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"I was expecting more. Good but not great."

We all know what we should expect from Madden. Without further adu, lets get to it:

Gameplay: 8/10
Tackling is great in this game and its very similar to ESPN NFL 2005 but with better graphics. This year in Madden, each players have their own style of running. Bigger players are very good at running defenders over and lighter players will use their speed to dodge defenders. Very well done. There are also newer Touchdown celebrations and they still also keep the old celebrations such as Chad Johnson's river dance. The new run to daylight feature is incredible and helpful. In this feature, you can control the linemen and the fullback so you can open holes for your running back to run. EA also removed the feature saving in the middle of the game which really sucks if you need to leave and dont want to lose your game data. This is the one what disappoint me the most, the create a player. This time in CAP, you cant just make a guy and make him 99 overall or not even 80 overall. You gotta make him run his 40 dash and bench press. Usually, the CAP ends up around the 50 overall just like an undrafted rookie.

Superstars Mode: 8/10
So far, the superstars mode is good but not great. Its still kind of easy to become a Hall of Famer but in reality its really hard. Each position has their own camera angle which can be hard at times, unless you are the QB because QB's camera angle are still the same like before. Like in Madden 06, you will get tested on IQ test and physical test. New in Madden 07 SS mode is the 40 yard dash, and its really fun and bench press. The better scores you get, the higher you will get picked. You then pick your agents, and there is actually a female agent! Later on, you need or you can also skip practices before gameday.

Franchise: 7/10
Franchise are still the same like the older Maddens but there arent any owner mode. The player's morale are real good, for example Terrell Owens' morale is really low because he makes trouble in the real world. The franchise mode last 30 years and if you finish all 30 years, you can unlock your achievement points and it worth a lot.

Graphics: 8/10
Wow, this is great. You can actually see the player's teeth and facial expression. Too bad the players dont actually sweat. The weather is awsome, rain, snow and windy. The stadium are so much better than the PS2 version. The fans are still looking weird but the seats are nearly the same to the real thing. The thing that bug me is the players looks like they are on steroids just like in Madden 05 and madden 06. You can't actually either have a guy taller than 6'11" or a guy with pure muscles. After the game, you also notice that the player's uniform is not dirty enough even though you just played during rain. The dumbest part is there aren't any alternative costumes. You can download them but you got to pay for them, a lot of dollars just for a game uniform.

Presentation: 6/10
This is worst than you can imagine. You can't watch the NFL draft during the Superstars season mode. No half-time presentation and no post game. Also, after you play and win the Superbowl, there aren't any celebrations.

Sounds: 7/10
Ok, so the announcers are not Michaels or Madden anymore which is sucks. There is only one announcer in Madden 07 and he kept repeating the same thing over and over. The audibles yelling is great and the fake snap sounds like the real players. They really should bring back Madden and Michaels, I mean the game is called "Madden 07".

Overall: 8/10
It is a large improvement from Madden 06 but many people is expecting more than just 1 or 2 things added. Buy or Rent? I suggest you buy the original edition if you are a football fan. If you are unsure, just rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/06

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