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"Huge Surprise"

I was never a fan of the old stuntman game, so when I heard about this one I wasn't in the least bit interested. But the other day when I went to blockbuster to pick up a game, I decided what the hell, I'll try it. Such a good choice.

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics in the game are really nice, explosions are crisp and detailed with lots of debris. The vehicles look great, reflecting sunlight and losing pieces as you crash into things. Overall, they are nice, and keep up to the Xbox 360 standard, they just aren't over the top.

Controls - 9/10
The controls work very well with this game, you hold the right trigger in for the throttle, left trigger brakes, B is your handbrake which is very useful for the tricky drifts you get into, and Y is the Action button. This is used to do special events during a scene, depending on the vehicle your using. A bike may be able to lay down flat to skid under an exploding tanker, and a car can light itself on fire for dramatic effect.

Game-Play - 9/10
This is where this game really stands out. I've never played a game like it, and it really is a genre of it's own. The goal of the game is to race through the set (level) doing as many crazy stunts as you can. There are director stunts in every set, which are stunts you will need to do, or you will get a strike. Five strikes and you'll need to do a retake (you can turn on Easy Mode to give yourself more strikes). There are also many stunts you can do that are not pre-set, such as driving very close to vehicles and objects, drifting, jumping, 180's etc. And if your going for 5 stars, you need to keep all your stunts together in a 'string'. This is, to say the difficult part. After each stunt, you add a number to the multiplier, and after 2 seconds, if you haven't done more stunts, the points you earned up in the multiplier will be added together and set as your current score. To keep a string, you need to go the whole level without losing your multiplier, stringing stunts together within 2 seconds of each other the whole time. It requires fast thinking on your part, for deciding what you can use around you for a stunt, and also requires a lot of restarts to get it all down perfect.

Sound - 10/10
Everything about the sound was great in this game, the cars, the explosions, the voice overs, the music. It all fit.
If your filming a spy kind of action flick, you'll hear music that matches, and if your filming Dukes of Hazard type film you'll hear music fit for that too.
The voice overs of all the characters are quite good, and none are too over-done.

Rent or Buy
Depends on what kind of a gamer you are.
If your a hardcore gamer who wants all the best scores, and is not easily flustered by difficulty, this is a buy for sure.
If you just wanna have some fun doing crazy stunts without caring how your points add up, you probably will be fine just renting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/04/07

Game Release: Stuntman Ignition (US, 08/28/07)

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