Review by RedsTheNewBlack

"Another Madden Game for the usual sports fan."

I have loved the madden series since 2002, and was excited for when this came out, but was upset for what I was expecting.

Controls: 8.5
Nothing special, but it is so delightful to see the QB vision gone. As well as the precision passing. The new sprint is easier to control, and it's awesome to see the stick being used more. Though, it feels a little more newbie friendly.

Gameplay: 5.5
Yeah, I know pretty harsh, but please read my paragraph before judging. The offense is so fun to use, and feels a bit arcady at the same time. While the defense suffers greatly from incompetent AI. Now, what I mean by arcady is that it is so easy to score and has a fast feel to it. What bothers me is that this is supposed to be a realistic game for the NFL. Also, the superstar mode greatly suffers from camera angles and annoying stats throughout the season. What is frustrating is that even when you get 35 TD's, there will be 5 other QB's that got 40 TD's. When I was simulating the franchise mode for achievements, Matt Leinert turned out to be a 99 overal, (I was using Arizona) so I made my offense 100% passing. Turns out he got 82 passing TD's. Going back to the point; I couldn't stand that the only position that was easy to control on Superstar mode was O-Line. The workouts are very frustrating as well.

Graphics: 9
Would be a ten if the player models' faces actually look like the real people. David Carr looks like he is 50 years old.

Story: 4
Superstar mode is pretty much the same thing as last year. This will not count on my overal grade.

I personally bought it and still enjoy it, but I would advise any Madden series fan to buy it. It's a very fun game if you have any friends over and play multiplayer.

Conclusion: 6
I hate the defense being so incompetent, but I still enjoy playing it daily. It's fun but not really a good Madden game. Keep in mind that you will be ripped off on the extras, since you have to pay for stuff that was free last year. This game is for a big fan of the Madden series, and no less. Remember, I love the game but I try to keep to an unbiased opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/13/06

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