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"The slow motion makes this game. Without it... it's not worth it. Will probably be forgotten.."

When it comes to shooters, the 360 is the console to own. There are so many of these things, I can't keep count. No one can, they just keep coming out. So every now and then, one will come along that is different than the rest. Better, more refined. Is F.E.A.R. 2 the one? No, not really. But it does have some good features in it that makes it at least worth a run through.

One of the things I like in this game is the slow motion ability. Granted, it's not the first to do it, but something about pressing Y and then listening to the crisp sound of your bullets from your machine gun unloading into the face of a generic enemy and then watching his head burst into blood is always satisfying. I will go as far to say that if this game didn't have the slow motion, I'd drop it off my radar altogether. It really adds some fun to it.

It tries to be scary, but pretty much fails in that aspect. It has a few pop outs that might make you jump for a second, but they are pretty expected. You are following the girl Alma, trying to destroy her because she's some kind of evil girl with babies gone wrong... Ehh, it's pretty bad. No one really cares about the story in a shooter, but at least the game tries. I'll give it that.

There are 14 stages in all, and you get an achievement for beating each one. It's nice to get a little reward for blasting through these things, because lots of times, you aren't gonna want to go on. You're gonna want to play something more polished than this. It's a dark game, and the environments just aren't pretty to look at. There's plenty of baddies to kill, though,

One thing I really dislike about this game is that everything looks the same. The environments on the stages you are playing, all look the same. And since there is no radar telling you where to go, you will find yourself getting lost... a lot. Not knowing where to go, and when you get in fights with enemies, you'll be turning around a lot shooting them. So by the time the fight is over, you will have no idea in which direction you were heading. This really bothered me. I think every FPS should feature some form of waypoint so you don't get lost. When you play one without one, like this, it just feels... outdated.

There are these mech things you can crawl into and blast people to pieces. The screen goes crazy when you hop in, showing you the visor, which I thought was pretty neat. You then set thermal vision on so you can see the movement in the enemies, and then just blast them. You only get into these mech things about 3 times in the game, but the sequences were pretty cool for the short time they lasted.

In conclusion, it will probably be forgotten as time goes on, but for $10, it's worth checking out. Give it a run though, then move on. That's the best thing to do with this kind of game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/19/10

Game Release: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (US, 02/10/09)

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