 points per attribute)
     SP: 26 (28 points per attribute)
     Luck: 10 (3 points per attribute)
     HP: 50 (3 points per attribute)
     SP: 25 (24 points per attribute)
     Luck: 5 (5 points per attribute)
     Thanks to original person who databased this, and TrueDozenMarks for sharing 
    it on the message board.
     Recommended Attributes                                                  [RCAT]
     First of all, there's is no "best" stat. You'll build your stat in a way that
    fits your play style the best. Uber-gear fad has got people to put as much as
    Luck as possible, but 2000 HP build or 2500 SP build isn't any inferior to say,
    6000 Luck build. 
     Recommended stat in early levels of first-timers. If you're reading this you
    are obviously willing to learn the mechanics of the game, but in early stages
    you may still feel like you're getting killed too often. I've invested some HP
    on my first character, and guess what I had absolutely no problem with my level
    120 stats. 
     About 1000 Attribute points (Which comes to 250~500 HP depending on character)
    is recommended if you're having difficulty with your first character.
     It's an absolute must. You need SP to attack, to use abilities, equip items,
    SP is THE essential stat. The amount of SP you'd want depends on how you play
    and what items you want to equip. My sweet spot is between 1000 and 1500. Or
    you can boost SP to 2000+ and have superier magic firepower which is of great
    use on Hard/Extreme difficulties.
     SP should be the main stat your attribute points go in, until you reach your
    sweet spot.
     Luck not only helps increasing the number of dropped items, it helps some 
    enchantments activate (For example, Frost on Bows, other enchantments like
    Profit, Fortitude, Chance, Extortion, Enchantment, and more), and helps reduce
    the duration of status ailments. 
     So called "farming characters" have high Luck, so that they get more number of
    drops per time, which means higher chance of finding good items.
     Other characters like Regnier, use Luck for ability on Enchantment to activate
    all the time, or making Leinhart immune to stagger with 3 Fortitude since he 
    can't have Fortitude on armors. Also it helps you save money from buying 25 of
    the same enchantments, when you only need 1~3.
     I'd recommend investing in Luck after you reached your desired SP, spending 
    leftover attribute points hurts SP more than it does good. 
     Status Ailments                                                         [STAI]
     Flame: Catch on fire, decreases HP constantly, and makes you stagger even with 
     Frost: Freeze, all resistances reduced, and unable to perform any actions.
     Lightning: Surrounded by electricity, damages and makes you stagger every 
                certain time intervals.
     Venom: Decreases HP constantly.
     Confusion: Question mark above your head, character movement controls reversed
     Fear: Skulls over your head, SP reduced to 0 and stays at 0 for the duration
           of the status ailment.
     Rage: Outer screen turns red, all resistances reduced, damage increased.
     Silence: X mark above your head, unable to cast abilities.
     Darkness: Outer screen turns black, all resistances reduced.
     Fatigue: Web above your head, character movement slowed down.
     Stone: Turns into stone, immune to damage for the duration of status ailment.
     Frequently Asked Questions                                              [FAQS]
     Quest related
    Q: I'm following your walkthrough, quite sure I followed every step but I don't
    get certain items after I kill mentioned monsters
    A: Whether it's a boss or just a group of monsters, it's guaranteed to work if
    you do it on Normal. 
     "I'm stuck..." 
    Q: I'm stuck at City of Desolation:Night map, there's a locked door but I don't
    have the key.
    A: That door can only be opened by Kendal who has the key from his story quest.
    If you don't have the key, go to the opposite end of the map, there is a open
    portal to Hall of Arrogance
    Q: I'm stuck at Hall of Arrogance:Antechamber, there's a light barrier and it 
    says something about lights going out...
    A: Go back down the stairs, and head to the hallway Idol is facing. It should
    lead you to Sunrise Atrium. From the Sunrise Atrium you can choose to go to
    the Library of Memories, or Vestibules. When you go through either side, you
    will be sent back to Sunrise Atrium, and you have to go through the other side
    This time you'll end up in Twilight Corridor, and after that you'll be back in
    Antechamber, but the barrier will be gone.
    Q: I'm stuck at Valley of Solitude, the maps are confusing.
    A: Valley of Solitude maps are multi-leveled, and the exit leading to the next
    map looks like a tail when you look at the mini-map. Those exits are usually
    on the upper floors, head the opposite way and you'll probably find a path 
    leading upstairs.
    Q: I'm stuck at Road of Chaos, and I don't see the Idol either.
    A: Again, Road of Chaos maps are multi-leveled. Idols only spawn on first 
    floor, and the exit to next map is located past the Idol. The problem is, the
    exit may spawn on first floor or second floor, there's no way to tell besides
    going all the way to the Idol, at that point you'll see a black tooth-shaped
    doorway, if it's floating up the exit is on second floor, if it's sunken down
    the exit is on first floor.
     "Where do I find..."
    Q: Where do I find Stone Golems?
    A: Stone Golems don't naturally spawn. You have to turn Golems into Stone, and
    it'll turn into a Stone Golem. You can 1) Have a weapon with Stone enchantment
    2) Chance enchantment, and repeat until you get stone 3) Petrify Breath ability
    Q: Where do I find orange/blue/grey potions?
    A: Invisibles drop orange potions at high chance, and Magma Men drop blue
    potions at high chance. Grey potions can be easily found by killing Frozen Ice
    Maidens over and over, instead of killing the Ice Maiden, just let her create
    dozens of Frozen versions and destroy them to farm.
    Q: Where does Chandelier spawn?
    A: In the Hall of Arrogance, Sunrise Atrium. Right after you enter, press LT
    and look up, you'll see one. Note that on Hard and Extreme it becomes rare and
    Elite respectably, so you'll need to kill it on Normal in order to learn the
    Q: Where is that gap in the dimension?
    A: On the second floor of the Road of Chaos:Gateway map. If you've progressed
    enough in the story you'll see a glowing orb. Go and open the gap, step back
    and front again it'll ask you if you want to enter. Or refer to Regnier, Kendal
    , and Leinhart's story quests
     Synthesis related
    Q: When should I start synthing orange and blue potions into items?
    A: At least after you beat Normal. Synth 3 orange potions to Normal Encablossa 
    drop weapons and you'll be massacring in Hard with 250+ weapons. Synth 3 orange
    potions with Hard Encablossa drop weapons and you'll massacre Extreme monsters
    with 600+ weapon. 600 damage weapon even outdamages Elite Keither's health 
    regeneration, I know it's enough to beat the game on Extreme.
     Ability related
    Q: Which ability should I learn?
    A: I recommend Magic Shot, Heal, Chilling Touch, and Dash from Novice category,
    Chain-Lightning and Icicle from Intermediate category. Your character might not
    be able to learn some of the abilities listed above, don't worry it's not gonna
    kill you.
     Flesh Spear/Explosive Flesh Spear do too much damage considering its SP 
    consumption, and can make the game too easy, so I will leave the decision up to
    Q: I'm trying to learn Landslide, but I can't seem to find Rare Loki. 
    A: There's a bug which makes bosses on hard appear as Elite instead of Rare,
    no known fix is available at the moment.
     Enchantments related
    Q: I have 100% resistance but still get status ailments
    A: Frost, Darkness, and Rage status effects decrease your resistance. 
    For example, let's say you have 100% Frost, 100% Darkness, no Rage resistance
    When you get affected by Rage, your Frost and Darkness resistance decrease so
    you can end up blind and frozen. 
    Q: How do I freeze enemies like Celine shooting freezing arrows in opening vid?
    A: This applies to all other status ailment enchantments, not just Frost. 
     First you'll need that status ailment enchantment on your weapon. Each 
    character has different kinds of weapons that can have such ailments. Refer to
    the enchantment description for more details.
     If you have high Luck stat, enemies will easily get affected by the status
    ailment you put on your weapon, but if your Luck is low 25 Frost doesn't really
    give you 25% chance to freeze enemies. Concentration can help, but it uses up 
    one slot so you may want to consider raising your Luck instead. 
    Q: Where is the best place to level up?
    A: It really depends on your items. Find mid-point between bare survival and 
    massacre. I tend to play closer to barely surviving, level up there and go back
    to wherever I originally was to massacre and advance the quests.
    Q: Money transfer or spending attribute points is painfully slow!
    A: As you hold your stick to one direction, the amount of money transferred per
    time increases, but it caps at 1000 range. You can double that by pressing and 
    holding your d-pad to the same direction in addition to the analog stick. This 
    should double your money transfer / attribute point spending speed.
     I have an old Premium set controller, so the dpad is really messed up and will
    occasionally register as up/right diagonal instead of just right. I've heard on
    Arcade/Pro set controllers have improved dpad that doens't do that anymore, but
    I wouldn't know. You can easily tell the speed doubled by listening to the 
    sound effect, and it's also visually obvious.
     History                                                                 [HSTR]
    v0.4 Jan.23.2008
      =Celine Quest done
      =Kendal Quest done
      =Leinhart Quest done
      =Duane Quest done =P
    v0.41 Jan.25.2008
      =Curian Quest updated
    v0.7 Jan.26.2008
      =Regnier Quest done
      =Boss done
    v0.9 Jan.27.2008
      =Synthesis done except Armor/Accessories
      =Abilities done except 4
      =FAQ section updated
    v0.95 Jan.29.2008
      =Synthesis updated
      =FAQ section updated
    v0.98 Feb.5.2008
      =Character quests updated
      =Status Ailment section added
      =Attribute points section added
      =Synthesis section updated
      =FAQ section updated
    v0.99 Feb.6.2008
      =Recommended Enchantments added
      =Minor updates
    vFinal Feb.22.2008
      =Fixed to reflect the patch
      =Question e-mails will still be answered, but this is the final update
     I am the sole author of this FAQ
     This guide is only available on http://www.GameFAQs.com
     You may not reproduce/redistribute this FAQ without permission. You may use 
    this guide for non-commercial and personal use in its original form only.
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